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Copyright and Intellectual Property
 All rights with regard to intellectual property that is produced by a student during his/her studies, vest in the University (General Regulation G57(6)) - including the copyright of UP theses and dissertations.  
 The University may consider a request from a student for the rights to be ceded if good reasons are supplied which will be to the advantage of both the University and the author.

1. Guidelines for authors 

If a student wants to publish his/her thesis or dissertation or re-use the information in any other way the following steps should be taken:

  • Apply in writing to your supervisor and supply information to support the request.  Include the full details of the thesis/dissertation.  

  • The supervisor will forward the request to the head of the department and the dean of the faculty for approval.

  • You will be notified by the UP Legal Office on the outcome of your request.

  • Within the UPeTD system the thesis/dissertation will be treated as if embargoed. Students are encouraged to make the etd publicly available after publication of the book or other form of re-use.

2. Guidelines for other parties interested in UP theses and dissertations

Please contact the UPeTD Office ( if you are interested in one of our electronic theses and dissertations.

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