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Converting MS Word files to pdf : Tutorial 1
Converting  CorelDRAW files to pdf:  Tutorial 3
Converting  LaTeX files to pdf 
LaTeX-to-pdf How-To ( Ringlord Technologies Publications)
Using TrueType fonts with TeX and pdfTeX (Damir Rakityansky)
Converting Latex to pdf ,or Why do my documents look so crappy? (Rick Groff)

LaTeX users: Please check the general appearance and legibility of your pdf files before submitting!

General Information 

The UPeTD archiving file standard is PDF (Portable Document Format).

  • Tutorial 1 shows how to convert your Word or Corel documents to PDF with CutePDF which maintains all the formatting, graphics and photographic images from the original document.
  • Tutorial 3 shows how to convert Corel documents with Adobe Acrobat Distiller 6.0 in combination with CorelDRAW 10.

Make sure that your document has been properly formatted in your word processing package according to the formatting guidelines of your faculty/department and that the etd has been divided in workable chunks according to the etd standards before proceeding to Tutorial 1 or Tutorial 3.

You may also create one PDF file of the entire thesis/dissertation first and divide it afterwards according to the standard. This is strongly recommended for a document where the table of contents is linked to the rest of the document.

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