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Submission guidelines

Once your thesis/dissertation has been examined and all the necessary changes made, you may start the publishing process which will consist of the following steps:

  1. Read through the etd standards and change the Word/Wordperfect document(s) accordingly.
  2. Convert the Word file(s) to PDF and do a thorough check afterwards.
  3. Do not set the security settings: this will be done by the UPeTD administrators.
  4. Complete the submission form (download and printout in either English or Afrikaans). Request your supervisor and the faculty administration to certify that your thesis/dissertation has been accepted. 
  5. Submit the PDF and Word/WordPerfect copies of your thesis/dissertation to the faculty administration with the submission form. 
  6. Even better, submit it electronically on the web yourself by following these steps - fully explained in Tutorial 2. Please note that etds that are submitted by students get preferential treatment.
  7. Log in to the submission software and fill out the title page form according to the instructions provided.
  8. Preview to check that all information is correct.
  9. Attach your etd files and all associated multimedia files.
  10. Submit your etd. For more detailed information download the following Tutorial 2.
  11. You and your supervisor will be notified by email that your etd has been received.
  12. If (for some reason) your etd is "rejected", you will be given instructions on how to correct it.
  13. When your etd is accepted for placement on the UPeTD server, you, your supervisor(s) and the faculty administration will be notified.

Your etd will be accessible on the UPeTD system as well as through the library catalogue.

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