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Submission help

  Logging in

Use the login page to log in to the etd submission process. If you have not yet registered as a user, you will be given the opportunity to do so.

Once you have begun the process of submitting your etd, you will be able to use the same password to continue making changes to your information until your etd is approved.

The security system used by the submission process requires that your browser support and allow cookies.

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  Etd status

The submission process uses a persistent etd Status message to keep you aware of what you've already done, and what still needs to be done before your etd can be approved. You should also use this status window to navigate among the different steps of the submission process.

In order to be considered complete, your etd must:

  • Have all of its title page information (author, title, keywords, etc.) entered.

  • Have your supervisor information entered.

  • Have at least one file.

  • Not have any notices from UPeTD Administration that need to be dealt with.

Pay special attention to any items in the status message which are displayed in red, these are items that need to be dealt with before your etd can be approved.

Sample ETD Status message (links removed)

ETD Status

Items in red represent information that must be added or changed before your etd can be approved.

  • Start Over
  • View Main Record
  • Update Main Record
  • Update Committee Information
  • Add File Information
  • Log Out

The etd submission process requires you to upload files using a Web browser.

File uploads through a browser window are supported by all versions of Netscape greater than 3.0 and all versions of Internet Explorer greater than 4.0. File uploads may not work properly if your browser is using a proxy server of any kind. Consult your IT Department if you have problems with file uploads.

Please refer to File Standards for the correct naming and numbering of your files before they are uploaded.

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In general, you can copy and paste your abstract from a standard word processing program into the abstract field in your browser window. Be aware that special characters should be replaced by the equivalent HTML entity. Separate paragraphs with <p>.

Alhoewel dit nie verpligtend is nie, beveel ons aan dat u ook die Afrikaanse ekserp insleutel of kopieer in die ruimte wat daarvoor geskep is.

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To improve access to your etd, select keywords or phrases that are descriptive and unique. Consult your chapter subheadings and conclusion for different but appropriate search terms. If you cut and paste your keywords from your word processor, you should be aware of any special characters (Umlauts, accent marks, quotation marks), and replace them with the appropriate HTML entity.

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  "Mixed" availability

"Mixed" availability allows you to choose a separate availability for each file that is included with your etd. So for example, if you want to completely withhold access from the second chapter of your etd, you must have selected "mixed" availability for your etd, and must save the second chapter of your etd in a separate file. You must then change the availability of the file containing your second chapter to "withheld". If you have selected "mixed" availabilty and have added at least one file, you will be given the option to change the availability of individual files when you Update your Main Record, or when you Update the file information associated with your etd.

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  HTML entities

Some special characters do not display in a browser window. For a number of these cases, there are HTML entities which can be used to safely display the special characters. An HTML entity consists of an ampersand (&), a word or number (quot, for example), and a semicolon (;). The following is a short list of special characters and the HTML entity equivalents.






Small a, acute accent



Small a, grave accent



Small c, cedilla



Small e, acute accent



Small e, grave accent



Small n, tilde



Small o, dieresis or umlaut mark



Small u, dieresis or umlaut mark


(double) quotation mark


(double) quotation mark






less-than sign


less-than sign


greater-than sign


greater-than sign


For more complete lists of HTML entities, please visit the following URL, which is maintained by the World Wide Web Consortium: or

Webenalysis: free webmaster resources


Problems with Greek and other symbols can also be solved with the Symbol Font Face as described on the following page by Dr Charles S Tritt:

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  Review process

Once you have submitted all of the minimum information needed to make up an etd, your etd will be reviewed by the UPeTD Administration. This process can take as little as a few days, or as long as several weeks, depending on the number of etds waiting to be approved. You  will be notified once the process is complete.

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If anything about your etd needs to be changed before it can be approved, the UPeTD Administration may send you a notice, which is a brief message describing the steps you need to take to complete your etd. Notices are generally delivered as email messages to whatever author email address you entered for your etd. Notices may also be sent to your supervisor if there are problems reaching you. Once you receive a message indicating that you have a notice, you should login again and make the requested changes. Once you have made the requested changes, it is very important that you send a response to the UPeTD Administration, so that they will know that your etd has been updated and is ready to be reviewed again.

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  Starting over

If you would like to stop work on a partially completed etd and completely start over, the "Start Over" link in the etd Status block that appears on most pages will give you the ability to completely remove all of the files and information you have already added and start again.

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Your etd will be accessible on the UPeTD system as well as through the library catalogue.
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