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Author Name Title Department Date/Time

Funke, Thomas Bernhard Biofuel production in South Africa: the games, the cost of production and policy options Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2011-05-13
Mutti, Shadreck Mukanjo Potential contribution of using voluntary agreements to manage informal sector pollution in Zambia : the case of Lusaka's Soweto and City markets Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2012-11-09
Maistry, Cordelia Deidre A rational approach to the debt-equity dichotomy Mercantile Law 2012-08-24
Phosa, Lekgolo Lazarus Human resources management : the function of the public sector manager School of Public Management and Administration 2012-08-22
Ntibagirirwa, Symphorien Philosophical premises for African economic development : Sen's capability approach Philosophy 2012-05-17
Beukes, Cecilia Johanna Title A management accounting strategy for mining rehabilitation Accounting 2007-01-19
Cilliers, Gabriel le Roux A framework for improving the quality of management information Accounting 2009-11-24
Cullen, Catherine The reporting responsibilities of accountants in terms of South African anti-money laundering legislation Accounting 2012-05-03
De Villiers, Charl Johannes The awareness level of different stakeholder groups and their willingness to support corporate environmental reporting in South Africa Accounting 2007-01-29
Du Bruyn, Rudrik HIV/Aids reporting in annual financial statements in South Africa Accounting 2006-01-26
Godschalk, Seakle Klaas Benne An assessment of the relationship between environmental and financial reporting by South African listed companies in the mining sector Accounting 2011-12-06
Hattingh, Wendy A fraud auditing approach for the regulator to detect investment fraud schemes Accounting 2011-09-30
Human, Jacobus Schalk Die faktore wat bydra tot die sukses van normering (Afrikaans) Accounting 2007-01-19
Koppeschaar, Zanne Ronelle Openbaarmaking van navorsings- en ontwikkelingskoste in die finansiële state van Suid-Afrikaanse publieke maatskappye (Afrikaans) Accounting 2007-05-16
Koppeschaar, Zanne Ronelle Gedifferensieerde verslagdoening in Suid-Afrika (Afrikaans) Accounting 2010-10-25
Loliwe, Thando Voluntary employee reporting by the wholesale and retail companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange Accounting 2011-11-07
Myburgh, Jean Elizabeth The extent of voluntary disclosure in corporate reports of South African listed industrial companies Accounting 2006-08-18
Nortier, Charene The role of the South African regulatory authorities in combating money laundering and terrorist financing perpetrated through alternative remittance systems Accounting 2010-09-13
Ossip, Jared Gidon The value relevance of mandatory IFRS adoption in South Africa Accounting 2011-11-07
Lloyd, Morthimer James Motief, doel en bedoeling in die Suid-Afrikaanse belastingreg (Afrikaans) Accounting and Auditing 2012-08-30
Wolman, Basil Sylvesta The future horizons of accountancy education in South Africa : a review of the educational requirements until 1990 Accounting and Auditing 2010-11-10
Koornhof, Carolina Accounting information on flexibility Accounting and Finance 2001-10-23
Wingard, Hermina Christina Financial Performance of Environmentally Responsible South African Listed Companies Accounting Sciences 2001-08-31
Grobler, Roger R A framework for modelling losses arising from natural catastrophes in South Africa Actuarial Science 2002-04-04
Cronje, Frans Johannes A study of the application of reduction gas analysis in determining the relationship between carboxyhaemoglobin and tissue co levels in brain, heart and skeletal muscle after extreme exposure to co poisoning in rats Aeronautics and Space Medicine 2007-03-29
Koster, Bastiaan Hendrik Performance factors associated with a penalty scoring system as used at the Precision World Flying Championships Aeronautics and Space Medicine 2011-07-08
MacFarlane, Campbell An assessment of deterioration of colour vision, contrast sensitivity and phorias as a result of hypoxia in persons resident at altitude Aerospace Medicine 2005-02-01
Faaß, Gertrud A morphosyntacic description of Northern Sotho as a basis for an automated translation from Northern Sotho into English African Languages 2010-10-09
Aphane, Modikwa Caroline Kanegelokopana ya I.T. Maditsi : Pheko ya pula (Sepedi) African Languages 2007-11-20
Brandt, Mandie ’n Kritiese analise van die visuele diskoers oor gender in SA Sports Illustrated (Afrikaans) African Languages 2010-09-22 restricted
Brelage, Elna Die radiodrama in isiZulu met verwysing na die werk van D.B.Z. Ntuli (Afrikaans) African Languages 2005-10-13
David, Mmaserame Hannah Pego ya patlisiso ya leboko la Tautona Ngaka Quett Masire [Setswana] African Languages 2006-03-17
Gangla, Lilian Atieno Pictorial illustrations in dictionaries African Languages 2003-02-27
Hall, Linda The -be relative tenses of Zulu African Languages 2008-11-03
Kanyane, Francinah Mokgobo E.K.K. Matlala : Mongwadi Wa Ditaodišo Tša Mathomo Tša Sepedi (Sepedi) African Languages 2008-07-10
Kekana, Mmantu Idah Moelelwa : Padinyana ya boitshwaro African Languages 2006-03-17
Kekana, Thupana Solomon Sebopego sa diretotumišo tša bogologolo tša ditaola tša Sepedi (Sepedi) African Languages 2007-07-10
Kellerman, Esther Elizabeth 'n Linguistiese ondersoek na die tradisionele kleurterme van Noord-Sotho (Afrikaans) African Languages 2004-10-25
Kgatla, Peter Moroka Kgolo, tswelopele le katlego ya kanegelokopana ya Sepedi: (1951-1999) (Sepedi) African Languages 2006-03-20
Kgosana, Ivy Mamoyahabo Aspects of pronominalisation in Northern Sotho African Languages 2006-01-30 restricted
Komati, Priscilla Refiloe Pegelotlhotlhomisi ka ga metara mo Setswaneng African Languages 2006-11-03
Komati, Priscilla Refiloe Manyobonyobo : padi ya boitsholo African Languages 2007-01-10
Lebaka, Kgeledi Johanna Kanegelorato Ya Sepedi African Languages 2006-12-13
Lebaka, Kgeledi Johanna Megokgo ya lethabo : kanegelorato ya sepedi (Sepedi) African Languages 2013-03-07
Lekganyane, Enniah Matamane Tlhaloso ya semelo sa moanegwa dingwalong tsa Sepedi African Languages 2005-10-20
Lekganyane, Diapo Nelson Lexicographic perspectives on the use of Sepedi as a high function language African Languages 2005-11-18
Mabasa, Tirhani Abigail Translation equivalents for health/medical terminology in Xitsonga African Languages 2006-02-15
Mabena, Msuswa Petrus The transfer of culture in the IsiNdebele translation of the New Testament African Languages 2012-01-17
Mafahla, Ngwanapeu Margaret Mohola wa morumokwano diretong tša Sepedi (Sepedi) African Languages 2012-12-05 restricted
Mafahla, Leribe David Sebopego sa morumokwano diretong tša Sepedi (Sepedi) African Languages 2012-12-07 restricted
Magapa, Ntepele Isaac Kanegelotseka Ya Sepedi African Languages 2006-12-13
Magapa, Ntepele Isaac PM Lebopa : Papetso ya Dikanegelotseka tsa Lebopa (Sepedi) African Languages 2013-01-10
Mahlaka, M M Marara : Patlisiso ya diteng le Poloto African Languages 2007-07-17
Mahlangu, Katjie Sponono Adoption of loanwords in isiNdebele African Languages 2009-01-06
Mahole, Boshoff Frans Lenong La Gauta : Padi Ya Botseka African Languages 2005-06-23
Maila, Ramalau Andries Kgolo ya Tiragatšo ya Sepedi (Sepedi) African Languages 2007-09-11
Makgabo, Mmamoyahabo Constance Kanegelorato le Kanegeloboitshwaro ya Sepedi (Sepedi) African Languages 2008-07-10
Makgato, Moshidi Mary Tshenolo ya baanelwa ba Basadi ka bakwalakhutshwe ba Setswana (Tswana) African Languages 2006-11-03
Maruma, Mamalatswa Walburga Kgegeo Dingwalong Tša Sepedi (Sepedi) African Languages 2012-06-16
Masalesa, Metse Juliet Ditaodišosengwalo tša bokgoni - E neelanwe go ya ka phethagatšo ya dinyakwa tša dikrii (Sepedi) African Languages 2010-09-08
Masote, Stephen Esrom Tshekatsheko ya leboko la ga kgosi Molefe K. Pilane jaaka pokothoriso (Setswana) African Languages 2005-11-18
Mataboge, Motlatsi Helen Se se jeleng rre : molebo wa kanedi African Languages 2006-02-28
Mathibe, Mokgoshi Albert Papetso ya Direto tsa Lehu le Polokong, Ratlabala le Matsoba, Lentsoane (Sepedi) African Languages 2006-02-28
Mathibe, Mokgoshi Albert Sengwalo ke seipone sa mabaka (Sepedi) African Languages 2011-10-21
Moepi, Gaamele Francina Omphile Umphi Modise : diteng le dimelo tsa baanelwabagolo (Setswana) African Languages 2011-07-07
Mohlala, Linkie The Bantu attribute noun class prefixes and their suffixal counterparts, with special reference to Zulu African Languages 2004-03-15
Mohlala, Mankgoke Jonas ‘Bamasemola’ : seretotumišo sa E.M. Ramaila African Languages 2008-08-05
Mojalefa, Mawatle Jeremiah Tshekatsheko ya Sebilwane bjalo ka thetokanegelo (Sepedi) African Languages 2013-05-02
Mokhonoana, Raisibe Adelaide Bowelakalana : padinyaka ya Rafapa (Sepedi) African Languages 2013-06-14 restricted
Molalapata, Bontsi Tjanana The treatment of kinship terminology in Sotho dictionaries, with special reference to setswana African Languages 2005-01-12
Monyai, Sarah Charlotte Meeting the challenges of black English second language South African learners in ex-model C primary schools African Languages 2012-01-20
Mosehla, Moshidi Mary Bogosi kupe : padi ya ditshiamelo tsa basadi African Languages 2006-03-17
Mothiba, Kwena Frans Ntšhutelele : terama ya go se bapalege (Sepedi) African Languages 2007-08-28
Motlhamme, Moitheki Zephorah Tlhotlhomisi ya dintshontsho tsa lorato : L.D. Raditladi (Setswana) African Languages 2007-11-06
Nchabeleng, Mahlodi Jean Terminological issues in the translation of chemistry terms from English to Northern Sotho African Languages 2012-01-18
Nfila, Bokang Itumeleng Standard in Setswana in Botswana African Languages 2005-10-13
Ngoepe, Magwai Wilson Theto ya sebjalebjale ya maitekelo (Sepedi) African Languages 2008-04-09
Otlogetswe, Thapelo Joseph Corpus design for Setswana lexicography African Languages 2008-07-01
Owino, Daniel Phonological nativization of Dholuo loanwords African Languages 2004-02-09
Phala, Ragosebo Salome Tirišo ya tekolapejana le tekolanthago dingwalong tša Sepedi African Languages 2006-11-03
Phala, Ragosebo Salome Thellenyane batlabolela : tiragatso ya boitshwaro African Languages 2007-01-03
Phiri, Rebecca Batsile Lorato le lenyalo mo mabokong a ga S.F. Motlhake (Setswana) African Languages 2008-01-21
Ralekgari, Cannie K Morero wa poletiki mo diterameng tsa Setswana tse di phasaladitsweng pele le morago ga 1994 African Languages 2007-07-17
Sebake, Senkatile Jackson Leeto : Dingwalong tsa sepedi African Languages 2005-06-17
Sebate, Baitshebi Irene Tshekatsheko ya tikologo mo go Matlhoko, Matlhoko ya ga R.M. Malope (Setswana) African Languages 2008-11-20
Sebolela, Fannie The compilation of corpus-based Setswana dictionaries African Languages 2011-05-16 restricted
Sefoka, Moipone Magdalina Nyakišišo ya Lukas Motšheletšhele (Sepedi) African Languages 2008-08-21
Shai, Lehlofi Thomas The expression of the colour concepts 'Blue' and 'Green' in Sepedi (Sepedi) African Languages 2010-09-28
Shiburi, Piet Thapedi Tshekatsheko ya diteng le poloto ya Go ša Baori ka D.P.S. Monyaise (Sepedi) African Languages 2008-07-23
Simelane, Maria Khabonina An investigation of some selected Siswati drama about the compliance of their themes with real life African Languages 2008-09-16 restricted
Skhosana, Philemon Buti The linguistic relationship between Southern and Northern Ndebele African Languages 2010-10-09
Thamaga, Lesetje Johannah IsiNdebele influence on Sepedi learners around the Dennilton Region in the Limpopo Province African Languages 2012-12-07
Thobakgale, Raphehli Michael Khuetšo ya O.K. Matsepe go bangwadi ba Sepedi African Languages 2006-11-03
Thobejane, Mamphofore Mack Tsiri : Padinyana ya Madiba (Sepedi) African Languages 2010-02-23
Thokoane, Makgalakgatha Daniel Ditaodišo tša Sepedi (Sepedi) African Languages 2008-04-08
Tshinki, Abby Mosetsanagape Code-switching in Setswana in Botswana African Languages 2005-10-13
Ackermann, Marius Francois Satire, spraakvryheid, sensuur en siviele aanspreeklikheid en portretjie en ander verhale (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2011-07-07
Adam, Benjamin Senior nie-moedertaalleerders se ingesteldheid teenoor die voorgeskrewe gedigte en onderrigmetodes vir Afrikaans Eerste Addisionele Taal in die hoërskool (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2007-10-22
Al Fathali, Najla Addressing the reading problems of selected learners of English as a foreign language in three schools in Tripoli, Libya Afrikaans 2007-04-05
Basson, Eunice Lenore Leiboom : ’n versameling gedigte en Die uitbeelding van die vrou in geselekteerde kortverhale van Rachelle Greeff met spesifieke verwysing na Die rugkant van die bruid (1990) en Merke van die nag (2001) (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2011-12-15 restricted
Bitenelkome, Loretta Investigating the English language proficiency of Grade 4 pupils in two contexts Afrikaans 2013-05-24
Bogaards, Jacob Wilhelmus Tussen middernag en dagbreek (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2011-07-06
Bohnen, Rene Die gedig as outoëtnografiese konkretisering van 'n spirituele individuasieproses soos vergestalt in geselekteerde gedigte uit 'n blaar hierdie boot (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2010-08-05
Carney, Terrence Robert Die skryf van `n skoolgids vir die bestudering van ouer letterkunde in die graad 12-Afrikaanshuistaalklaskamer (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2007-09-27
Carstens, Beatrice Hendrina Jacoba Hertzogprystoekennings vir drama : 1915 tot 1971 (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2010-05-09
Conradie, Renee Elsie ’n Ontleding van die die konsep ‘liminaliteit’ soos dit vergestalt word met betrekking tot hoofkarakters in: ’n Ander land deur Karel Schoeman ; Die son kom aan die seekant op deur Jeanette Ferreira ; Lang skaduwees in Afrika deur Connie Luyt en Paul Roux (ongepubliseerd) deur Renée Rautenbach (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2011-07-13
Cronje, Johannes Christoffel Die grens as meerduidige gegewe in die kontemporęre Afrikaanse prosa (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2011-07-21
De Vaal, Amelia Vrouetydskrifte as sosiokulturele joernale : prominente diskoerse oor vroue en die beroepswęreld in agt vrouetydskrifte uit 2006 (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2007-11-20
Du Plessis, Irma Narrating the "nation" : cultural production, political community and young Afrikaans readers Afrikaans 2004-10-20
Du Plessis, Irma Crafting popular imaginaries : Stella Blakemore and Afrikaner nationalism Afrikaans 2005-06-17
Duckitt, Louisa M Kennis van die aand : 'n intertekstuele studie (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2005-12-07
Fouche, Ilse Improving the academic literacy levels of first-year Natural Sciences students by means of an academic literacy intervention Afrikaans 2010-07-21
Fourie, Elkarien Die feministiese biografie toegespits op die Afrikaanse digter Ingrid Jonker (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2004-04-13
Fourie, Annelle Riana Scheepers se kortverhale geďnterpreteer binne die raamwerk van die karnavaleske (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2006-02-27
Holden, Yolanda Eenduisend-en-een grimmige nagte – Die toring met twaalf vensters - (digbundel) asook - Die neerslag van enkele sprokies in geselekteerde Afrikaanse literęre tekste, met spesifieke verwysing na die teks - Eenduisend-en-een grimmige nagte – Die toring met twaalf vensters (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2013-06-21 restricted
Homann, Desiree Lerato : a novel and The audacious white novelist : a phenomenological study of black main characters in selected novels by white South African authors Afrikaans 2011-12-08
Human, Jacobus Francois ‘n Kontrolelys vir die skryf en evalueer van dramadraaiboeke (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2008-11-05
Ismail, Waheeda Ethnography of Indian diaspora women watching Bollywood cinema in South Africa Afrikaans 2010-09-22 restricted
Jacobs, Jeanne Frances Die karikatuur in die romankuns van Etienne Leroux (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2012-11-27
Jordaan, Annette Marie Mites rondom Afrikaans (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2004-10-07
Judels, Cornel Kastelings in vaevuur : 'n versameling gedigte 'n ondersoek na die Nuwe stemme-reeks as forum vir ontluikende digters (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2012-08-17 restricted
Kemp, Anna Francina Die onontkombaarheid van die verlede (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2010-02-22
Korb, Johanna Adeline Magersfontein, o Magersfontein! as 'n wending tot die realisme in die werk van Etienne Leroux (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2012-11-30
Lai, Yajuan The problem of low proficiency in English as a foreign language in urban middle schools in China Afrikaans 2010-03-16
Mabasa, Mzamani Aaron The evaluation of the effectiveness of the Pan South African Language Board's management of language rights violations Afrikaans 2011-08-19 restricted
Marais, Johannes Lodewyk 'n Ondersoek na die aard van en opvattings oor Eugene N. Marais se wetenskaplike prosa (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2006-02-28
Marx, Hannelie Narrative and soap opera : a study of selected South African soap operas Afrikaans 2008-05-19
Masunga, Sarah Hlekani Language management in South Africa : a case study of the Xitsonga Language Board Afrikaans 2007-12-14
Mokgwathi, Tsaona Mathula Role of code-switching in teaching and learning in selected senior secondary schools in Botswana Afrikaans 2011-05-19
Moller, Martinie Johanna ‘n Ondersoek na die ontwikkeling van praktiese riglyne vir die gebruik van visuele middele in die bereiking van graad 12-leeruitkomste na aanleiding van die Nasionale Kurrikulumverklaring van die Departement van Onderwys (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2008-07-29
Mushaathoni, Maria Motivation, attitude and English language proficiency in the Monash South Africa foundation programme Afrikaans 2013-08-23 restricted
Ndabezitha, Nomadhlangala Are the South African indigenous languages problematic in the South African multilingual multicultural hospitals? Afrikaans 2005-10-17
Pelser, Abraham Christoffel Die literęre biografie - 'n terreinverkenning (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2002-08-27
Phaladi, Tswaledi John Woordeskataanleer in die onderrig van Afrikaans as addisionele taal (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2008-09-25
Pienaar, Johannes Jacobus Laatvat - 'n roman (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2012-08-10 restricted
Prinsloo, Christiaan M S Kontemporęre tendense in die Nederlandstalige verhaalkuns: ‘n Sosiaal-konstruksionistiese ondersoek (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2005-10-05
Ramakgoakgoa, Mmametsi Zebedius Gross-gender and gross-generational communication in Siyabuswa Afrikaans 2010-03-11
Rammala, Johannes Ratsikana Language planning and social transformation in the Limpopo Province: The role of language in education Afrikaans 2005-06-22
Roodt, Pieter Hendrik Ek (-spreker) in Die ysterkoei moet sweet van Breyten Breytenbach (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2013-06-05
Schoeman, Mercia Nelmarie Bloedfamilie en gender en gender-identiteit van wit mans in die tekste Kontrei (Kleinboer) en Om na 'n Wit plafon te staar (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2011-03-28
Smit, Derick-Louw De reis van Sint Brandaan : 'n interpretasie van geselekteerde temas (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2007-01-10
Smith, Dalene D Content and Language Integrated Learning: A study of the linguistic challenges facing English second language Grade 11 learners, and their teachers, in Biology Afrikaans 2005-10-18
Strydom, Louise A sociolinguistic profile of Mamelodi and Atteridgeville : its role in language policy development at local government level Afrikaans 2005-06-22
Taljaard-Gilson, Gerda Hendrika Die wisselwerking tussen skryfkuns en beeldende kuns : 'n ondersoek na beeldliteratuur geinspireer deur skilderye van Pieter Bruegel De Oude (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2005-06-22
Thembekwayo, Sophie Suzan The information needs of outcomes-based adult basic education and training programmes for pre-literate learners : a case study of Damonsville and Onverwacht communities Afrikaans 2011-05-17
Uys, Mariette Deleen Die Vernederlandsing van Afrikaans (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2008-10-27
Vaandrager, Cornelis Diss and the graphic novel : an international and South Afrcian exploration Afrikaans 2011-08-19
Van der Merwe, Willem Petrus Aspekte van die kortkuns van Abraham H De Vries (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2013-06-13
Van der Mescht, Heinrich Hermann Verwysing na musiek in die roman Agaat van Marlene van Niekerk (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2009-10-20
Van Niekerk, Jacomina Kultuurtekste oor verstedeliking : ’n vergelyking van Afrikaner- en swart verstedeliking in literęre tekste (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2009-08-03
Volschenk, Berendina Wat Emma weet (’n Roman) en ʼn Vergelykende studie van die tradisionele speurverhaal en die literęre speurverhaal met spesifieke verwysing na vier Afrikaanse speurverhale Afrikaans 2011-12-05
Rex, Hermann Moritz Die lewe en werk van Sytze Wopkes Wierda in Nederland met verwysing na sy betekenis vir die Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek (Afrikaans) Afrikaanse en Nederlandse Kultuurgeskiedenis 2008-08-20
Liebenberg, Louis Christian Cronje Studies on the seed-setting and on the germination of the seed of indigenous grasses, with particular reference to methods for overcoming delayed germination Agricultural Botany 2007-06-04
Nhemachena, Charles Agriculture and future climate dynamics in Africa : impacts and adaptation options Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2009-05-30
Abdu-Raheem, Kamal Adekunle Expanding biodiversity conservation beyond the official mandate of the Dwesa-Cwebe nature reserve of South Africa : qualitative assessment based on Nqabara administrative area Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2010-11-02
Abera, Hailu Beyene Adoption of improved tef and wheat production technologies in crop-livestock mixed systems in northern and western Shewa zones of Ethiopia Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2008-06-09
Abu, Orefi Economies of scale and efficiency of small- and medium-scale maize milling enterprises in South Africa Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2010-10-23 restricted
Abusin, Sana Awad Deterrence analysis of compliance with fishery regulations among artisanal fishers in Sudan Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2012-09-05
Adeyemo, Oyenike Olubukanla Substitution in demand for energy and implications for mitigation of carbon emissions in Nigeria : an econometric approach Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2008-07-23 restricted
Ahimbisibwe, Beine Peter A socio-economic assessment of the impacts of invasive alien plant species on forestry production : the case of Senna spectabilis in Budongo forest reserve, Uganda Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2009-11-30
Alene, Arega Demelash Improved production technology and efficiency of smallholder farmers in Ethiopia : Extended parametric and non-parametric approaches to production effeciency analysis Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2007-10-12
Araya, Dawit Yosief Land use planning in a peri-urban village of Eritrea : the Adi-Segdo case study Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2005-11-10 restricted
Aye, Goodness Chioma Sensitivity and integration of efficiency estimates from input distance functions and stochastic production frontiers : application to maize production in Benue State Nigeria Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2011-10-18
Baloyi, Joshua Kenneth An analysis of constraints facing smallholder farmers in the Agribusiness value chain : a case study of farmers in the Limpopo Province Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2010-10-25
Banda, Benjamin Mattondo Implications of voluntary reductions in energy-related emissions for the environment and economic welfare in Malawi : an environmental general equilibrium approach Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2010-10-23
Banda, Killian A critical analysis of agricultural contracts with smallholder farmers in South Africa : a case study of Winterveld region Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2013-02-14
Bediako, Abora A study of fruit and vegetable vendors in the central region of the Eastern Cape Province Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2007-04-30
Berhane, Daniel Development of methods and techniques for land resource surveying for Eritrea Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2006-02-16
Berhe, Mulugheta Asmelash The use of Ethnopedology as a tool for participatory land use planning in the Eritrean Highlands Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2005-04-29
Beyers, Lindie The structure of South African milk production technology : a parametric approach to supply analysis Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2006-02-15
Bila, Aniceto Timóteo The role of non-farm sources of income in rural poverty alleviation in the Boane disrict of Mozambique Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2005-05-23
Birungi, Patrick Bitonder The linkages between land degradation, poverty and social capital in Uganda Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2008-01-25
Breedt, Vicky-Lohanzi A farm-level economic impact analysis of food safety and quality systems in the South African mango and litchi industry Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2009-12-17 restricted
Brouwer, Adele Multi-market analysis of the impact of trade restrictions on importing live animals into South Africa Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2005-04-14
Calcaterra, Michela Chiara Econometric analysis of the structure of the regional maize sector in Southern Africa Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2006-09-06
Cass, Lionel John Maize marketing strategies : the trade-off between risk and profit for a Mpumalanga maize farm Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2009-08-12
Chibwe, Terence Kunda An institutional and political analysis of the establishment process of the Inkomati Catchment Management Agency Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2013-06-03 restricted
Chiche, Yeshi Comparative analysis of gender related farm households in the Arsi-Negele farming zone in Ethiopia Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2005-08-15
Chinembiri, Evans Wally Kudzai An analysis of maize trade in the Southern African Development Community Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2013-05-23
Chisanga, Brian Efficiency and integration in the Zambian sugar market : analysing price transmission, price formation and policy Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2012-11-12
Chogo, Hezron Anaya The impact of deregulation on competitiveness and market integration : the case of South Africa’s potato exports Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2010-08-17
Chown, Davin Loudon A review of the social, economic and environmental impacts of the forestry industry in South Africa Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2005-06-30
Crafford, Jacobus Gert Assessing the costs and benefits of water use for production and the potential of water demand management in the Crocodile Catchment of South Africa Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2007-07-23
De Beer, Jeanette A partial equilibrium model for the South African broiler industry Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2010-02-22
Deressa, Temesgen Tadesse Measuring the impact of climate change on South African agriculture : the case of sugarcane growing regions Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2007-03-29
Deressa, Temesgen Tadesse Assessment of the vulnerability of Ethiopian agriculture to climate change and farmers’ adaptation strategies Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2010-10-23
Dlamini, Bongiwe Porrie Analysing the competitiveness of the agribusiness sector in Swaziland Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2012-11-08
Dlamini, Menzie Sithembiso The effect of subsidies on the performance and sustainability of microfinance institutions in sub-Saharan Africa Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2012-10-08
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Ackermann, Thomas Ludwich City manifest a manifestation of the contemporary urban condition through theuse of computational architecture Architecture 2009-12-08
Adams, Carl Marabastad Trader's Centre for Arts Architecture 2009-12-08
Alais, Georgina Silent wounds of the family Architecture 2008-07-09
Alkayyali, Ahmed Liminal public infrastructure : a typology of public space for everyday performances Architecture 2011-11-25
Allers, Anneke Edge dialogue : reactivating dialogue between the building edges and the public space in an arcade Architecture 2009-12-06
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Ascroft, Carl The earwitness Architecture 2009-12-10
Ashworth, Jessica Clare A language and storytelling centre Architecture 2008-11-25
Astrup, Ryan Pretoria Station Precinct and Community Development Centre Architecture 2005-02-21
Athienides, Despina Re-inhabiting the void Architecture 2005-05-18
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Basson, Rozanne Canvas - colour production hub Architecture 2007-11-21
Beckenstrater, Andrea Frances Rehabilitate : a sub-acute facility in collaboration with Louis Pasteur private hospital in the Pretoria CBD Architecture 2010-12-01
Behrens, Ilse infraTECTURE : transforming infrastructure into architecture, a services building in Pretoria CBD Architecture 2010-12-09
Bennett, Jhono Platforms of engagement : a process of critical engagement with a developing context Architecture 2011-11-27
Bergh, Frans Stephanus Hyperlink : the Naledi 3D virtual reality factory Architecture 2003-11-24
Bevan, Blanche Centre for Media + Image Architecture 2006-10-12
Bezuidenhout, Lorinda Urban [i]scape : information centre Architecture 2008-11-26
Bhebhe, Thabo Rejuvenation of the campus core Architecture 2008-11-27
Bjornstad, Jensen Arne Re-programming public space Architecture 2007-03-13
Boardman, Henry Martin IBTSCoCT - a regenerative prototype for the reintroduction of hydrology in the City of Cape Town Architecture 2011-12-01 restricted
Boer, Gerhardus Petrus A study in Time Architecture 2005-02-03
Bohmer, Johann Gerhard Treadmill : a haptic machine for idiosyncrasy and collective public space Architecture 2012-12-07
Booyzen, Marcelle Healing space “Education, Motivation, Integration” Youth Prison Facility Architecture 2005-02-07
Botes, Nico Melkstoeltjies in die versamelings van die Nasionale Kultuurhistoriese Museum: ‘n ondersoek na tipologie (Afrikaans) Architecture 2009-12-10
Botha, Ilse Sound space training facility for the deaf and hard of hearing and sound exploratorium Architecture 2008-07-10
Botha, Edward Existing fabric as generator for a 'New Identity' : re-connecting lost space Architecture 2008-11-27
Botha, Jaco Play rehab Architecture 2010-05-05
Botha, Janes Anatomy 101 : a Human Anatomy Centre at the Tshwane District Hospital Architecture 2011-12-01
Botha, Darryn Nicolas Zwartkoppies dairy : celebrating the uncanny affair of milk Architecture 2012-12-04
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Brand, Adele DiD Warehouse Architecture 2003-11-26
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Breedlove, Gwen A systematics for the South African cultural landscapes with a view to implementation Architecture 2003-08-06
Britz, Etienne Francois Emergence in the self-organizing city : a multi-functional intervention Architecture 2007-11-16
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Buhrmann, Mia The Caledonian sports ground : public space as part of inner city regeneration Architecture 2011-01-27
Burger, L.J. Bakgatla ba Kgafela : design proposal for the cultural precinct of Saulspoort, Pilanesberg Architecture 2007-03-13
Burger, Mona Betweeness Architecture 2008-11-24
Butcher, Andrew C Amalgam : Ethnobotanic Research Centre Architecture 2003-12-01
Buys, Gertruida Susanna Taxi transit park - the relationship between movement and time Architecture 2009-12-09
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Casson, Jacqueline Jean Revitalisation of Baixa’s historic core through the contextual re-invention of Rua De Bagamoyo as a night-life precinct Architecture 2013-01-16
Castanheira, Amandio G Mortalities Immortality Architecture 2003-11-27
Ceronio, Foord Presentation precinct : modification of consciousness Architecture 2008-10-03
Chita, Meera Reinventing Theatrical Education : flexible education spaces for experimentation and freedom of expression in the Dramatic Arts Architecture 2008-11-24
Chothia, Nazly Architecture as dialogue : the Law annexe : an extension to the Law Faculty precinct at the University of Pretoria Architecture 2010-02-17
Christie, Gina Landscape of meaning and memory in Marabastad Architecture 2009-12-09
Claassens, Hermias Jacobus Production beyond product : Pretoria West bio-diesel plant : Buitekant Street, Pretoria West Industrial area, City of Tshwane Architecture 2011-03-23
Clark, Tracy Leigh [preserve - integrate - intervene] : progression at the Pretoria West Power Plant Architecture 2010-12-09
Cloete, Lizelle The 4th wall : breaking the boundaries of an existing public space in Pretoria Architecture 2009-12-08
Coetzee, Izak Johannes The monster : liminality, threshold and spatial experience Architecture 2008-11-24
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Cottle, Louis E Urban regeneration: Urban renewal through eco-systemic design Architecture 2003-12-03
Crawford, Steven Mark Multi-Nodal interchange hub Architecture 2009-12-09
Croeser, Sophia Louw Interfacing Marabastad Architecture 2005-05-18
Cunha, Sonia D Hovercape Interpretive Centre and Hovercraft Terminal Architecture 2003-12-10
Da Costa, Mary-Anne Surfaces & services : a public space for information, communication and discussion Architecture 2007-11-21
Davey, Janice The Dynamite Press : a publishing house and book village in a historical and industrial precinct (Modderfontein) in northeast Johannesburg Architecture 2012-12-03 restricted
De Kock, Servaas Willem Lourens Music Performance Lab : architecture as a sensory conductor Architecture 2008-11-25
De Lange, Erica Die klimaatbehaaglikheidsone in die Suid-Afrikaanse huis (Afrikaans) Architecture 2006-03-08
De Villiers, Louise An architecture of meaning : the design of the headquarters for the National Department of Home Affairs Architecture 2011-01-27
De Villiers, Olga-Marie The object of experience : a phenomenological approach to exhibition space in the Ditsong : National Museum of Natural History Architecture 2010-12-04
Deacon, Catherine Threshold between land and sea : new waterborne transport node for the City of Maputo Architecture 2011-11-25
Devenish, Paul Gregory Intersecting the Maputo Fishery Harbour : architecture as threshold between fixed and fluid Architecture 2012-07-08
Di Monte, Giovanna Animan Space Design : a Parrot Animan Precinct Architecture 2010-06-08
Di Monte, Gloria Poetry of forgotten wastelands : transforming a wasteland in Salvokop into a designed enigmatic landscape Architecture 2012-06-14
Dias, Gabriella Emilia Ferrara Citizen Connect : shopfront for government services Architecture 2011-12-01
Do Vale, Bryan Antonia Cognition : composing a South African identity Architecture 2008-07-21
Dreyer, Ryno Incubator of innovation : a business incubator for recent graduates of the University of Pretoria in the particular fields of design/art and engineering Architecture 2008-11-27
Du Plessis, Andre C Gautrain Station, Hatfield Architecture 2003-12-01
Du Plessis, Anomien Feast the city : a new food market to connect the rural and the urban Architecture 2009-12-07
Du Plessis, Dewald APPOLO - Towards integrated urban education in Pretoria : a multi-functional vertical primary school Architecture 2010-11-30
Du Preez, Dirk Jonathan Nelson Mandela Forum Architecture 2005-11-30
Du Preez, Petrus Move forward, into the city, my celebration : a meeting place between the rural immigrant and the urban context Architecture 2007-11-10
Du Toit, Philip Abandoned spaces, abandoned design Architecture 2010-02-02
Duncan, Shawn Adrian UP hotelier school : a school of hospitality management Architecture 2008-11-24
Eardley, Nicola Jane Maano : a creative collaboration for a creative community Architecture 2008-08-01
Eiselen, Minette Linda Heal : a shelter for the homeless in Tshwane : investigating a suitable living environment for the healing and rehabilitation of people in crisis Architecture 2010-12-09
Ellmore, Andrew Durban Passenger Cruise Terminal Architecture 2005-05-18
Engelbrecht, Nadine University of Pretoria : school of motion picture production Architecture 2008-11-21
Erasmus, Elmie Designing for living systems : a living laboratory for the University of Petoria's south campus Architecture 2008-11-26
Erasmus, Jacobus Petrus A living necropolis : the introduction of a necropolis to the inner city of Pretoria, focusing on the cycle of life Architecture 2011-07-08
Falconer, Mark Re thinking green : an exploration of sustainable architecture and environmental philosophy Architecture 2007-11-19
Ferreira, Christelle Third Skin Urban Identity : Fashion Nexus Architecture 2005-02-07
Fourie, Andri Carbon minus - a research centre for green technology : focussing on resource efficiency minus footprint Architecture 2008-11-21
Franco, Kyle Ryan TRANSCENDING SPEED, the Culture of Motorsport_a facility for the development and promotion of motorsport Architecture 2005-11-28
French, James Aubrey A memorable landscape : creating a landscape using ecological design and landscape narrative principles in the Faerie Glen Nature Reserve Architecture 2009-11-30
Furstenburg, Inge Ento-mediate Architecture 2012-12-07
Gandy, Ryan Scott A Comparative study of evaluation systems to implement SAMOAC in Pretoria Architecture 2005-12-19
Gardiner, Kenneth Boukunde III : environmental audit and retrofit Architecture 2008-12-05
Geel, Annelize A community link project for Weskoppies Psychiatric Hospital Architecture 2005-11-30
Gerneke, Lize Gene Real fictions : a heterotopic production design for The Lorax Architecture 2012-11-14
Gey van Pittius, Barend Christiaan X marks the spot Architecture 2010-02-17
Gibberd, Jeremy Integrating sustainable development into briefing and design processes of buildings in developing countries : an assessment tool Architecture 2004-06-14
Gloeck, Karl-Robert Germinate : Architecture of Growth - a mixed-use development in Salvokop Architecture 2011-12-02
Goosen, Christine Bridging the gap : interactive architectural incubator Architecture 2008-11-24
Gottsmann, Donovan Servant core in support of multi-functional service facilities Architecture 2010-02-17
Gouws, Clifford Magazine Hill : a weathered continuum Architecture 2011-11-30
Greeff, Anna-Christi Interactive Centre Architecture 2006-11-28
Griesel, Gerhard Development and Management framework for the Gourits River Catchment Architecture 2003-11-20
Grobbelaar, Karin-Marie Informal - A Cultural Centre for the Foreign Community, Hillbrow Architecture 2005-05-30
Grobbelaar, Leon New Royal Theatre : the Marabi Theatre as locus for cultural reproduction Architecture 2011-11-22
Grobler, Joshua Hatfield Gautreinstasie Architecture 2003-11-27
Grobler, M J Authenticity Architecture 2005-05-31
Grobler, Anika The relation between spatial definition and place-making : architectural and urban interiors Architecture 2007-04-11
Groenewald, Phia Binary Response - film centre 001011 for the gasworks precinct Architecture 2005-05-31
Groenewald, Johannes H M Global Museum Architecture 2007-06-19
Grootboom, Nonkululeko This Africa : giving form to the informal Architecture 2010-12-09
Grove, Jean Pierre Mind Development Centre Architecture 2005-01-26
Haas, Golan Community Art Centre - Alexandra Architecture 2005-05-18
Hajian, Hanieh A toolkit for prioritising interventions in informal settlement upgrades Architecture 2013-06-05
Hanekom, Gertruida Catharina An operational environmental management guideline for the hospitality industry according to ISO 14000 Architecture 2003-10-31
Hansen, Karsten Reclaiming lost space : a centre for sports and education development in the Pretoria city centre Architecture 2008-07-09
Harcus, Karin Facilities for the development of sport in conjunction with the 2010 Soccer World Cup : Sport administration building Architecture 2006-02-20
Hart, Juliette Mary Inhabiting the ruin Architecture 2011-11-25
Hindes, Clinton Neil Incorporating the development of non-technical skills in the landscape architecture curriculum in South Africa Architecture 2005-04-30
Hofmeyr, Andreas Murray (Inter-) facing space : a forum-based theatre inside an indeterminate urban site Architecture 2011-11-25
Holliday, Bronwyn Doreen Connection : a Public Visual Information Centre in Newtown, Johannesburg Architecture 2008-07-31
Honiball, Thomas Wallace Elandspoort 357-JR Architecture 2010-12-09
Hopkins, Shawn B Eco-systemic awareness Architecture 2003-11-26
Hugo, Jan Marais Switch a BRT terminal as change generator at Pretoria Main Station Architecture 2010-12-09
Hugo, Jenine Feel + Learn + Heal - A children's development centre and clinic Architecture 2012-12-04
Human, Martie Encore - performing arts centre Architecture 2003-11-21
Hutten, Etienne Regardt Sammy Marks Business Hotel Architecture 2005-11-30
Immelman, Gysbertus Christiaan Media Production Lab - architecture as urban stage [Tshwane University of Technology Departments of Journalism and Public Relations in the faculty of Humanities] : a classroom for socio-cultural spirit and expression Architecture 2010-01-19
Janse van Rensburg, Gerhard ‘The halfway house’ - temporary housing and production facility for parolees in Pretoria West Architecture 2011-11-22
Jensen, Danielle Maria Toldo Little Eden Society for the Care of Persons with Mental Handicap : a new home in Prinshof, Pretoria Architecture 2007-11-19
Jollye, Katherine Alexandra Integrated Wellness - A healing centre for victims of trauma and abuse Architecture 2005-05-18
Jooste, Marc Charles Can you see the music? MTV base music television production centre Architecture 2007-11-19
Jordaan, June Astronomical Centre at the National Zoological Gardens Architecture 2007-11-08
Joubert, Danie [ex] CHANGE : an architecture of experience : a train station and intermodal freight warehouse in Pretoria West Architecture 2010-12-09
Kammeyer, Heinrich Reciprocity in the evolution of self through the making of homes-as-artefacts : a phenomenological study of the BaSotho female in her vernacular architecture Architecture 2011-10-11 restricted
Keuler-Venter, Sara Johanna InsideOut Interiors Biennale 2013 : a celebration of the found space Architecture 2011-11-29
Khan, Radhia Identity in transformation : re-programming Pretorius Square Architecture 2010-11-30
Khan, Zakkiya Inherit value : POPUP skills training centre, Salvokop Architecture 2011-11-23
Khuzwayo, Phumlani Lindelani African Dialogue Centre Architecture 2008-11-24
Kirkman, Deborah A Social Spacing Architecture 2005-05-18
Koch, Norbert Axel Memory and the wasteland Architecture 2012-11-23
Konigk, Raymund Claim use adapt Architecture 2003-09-02
Konigk, Raymund Interior design as achitecture's 'Other' Architecture 2011-07-27
Kortenhoeven, Nicola Expressive Space : Textile Art Centre Architecture 2005-05-18
Kotze, Willem Riaan Art Workshop : contextual architecture in light Architecture 2008-11-27
Kotze, Michelle Loftus metrorail station : from barrier to catalyst Architecture 2008-11-25
Kruger, Stephanus Mauritz Design patterns in architecture : towards a proposed graphic instrument to assist designers Architecture 2008-07-30
Kruger, Leanne Metapolis : virtual reality vs. real virtuality in a digital art pavillion Architecture 2011-11-30
Krynauw, Anso Mkhonda Lodge and Educational Farm – creating a new vernacular Architecture 2005-03-02
Kunz, Barend Mattheus Recycling - a Marabastad community development Architecture 2008-07-28
Laubscher, Jacques An investigation of the National Building Regulations to promote uniformity and sustainability in the South African built environment Architecture 2011-10-12
Le Roux, Johannes Calvyn Transforming public space : re-generating Rissik station Architecture 2008-11-24
Lemmer, Catherine Victorian respectability : the gendering of domestic space Architecture 2008-08-01
Liebenberg, Christiaan Game on : a youth centre in Pretoria Architecture 2011-01-26
Lindeire, Christopher IMVELO (a place for skills development). Construction Centre : Mamelodi : professionals in construction industry in partnership with local community in job creation, upliftment and sustainable environment Architecture 2008-08-07
Lippi, Nadia Wildelife Research and Rehabilitation Facility Architecture 2004-05-28
Lotz, Werner Communication Research Centre Architecture 2007-02-20
Lotz, Pedri Stefanus Sensory circulation : a centre for visual arts Architecture 2008-11-24
Louw, Elita Vehicle for an aerial transport system Architecture 2008-11-26
Lumby, Michael Craig Fragments floating in trees : reclaiming the urban surface Architecture 2007-03-12
Macagnano, Marco A Centre for the Performing Arts: catalyst for urban regeneration Architecture 2005-11-28
Mahne, Tobias Gerhardus Urban Water Centre : educate and celebrate Architecture 2010-01-28
Malan, Stephanus Francois Social Classroom : symbol of function beyond programme Architecture 2008-12-04
Mare, Pieter-Ernst Hotel one.2.three, Paul Kruger Street Architecture 2008-07-28
Maree, Madileen Illustrated kinetics : a study in active architecture applied to a sports complex within Marabastad Architecture 2007-11-21
Martin, Conrad Identity - Orientation - Interface. The adaptive re-use of the NZASM Building in Pretoria, South Africa. Working towards an architecture which aids the orientation of the user and serves to further define the identity of the city Architecture 2010-11-29
Mavimbe, Paulo Gustavo Living close to life : social housing in the inner city of Pretoria Architecture 2008-07-21
Mc Donagh, Bernard C Best practice : an urban village Architecture 2003-11-24
McKechnie, Brian Kent A colision in space and time - urban conservation and regeneration in Johannesburg Architecture 2006-01-18
Meiring, Christina Isabella Transpace : an architectural intervention for people in transition Architecture 2008-07-25
Meyer, Markus Georg Space time architecture movement Architecture 2005-05-18
Meyer, Roald Talkspace : among infill and void : a language learning centre Architecture 2008-11-24
Meyer, Timothy Fusing space and place : a mixed use art facility for T.U.T post graduate students Architecture 2011-12-01
Meyer, Elize Playscape : a natural playground in Sunnyside Architecture 2011-12-01
Middleton, Lorraine The determination of selection criteria for the horticultural use of indigenous plants in South Africa Architecture 2012-09-24 restricted
Minnaar, Enla Marie Grondleggende argitekte van die Departement Openbare Werke in Transvaal tot 1910, hul werk en invloed (Afrikaans) Architecture 2007-01-17
Molenaar, Nadia Franciska Marabastad : place and the individual - the individual in place Architecture 2006-11-23
Moller, Hendrik Jacobus The language of space - a housing support strategy in Mamelodi Architecture 2008-12-03
Molobe, Absalom Mosabeni The diary of Hammanskraal : open space : free - mind Architecture 2008-11-27
Moolman, Samantha Adaptive [re]use : an investigation into the adaption of an existing building for various programmed scenarios at 116 Paul Kruger Street in the Pretoria City Centre Architecture 2011-03-24
Mothowamodimo, Willie Ofentse Re/claiming the river's edge : the role of landscape architecture in creating meaningful places for a shared sense of community in Mamelodi Architecture 2011-12-02
Mpye, Tebogo Architecture and identity : redefining the taxi industry Architecture 2011-03-22
Muller, Mia Bridging the gap : an in-vocational training centre for the physically disabled Architecture 2007-11-19
Muller-Warrens, Marianne Towards sustainable building design principles for medium density, middle income housing in Gauteng Architecture 2008-08-13
Munthree, Preshane A mixed use Ddevelopment for Newtown, Johannesburg Architecture 2003-12-01
Muyaka, Kuziva Pride "Marabi culture" a catalyst in facilitating identity Architecture 2009-12-09
Myburgh, Janri Wood for the trees : a temporary theatre for the performance of 'Circles in a Forest' Architecture 2010-12-09
Naidoo, Shershen Historic recovery, urban recovery - a cultural heritage and mediation centre at the Old Synagogue in Pretoria Architecture 2012-10-15
Nation, Shelagh Suzanne The background, architectural philosopy and work of Hellmut Wilhelm Ernst Stauch Architecture 2008-12-09
Naude, Werner Johan T.I.R.F Tuks Interactional Research Facility Architecture 2008-11-24
Naude, Lianie U_portal : urban utility merging spatial migration and urban fabric Architecture 2008-11-24
Naude, Elmarie Embodying space : Capture Image Gallery Architecture 2009-12-08
Nel, Tamryn A building of living stones : a community service centre for Mamelodi East Architecture 2010-11-30
Nice, Jako Albert Community engagement - South Africa : a development in community theory and education engagement. Architecture a facilitator Architecture 2009-01-08
Niebuhr, Ingrid Healing Activities Centre Architecture 2008-07-31
Nieuwoudt, Jankel Herman High street abattoir : a new interface for architecture of industry mediated through a public abattoir Architecture 2012-01-05
Nkambule, Mbongiseni Emmanuel Nathi The rise of the black people Architecture 2008-11-13
Nothnagel, Werner Otto Table rules : reprogramming dead or under-used space through the intervention of food and architecture Architecture 2008-07-28
Novellie, Jacqueline Institute for African Language Studies – an exploration of the constant and transformative Architecture 2006-10-12
Nzuza, Nompumelelo Boundaries in the urban context - phenomenal vs literal transparency : inter institutional and disciplinary research facility at the University square, Hatfield Architecture 2008-11-27
O'Neil, Elonah Grace under pressure : investigating a design response in event of disaster Architecture 2009-12-05
Olckers, Heinrich Entopia : creating an urban transition space Architecture 2011-11-29
Olivier, Albert Willem Handi-capable: a psychosocial adjustment centre for people with spinal cord injuries Architecture 2006-07-18
Omar, Muhammad Saadiq Stimulating vitality : facilities for the promotion of healthy living in Olievenhoutbosch Architecture 2012-12-07 restricted
Oosthuysen, Wessel Marthinus Redefining Maputo downtown : flood management through a sustainable landscape architecture intervention Architecture 2012-01-03
Orton, Jacques Urban agriculture - a community development project Architecture 2010-02-02
Osman, Amira Omer Siddig Space, place and meaning in northern riverain Sudan Architecture 2004-09-21
Osman, Rafeeq Digital media exchange : a digital media school in Pretoria Architecture 2008-09-17
Pauw, Izaan Rykie [re]find - Pretoria West Power Station: reproducing the furniture industry through adaptive re-use Architecture 2010-12-09
Peres, Edna Mindscape - a centre for creative development in Sunnyside Architecture 2005-05-18
Perks, Harold Prescott Centre for industrial and product design - Pretoria, South Africa Architecture 2005-05-31
Perold, Maretha Music2 - extension and conversion of the Department of Music of the University of Pretoria Architecture 2009-12-07
Peska, Jan Ladislav Tshwane city central : taxi transfer terminal and market Architecture 2008-07-29
Pettey, Ryan Patrick Hartbeespoortdam Butterfly Conservancy : an ecological splurge Architecture 2004-05-28
Petzsch, Elzbeth (Yo)urban living room : interaction and identity in Esselen Street, Trevenna Architecture 2012-12-07
Philippou, Alexia A community creativity facility : encouraging a public interface with art Architecture 2011-12-01
Pienaar, Rousseau City building Architecture 2005-02-21
Pieterse, J Fourie An urban application of the critical review of two planning strategies Architecture 2003-11-26
Pieterse, George F. Scripted : an urban museum of typography Architecture 2011-11-28
Potgieter, Helia Creating a new urban citizenship : a mixed-use development in Newtown Architecture 2003-11-27
Prestedge, Grant Alexander Legibility between the lines : exploring everyday literacies through economic and creative skills training Architecture 2010-12-01
Pretorius, Heleen The Hospital Hill : a development proposal for regeneration Architecture 2008-11-24
Pretorius, Jané Fract[ure]al : platform building at Menlyn Architecture 2011-12-01
Prinsloo, Johan Nel Stadskrif (Afrikaans) Architecture 2006-10-12
Radley, Diane Redefining boundaries Architecture 2005-12-07
Ramjee, Trishal edu [play] care : the implementation of a childcare facility in a city edge condition to create an architectural typology that facilitates learning through play Architecture 2010-12-03
Raubenheimer, Hendrieka WARP + WEFT : translating textiles into interior architecture - in search for inspiration and continuation of African textile traditions Architecture 2012-12-07
Reid, Claire Catherine Transition : addressing the separation Architecture 2011-01-27 restricted
Reynders, Nadia Interface : altering architecture : transforming existing mono-functional buildings in the Pretoria CBD to adapt to changing social spatial conditions. The notion of ‘altering architecture’ aims to manipulate existing boundaries into INTERFACES to affect interior spaces and building skins as well extend into the urban context Architecture 2010-12-03
Rheeder, Annalize GOLOFELO -"we are hoping" Architecture 2005-05-31
Roberts, Hayley Thea A place in the shade of trees : Mthunzini Community Hospice for Mamelodi Architecture 2010-11-16
Roccon, Bernard Gautrans sub-urban train station Architecture 2003-11-27
Roos, Jaco-Ben Stadsleer - 'n Skool in die Pretoria Middestad (Afrikaans) Architecture 2004-05-28
Rude, Warno P. Urban nature conservation: unfolding the landscape Architecture 2007-03-13
Sackett, Colin Derek CUBE - Centre for the Understanding of the Built Environment Architecture 2006-10-12
Saidi, Finzi Edward Developing a Curriculum Model for Architectural Education in a Culturally Changing South Africa Architecture 2005-09-16
Saker, Justin James Rejoin : creation of understanding within government architecture through exploration of public private thresholds in the Pretoria CBD Architecture 2010-12-09
Samimi, Neda Adaptive reuse of the Agrivaal Building Architecture 2012-02-09
Satar, Ali A A quest of the spirit Architecture 2005-05-31
Saunders, Dusty Wood ZOOGATE : a forecourt to the National Zoological Gardens Architecture 2011-05-12
Scheepers, Janine Reverberating Architecture Outdoor Recreational Equipment Centre Architecture 2003-11-26
Schlemmer, Jarrod Edward A Trade and Transport Junction for Louis Trichardt Architecture 2004-05-28
Seabrook, Andrea Lynn I-hub @ Pretoria station square : orientation through architectural intervention Architecture 2009-12-09
Selepe, Mpho Tsepo Jan Einstein The Research centre for indigenous traditional medicines Architecture 2007-02-16
Senaoana, Tumo Solomon Retreat : a community based hotel in the highlands of Lesotho Architecture 2009-12-08
Setshedi, Gift Phalatse Rehabilitation assessment of the Pretoria State Garage to fit the Pretoria Technology Park Architecture 2005-07-21
Sianga, Busisiwe Elizabeth An approach to sustainable, energy efficient design for low-cost housing in Botswana Architecture 2008-09-22
Smalberger, Marinda Portal to Pretoria - establishing a northern gateway to the city Architecture 2007-11-22
Smalberger, Suzanne INbetween Architecture 2005-05-18
Smit, Nicolaas H Interpretation Centre Architecture 2003-11-26
Smit, Stephanus Johannes 'n Nuwe ingenieursfakulteitsgebou vir die Noordwes Universiteit (Afrikaans) Architecture 2009-11-30
Smit, PG Going West : using landscape to regenerate urban form Architecture 2011-03-03
Smook, Andrea City skin : a cultural hub in Pretoria Architecture 2007-11-23
Snow, Byron Finding the Maputo Central Market (Mercardo Central de Maputo) : seeing the informal economy in formal architecture Architecture 2011-12-01
Snyders, Marius Stripped - a vehicle disassembly plant Architecture 2011-12-01
Sowazi, Siyanga David Making cultural links : the case of an art gallery Architecture 2008-11-27 restricted
Sparks, Christopher Duane Genius Loci : a cultural centre for the visual and performing arts Architecture 2009-12-09
Spies, Jozanne Housing: a green proprietor in Marabastad Architecture 2007-03-12
Steenkamp, Nina Occupying the in between : a typology of architecture as the mediator Architecture 2012-11-27
Stegmann, Korine Knoop Architecture 2008-11-27
Steinberg, Cecilia J In-cu-bate - An architectural investigation in Branding : accommodation growth and development within a global economical context Architecture 2006-03-06
Steyn, Pieter W A Hi-Performance Sport Centre Architecture 2003-11-26
Steyn, Minette God is in the house Architecture 2004-09-10
Steyn, Konrad Public information resource centre : knowledge transference, connectivity, community Architecture 2010-12-09
Steyn, Sune-Marie A contemporary museum experience : the design of a new satellite museum for the Ditsong: National Museum of Cultural History in Pretoria Architecture 2010-12-09
Struwig, Dewald De Villiers Stitch_ an architecture of connection Architecture 2009-12-09
Strydom, Cornus Modulayer-Berea Park Learner's Resource Centre Architecture 2003-11-20
Strydom, Colin Christiaan Literacy enhancement centre Architecture 2007-11-20
Swart, Carlu Gerhardus Urban cemetery Architecture 2006-10-12
Swart, Cecilia Jacoba A developmental framework proposal for the University of Pretoria's Groenkloof campus Architecture 2008-11-24
Swart, Johan Urban church, re-developing space within Pretoria's Schubart Park complex Architecture 2010-12-09
Swiegers, Estee Create : investigating the dialogue between craft and design : a centre for the crafts in the Inner City of Pretoria Architecture 2011-11-28
Tanzarella, Beatrice Architecture & the commute : a railway station in Mamelodi Architecture 2012-11-30 restricted
Tenea, Tudor The fabric of time : textile dyeing at the Tswaing crater Architecture 2012-12-02
Theart, Catharina M C Sensory architecture : beyond appearances Architecture 2010-07-16
Thomo, Themba Daniel A centre for jazz : reviving the urban decay Architecture 2008-07-29
Tshombe, Mbasa Xolisa Beyond function: Pretoria station interchange and civic space Architecture 2006-10-12
Tumubweinee, Philippa N. Counter–point scenario’s : a methodology of integrating Tswana tradition into the proposed Kruindfontein Mine Architecture 2006-10-12
Uys, Susan Sureen Information node : converting Pretoria’s old fire station into public space Architecture 2008-04-22
Van Biljon, Jaco [RE]dress : a fashion event facility in Pretoria West Architecture 2010-12-09
Van den Berg, Mader J Western limb tailings reclamation project Architecture 2005-07-27
Van den Berg, Anneke Interaction - a built environment staging centre Architecture 2011-11-22
Van den Heever, Annemie Field public space infrastructure Architecture 2007-02-16
Van der Merwe, Jeandri Subterranean space - Integrating generic commercial entities within the Gauteng system Architecture 2005-11-30
Van der Merwe, Elizabeth Louisa Network : depolarize the city - a media centre Architecture 2008-08-01
Van der Merwe, Marika Agora : transition through information to memory Architecture 2008-11-24
Van der Merwe, David Schalk Rehabilitate body, nature and architecture : sports rehabilitation centre Groenkloof campus Architecture 2009-12-18
Van der Meulen, Rudolph H2 (Heliport x Hotel) Architecture 2005-02-07
Van der Vyver, Elizabeth Yolanda 'n Konteks vir die bepaling van 'n inhoud van 'n kursus oor die argitektuurgeskiedenis van die Suid-Afrikaanse omgewing (Afrikaans) Architecture 2005-12-19
Van der Walt, Ralene A healing outdoor experience : the potential of outdoor environments to enhance psychological healing at Weskoppies Psychiatric Hospital Architecture 2010-07-17
Van der Wath, Elana Recover : an investigation into a possible counter strategy that challenges destructive spatial practices in contested urban territories by cultivating networks of opportunity (applied in a South African urban context) Architecture 2008-11-26
Van Der Watt, Werner Pieter Indabox Architecture 2009-06-10
Van der Westhuizen, Andries L An Urban Centre for temporary workers in Hatfield, Pretoria Architecture 2003-11-21
Van der Westhuizen, Liani _infill. reconfiguring public space Architecture 2005-05-18
Van der Westhuizen, Ruann A public bathhouse Architecture 2009-12-07
Van der Westhuizen, Lourette The waiting place : creating social gathering space Architecture 2011-03-19
Van Deventer, Thomas Ecosystemic supply chain : a research and development centre for urban agriculture Architecture 2011-11-30
Van Dyk, Stephanie Re-interpretation of the cinema Architecture 2005-05-18
Van Rensburg, Rudolf Johannes The poetics of light and the glass architecture of the Modern Architecture 2005-04-30
Van Rooyen, Cornelius Johannes Synergy of agriculture, community development, and eco-tourism Agri-tourism Farm complex Architecture 2005-11-28
Van Rooyen, Marthinus Jan Leeubrug Gateway - an exhibition and conference centre Architecture 2010-03-17
Van Sittert, Lambert Petrus ZOO : Animatechnic : Architecture as Escapism Architecture 2011-11-29
Van Wyk, Hendrik C Water Wise Centre, Prinshof - Pretoria Architecture 2003-11-24
Van Wyk, Isabel Mari Layering the city : re-use of the old Pretoria Fire Station Architecture 2011-11-25
Van Wyk, Petrus Lodewickus Die wagte van Pretoria (Afrikaans) Architecture 2011-12-02
van Wyk, Johannes Francois Lyf [TAAL] Sport + Development Architecture 2012-11-27
Van Zyl, Fransa Growing urban ecosystems : a food market in Menlyn Architecture 2011-12-01
Veldsman, Dewald Transforming the existing: transportation interchange / labour market Architecture 2007-02-21
Venter, Gert Petrus University greenhouse and botanical park : cohesion of a research typology and the metaphysics of space Architecture 2009-02-11
Venter, Elize Re:fresh* : refreshment and retail strategy for Gautrain stations Architecture 2009-12-09
Vermeulen, Marilu Zest for life - a student health and wellness centre Architecture 2008-11-24
Verster, Alet Vitality square - creating a healthy environment in the Pretoria CBD Architecture 2009-12-07
Vicente, Marco Paulo Sousa Starts : an urban park for art, culture & education Architecture 2008-07-29
Viljoen, Clayton Architecture in ruins Architecture 2010-12-06
Visser, Adrianus Franciscus Trans...... Architecture 2008-07-29
Visser, Jeanne-Elme Revelation and reconnection : a storytelling place at the Tswaing Crater Architecture 2011-03-23
Vogel, Karl Gerhardt Multi-brew : creative beer brewing facility for Pretoria CBD Architecture 2007-11-19
Vosloo, Pieter Tobias The determination of pertinent contract document requirements for landscape projects in South Africa Architecture 2008-10-20
Wade, Richard Peter A systematics for interpreting past structures with possible cosmic references in Sub-Saharan Africa Architecture 2009-05-05
Wadee, Salma Architecture as a means of labour : architecture contributing to contextual events through its consumption a clothing production facility in the City of Pretoria Architecture 2010-12-09
Wenhold, Martin Werner The sense/sensation of space : a Railway Science, Technology and History Museum Architecture 2008-07-30
Wentzel, Dorithea Maria Kwasizabantu : a spatial development framework and detail design Architecture 2009-05-06
Wepener, Leila Artspace : creating a contemporary African art gallery for the city of Pretoria Architecture 2008-10-24
Whitcomb, Candice Re-Location : discovering memory and meaning in Marabastad - a trade school Architecture 2010-12-03
Wiggin, Jason John Extending the skin(s) of the Capitol Theatre Architecture 2009-12-08
Williams, Gavin Access - an opportunity platform for Burger's Park Pretoria Architecture 2011-12-01
Wilson, Lara Ruth Urban activator : a contextually generated mixed-use building Architecture 2008-07-30
Wolf, Lewis Pistons, pins-ups & fisticuff - A graphic narrative exploration of architectural design Architecture 2012-12-07
Wooding, Adriaan Willem A contemporary dance company and performance areas Architecture 2009-12-14
Wright, Louis Gerhard Connectivity : an urban laundry in the Pretoria CBD Architecture 2008-07-30
Zondi, Fanele Social stitch : connecting segregated communities through activity Architecture 2013-08-19
Zuvela, Dominik Pretoria city : a spatial field in tension Architecture 2010-12-09
Asare-Bediako, Godwin A Centre for youth sub cultural expression Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Interior Design 2007-07-10
Blokland, Jasper Moretele Park Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Interior Design 2007-07-10
Molebatsi, John Kagiso Dingakeng: a centre for traditional health practitioners - creating a link between traditional and modern medicine Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Interior Design 2007-06-19
Moore, Natalie From dead city space to vibrant HUB of talent : the challenge of urban renewal in the South African context Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Interior Design 2007-06-19
Raveloarison, R S Hellville Empowerment Centre Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Interior Design 2007-06-26
Swanepoel, Isabelle Marie A Small Scale Enterprise - A temporal and spatial stopgap for development in Marabastad Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Interior Design 2007-06-26
Van Rooyen, Johan M Reconnecting St Lucia town and the Lake – A socio-economic proposal Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Interior Design 2007-06-19
Velcich, Peter Gerard Towards a national code of practice for outdoor advertising Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Interior Design 2007-10-29
Wessels, Anton The STDC - State Theatre Dance Centre Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Interior Design 2007-06-19
Niemand, Ella Catharina Reinventing cinema : a perspective on the implications of the internet on the cinema industry Arts 2004-11-08
Bezuidenhout, Pieter Stefan An audit approach of the information systems auditor in an electronic commerce environment with emphasis on internet payment security Auditing 2005-08-22
Coetzee, G P The effect of HIV/AIDS on the control environment: an internal audit perspective Auditing 2004-05-31
De la Rosa, Sean P Risk and the South African private healthcare - an internal audit perspective Auditing 2004-01-28
Nagiah, Kanthi The code of conduct of the South African public service compared with international guidelines Auditing 2012-09-27
Odendaal, Elizabeth Margaretha Regulering van die ouditeursprofessie in Suid-Afrika (Afrikaans) Auditing 2006-05-25
De Klerk, Hester Magdalena Young South African children’s recognition of emotions as depicted by Picture Communication Symbols Augmentative and Alternative Communication 2011-10-21
Herold, Marina Patricia A comparison of the rate and accuracy of symbol location on visual displays using colour-coded alphabetic and categorisation strategies in Grade 1 to 3 children Augmentative and Alternative Communication 2012-07-02
Hattingh, Marcel An exegetical reflection on creation time Biblical and Religious Studies 2010-09-22 restricted
Kamuwanga, Liswaniso The role and function of music at Pretoria Central Baptist Church Biblical and Religious Studies 2004-10-25
Kamuwanga, Liswaniso Prayer for protection : a comparative perspective on Psalms in relation to Lozi prayer traditions Biblical and Religious Studies 2008-08-11
Kim, Stephen Myongsu Transcendence of God - a comparative study of the Old Testament and the Qur’an Biblical and Religious Studies 2009-10-17
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Le Roux, Elritia ’n Johannese perspektief op die huwelik, geslagsrolle en seksualiteit met die oog op ’n nuwe etiese paradigma in ’n postmoderne konteks (Afrikaans) Biblical and Religious Studies 2008-11-13
Lebaka, Morakeng Edward Kenneth The ritual use of music in indigenous African religion : a Pedi perspective Biblical and Religious Studies 2006-02-27
Lebaka, Morakeng Edward Kenneth Psalm-like texts in African culture : a Pedi perspective Biblical and Religious Studies 2009-05-30
Makola, Molamo Frans 1 Kings 12:1-20 as the interpretation of the relationship between the division of the kingdom of Israel and the Davidicsolomonic era: an opportunity to correct the wrongs of the past Biblical and Religious Studies 2008-04-29
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Shabangu, Andries The gospel embodied in African traditional religion and culture with specific reference to the cult of ancestor veneration and the concept of salvation : an inculturation hermeneutic Biblical and Religious Studies 2005-08-31
Steyn, Lynette Reflection on wise living : analysis of Proverbs 3 Biblical and Religious Studies 2007-10-23
Swart, Cornelius Johannes Apokaliptiek en Openbaring: 'n Kritiese evaluering van Malina en Pilch se “Social-Science commentary on the Book of Revelation” (Afrikaans) Biblical and Religious Studies 2007-07-31
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Vilakati, M V Leviticus 16 – Day of Atonement - a comparison between biblical and African concepts of atonement and reconciliation Biblical and Religious Studies 2007-06-05 restricted
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