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Davis, Anthony John Serological response to early vaccination against Babesia bovis and Babesia bigemina in dairy calves Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2012-11-21
Machache, Gladness Delivery of customer service at a private hospital pharmacy through service quality Graduate School of Management 2013-01-25 restricted
Chikura, Cynthia Chipo On reconciling rules, markets and power : responding to private voluntary standards through safeguarding the rule of law in international food trade Centre for Human Rights 2013-07-23
Faaß, Gertrud A morphosyntacic description of Northern Sotho as a basis for an automated translation from Northern Sotho into English African Languages 2010-10-09
Kazadi Banza, Samuel-Barry Structural geology of the Kinsevere Copper Deposit, DRC Geology 2013-05-16
Lazenby, Martin John Missionale kerk-wees en die benutting van die Internet in die plaaslike gemeente met spesifieke verwysing na die webblad (Afrikaans) Science of Religion and Missiology 2013-03-06
Louw, Marna An international comparison of green star building allowances with emphases on a South African application Taxation 2013-08-15
Naidoo, Coopoosammy Velasen Consumer adoption of an aggregated electronic bill presentment and payment solution in South Africa using the technology acceptance model Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-25
Nhemachena, Charles Agriculture and future climate dynamics in Africa : impacts and adaptation options Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2009-05-30
Olivier, Suzan Emily Die ontwerp van 'n pedoterapeutiese praktyk (Afrikaans) Orthopedagogics 2013-04-05
Qekwana, Daniel Nenene Occupational health and food safety risks associated with traditional slaughter practices of goats in Gauteng, South Africa Paraclinical Sciences 2013-07-15
Tawengwa, Taurayi Tungamirayi The social functions of religion in a Charismatic church in Pretoria : a case study Sociology 2013-08-27
Tshisikhawe, Milingoni Peter An ecological evaluation of the sustainability of bark harvesting of medicinal plant species in the Venda region, Limpopo province, South Africa Plant Science 2013-05-01
Van der Waals, Johan Hilgard Slags as agricultural limes : reactivity and heavy metal and phosphorus bio-availability Plant Production and Soil Science 2006-02-16
Van der Walt, Ralene A healing outdoor experience - the potential of outdoor environments to enhance psychological healing at Weskoppies psychiatric hospital Architecture 2009-12-09
Abbey, Steve Keith Modelling socio-economic dynamics in a working class desegregation area in post-industrial, post-Apartheid South Africa : the case of Danville-Elandspoort, Pretoria Geography, Geo-Informatics and Meteorology 2008-08-11
Abdu-Raheem, Kamal Adekunle Expanding biodiversity conservation beyond the official mandate of the Dwesa-Cwebe nature reserve of South Africa : qualitative assessment based on Nqabara administrative area Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2010-11-02
Abdullah, Hanifa A risk analysis and risk management methodology for mitigating wireless local area networks (WLANs) intrusion security risks Computer Science 2006-10-12
Abebe, Adem Kassie The potential role of constitutional review in the realisation of human rights in Ethiopia Centre for Human Rights 2013-04-08
Abera, Hailu Beyene Adoption of improved tef and wheat production technologies in crop-livestock mixed systems in northern and western Shewa zones of Ethiopia Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2008-06-09
Abioye, Funmilola Tolulope The rule of law in English speaking African countries : the case of Nigeria and South Africa Public Law 2011-10-05
Ablort-Morgan, Catherine Elizabeth The impact of music within play therapy on the classroom behaviour of autistic children Social Work 2004-10-15
Abolnik, Celia Molecular epidemiology of Newcastle disease and avian influenza in South Africa Zoology and Entomology 2007-06-20
Aboo baker Ebrahim, Shabana A comparative study between South Africa and the United Kingdom in the tax treatment of Islamic finance products Taxation 2013-07-18
Aboobaker, Yusuf Assessing financing models to the goals of sustainable consumption Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-04-07
Abraha, Amanuel Bokhre Italian ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum) growth response to water and nitrogen Plant Production and Soil Science 2011-11-18
Abraham, Clare Rhian An investigation of the understanding and application of the principles of the Brummeria Renaissance case Taxation 2010-04-09 restricted
Abrahams, Donna Climate change and the South African banking sector : the potential for competitive advantage Gordon Institute of Business Science 2011-04-04 restricted
Abrahamse, Daniell Robert The potential role of project management in Category B municipalities Construction Economics 2003-08-20
Abrahamse, Jacques Towards a framework, through action research, for mobile computing diffusion and adoption within a small-to-medium South African construction company Informatics 2008-09-01
Abram, Muhammed Hanif The incidence of oral and oropharyngeal cancer in South Africa for the five year period 1997-2001 Periodontics and Oral Medicine 2013-01-23
Abu, Joseph Oneh Functional and physicochemical properties of gamma-irradiated cowpea flours and pastes Food Science 2006-02-17 restricted
Abu, Orefi Economies of scale and efficiency of small- and medium-scale maize milling enterprises in South Africa Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2010-10-23 restricted
Abu-Mahfouz, Adnan Mohammed I Elliptic curve cryptosystem over optimal extension fields for computationally constrained devices Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2005-06-08
Abu-Mahfouz, Adnan Mohammed Accurate and efficient localisation in wireless sensor networks using a best-reference selection Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2011-10-12
Abuka, Charles Augustine An empirical analysis of the impact of trade on productivity in South Africa’s manufacturing sector Economics 2005-04-18
Abul Goutondji, Leopoldine Elvire Sylviane Preventing water pollution by dairy by-products : risk assessment and comparison of legislation in Benin and South Africa Paraclinical Sciences 2008-10-30
Abusin, Sana Awad Deterrence analysis of compliance with fishery regulations among artisanal fishers in Sudan Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2012-09-05
Acheampong-Boateng, Owoahene The nutritive value of sainfoin (Onobrychis viciifolia), sheeps' burnet (Sanguisorba minor) and lucerne (Medicago sativa) Livestock Science 2008-03-12
Acirokop, Prudence Accountability for mass atrocities : the LRA conflict in Uganda Centre for Human Rights 2013-04-09
Ackerman, Marius Processes for unlocking actionable business intelligence in SA banking institutions Information Science 2005-04-21
Ackermann, Pieter Cornelius The suitability of a multimedia resource for teaching undergraduate histology in a developing country Information Science 2005-05-12
Ackermann, Thomas Ludwich City manifest a manifestation of the contemporary urban condition through theuse of computational architecture Architecture 2009-12-08
Ackermann, Marius Francois Satire, spraakvryheid, sensuur en siviele aanspreeklikheid en portretjie en ander verhale (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2011-07-07
Ackermann, Maria Helena Mixture models based on power means and generalised Q-fractions Chemical Engineering 2011-08-23
Ackermann, Etienne Rudolph Sequential land cover classification Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2011-08-05
Acott, Helen The professional services business sector's response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-30
Adam, Benjamin Senior nie-moedertaalleerders se ingesteldheid teenoor die voorgeskrewe gedigte en onderrigmetodes vir Afrikaans Eerste Addisionele Taal in die hoërskool (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2007-10-22
Adam, Ismail An international taxation comparison of South African, Dutch and Australian employees working abroad Taxation 2012-12-13 restricted
Adams, Pieter The Strategic Migration of Telephony into an Internet Protocol World : a South African Perspective Graduate School of Management 2005-04-25
Adams, Carl Marabastad Trader's Centre for Arts Architecture 2009-12-08
Adams, Siân Louise South African consumer attitudes towards domestic solar power systems Gordon Institute of Business Science 2012-05-19
Adams, Dale Robin The causes and implications of violent attacks on foreigners in South Africa Political Sciences 2012-12-10 restricted
Adamu, Mathew The efficacy of traditionally used Leucosidea sericea (Rosaceae) against Haemonchus contortus and Microbial pathogens Paraclinical Sciences 2013-05-24 restricted
Adandonon, Appolinaire Damping-off and stem rot of cowpea in Benin caused by Sclerotium Rolfsii Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2005-01-14
Adao, Valter The maturity of enterprise architecture and challenges to its evolution in the South African private healthcare service industry Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-18
Addae, Herman Yobo The impact of emerging market context and global mindset on training programmes in multinational companies Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-04-07
Addo, Gbagidi Hillar Komla Utilization of information and communication technology (ICT) for education in South Africa : An examination of the world links for development (WorLD) programme Information Science 2005-09-19
Addo-Bediako, Abraham Physiological diversity in insects : large scale patterns Zoology and Entomology 2006-02-23
Adebanji, Charles Adedayo Educational and socio-cultural challenges of immigrant students in a South African school Curriculum and Instructional Design and Development 2011-05-17
Adebanjo, Adefolarin Babafemi Factors affecting response to antiretroviral agents at one year in an HIV cohort at Roma Hospital, Lesotho Clinical Epidemiology 2013-05-09
Adegboye, Adedolapo Olaide Single pixel robust approach for background subtraction for fast people-counting and direction estimation Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2013-06-10
Adejumo, Adebola Adebisi Active learning algorithms for multilayer feedforward neural networks Computer Science 2006-11-20
Adekola, Omobolanle Wastewater minimization in multipurpose batch plants with a regeneration unit : multiple contaminants Chemical Engineering 2011-07-06 restricted
Adekunle, Abolanle Saheed Electrochemical and electrocatalytic properties of carbon nanotubes integrated with selected metal and metal oxide nanoparticles Chemistry 2011-10-25
Adelekan, Adeboye Mutiu Establishment of screening procedures for genetic disorders and risk factors in the South African Caucasian population Chemical Pathology 2005-07-28
Adelekan, Adeboye Mutiu In Vitro Medicinal Properties of Novel Compounds from Croton steenkampianus Plant Science 2009-05-24
Adeleke, Rasheed Adegbola Biobeneficiation development for the reduction of potassium and phosphorus from Sishen iron ore Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2010-11-11
Ademba, Elvis Factors that positively contribute to the development of managers into leaders within an organizational hierarchy Gordon Institute of Business Science 2011-04-04
Adendorff, Debra Elizabeth An investigation into the roles and competencies of an online facilitator Teaching and Training Studies 2004-08-23
Adendorff, Adele Nomadic figurations of identity on the work of Berni Searle Visual Arts 2005-12-07
Adendorff, Susanna Aletta A decision support model for the cash replenishment process in South African retail banking Industrial and Systems Engineering 2006-11-09
Adendorff, Anthony Entrepreneurial business opportunities that stem from the current trade imbalance between South Africa and Finland Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-24
Adendorff, Melissa Where the Shadows Lie : finding the other in the Spatial Depictions of the Underworld in The Book of Enoch, Inferno and Paradise Lost Ancient Languages 2013-06-20
Adeogun, Adebowale Oluranti Music education in Nigeria, 1842 - 2001 : policy and content evaluation, towards a new dispensation Music 2006-10-11
Adetogun, Adeyemo Adekanmi An investigation of chromium and nickel uptake in tomato plants irrigated with treated waste water at the Glen Valley farm, Gaborone, Botswana Chemical Engineering 2011-09-22
Adetunji, Olufemi Inventory management in supply chain with stochastic inputs Industrial and Systems Engineering 2010-09-25
Adetunji, Adeoluwa Iyiade Development of a database of sorghum cultivars in southern Africa, with emphasis on end-use quality, particularly brewing quality Food Science 2012-12-11 restricted
Adewusi, Emmanuel Adekanmi In vitro effect of selected medicinal plants on β-amyloid induced toxicity in neuroblastoma cells Pharmacology 2012-09-30
Adeyemo, Oyenike Olubukanla Substitution in demand for energy and implications for mitigation of carbon emissions in Nigeria : an econometric approach Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2008-07-23 restricted
Adigun, Emmanuel Ayowole Reputation based trust in service-oriented network environments Computer Science 2011-06-22
Adlard, Leesa The relationship between body dissatisfaction of mothers and body dissatisfaction of their adolescent daughters Psychology 2007-11-19
Adolwa, Mbaja Development of small building contractors in Botswana : a critial evaluation Construction Economics 2003-08-27
Adonisi, Mandla The relationship between corporate entrepreneurship, market orientation, organisational flexibility and job satisfaction Human Resource Management 2004-11-25
Adriaanse, Justinus The impact of long tail distribution in keyword selection on the effectiveness of sponsored search advertising Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-04-07
Afordofe, Patrick The impact of selected macroeconomic variables on resource equity prices on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange Gordon Institute of Business Science 2012-06-10
Africa, Monde Equity funding options available for black corporate professionals starting their own entrepreneurial venture Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-18
Agbebaku, Dennis Ferdinand Solution of conservation laws via convergence space completion Mathematics and Applied Mathematics 2012-02-09
Agbeniga, Babatunde Influence of conventional and Kosher slaughter techniques in cattle on carcass and meat quality Animal and Wildlife Sciences 2012-07-12
Agbeniyi, Olusola Charles Periodontal disease during pregnancy and low birth weight of newborns at Chris Hani district of Eastern Cape Community Dentistry 2013-02-14
Agenbag, Daniel Sarel Longitudinal handling characteristics of a tailless gull-wing aircraft Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering 2008-09-18
Aggad, Faten New regionalism as an approach to cooperation in Africa : with reference to the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) Political Sciences 2008-08-01
Agrella, Karen Nitrogen transformations in South African soils Plant Production and Soil Science 2006-03-29
Aguti, Jessica Norah A study of in-service distance education for secondary school teachers in Uganda : developing a framework for quality teacher education programmes Education Management 2004-02-26
Agyei, Nana Mensah The removal of phosphate ions from aqueous solution by fly ash, slag, ordinary Portland cement and related blends Chemistry 2006-11-22
Ahimbisibwe, Beine Peter A socio-economic assessment of the impacts of invasive alien plant species on forestry production : the case of Senna spectabilis in Budongo forest reserve, Uganda Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2009-11-30
Ahmadi, Mandana Music and HIV/AIDS communities : perceptions, expectations, implications for music therapy Music 2007-11-20
Ahmed, Aroke Shahid Biological activities of extracts and isolated compounds from Bauhinia galpinii (Fabaceae) and Combretum vendae (Combretaceae) as potential antidiarrhoeal agents Paraclinical Sciences 2012-05-07
Ahmed, Muhammad Zaheerudin The causes and consequences of horizontal transmission : a case study on Wolbachia Genetics 2012-05-23 restricted
Ahmed, Aroke Shahid Biological activities of extracts and isolated compounds from Bauhinia galpinii (Fabaceae) and Combretum vendae (Combretaceae) as potential antidiarrhoeal agents Paraclinical Sciences 2013-02-27
Ahn, Myung Jun Brevitas et facilitas : a study of a vital aspect in the theological hermeneutics of John Calvin Systematic Theology and Christian Ethics 2007-08-02
Ahn, Sang-Keun A study of God’s encounter with Abraham in Genesis 18:1-15 against the background of the Abraham narrative Old Testament Studies 2010-10-23
Ahumada, Rodrigo Pathogens in commercial Eucalyptus plantations in Chile, with special reference to Mycosphaerella and Botryosphaeria species Botany 2005-06-29
Aiyer, Kubendrie Linda The impact of diversity on the transfer of tacit knowledge in the South African financial sector Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-30
Ajala, Babatunde Oluwagbemiga Gearing FDI towards sustainable development in Nigeria - the role of the WTO trims agreement Centre for Human Rights 2010-10-04
Ajibola, Abdulwahid The effect of water deprivation and atropine administration on gastro-intestinal function in goats Veterinary Physiology 2006-03-23
Ajok, Violah Balson Is there room for further transparency through 3rd party participation at ICSID Centre for Human Rights 2010-09-30
Akanbi, Olusegun Ayodele Macroeconometric modelling for the Nigerian economy : a growth-poverty gap analysis Economics 2010-09-25
Akih, Abraham Kpwegeh Prisoners in Cameroon : a pastoral perspective Practical Theology 2012-08-03 restricted
Akinnusi, Taiwo Kayode Studies on the stereoselective synthesis of the C17 backbone of the Alternaria toxins using chiral sulfoxide methodology Chemistry 2006-03-27
Akor, Eusebius Ugochukwu Government intervention in higher education in South Africa : policy options Public Management and Administration 2008-11-25
Al Fathali, Najla Addressing the reading problems of selected learners of English as a foreign language in three schools in Tripoli, Libya Afrikaans 2007-04-05
Al-Adawi, Ali Obaid Studies on Ceratocystis spp. associated with mango die-back in Oman Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2012-05-23 restricted
Al-Brashdi, Hamid Ahmed Sulaiman Forecasting techniques for seedable storms over the Western Hajar mountains in the Sultanate of Oman Geography, Geo-Informatics and Meteorology 2008-07-02
Al-Shahrani, Saeed Murie The effect of florfenicol on egg hatchability in fowls Paraclinical Sciences 2013-06-21 restricted
Alais, Georgina Silent wounds of the family Architecture 2008-07-09
Albers, Patricia Nicole Baseline assessment of child respiratory health in the Highveld Priority Area School of Health Systems and Public Health 2012-02-17
Alberts, Marius Business rescue in South Africa : a critical review of the regulatory environment Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-04-13
Alberts, Rene The association between abnormal developmental milestones of babies and the prevalence of spinal deformities in adolescence Physiotherapy 2010-09-15
Alberts, Marthinus Analysis of the IEEE 802.15.4a ultra wideband physical layer through wireless sensor network simulations in OMNET++ Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2011-03-10
Alberts, Carina Confirmatory factor analysis of the psychological ownership questionnaire for the South African context Human Resources Management 2013-06-03 restricted
Alberts, Gerbrand Pieter Tax education in South Africa : a survey of the current perceptions of educators Taxation 2013-07-18
Albertyn, Martin Generic simulation modelling of stochastic continuous systems Industrial and Systems Engineering 2005-05-24
Albrechtsen, Bart Hunter A geochemical and field study of the Ingeli and Horseshoe lobes, Mount Ayliff Complex, South Africa, and its potential for magmatic suphide ores Geography, Geo-Informatics and Meteorology 2005-08-12
Aldous, Colleen Michelle University level genetics students’ competencies in selected science process skills Genetics 2006-02-09
Alemayehu, Yibekal Abebe Managing the soil water balance of hot pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) to improve water productivity Plant Production and Soil Science 2010-06-04
Alene, Arega Demelash Improved production technology and efficiency of smallholder farmers in Ethiopia : Extended parametric and non-parametric approaches to production effeciency analysis Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2007-10-12
Alexander, Patricia Margaret Towards reconstructing meaning when text is communicated electronically Informatics 2002-08-19
Alexander, Eapen An investigation into the implementation of Computer-Assisted Education (CAE) in the underprivileged areas of the Eastern Cape : a case study of Butterworth High School Curriculum Studies 2005-09-05
Alexander, Deepu The relationship between information and communication technologies and foreign direct investment at the different stages of investment development path Gordon Institute of Business Science 2011-04-04
Alexander, Patrick James Environmental sustainability through participatory approaches : socio-geographic assessment of the Mathenjwa tribal authority landscape, Northern KwaZulu-Natal Geography, Geoinformatics and Meteorology 2013-06-21 restricted
Ali, Husam Predicting the overall perceived value of a leisure service : a survey of restaurant patrons in Pretoria Marketing and Communication Management 2007-07-25
Ali, Zakaria Idriss Existence result for a class of stochastic quasilinear partial differential equations with non-standard growth Mathematics and Applied Mathematics 2011-11-17
Ali, Husam The person-organization interplay : how an entrepreneur's personality affects organizational legitimacy Gordon Institute of Business Science 2012-04-15
Ali, Habu Molecular characterization of mycoplasmas species isolated from the genital tract of Dorper sheep in South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2012-11-21
Alkayyali, Ahmed Liminal public infrastructure : a typology of public space for everyday performances Architecture 2011-11-25
Allemann, James Evaluation of Plectranthus esculentus N.E.Br. as a potential vegetable crop Plant Production and Soil Science 2007-08-29
Allen, Robert Garth Factors influencing the usage of social networking websites amongst young, professional South Africans Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-17
Allen, Tracey Could green-marketing be a sustainable competitive advantage for retailers within South Africa? Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-18
Allers, Anneke Edge dialogue : reactivating dialogue between the building edges and the public space in an arcade Architecture 2009-12-06
Allsopp, Mike Herbert Analysis of Varroa destructor infestation of southern African honeybee populations Entomology 2007-08-08
Ally, Dave Ashley Vincent Constitutional exclusion under section 35(5) of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 Centre for Human Rights 2010-01-28
Almansa Ruiz, Jose Carlos Bacterial profiles and antibiograms of the bacteria isolated of the exposed pulps of dog and cheetah canine teeth Companion Animal Clinical Studies 2013-01-14 restricted
Alston, Linda-Anne Career management strategies of part-time lecturers in Humanities Education Management and Policy Studies 2011-05-17
Altaye, Solomon Zewdu Regulation of protein and carbohydrate intake in caged honeybees Apis mellifera scutellata : assessment based on consumption and various performance measures Zoology and Entomology 2010-11-12
Alton, Nicholas Francis A study of the use of e-learning with relation to continuous professional development for tax practioners in South Africa Taxation 2011-07-25 restricted
Aluko, Folake Ruth A comparative study of distance and conventional education programmes assessed in terms of access, delivery and output at the University of Pretoria Curriculum Studies 2007-10-01
Alves Ferreira, Marina Amancay Conservation management of small populations of elephants (Loxodonta africana, Blumenbach 1797) in South Africa using genetics and population modelling Genetics 2011-08-29 restricted
Ambatchew, Michael Daniel The effect of primary English readers on reading skills in Ethiopia (a study in African educational needs) English 2004-06-14
Ambrosi, Monica The knowledge economy : assessment of the readiness of South African undergraduate students for the new world of work Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-30
Ameguide-Oloumou, Francois The development and evolution of the HQ-Subsidiary relationship in an emerging market MNC : the case of UTi Worldwide Inc Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-04-07
Amod, Ashraf The effects of regulation on competition in an emerging economy from an energy sector perspective Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-04-07
Amonsou, Eric Oscar Characterisation of marama bean protein Food Science 2011-09-27 restricted
Amsalu Fenta, Berhanu Investigation of the physiological responses in soybean and common bean to water deficit Plant Science 2013-05-04
An, Sun-Guen A comparison between the time of the Belgic confession and the Korean Church (with reference to martyrdom and persecution) Church History and Church Polity 2011-07-13
Anderson, Gail Alice The impact of bullying on the adolescent’s sense of self Social Work and Criminology 2008-08-21
Anderson, Joel Edmund Isaiah 7:14 - Identity and function within the bookend structure of proto-Isaiah Old Testament Studies 2009-01-15
Anderson, Gordon Unit trust funds and stock returns Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-05-13
Anderson, Olivia A survey of gender differences in technophobia and in the adoption of high-technology consumer products Marketing and Communication Management 2011-05-06
Anderson, Ryan Leigh Rainfall erosivity attributes on central and western Mauritius Geography, Geoinformatics and Meteorology 2013-05-16
Andhee, Avinash Exchange traded funds versus active and passive unit trusts : an economic perspective Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-02-16
Andoh, Charles Business-financed employee Voyager-mile points earned from SAA - a taxable benefit? Taxation 2008-11-12 restricted
Andrew, Richard Charles Iterative solution of the Dirac Equation using the Lanczos algorithm Physics 2009-02-11
Andrew, Richard Charles First principles studies of Si-C alloys Physics 2013-05-04
Andrews, Lesley Base metal losses to furnace slag during processing of platinum-bearing concentrates Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering 2009-01-22
Angeh, Jeremiah Eloh Isolation and characterization of anti-bacterial compounds present in members of Combretum section, Hypocrateropsis Paraclinical Sciences 2006-09-29
Angeh, Irene Esah Potentising and application of an extract of Melanthus Comosus against plant fungal pathogens Paraclinical Sciences 2012-02-23
Anguelov, Bobby Video game pathfinding and improvements to discrete search on grid-based maps Computer Science 2012-03-02
Angus, Catherine Clare Co-constructing the self : a phenomenological-dialogal case study of a patient's journey to healing Psychology 2007-01-11
Annan, Kofi Ahomkah Effect of hot working characteristics on the texture development in AISI 430 and 433 ferritic stainless steel Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering 2013-06-10
Annandale, Cornelius Henry Mechanisms by which lumpy skin disease virus is shed in semen of artificially infected bulls Production Animal Studies 2007-10-31
Annandale, Elizabeth Die etiologiese verband tussen verstadigde neurologiese integrasie en latere leer-problematiek by kinders met klinies betekenisvolle neonatale bilirubienmetings (Afrikaans) Educational Psychology 2008-09-25
Annandale, Cornelius Henry Educational value of group learning activities in MBA education : student perceptions and instructor intentions Gordon Institute of Business Science 2012-06-10
Antoniades Savopoulos, Anastasia Exploring the experiences of mothers after participating in a mother-child interaction intervention, within an HIV context Psychology 2009-07-08
Antonites, Alexander Josef An action learning approach to entrepreneurial creativity, innovation and opportunity finding Business Management 2004-06-28
Antonites, A J Die toepassing van 'n inhoudsmodel rakende opleiding ter verhoging van entrepreneuriese prestasie (Afrikaans) Business Management 2007-08-27
Antonites, Alexander The salt of Baleni : an archaeological investigation into the organization of production during the Early Iron Age of South Africa Anthropology and Archaeology 2006-01-31 restricted
Anum, Genevieve The influence of individual cultural value orientation on the evaluation of a retail store environment Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-04-23
Anum, Samuel Adotey A security analysis of the Ivorian conflict : 1993-2003 Political Science 2011-08-19
Anyaegbunam, Adaeze Christiana Geometric algebra via sheaf theory : a view towards symplectic geometry Mathematics and Applied Mathematics 2010-10-23
Anyango, Joseph Ochieng Improvement in the protein quality of African sorghum foods through compositing with cowpea Food Science 2010-08-16
Anyango, Joseph Ochieng Physico-chemical modification of kafirin microstructures for application as biomaterials Food Science 2012-11-22
Aphane, Mathebe Ramasele Orient community art centre Architecture 2008-07-10
Aphane, Modikwa Caroline Kanegelokopana ya I.T. Maditsi : Pheko ya pula (Sepedi) African Languages 2007-11-20
Apostolides, Anastasia Western ethnocentrism : a comparison between African witchcraft and the Greek evil eye from a sociology of religion perspective Practical Theology 2008-09-10
April, Vuyokazi Maceduma Interspecific interactions between Uroplata girardi (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) and Ophiomyia camarae (Diptera: Agromyzidae), and their impact on a shared host Lantana camara (Verbenaceae) in South Africa Zoology and Entomology 2010-09-01 restricted
Araya, Dawit Yosief Land use planning in a peri-urban village of Eritrea : the Adi-Segdo case study Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2005-11-10 restricted
Araya, Hintsa Tesfamicael Seed germination and vegetative propagation of bush tea (athrixia phylicoides) Plant Production and Soil Science 2006-02-09
Araya, Hintsa Tesfamicael Rose-scented geranium (Pelargonium spp.) herbage yield, essential oil yield and composition as influenced by nitrogen nutrition and liming Plant Production and Soil Science 2012-05-31 restricted
Archer, Emmerentia Catherina Gesinsrituele as moontlike bate tydens betekenisgewing deur kinders (Afrikaans) Educational Psychology 2007-11-13
Archer, Marcelle Analysis of cobalt, tantalum, titanium, vanadium and chromium in tungsten carbide by inductively coupled plasma - optical emission spectrometry. Chemistry 2005-05-23
Archer, Elizabeth Exploring the phenomenon of resilience with a child survivor of abuse Educational Psychology 2006-08-01
Archer, Elizabeth Bridging the gap : optimising a feedback system for monitoring learner performance Science, Mathematics and Technology Education 2011-02-02
Archer, Anne Manifestations of hysteria in the work of Berni Searle and Diane Victor Visual Arts 2011-08-11
Arief, Dinie Suryadini Mukti An investigation on the establishment of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) for the Republic of Indonesia Centre for Human Rights 2012-12-05
Arkaah, Yaw Johnson On some aspects of non-stationary time series Mathematics and Applied Mathematics 2006-05-26
Arlow, Antoinette Crystallisation aspects of the wet-process phosphoric acid industry Chemical Engineering 2004-04-15
Armer, Shannon L The most common orchestral excerpts for the horn : a discussion of performance practice Music 2007-02-12
Arndt, Heidi The use of a multi-agent learning system to analyse embedded context in qualitative data for decision-making Informatics 2007-09-03
Arndt, D C Integrated dynamic simulation of large thermal systems Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering 2006-07-05
Arnold, Ann Catharina The construct equivalance of the measurement of ambiguity tolerance (MAT-50) for the diverse South African cultural groups Human Resource Management 2012-02-15 restricted
Arnoldi-Van der Walt, Susan Emmarentia An evaluation of Ubuntu as an Afrocentric management (and) communication approach Marketing and Communication Management 2007-11-22
Aronstam, Maria Cornelia A curriculum for training of occupational therapists in early childhood intervention Occupational Therapy 2007-08-01
Aronstam, Maurice Albert Making sense of lying to federal agents in the U.S.A : the Marion Jones narrative Psychology 2010-09-27
Arthur, Kweku Kwakye Considerations towards the development of a forensic evidence management system Computer Science 2010-07-23
Asare-Bediako, Godwin A Centre for youth sub cultural expression Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Interior Design 2007-07-10
Ascroft, Carl The earwitness Architecture 2009-12-10
Asfaw Belay, Tedla Direct and residual effects of organic and inorganic fertilizers on soil chemical properties, microbial components and maize yield under long-term crop rotation Plant Production and Soil Science 2002-03-11
Asheela, Ndatega Victoria The advantage requirement in sequestration applications : a call for relaxation Mercantile Law 2013-07-22
Ashton, Eugene Mark The historiography of the formation of the Union of South Africa Historical and Heritage Studies 2010-03-10
Ashworth, Jessica Clare A language and storytelling centre Architecture 2008-11-25
Asmelash, Dawit Exploring IT benefits evaluation effectiveness at ex-ante project justification stage Informatics 2012-09-25
Aspeling, Heila Elizabeth Factors associated with adherence to antiretroviral therapy for the treatment of HIV infected women attending an urban private health care facility Nursing Science 2007-10-15
Assane, Yunus Amade Human taenia solium cysticercosis in the district of Angonia, Mozambique : prevalence rates and clinical aspects Neurology 2012-04-27 restricted
Astrup, Ryan Pretoria Station Precinct and Community Development Centre Architecture 2005-02-21
Aswani, Frank Barriers and facilitators to transitioning of small businesses (SMME’s) from the second to the first economy in South Africa Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-18
Athienides, Despina Re-inhabiting the void Architecture 2005-05-18
Athman, Shahasi Yusuf Host-endophyte-pest interactions of endophytic Fusarium oxysporum antagonistic to Radopholus similis in banana (Musa spp.) Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2006-12-07
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