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Author Name Title Department Date/Time

Van Wilpe, Erna Liver and gallbladder morphology of the juvenile Nile crocodile, Crocodylus niloticus (Laurenti, 1768) Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology 2012-11-23
Bruwer, Floris Johannes Die invloed van selenium en β-karoteentoediening op geselekteerde plasmaparameters en die dragtigheidsyfer van ontvangerkoeie tydens embrio-oorplasing (Afrikaans) Veterinary Medicine 2006-11-16
Pearson, Joyce Immunophenotypic classification of canine malignant lymphoma in formalin-fixed, paraffin wax-embedded specimens using CD3 and CD79a cell markers Veterinary Pathology 2006-11-16
Ajibola, Abdulwahid The effect of water deprivation and atropine administration on gastro-intestinal function in goats Veterinary Physiology 2006-03-23
Dungu-Kimbenga, Baptiste Study on the effects of a natural Maedi visna virus infection on sheep productivity Veterinary Production and Ethology 2007-01-05
Hoffmann, Willem Abraham The determination of plasma adrenocorticotropic hormone during the treatment of women experiencing dog phobia Veterinary Production and Ethology 2006-11-16
McCrindle, Cheryl Myra Ethelwyn A veterinary perspective on the use of animals in preschool education Veterinary Production and Ethology 2011-12-07
Stead, Sarah Kofie The assessment of stress in captive juvenile African elephants (Loxodonta Africana) Veterinary Science General 2005-11-09
Fafetine, Jose Manuel Improved tools for the diagnosis of Rift Valley fever and serological evidence of the disease in sheep and goats in the inter-epidemic period in the Zambézia Province, Mozambique Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2012-11-30 restricted
Davis, Anthony John Serological response to early vaccination against Babesia bovis and Babesia bigemina in dairy calves Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2012-11-21
Ali, Habu Molecular characterization of mycoplasmas species isolated from the genital tract of Dorper sheep in South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2012-11-21
Bagla, Victor Patrick The demonstration of lumpy skin disease virus in semen of experimentally infected bulls using different diagnostic techniques Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2008-05-27
Bell, Suzanna The influence of farm management factors on localized Culicoides species on a lowland farm in South-West England Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2010-08-10
Bhoora, Raksha Molecular characterization of Babesia caballi and Theileria equi, the aetiological agents of equine piroplasmosis, in South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2010-05-22
Bisschop, Shahn Philip Roosegaarde The Use of a Bacterin Vaccine in Broiler Breeders in the Control of Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale in Commercial Broilers Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2005-03-29
Blunt, Catherine Ann Antimicrobial susceptibility profiles of Staphylococcus intermedius isolates from clinical cases of canine pyoderma in South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2012-05-24
Boomker, Jacob Diederik Frederik Parasites of some free-living wild animals and freshwater fish species in South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2009-12-03
Bosman, Anna-Mari Detection of Babesia species in domestic and wild Southern African felids by means of DNA probes Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2011-01-03
Brothers, Peter Stanley Occurrence of blood-borne tick-transmitted parasites in tsessebe (Damaliscus lunatus lunatus) antelope in Vaalbos National Park, Northern Cape Province Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2009-07-13
Bryson, Nigel Robert Trapping of free-living, unfed adult and nymphal Amblyomma hebraeum in heartwater endemic regions of South Africa, and the prevalence of Cowdria ruminantium in a sample of adult ticks Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2010-09-14
Chaisi, Mamohale Mareitumetse Eugenia Diversity of Theileria parasites in African buffalo (Syncerus Caffer) and the challenge of differential diagnosis Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2012-09-01 restricted
Chiliza, Thamsanqa Emmanuel Antibody phage-displayed libraries derived from chicken immunoglobulin genes : a source of highly specific diagnostic antibodies Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2008-07-01
Chisi, Songelwayo Lufu The evaluation of serological tests in the diagnosis of bovine brucellosis in naturally infected cattle in Kwazulu-Natal Province, South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2013-06-21 restricted
Chitray, Melanie Investigating potential factors affecting foot-and-mouth disease virus internalisation Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2009-02-19
Conradie, Ilana The prevalence of helminths in warthogs, bushpigs and some antelope species in Limpopo Province, South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2009-02-17
Conradie van Wyk, Ilana Anaemia in East African short-horn Zebu calves : field diagnosis, infectious causes and pathogen interactions Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2012-09-18
Crafford, Jan Ernst Development and validation of enzyme linked immunosorbent assays for detection of equine encephalosis virus antibody and antigen Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2005-04-19
Cronwright-Snoeren, Angelique The prevalence of canine distemper virus antibodies in wild carnivores in the Kruger National Park and Marakele Park Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2010-08-06
De Beer, Chantel Janet Assessment of blackfly (Diptera : Simuliidae) problem status and potential biological control agents along the Vaal and Orange Rivers in South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2009-07-30
De Klerk-Lorist, Lin-Mari The evaluation of a BCG vaccine against bovine tuberculosis in African Buffaloes (Syncerus caffer) Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2005-03-08
De Matos, Carlos Antonio Species composition and geographic distribution of ticks infesting cattle, goats and dogs in Maputo Province, Mozambique Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2009-02-20
Debeila, Thipe Jan Characterisation of selected Culicoides (Diptera : Ceratopogonidae) populations in South Africa using genetic markers Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2011-06-20
Debeila, Elizabeth Matshidiso Occurrence of Anaplasma and Ehrlichia species in African buffalo (Syncerus caffer) in Kruger National Park and Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park in South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2013-05-29
Dogonyaro, Banenat Bajehson Molecular characterization of canine parvovirus strains from domestic dogs in South Africa and Nigeria Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2011-06-20
Dube, Muzi Mzwandile Molecular characterization of bovine tuberculosis strains in Swaziland Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2012-08-08 restricted
Esterhuizen, Johan Renier Bionomics and control of and G.brevipalpis (Diptera : Glossinidae) in South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2008-01-29 restricted
Faber, Frederika Elizabeth The identification of Ehrlichia ruminantium membrane-associated proteins that induce cellular immune responses in vitro Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2011-01-03 restricted
Fagbo, Shamsudeen Seroprevalence of Rift Valley fever and lumpy skin disease in African buffalo (Syncerus caffer) in the Kruger National and Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Parks, South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2012-10-09
Gaspar, Benigna Determining the status of Brucella canis in dogs in the Maputo region of Mozambique using various techniques Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2011-07-14 restricted
Gatley, Joan Marguerite The prevalence of Leptospira serovars causing infection in dogs in South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2010-08-10
Geleta, Assefa Regassa Antibody response to Babesia bigemina and Babesia bovis by vaccinated and unvaccinated cattle in an endemic area of South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2005-03-23
Golezardy, Habib Ticks (Acari : Ixodidae) associated with wild herbivorous mammals in South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2007-05-08
Golezardy, Habib Prevalence of Babesia species and associated ticks (Acari : Ixodidae) in captive cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) populations in South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2012-05-06 restricted
Gomo, Calvin Characterisation of Brucella species from Zimbabwe Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2011-10-18 restricted
Govender, Dhanashree Detection of Babesia and Theileria parasites in white rhinoceroses (Ceratotherium simum) in the Kruger National Park, and their relation to anaemia Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2010-08-10
Grobler, Miemie The use of an inactivated vaccine in farmed Nile Crocodiles (Crocodylus Niloticus) for the control of Mycoplasma Crocodyli infection Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2013-07-11
Hassim, Ayesha Molecular characterisation of southern African Bacillus anthracis strains Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2012-08-08 restricted
Hutamo, Kutlwano Aggrineth Typing of Mycobacterium bovis in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues from selected wildlife species in the Kruger National Park, South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2012-11-21
Jamal, Suzana Augusta José The susceptibility of Trypanosoma congolense isolated in Zambézia Province (Mozambique) to isometamidium chloride, homidium chloride and diminazene aceturate Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2006-03-02
Jenkins, Akinbowale Olajide Identification and genotyping of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex infections at the human/domestic animals/wildlife interface in Nigeria and South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2009-05-13
Jonker, Annelize Antimicrobial susceptibility in thermophilic Campylobacter species isolated from pigs and chickens in South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2010-08-10
Kabongo, Prudence Ngalula The isolation and characterization of bovine viral diarrhoea viruses from cattle in South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2005-03-29
Kariuki, Edward Kamau A survey of tick species on cattle and African buffaloes in the Tsavo Conservation Area, Kenya Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2012-08-08 restricted
Kashwantale, Eulalie Genetic, antigenetic and phenotypic comparison of herpesviruses isolated from domestic and wild fields Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2010-03-02
Khan, Firdaus Evaluation of the effects of long-term storage of bovine ear notch samples on the ability of two diagnostic assays to identify calves persistently infected with bovine viral diarrhoea virus Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2010-08-06
Kibeida, Omer Abdelrahman Ismail A comparison of methods used to measure the in vitro antimicrobial susceptibilities of Mycoplasma species of animal origin Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2011-01-05
Kidanemariam, Awoke Identification and characterization of the primary infectious agents associated with Ovine Ulcerative Balanoposthitis and Vulvovaginitis in South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2005-03-09
Koeppel, Katja Natalie The use of a probiotic in captive cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus) Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2004-09-17
Kotze, Susarah Maria Incidence of Staphylococcus aureus in cows' milk following mucosal and parenteral administration of autogenous S. aureus vaccine during the dry period Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2012-06-09 restricted
Ledoka, Mpho Victoria Molecular characterization of trypanosomes commonly found in cattle, wild animals and Tsetse flies in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, 2005-2007 Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2009-07-29
Liebenberg, Junita Ehrlichia ruminantium : genome assembly and analysis with the identification and testing of vaccine candidate genes Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2011-01-06
Lindsey, Peter Andrew The feeding ecology and habitat use of the aardvark (Orycteropus afer) Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2006-11-16
Lobetti, Remo Giuseppe The pathophysiology of renal and cardiac changes in canine babesiosis Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2008-08-19
Luvhimbi, Ndivhuho Bernard The role of control at border posts in the Northwest Province in the prevention of transboundry animal disease spread in South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2012-12-03 restricted
Macucule, Baltazar Antonio Study of the prevalence of bovine tuberculosis in Govuro District, Inhambane Province, Mozambique Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2010-03-02
Malatji, Dikeledi Petunia Detection of Babesia rossi genotypes using real-time PCR Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2012-08-08 restricted
Manhica, Anabela da Piedade The prevalence of brucellosis in catle, sheep and goats in Maputo Province, Moçambique Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2010-08-10
Mapaco, Lourenco Paulo An investigation of an outbreak of Rift Valley fever on a cattle farm in Bela-Bela, South Africa in 2008 Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2012-05-24
Maposa, Leonard The prevalence and economic importance of nematode infection in goats in Gweru District, Zimbabwe Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2010-03-03
Maree, Francois Frederick Multimeric protein structures of African horsesickness virus and their use as antigen delivery systems Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2006-05-31
Matekwe, Nelson Seroprevalence of Brucella abortus in cattle at communal diptanks in the Mnisi area, Mpumalanga, South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2012-12-03 restricted
Matjila, Paul Tshepo Occurrence and diversity of bovine coccidia at three localities in South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2007-01-04
Matjila, Paul Tshepo Molecular detection and characterization of tick-borne pathogens of dogs Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2009-01-21
Matthee, Sonja Effect of management interventions on helminth levels and body condition of working donkeys in South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2010-09-30
Mbizeni, Sikhumbuzo Investigations of the Theileria parva carrier-state in cattle at the livestock/wildlife interface of the uPhongolo-Mkuze area in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2012-11-21
Mekonnen, Sileshi Acaricide resistance profiles of single and multi-host ticks in commercial and communal farming areas in the Eastern Cape and North-West Provinces of South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2005-03-29
Minnaar, Willem Nicolaas Occurrence of helminth infections in dogs in five resource-limited communities in South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2007-01-05
Modibedi, Lesego Gladys Development of a single real-time RT-PCR method for the group-specific identification of African horsesickness virus and bluetongue virus Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2009-05-13
Modise, Cynthia Keamogetse Evaluation of the application of a thermostable Newcastle disease vaccine by community volunteers in the North West Province Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2008-05-09
Modise, Boitumelo Magret Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex-specific antigens for use in serodiagnosis of bovine tuberculosis Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2013-05-31
Modumo, Jacob Determination of the minimum protective dose for bluetongue serotype 2, 4 and 8 vaccines in sheep Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2009-07-31
Morar, Darshana The development of an interferon-gamma (IFNg) assay for the diagnosis of tuberculosis caused by Mycobacterium bovis in African elephants Loxodonta Africana) and black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2005-03-09
Morar, Darshana Development of ELISAs for the detection of interferon-gamma in rhinoceroses and elephants as diagnostic tools for Mycobacterium bovis and Mycobacterium tuberculosis infections Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2009-12-03
Motloang, Makhosazana Yvonne Vector competence of Glossina austeni and G. brevipalpis and characterization of Trypanosoma congolense strains from northern KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2013-05-27 restricted
Musako, Chimuka Determination of the seroprevalence of Newcastle disease virus (Avian Paramyxovirus Type 1) in Zambian backyard chicken flocks Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2013-07-10
Mwape, Kabemba Evans An epidemiological study of human tapeworm infections in the Eastern Province of Zambia Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2013-05-27 restricted
Ndhlovu, Daud Nyosi Tick infestation and udder and teat damage in selected cattle herds of Matabeleland South, Zimbabwe Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2009-03-24
Ndumnego, Okechukwu Chinazo Immunogenicity and protectivity of a live spore Bacillus anthracis vaccine in goats Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2013-06-21 restricted
Ndung'u, Leah Wanjiru Assessing animal health delivery for tick and tick-borne disease control in smallholder dairy systems of Kenya : an application of new institutional economics Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2005-03-29
Nel, Hanri The Establishment and Standardization of a Veterinary Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance Programme in South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2005-03-09
Njiiri, Evalyne Nyawira The occurrence of Ehrlichia ruminantium and other haemoparasites in calves in western Kenya determined by reverse line blot hybridization assay, real-time PCR and nested PCR Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2013-07-10
Ntantiso, Lundi Norman Bovine trypanosome prevalence at game/livestock interface of Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Game Reserve in Kwazulu-Natal Province, South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2012-11-22
Ntondini, Zoleka The extent of acaricide resistance in the eastern region of the Eastern Cape Province Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2009-07-16
Nyangiwe, Nkululeko The geographic distribution of ticks in the eastern region of the Eastern Cape Province Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2008-05-12
Ogo, Mariam Florence Molecular epidemiology of dog rabies in Nigeria : phylogeny based on N and G gene sequences Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2010-02-17
Olds, Cassandra Leah The isolation and characterisation of a Babesia bovis stock from outbreaks on a farm in the Swartberg region of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2009-02-20
Pfitzer, Silke Occurrence of tick-borne haemoparasites in nyala (Tragelaphus angasii) in KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape Province, South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2010-03-03
Phosiwa, Maanda Noaxe Molecular characterization of a porcine picobirnavirus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2009-07-15
Picard, Jacqueline Anita Respiratory pathogens in thoroughbred foals up to one year of age on a stud farm in South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2006-02-27
Pretorius, Alri Aspects of the immune response in ruminants to four protective Ehrlichia Ruminantium gene products Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2008-07-28
Pretorius, Jana Annelise Investigation of the gammaherpesvirus carrier status of black wildebeest (Connochaetes gnou) Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2008-07-28
Rakabe, Molemaisago Magdeline Selection of chicken single-chain antibody fragments directed against recombinant VP7 of bluetongue virus Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2009-02-17
Raphela, Mashikoane Pinky Jane Molecular characterization of Mycoplasma synoviae in chickens in South Africa using single-stranded conformation polymorphism and high-resolution melting curve analysis of the vlhA gene Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2013-07-10
Rathogwa, Ntungufhadzeni Maclaughlin Development and evaluation of a real-time polymerase chain reaction assay for equine encephalosis virus Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2012-11-22
Reynecke, Dean Peter Software-based decision-support : a basis for the development of a predictive system for sustainable management of haemonchosis in small ruminants Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2008-01-29
Rikhotso, Boetie Oupa The impact of two dipping systems on endemic stability of bovine babesiosis and anaplasmosis in cattle at four communal grazing areas in Limpopo Province, South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2005-06-24
Sahle, Mesfin An epidemiological study on the genetic relationships of foot-and-mouth disease viruses in East Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2008-08-13
Samkange, Alaster Seroprevalence survey of Chlamydophila abortus infection in breeding goats on commercial farms in northern Namibia Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2008-07-16
Sangare, Oumou Study of the Molecular Epidemiology of foot-and-mouth disease virus in West Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2005-03-08
Schmidt, Tracy Detection of Campylobacter Fetus in bovine preputial scrapings using PCR and culture assays Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2009-05-13
Schutte, Christine Seroprevalence of African horse sickness virus and equine encephalosis virus in equids and abundance of Culicoides midges in Namaqualand, South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2013-06-04 restricted
Schwan, Ernst Volker Filariosis of domestic carnivores in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga provinces, South Africa, and Maputo province, Mozambique Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2009-12-03
Sebatjane, Selaelo Ivy Immune responses induced in vitro and in vivo by five low molecular weight proteins of Ehrlichia ruminantium and evaluation of molecular adjuvants for use in a recombinant heartwater vaccine Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2011-01-06 restricted
Seo, Wonhyo The molecular basis of pathogenicity of the glycoprotein of typical South African canid and mongoose rabies biotypes Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2012-12-13 restricted
Siamudaala, Victor M A study of the epidemiology and socio-economic impact of Anthrax in Luangwa Valley in Zambia Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2005-03-09
Sibanda, Donald Ray Molecular characterization of tick-borne pathogens of domestic dogs from communal areas in Botswana Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2012-05-24
Sibeko, Kgomotso Penelope Improved molecular diagnostics and characterization of Theileria parva isolates from cattle and buffalo in South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2010-05-22
Simela, Langelihle Options for the delivery of primary animal health care for livestock farmers on communal land in South Africa : Mnisi community case study Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2012-08-30
Sixholo, Joy Engineering recombinant chicken antibodies for improved characteristics Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2009-02-20
Spickett, Andrea The anthelmintic effect of copper oxide wire particle (COWP) boluses against Haemonchus contortus in indigenous goats in South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2010-03-02
Stoltsz, Wilhelm Heinrich Aspects of the epidemiology of Theileria parva infections in cattle and African buffalo (Syncerus caffer) in South Africa revealed by tick transmission and sub-inoculation of blood Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2012-05-24
Taylor, William Andrew Factors influencing productivity in sympatric populations of Mountain Reedbuck and Grey Rhebok in the Sterkfontein Dam Nature Reserve, South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2005-02-15
Tchamo, Cesaltina da Conceiçao Lopes Menete Evaluation of the pathogenicity in goats of Trypanosoma congolense from Matutuine, Mozambique Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2008-04-21 restricted
Tembo, Stephen Occurrence of tick-borne haemoparasites in cattle in the Mungwi district, Northern Province, Zambia Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2013-07-11
Thema, Nontobeka Cellular immune response induces in vitro by secreted proteins of Ehrlichia ruminantium Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2009-02-23
Thompson, Bronwen Eleanor Occurrance of Theilaria parva infection in cattle on a farm in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2007-11-01
Tonnesen, Mirjam Hauke Distribution of boophilus microplus and boophilus decoloratus and associated occurrence of babesia species in cattle in the Soutpansberg region, Northern Province, South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2005-03-23
Tshikhudo, Ndavheleseni Phanuel Biodegradable microparticles as a single dose delivery system for Ehrlichia ruminantium vaccines Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2010-02-17
Tuppurainen, Eeva S M The detection of lumpy skin disease virus in samples of experimentally infected cattle using different diagnostic techniques Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2005-03-08
Ularamu, Hussaini Gulak Genetic characterization of bovine viral diarrhoea viruses isolated from cattle in South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2011-06-15
Van den Bossche, Peter The development of a new strategy for the sustainable control of bovine trypanosomosis in Southern Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2010-09-22
Van der Merwe, Paul Immunocytochemistry, assisted by computer image analysis, of hypophyseal peptide hormones of the impala (Aepyceros Melampus) Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2006-11-16
Van Dyk, Enette Detection and characterization of papillomavirus in zebra (Equus zebra) and other South African wildlife species Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2011-10-25
Vatta, Adriano Francis Incidence, clinical appraisal and treatment of haemonchosis in small ruminants of resource-poor areas in South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2003-02-23
Wemmer, Susan Expression and engineering of recombinant antibodies against a heat-shock protein of Mycobacterium bovis Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2008-10-21
Wentzel, Jeanette Maria A comparative study of the minimum inhibitory and mutant prevention concentrations of florfenicol and oxytetracycline for animal isolates of Pasteurella multocida and Salmonella Typhimurium Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2013-07-11
Weyer, Camilla Theresa African horse sickness virus dynamics and host responses in naturally infected horses Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2011-06-15
Woldemariam, Desalegn Lidetu Nematode prevalence, helminth management practices and anthelmintic resistance in small ruminants in the Mid-Rift Valley of Ethiopia Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2006-03-02
Woma, Timothy Yusufu The isolation and genetic characterization of canine distemper viruses from domestic dogs (Canis familiaris) in South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2009-07-14
Yusufmia, Saira Banu Abdul Sattar The prevalence of Theileria species infections in cattle at the edge of the Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park, KwaZulu-Natal, South AFrica Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2010-02-24 restricted
Zimmerman, David Edwin The occurrence of piroplasms in various South African black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) populations Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2010-03-02
Zulu, Gcwalisile Bandliwe Evaluation of cross protection of bluetongue virus serotype 4 with other serotypes in sheep Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2013-07-15
Espie, Ian W An Operational Information System for Zoo Medicine Veterinary Wildlife Unit 2005-03-29
Oliver, Colin Malcolm The role of the ram in the impala (Aepyceros melampus) mating system Veterinary Wildlife Unit 2005-03-29
Quan, Melvyn Copper Deficiency in Blesbok (aliscus pygargus phillipsi) from the Karoo Nature Reserve Veterinary Wildlife Unit 2005-03-08
Fourie, Magdel Suzette An investigation into psycho-geographic liminality in selected contemporary South African artworks Visual Art 2012-11-05
McDowall, Estelle The flâneur in contemporary society with special reference to the work of Francis Alÿs Visual art 2011-12-08
Adendorff, Adele Nomadic figurations of identity on the work of Berni Searle Visual Arts 2005-12-07
Archer, Anne Manifestations of hysteria in the work of Berni Searle and Diane Victor Visual Arts 2011-08-11
Botha, Woudri Ideology and myth in South African television : a critical analysis of SABC channel brand identities Visual Arts 2011-07-29
Botha, Anneli An exploration of the conceptual relationship between design aesthetics and Aristotelian rhetoric in information visualisation Visual Arts 2012-09-14
Conradie, Johannes Hendrik Tenebrism in the paiting of Odd Nerdrum from 1983 to 2004 Visual Arts 2007-11-19
Deysel, Jurgens Johannes Human The subversive Afrikaner : an exploration into the subversive stance of the little magazine Stet (1982–1991) Visual Arts 2008-10-08
Du Plessis, Linet The ideological construction of new urbanism in Melrose Arch : a critical analysis Visual Arts 2008-08-20
Du Toit, Erica Marie Die lewe en werk van W de S Hendrikz (Afrikaans) Visual Arts 2012-10-24
Farber, Leora Naomi Representation of displacement in the exhibition Dis-Location/Re-Location Visual Arts 2013-03-09
Geldenhuys, Vincent Marcel A signification in stone : the lapis as a metaphor for visual hybridisation in the Harry Potter films Visual Arts 2008-11-13
Gouws, Anjo-Mari Being-towards-death : Heideggerian ontology in selected films of Michael Haneke Visual Arts 2012-10-09
Greyvenstein, Lisa An investigation of excess as symptomatic of Neo-Baroque identified in the work of selected South African artists Visual Arts 2013-08-22
Grobler, Melanie Hester Against fixity : a hybrid reading of Breyten Breytenbach's art, poetry, writing, aesthetics and philosphy Visual Arts 2008-04-21
King, Taryn Val Examining the visual brand language used by Brand South Africa to communicate South African identity at the World Expo 2010, Shanghai China Visual Arts 2013-02-12
Koenig-Visagie, Leandra Helena Significant others : a visual analysis of the representation of gender in the Afrikaans corporate church Visual Arts 2012-12-03
Kritzinger, Louise Confronting gold mine acid drainage : art as counter-activity Visual Arts 2013-08-23
Lachenicht, Louise Fransie Die lewe en werk van Florence Zerffi (Afrikaans) Visual Arts 2007-05-07
Lauwrens, Jennifer The contested relationship between art history and visual culture studies : a South African perspective Visual Arts 2007-05-22
Leujes, Ingrid Hendrika A comparative case study of the Maropeng Visitor Centre and the Origins Centre from the perspective of new media interactivity Visual Arts 2013-05-06
Luneburg, Nathani 'n Ondersoek na uitbeeldings van skisofrenie-verwante elemente in geselekteerde kontemporêre videokunswerke (Afrikaans) Visual Arts 2011-12-09
Mans, Hettie Die konstruering van die Christen-Afrikaanse vroue-ideaal : ʼn analise van twee Afrikaanse, Christelike vrouetydskrifte in Suid-Afrika (Afrikaans) Visual Arts 2012-07-27
Muller, Lize The recurrence of "pop" in contemporary visual art Visual Arts 2008-09-23
Ramgolam, Judy Identity, place and displacement in the visual art of female artists at the Vaal University of Technology (VUT), 1994-2004 Visual Arts 2011-05-24
Rankin, Carin Development by design - an example in the South African craft industry : the Due-South travel guide Visual Arts 2008-10-08
Reid, Julie Barbara Jane September 11, 2001: a critical analysis of ideological representations on television news Visual Arts 2004-10-11
Reyburn, Duncan Bruce Heroism in the matrix : an interpretation of Neo's heroism through the philosophies of Nietzsche and Chesterton Visual Arts 2008-07-23
Reyburn, Duncan Bruce Chestertonian dramatology Visual Arts 2013-02-18
Sauthoff, Marian Dene Conceptual frameworks and interpretive strategies in graphic design Visual Arts 2006-08-02
Scott, Dana Yvette Physical landscape as a narrative of identity construction : the development of an animation design project entitled “My time, my place” Visual Arts 2012-10-31
Serfontein, Estie Postcolonial nomadism and the simulated self in images of fragmented identity Visual Arts 2011-08-11
Smith, Andrew James Genetic gold : the post-human homunculus in alchemical and visual texts Visual Arts 2009-10-16
Sonnekus, Theo Invisible queers : investigating the 'other' Other in gay visual cultures Visual Arts 2009-10-15
Steenkamp, Hilke The urban underclass and post-authoritarian Johannesburg : train surfing (Soweto style) as an extreme spatial practice Visual Arts 2011-12-13
Stutzer, Rina The hybrid monster as a figure of liberation in selected artworks of Minnette Vári Visual Arts 2008-10-08
Van der Walt, Martine Van snyerspak tot voorskoot : analise van die veranderinge in feminisme en uitbeeldings van vroulikheid in hedendaagse televisie vanaf 1997 tot vandag (Afrikaans) Visual Arts 2012-12-03
Van Niekerk, Leone Anette Documenta 11 as examplar for transcultural curating : a critical analysis Visual Arts 2008-08-11
Van Ryneveld, Maria Magdalena The presence and significance of Khepri in Egyptian religion and art Visual Arts 2007-12-13
Viljoen, Estella From Manet to GQ: a critical investigation of ‘gentlemen’s pornography’ Visual Arts 2004-03-12
Winczewski, Marianna Jadwiga Consumption, pastiche and identity in postmodern visual culture Visual Arts 2010-03-26
Wolfaardt, Christel Disneyland : an aesthetic of postmodern consumer culture, hyperreality and semiotic content in the visual arts Visual Arts 2012-04-11

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