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Author Name Title Department Date/Time

Louw, Marna An international comparison of green star building allowances with emphases on a South African application Taxation 2013-08-15
Aboo baker Ebrahim, Shabana A comparative study between South Africa and the United Kingdom in the tax treatment of Islamic finance products Taxation 2013-07-18
Abraham, Clare Rhian An investigation of the understanding and application of the principles of the Brummeria Renaissance case Taxation 2010-04-09 restricted
Adam, Ismail An international taxation comparison of South African, Dutch and Australian employees working abroad Taxation 2012-12-13 restricted
Alberts, Gerbrand Pieter Tax education in South Africa : a survey of the current perceptions of educators Taxation 2013-07-18
Alton, Nicholas Francis A study of the use of e-learning with relation to continuous professional development for tax practioners in South Africa Taxation 2011-07-25 restricted
Andoh, Charles Business-financed employee Voyager-mile points earned from SAA - a taxable benefit? Taxation 2008-11-12 restricted
Aucamp, Janetta A comparative study of tax relief measures for small medium and micro enterprises in South Africa and Australia Taxation 2011-07-26
Bam, Jaicee A comparison of the taxation of foreign investors between South Africa and Mauritius Taxation 2012-03-22 restricted
Beling, Brenda Leigh Tax topics a trainee chartered accountant should be taught : a survey of perceptions in and outside of public practice Taxation 2009-05-27
Bennett, Rene An evaluation of how the new Headquarter Company tax provisions in South Africa should be amended to result in a direct benefit to the fiscus Taxation 2013-07-18
Bleeker, Johannes Roode National Treasury : the correlation between collecting and spending Taxation 2009-10-26 restricted
Boshoff, Septimus Jakobus Minimising taxes for South African companies investing into Africa using Mauritius as gateway Taxation 2013-07-18
Bosman, Jan Andries Christoffel Die belastinghantering van buitelandse valutaverpligtinge aangegaan deur 'n maatskappy vir die verkryging van kapitaalbates (Afrikaans) Taxation 2009-04-08
Bosman, Christiaan The tax implications of amounts incurred in respect of rental contract cancellations Taxation 2013-07-25 restricted
Botha, Pieter An analysis of low tax jurisdictions as a means of increasing foreign direct investments from a South Africa point of view Taxation 2011-07-20
Breedt, Elanie Is turnover tax a benefit or a burden : an exploratory study of micro business owners Taxation 2011-07-25 restricted
Bronkhorst, Evadne The review of the motor industry development programme Taxation 2011-07-26
Bruwer, Lizelle The taxation of foreign trusts in South Africa and Australia : a comparative analysis Taxation 2012-03-09 restricted
Buitenweg, Anna Herculina The necessity to introduce "place of supply" rules from a VAT perspective for telecommunication services in South Africa Taxation 2013-07-26
Buys, Ilse Share-based compensation : an investigative study into the taxation treatment thereof internationally Taxation 2010-05-06 restricted
Candiotes, Alexander George A comparative study of the primary tax rebate system in South Africa in relation to Brazil and Australia Taxation 2013-07-26
Carrim, Zaheerah Razack A comparison of the tax effects for South African, French and Japanese employees working abroad Taxation 2012-12-14 restricted
Cason, Janine An evaluation of the preparations made for the successful implementation of dividends tax Taxation 2013-07-29
Cicero, Albertus Benjamin Value-Added Tax : input tax apportionment from a South African perspective Taxation 2012-03-08 restricted
Cloete, Martie The influence of taxation on mining activities in developing countries - an African perspective Taxation 2010-05-06 restricted
Coetzee, Elizabeth Susanna Maria Evaluation of the completeness of the 2010 list of qualifying disability expenditure : an exploratory study Taxation 2012-03-07 restricted
Coventry, Michelle Anne A critical analysis of the VAT implications of over-allowances in the South African motor retail industry Taxation 2012-03-09
De Jager, Daniel Theodorus Disclosure of deferred tax : a descriptive study into the appropriateness of different classification methods Taxation 2008-11-12
De Souza Drummond, Elizabeth Lucy The effectiveness of the South African double taxation relief provisions for South African companies investing in other African estates Taxation 2013-07-29
De Vos, Gerhard Johannes Generally recognised accounting practice : a critical evaluation of the impact of grap 23 on administrative tax legislation and recommendations Taxation 2010-04-09
Doman, Sanet The current views and preferences of employers in respect of qualifications obtained by newly qualified tax practitioners Taxation 2012-03-08 restricted
Du Plessis, Marique Marthine Tax incentives - effective stimulation for growth and investment in South Africa? Taxation 2012-03-19 restricted
Du Preez, Hanneke Open-book assessment in the qualifying examination of South African chartered accountants Taxation 2011-09-21
Du Rand, Maria Susanna Finansiering van plaaslike owerhede (Afrikaans) Taxation 2006-07-26
Du Toit, Emile Francois Energy efficiency savings allowance in South Africa : an international comparison Taxation 2012-03-06
Du Toit, Willem Adriaan A comparative study of international models of the regulations in respect of tax practitioners with the emphasis on South Africa Taxation 2012-03-08 restricted
Essop, Shazia Tax incentives that support job creation in South Africa - a comparative study amongst BRICS Taxation 2013-07-29
Faber, Pieter Coenraad An analysis of the tax implications of ore stockpiling in the mining industry Taxation 2009-02-27
Ferreira, Petrus Hendrik An overview of the new tax return form and tax system Taxation 2009-02-18
Formanowicz, Jessica May An assessment of the environmental portfolios of China and Sweden in Comparison with South Africa Taxation 2013-07-29 restricted
Fouche, Charlene Taxation consequences of providing shares to employees through a trust Taxation 2012-03-26
Fouche, Dirk Johannes The tax deductibility of share-based payments where services are procured or debts settled Taxation 2013-07-30 restricted
Fourie, Santie A critical analysis of inflation adjustment in the calculation of capital gains tax in South Africa Taxation 2009-02-27 restricted
Fourie, Michiel Philippus Willem Attracting investment into South African property investment vehicles : evaluating tax Taxation 2010-05-05
Friedrichs, Juliana A comparative study of South African students' perceptions of taxation Taxation 2011-07-21 restricted
Galeni, Nomfuyo Critical evaluation of small business in relation to tax compliance and available incentives : a South African perspective Taxation 2012-03-07 restricted
Goldner, Geraldene A quick step-by-step guide to tax requirements for public benefit organisations Taxation 2013-08-14 restricted
Granova, Olga A critical analysis of the VAT Act amendments relevant to South African municipalities Taxation 2009-03-02
Griessel, Burgert Bailey An international comparison of legislation aimed at the tax whistleblower Taxation 2013-08-14 restricted
Hartman, Nerma A critical analysis of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development tax wedge methodology from a Namibian perspective Taxation 2011-07-26 restricted
Hay, Salome An international comparative study on value-added tax implications of activities in virtual worlds from a South African point of view Taxation 2011-07-20 restricted
Henrico, Jan Hendrik Royalties on non-renewable resources in South Africa : an international comparison Taxation 2012-12-14
Herbert, Nicolette Halley Value-added taxation on imported services in South Africa Taxation 2012-03-22 restricted
Hills, Theresa Facebook as a tool for communication with under graduate taxation students Taxation 2012-03-09 restricted
Janse van Rensburg, Winia A critical evaluation of section 15A of the Income Tax Act Taxation 2011-07-25 restricted
Janse van Rensburg, Zendi An explorative study : place of supply rules for Value-Added Tax in South Africa Taxation 2012-03-19
Jansen van Rensburg, Leon Tax risk management : a framework for implementation Taxation 2013-08-15
Johnston, Gregory James South African Value Added Tax implications of transactions occurring in virtual worlds Taxation 2012-03-06 restricted
Jonker, Leana Tax incentives to stimulate economic growth in South Africa Taxation 2010-09-02 restricted
Joosub, Asif A comparison of the tax efficiency of direct versus indirect investment into South Africa Taxation 2013-08-14
Joshi, Divyesh Jagadischandra Transfer pricing : a comparative study of analogous legislation in developing and developed countries Taxation 2011-07-20 restricted
Karrappan, Ammalene A carbon emissions tax as a mitigating strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in South Africa Taxation 2012-03-05
Klein, Abraham Eduard An international comparative study of the Value-Added Tax implications of change in use adjustments by residential property developments Taxation 2012-03-26 restricted
Koch, Karen A study of the role of taxation in the decision of South African rugby players to play overseas Taxation 2010-05-05 restricted
Kokott, Justin The evaluation of different retirement investment options as savings and tax planning tools Taxation 2012-03-26
Koster, Luane The incorporating of basic tax education in the secondary school curriculum Taxation 2013-08-15
Kotze, Johann Ernst A case study on the tax treatment of chrome beneficiation from a South African Income Tax perspective Taxation 2012-03-05 restricted
Kretzmann, Ansu A comparative analysis of the tax consequences for South African residents investing in fixed property in Spain through various vehicles Taxation 2012-03-22 restricted
Kruger, Thomas Fredrick The concept of company residency : an international comparative analysis Taxation 2013-08-15 restricted
Kwinda, Rotshidzwa Christinah SMME taxpayers' view with regards to SARS relief measures for SMMEs Taxation 2013-08-15 restricted
Laage, Annelie A comparative study of environmental taxes in the South African context Taxation 2011-07-26
Lawrence, Desrae Adele Comparative analysis of revenue authorities’ approach to tax auditing and tax criminal investigation and its effect on tax compliance Taxation 2012-03-22 restricted
Liebenberg, Pieter Francois A critical analysis of section 20a : ring-fencing of assessed losses of certain trades Taxation 2006-03-29 restricted
Lindeque, Barend Turnover tax : is it too good to be true for micro-business in South Africa? an exploratory study Taxation 2012-03-07 restricted
Lottering, Natasia A comparison of tax legislation of trusts between South Africa and the United States of America on emigration Taxation 2012-03-06 restricted
Lubbe, Melissa An exploratory study on taxpayers' preference for type of advice from tax practitioners with regard to small businesses Taxation 2010-05-06
Lume, Natasha Caldeira A critical analysis of the tax implications of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa Taxation 2010-05-05 restricted
Maartens-Dorey, Reinet The survival of estate duty as a wealth transfer tax in South Africa Taxation 2012-03-22 restricted
Mabaso, Nomvula Dzunisani An international comparative study of the effect of personal income tax on labour migration Taxation 2012-03-12
Mac Robert, Elma Tax avoidance opportunities by investing in tax havens - a South African perspective Taxation 2012-03-27 restricted
Madgwick, Clinton Dean The viability of the introduction of Spahn tax in South Africa Taxation 2012-10-24
Maher, Aideen Private security costs as a tax deduction for individuals in South Africa Taxation 2013-08-15
Makananisa, Tshililo Martha An analysis of the tax deductibility of sponsorship expenses for income tax purposes in South Africa Taxation 2011-07-26 restricted
Makoti, Palesa Katleho Death taxes - an international search for alternatives Taxation 2013-08-15
Marshall, Magda A critical look at the proposed legislation on dividend tax Taxation 2011-07-14 restricted
Martin, Warren Jade A critical analysis of the fringe benefit taxation provisions with specific reference to the South African Construction Industry Taxation 2011-07-19 restricted
Masondo, Jabulani Steven Taxation of derivative financial instruments : nature and timing of income and expenditure Taxation 2010-04-09
Matsose, Lerato Hilda Emily Perceptions of individual taxpayers on income tax : an exploratory study in a township in South Africa Taxation 2013-08-15 restricted
McCreadie, Leanne Withholding tax dividends : a pilot study of the consideration of the administrative burden Taxation 2010-08-03 restricted
Meyer, Stefanus Philippus The meaning of 'beneficial ownership' and the use thereof for tax treaty shopping and tax avoidance Taxation 2011-07-26
Mhlungu, Lindelwa Letticia An exploratory study of the fiscal illusion of individual taxpayers in South Africa Taxation 2013-08-16
Michaletos, Samantha Margaret A critical comparison of tax practitioner legislation between South Africa and Australia Taxation 2012-03-08 restricted
Minnaar, Stephanus Isaac A comparative study between South Africa and Ireland on tax relief measures for small and medium enterprises Taxation 2011-07-26 restricted
Mlalazi, Thembelani Loreta Clients' expectations regarding the attributes of a tax advisor : an Eskom case study Taxation 2011-07-26 restricted
Mocke, Charl Petrus The effect of taxation administration on small and medium enterprises in South Africa : a practitioner's point of view Taxation 2012-03-27 restricted
Moholola, Johannes Makgokolla A critical comparison of tax incentives for small, medium and micro enterprises between South Africa and Australia Taxation 2011-07-26 restricted
Molebalwa, Keamogetswe The impact of dividends tax on investments in South Africa Taxation 2013-08-16 restricted
Moodley, Theogaren A critical analysis of the tax deductibility of expenses incurred in virtual worlds by the South African taxpayer Taxation 2012-03-09
Muller, Theunis Christian A critical analysis of Section 8C : taxation of directors and employees on vesting of equity instruments Taxation 2010-05-03
Mzizi, Norman Mbuyiswa A critical analysis of the transfer pricing methodology the South Africa uses as compared to international standards Taxation 2011-07-25 restricted
Naidoo, Greshan An analysis of electronic learning as a means of tax education in South Africa Taxation 2011-07-26 restricted
Naidoo, Gelishan The tax compliance burden on small and medium enterprises - its existence and SARS' response thereto Taxation 2011-07-26 restricted
Nel, Rudie Proposed vehicle green taxes in South Africa : what are the prospects of it achieving its purpose? Taxation 2010-05-05
Nghaamwa, Olivia Mwawapekange Iyaloo The factors influencing attitudes of Namibian taxpayers towards taxation Taxation 2012-03-08
Nortje, Dola A literature study of renewable energy tax incentives Taxation 2009-06-15
Oberholzer, Ruanda Perceptions of taxation : a comparative study of different population groups in South Africa Taxation 2008-05-19
Oosthuizen, Rudi Income tax deductions available to taxpayees in respect of payment for intellectual property Taxation 2011-07-25 restricted
Oosthuizen, Willem Johannes A comparative study between South Africa, the United States and Australia of the taxing of income from gambling activities Taxation 2011-07-20 restricted
Oosthuizen, Annelize A critical analysis of alternatives for estate duty from a South African viewpoint Taxation 2011-07-27 restricted
Phasha, Manteng Ruth A critical analysis of the implications of commissioner South African Revenue Service v Brummeria Renaissance (Pty) Ltd on the taxation of the benefits of interest-free shareholders' loans Taxation 2010-04-09
Pienaar, Sarah Johanna South African Income Tax implications of income earned in virtual worlds Taxation 2009-06-15
Pieterse, Giel South African large business tax compliance cost survey Taxation 2012-12-11 restricted
Pretorius, Luzaan A critical analysis of the employees' tax implications of loyalty points awarded to employees in South Africa Taxation 2011-07-21
Pretorius, Rowan James A critical analysis of South Africa's dividend withholding tax legislation Taxation 2013-08-16 restricted
Ramen, Denzil Taxation and security expenditure for individuals in South Africa Taxation 2010-05-03 restricted
Ramusetheli, Mmbaiseni Langanani Review of the impact of small business tax relief initiatives to encourage economic growth in South Africa Taxation 2012-03-08 restricted
Redelinghuys, Gerhardus Wynand Impact of tax legislation on economic growth in relation to small business development in South Africa Taxation 2009-02-18 restricted
Reyneke, Danette An international taxation comparison of South African employees working abroad Taxation 2012-03-07
Roets, Charlene Turnover tax : its development and lessons to be learned from international experience Taxation 2012-03-06 restricted
Rourke, Lizel South African value-added tax implications of interactive gambling in the absence of detailed place of supply rules Taxation 2013-07-19
Rudolph, Johan Barend A critical analysis of the deductibility of expenditure incurred in virtual worlds from a South African income tax perspective Taxation 2011-07-25 restricted
Rumboll, Anita Susan Capital allowances available and the future utilisation of tax losses in the mining industry in South Africa - A comparatice study Taxation 2010-04-09 restricted
Sathiga, Stephene A comparative analysis of the taxation of fringe benefits in the South African Income Tax with the Australian Income Tax Taxation 2012-03-05 restricted
Schmidt, Margaret Principe The literature on perceptions of environmental taxation in South Africa Taxation 2013-07-29 restricted
Schmulian, Astrid Class absenteeism : a survey of the reasons for non-attendance and the effect thereof on academic performance Taxation 2009-06-15
Sieberhagen, Hester Sofia A qualitative literature review of the differentiated tax policies for small and medium enterprises in South Africa Taxation 2009-04-03
Siwele, Tinyiko Transfer pricing : an analysis of South African income tax legislation Taxation 2012-03-22 restricted
Smale, Natasha Kelly An analysis of the use of tax incentives to motivate job creation Taxation 2013-07-19
Smit, Hendrik Jacobus Albertus An in-depth study of input tax apportionment methods for value-added tax in South Africa Taxation 2010-04-09
Smit, Roxane The consequences of land expropriations in terms of the South African Vat Act Taxation 2013-07-19
Smit, Nell-Mari An international comparison on the impact of the extended life expectancy of natural persons for taxation purposes Taxation 2013-07-19
Smit, Barend Johannes The impact of anti-avoidance tax legislation on mergers in the mining industry in South Africa Taxation 2013-07-19
Smulders, Sharon Ann Taxation compliance burden for small business in South Africa Taxation 2009-04-28
Sprout, Lisa Isabel A feasibility study of group taxation in South Africa Taxation 2010-05-06 restricted
Steyn, Frans Johannes Cornelius An exploratory study of tax compliance costs for individuals as taxpayers in South Africa Taxation 2012-03-26 restricted
Steyn, Theunis Lodewikus A conceptual framework for evaluating the tax burden of individual taxpayers in South Africa Taxation 2013-01-25
Stiglingh, Madeleine Developing a model to evaluate the quality of the services rendered by the South African Revenue Service Taxation 2009-05-04
Stols, Gerhardus Petrus Investigating ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by means of tax measures Taxation 2010-09-10
Stoltz, Reinier A comparative study between South Africa and The United Kingdom on the taxation of futures and index options Taxation 2010-10-06
Strempel, Carl Robert A comparative study of tax incenvites for research and developemnt between South Africa and the United Kingdom Taxation 2011-07-27 restricted
Stroh, Chrystal South African medium business tax compliance cost survey 2011 Taxation 2012-03-07 restricted
Struwig, Sybrand Johannes A comparative study of income tax legislation for foreign oil and gas companies investing in Africa Taxation 2013-07-19
Swanepoel, Paul Johannes South African taxation of non-resident entertainers and sportspersons : an international comparison Taxation 2013-07-18 restricted
Talbot, Lizelle Fat tax as an alternative tax in South Africa Taxation 2012-03-08 restricted
Taljaard, Grant Taxing pollution : a comparison between South Africa, the United Kingdom, Australia and Malaysia Taxation 2009-04-06
Terhoeven, Carel Frederick A comparison of the tax legislation of the of trusts between South Africa and Israel Taxation 2012-03-26 restricted
Terhoeven, Janine The role of taxation in attracting foreign direct investments to South Africa : a BRICS comparison Taxation 2012-03-09
Theron, Nico A comparative study of value added tax collection methods in the context of e-commerce and virtual worlds from a South African perspective Taxation 2013-07-18
Van den Berg, Amandus A comparative study of double tax agreements between South Africa, Mauritius and China Taxation 2012-03-22
Van der Merwe, Anika A comparative study of tax relief measures for small and medium enterprises in South Africa and New Zealand Taxation 2011-07-26 restricted
Van der Westhuizen, Francois Duplessis Venture and trade conducted by natural persons for income tax purposes Taxation 2009-04-09 restricted
Van der Zwan, Pieter Mineral royalties : a preview of the development of Mineral Royalty legislation in South Africa Taxation 2010-04-30
Van Deventer, Hendrik Johannes Marthinus A critical analysis of the taxation of interactive gambling income earned by resident South African individuals Taxation 2011-07-20
Van Oordt, Marius Louis Two teachers are better than one : a collaborative approach to university teaching Taxation 2013-06-24 restricted
Van Rheede van Oudtshoorn, Hendrik Filmmaker's relief : a comparative study Taxation 2012-03-05 restricted
Van Schalkwyk, Sally Grace An international comparision of environmental tax with an emphasis on South Africa Taxation 2013-07-18
Van Woudenberg, Nicolaas Jacobus An analysis of the tax deductions in life right exchange agreements Taxation 2012-05-17
Van Wyk, Talita Cornelia Critical analysis of the taxation of South African employees working abroad Taxation 2012-03-09
Van Wyk, Christie-Louise A critical analysis of the income tax implications of conditional employee share plans in South Africa Taxation 2012-03-20
Van Zijl, Correli The impact of transfer duty on the South African middle income earner's decision to purchase a house Taxation 2012-12-14 restricted
Van Zuydam, Henk Johan The alluvial diamond industry : a critical analysis of the capital cost allowances Taxation 2009-06-15
Venter, Anneline Strategic tax risk management for South African farmers : an evaluation of an industry leader Taxation 2010-04-30 restricted
Venter, Jan Herculaas Factors influencing tax evasion Taxation 2012-03-06
Viljoen, Jeanne Abbie Consistency as a desirable and achievable objective in the proposed rewrite of the South African Income Tax Act, 1962 (Act No. 58 of 1962) Taxation 2011-11-29
Visser, Roelande A critical analysis of the international trend on the valuation and collection of tax on fringe benefits Taxation 2013-07-18 restricted
Vorster, Jana Differentiating between processes of manufacture and other processes within a business for purposes of the Income Tax Act Taxation 2009-03-02 restricted
Weston, Denise Charmaine The expectation gap in transfer pricing policy documentation in South Africa Taxation 2011-07-27 restricted
Zeeman, Rolanda A comparative study of anti-avoidance legislation in the United Kingdom and South Africa Taxation 2011-07-14 restricted
Adendorff, Debra Elizabeth An investigation into the roles and competencies of an online facilitator Teaching and Training Studies 2004-08-23
Basson, Elizabeth Maria The usability of a computer-based Statistics Data and Story Library in the South African context Teaching and Training Studies 2002-02-04
Celliers, Mariana An Academic development model for university and technikon students : meeting the demands of the 21st century Teaching and Training Studies 2007-01-22
Chetty, Saroja A study of the provision of physical education for senior primary girls in schools in KwaZulu-Natal Teaching and Training Studies 2005-11-03
De Jager, Annette An integrated and holistic approach to assessment in outcome-based learning in South Africa Teaching and Training Studies 2005-09-28
De Villiers, Mary Ruth The dynamics of theory and practice in instructional systems design Teaching and Training Studies 2003-02-21
Krugel, Elsa Die verwerwing van skryfvaardighede in graad 1 in 'n tradisioneel swart skool (Afrikaans) Teaching and Training Studies 2005-11-03
Lazenby, Karen Technology and educational innovation : a case study of the virtual campus of the University of Pretoria Teaching and Training Studies 2003-03-17
Letsie, Lekhooe Elias A study of the role of community colleges in the provision of vocational-technical education with specific reference to the Eastern Free State Teaching and Training Studies 2004-03-18
Louw, William Die toepassing van die kultuurstrategiemodel van C.A. van Peursen in die historiese opvoedkunde (Afrikaans) Teaching and Training Studies 2005-12-09
Malan, Rencia Optimalisering van leerbekwaamhede by graad nege-leerders: 'n Vergelyking van enkele vakdidaktiese meetinstrumente (Afrikaans) Teaching and Training Studies 2003-09-19
Mofokeng, Lenka Elias A study of in-service education and training (INSET) of university lecturers in South Africa Teaching and Training Studies 2005-07-28
Mostert, El-Marie The design, development and implementation of electronic professional portfolios for educators Teaching and Training Studies 2006-07-03
Naidoo, Ranjini The In-Service Education and Training (INSET) needs of educators of primary school mathematics Teaching and Training Studies 2005-09-28
Padayachee, Preglathan Gopaul A study of affirmative action and employment equity in higher education institutions in KwaZulu-Natal Teaching and Training Studies 2005-09-30
Pienaar, Heila Die ontwerp van 'n webportaal vir akademici (Afrikaans) Teaching and Training Studies 2003-03-20
Rambuda, Awelani Melvin A study of the application of science process skills to the teaching of geography in secondary schools in the Free State province Teaching and Training Studies 2005-11-02
Ramushu, David Kalantsho Mphele Education for peace in South Africa : a historical pedagogical study Teaching and Training Studies 2005-12-09 restricted
Steyn, Tobias Mostert A learning facilitation strategy for mathematics in a support course for first year engineering students at the University of Pretoria Teaching and Training Studies 2005-07-28
Van Loggerenberg, Annemarie Implementing a problem-based learning model in the training of teachers for an outcomes-based technology curriculum Teaching and Training Studies 2006-07-03
Van Niekerk, Maria Emmerentia Can a non-traditional approach to music develop the learning potential of primary school learners? Teaching and Training Studies 2005-11-03
Van Ryneveld, Linda Surviving the game: Interaction in an adult online learning community Teaching and Training Studies 2005-03-08
Van Zyl, Ronel Waarde-orientasie as faktor by die gesinsopvoeding van die milieu-benadeelde voorskoolse kind : ouerbegeleidingsimplikasies (Afrikaans) Teaching and Training Studies 2006-03-10
Vilakazi, Lesson Ndiyase A study of teachers' assessment of learners' work and its influence on the culture of learning in schools Teaching and Training Studies 2005-07-28
Viljoen, Marlene The implications of computer-integrated Theme Days for learners at St Alban's College Teaching and Training Studies 2003-07-08
Wickham, Louise An action research study on the effects of cooperative paired reading on learners with special educational needs (LSEN) Teaching and Training Studies 2005-11-02
Broughton, Elena Konstantinovna A framework for coherent decision-making in environmental impact assessments in the energy sector of South Africa Technology Management 2011-03-29
Lombaard, Christoffel Johannes Stephanus South African perspectives on the communication of the Bible in Church and society Telematic Education 2004-01-29
Boemah, Duduzile Lorraine Factors determining the interpretive effectiveness of ecotour guides in South African national parks : an environmental interpretation model Tourism Management 2011-10-13
Botha, Marnus The role of biodiversity in national parks on visitor experiences : a case study of Oulanka National Park in Finland and Golden Gate Highlands National Park in South Africa Tourism Management 2013-05-13
Chuo, Joseph H A conceptual framework for the marketing of tourism Tourism Management 2012-11-26
Douglas, Anneli The development of a conceptual model for the effective management of corporate travel Tourism Management 2006-01-31 restricted
Douglas, Anneli A survey of corporate travellers in South Africa : towards a model for travel policy compliance Tourism Management 2009-04-01
Du Rand, Gerrie Elizabeth The role of local food in destination marketing : a South African situational analysis Tourism Management 2006-11-09
Gebreyohanns, Mussie Ziena The state of tourism in Eritrea : tourism development in the Dahlak Islands Tourism Management 2007-11-08
Govender-Van Wyk, Sharmla Community-Based sustainable tourism on commonages : an alternative to traditional land reform in Namaqualand, Northern Cape Province Tourism Management 2007-05-16
Jonker, Jacobus Albertus The strategic identification and integration of critical success factors to achieve international competitiveness for South Africa as a tourism destination Tourism Management 2004-07-02
Kruger, Elizabeth Ann A stakeholder perspective on mega-events as an element of tourism destination competitiveness Tourism Management 2011-05-13
Lenhard, Nadine A comparative study of forest tourism in selected areas of Finland and South Africa Tourism Management 2010-08-11
Leslie, David From strategic planning to strategy implementation in the hotel industry in South Africa Tourism Management 2009-05-04
Mabunda, Madoda David An integrated tourism management framework for the Kruger National Park, South Africa, 2003 Tourism Management 2004-08-25
Mahlangu, Rutendo Cynthia Community participation in the Madikwe Game Park, North West Province, South Africa Tourism Management 2012-08-07 restricted
McLaren, Linde Critical marketing success factors for sustainable rural tourism routes : a KwaZulu-Natal stakeholder perspective Tourism Management 2011-10-07
Moeller, Maricki Battlefield Tourism in South Africa with Special Reference to Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift KwaZulu-Natal Tourism Management 2006-08-22
Ndlovu, Joram Branding as a strategic tool to reposition a destination : a survey of key tourism stakeholders in Zimbabwe Tourism Management 2009-09-24
Nelwamondo, Tshililo Tourism development through strategic planning for non-metropolitan small to medium size accommodation facilities in Limpopo Province, South Africa Tourism Management 2010-05-15
Ramchander, Pranill Towards the responsible management of the socio-cultural impact of township tourism Tourism Management 2004-08-26
Rutherford, David Leon Towards a development strategy for small businesses in the tourism industry of the Southern Cape Tourism Management 2006-11-09
Steyn, Tania The strategic role of cultural and heritage tourism in the context of a mega-event : the case of the 2010 Soccer World Cup Tourism Management 2008-08-04
Surovitskikh, Svetlana Positioning of selected Middle Eastern airlines in the South African business and leisure travel environment Tourism Management 2008-01-24
Surovitskikh, Svetlana The relationship between South African aviation policy in Africa and air passenger traffic flows Tourism Management 2013-02-21
Swart, Magdalena Petronella Service quality : a survey amongst convention consumers at the CSIR International Convention Centre Tourism Management 2007-07-06
Van Zyl, Cina The participation of the host community in the Aardklop National Arts Festival Tourism Management 2012-12-19
Victor, Colette The influence of flight delays on business travellers Tourism Management 2010-09-17
Wieme, Lesley Liliane Patricia The importance of frequent flyer programmes in airline selection : a survey of corporate travel management in large-sized corporations in South Africa Tourism Management 2011-05-13
Coetzee, Petrus Johannes van Vuuren A reading of power relations in the transformation of urban planning in the municipalities of the Greater Pretoria region (now Tshwane) : 1992-2002 Town and Regional Planning 2005-10-07
Durant, Valerie A Sustainable urban agriculture and forestation : the edible connected city Town and Regional Planning 2013-07-12
Gibbens, Menini The invisible director : an exploration of the role of power in intergovernmental communication on meaningful municipal integrated development planning Town and Regional Planning 2009-06-24
Heimann, Clinton Rossouw An exploratory study into improvement districts in South Africa Town and Regional Planning 2007-10-18
Homann, Desiree A critical analysis of the process of transformation of the city planning function in the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality Town and Regional Planning 2006-01-24
Horn, Alette Johanna The life & death of urban growth management in the Gauteng Province Town and Regional Planning 2009-06-24
Jordaan, Pieter Francois A rationale for the effective management of outdoor information transfer Town and Regional Planning 2005-07-21
Kleynhans, Hendrik Andries The Mabopane-Centurion development corridor : a historical analysis of successes and constraints and proposals for improvement Town and Regional Planning 2005-12-19
Ngwabi, Sandile Sabelosethu Freeman Urban regeneration and private sector investment : exploring private sector perception of urban regeneration initiatives in the Johannesburg inner city Town and Regional Planning 2009-04-07
Pohl, Susanna Gertruida Social housing : lessons learnt from the international experience Town and Regional Planning 2006-03-08
Robson, Linda Gillian The Royal Engineers and settlement planning in the Cape Colony 1806 - 1872 : approach, methodology and impact Town and Regional Planning 2011-07-21
Serfontein, Kestell John An expounded reading on the conceptualisation of Tshwane between 2000 and 2004 Town and Regional Planning 2007-10-18
Velayutham, Prematha From top structure to home :incremental growth of subsidised housing in Mamelodi Town and Regional Planning 2007-03-28

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