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Author Name Title Department Date/Time

Du Plessis, Tamarisk Comparing target volumes used in radiotherapy planning based on CT and PET/CT lung scans with and without respiratory gating applied Radiation Oncology 2012-11-23
Falzone, Nadia The effect of metal based complexes on the survival of aerobic and hypoxic chinese hamster ovary cells, in vitro. Radiation Oncology 2006-02-24
Kanduza, Mulape M Design and evaluation of a dosimetry system to verify the radiotherapy procedure from treatment planning to treatment delivery Radiation Oncology 2007-09-18 restricted
Viviers, Emma Victoria A comparison of radiotherapy techniques for the irradiation of the whole scalp Radiation Oncology 2011-06-22
Yousif, Yousif Abdallah Mohammed The development and validation of a quality assurance program for intensity modulated radiation therapy Radiation Oncology 2012-09-30 restricted
Makanjee, Chandra Rekha The effect of occupational stress and organizational commitment on diagnostic imaging radiographers in rendering quality service Radiographic Sciences 2004-11-30
Seane, Elsie Neo Comparing “triangular”, “V” and conventional patterns of dose delivery in optimizing cell kill when applied to tumour types with low α/ß ratios Radiography 2013-02-15 restricted

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