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Paciura, Dina Ophiostomatoid fungi associated with bark beetles in China Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2012-11-29 restricted
Padarath, Rashika Successfully leading change through a corporate sustainability intervention Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-05-07
Padayachee, Preglathan Gopaul A study of affirmative action and employment equity in higher education institutions in KwaZulu-Natal Teaching and Training Studies 2005-09-30
Padayachee, Nanda Kishore Das The application and relevance of spiritual leadership in the JSE Top 40 companies Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-05-07
Padayachee, Keshnee An aspect-oriented approach towards enhancing optimistic access control with usage control Computer Science 2010-07-26
Padayachi, Rajendran Arunaghary Nutritional and functional quality of South African dry-based soya protein foods Food Science 2006-12-11
Page, Jennifer Ann The impact of a supplemental HIV/AIDS module on the knowledge and attitudes of Grade 11 Biology learners Curriculum Studies 2005-03-03
Page, Jonathan Grant Energy efficient hybrid routing protocol for wireless sensor networks Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2008-09-04
Page, Patrick Collin Duration of repellency of selected agents against Culicoides species when applied to polyester mesh Companion Animal Clinical Studies 2010-08-13
Page, Logan Garrick Geometric optimization for the maximum heat transfer density rate from cylinders rotating in natural convection Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering 2012-06-25
Painter-Morland, Martha Jacoba (Mollie) Dealing with moral values in pluralistic working environments Systematic Theology and Christian Ethics 2006-03-23
Pakela, Yolisa Patronella Interaction between Colletotrichum dematium and cowpea Botany 2005-09-02
Pallant, Christopher Alexander Bioactivity of the alkaloidal fraction of Tabermaemintana elegans (Stapf.) Pharmacology 2011-07-08
Palmer, Andrew J A novel empirical model of the k-factor for radiowave propagation in Southern Africa for communication planning applications Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2004-09-22
Palmer, Monica A comparative study of listening and reading comprehension in children of different age-groups Communication Pathology 2012-10-29
Palmer, George Henry Helping those damaged by priests in counseling : a case study in the Anglican Church Practical Theology 2012-11-27
Paluch, Dov Overconfidence bias in decision-making at different levels of management Gordon Institute of Business Science 2012-07-29
Pambu, Roger Gollah Effects of goat phenotype score on milk characteristics and blood parameters of indigenous and improved dairy goats in South Africa Animal and Wildlife Science 2012-06-02
Pampara, Gary Angle modulated population based algorithms to solve binary problems Computer Science 2012-02-24
Pandey, Arvind Nath Effect of negative spatial/temporal correlation on the performance of maximal ratio combining in a WCDMA cellular system Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2005-09-21
Pandey, August Kumar Identification and assessment of cleaner production technologies and appropriate technology management strategies and methods in the South African vehicle industry Engineering and Technology Management 2007-12-20
Pandey, Dhruwa A study of the impact of a development programme for teachers of mathematics and physical science in rural secondary schools in South Africa Physics 2010-06-04
Panebianco-Warrens, Clorinda Rosanna The woodwinds in the symphonies of Dmitri Shostakovich (1906-1975) Music 2007-05-24
Panebianco-Warrens, Clorinda Rosanna The use of the oboe and cor anglais in the fifteen symphonies of Dmitri Shostakovich (1906-1975) Music 2009-05-08
Pantshi, Bukiwe The red syenite of the Pilansberg complex as a nepheline source for the South African ceramics and glass industry Geology 2007-03-23
Papacostantis, Evangelos Competitive co-evolution of trend reversal indicators using particle swarm optimisation Computer Science 2010-01-18
Paparu, Pamela Plant defence responses against Radopolus similis in East African Highland bananas (EAHB- AAA) inoculated with endophytic non-pathogenic Fusarium oxysporum Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2009-06-10
Papenfus, Tessa Lizette What are the effects of the reckless credit sections in the NCA in the prevention of over-indebtedness? Mercantile Law 2013-08-19
Papier, Joy Cecilia How faculties of education respond to new knowledge requirements embedded in teacher education policies : stepping through the looking-glass Education Management and Policy Studies 2008-07-09
Papo, Tebogo Charlotte The binding effect of the memorandum and articles of association : s65(2) of the companies act 61 of 1973...a comparative study Mercantile Law 2006-11-15
Papole, Gedion John Characterization of medium temperature gasifier pitch Chemistry 2012-11-15
Papp, Kalman Diederik Die historiese agtergronde van die Hongaars-Afrikaanse predikantefamilie Papp (Afrikaans) Church History and Church Polity 2005-10-24
Papp, Kalman Diederik Die lewe en werk van ds Kálmán Papp II (geb 1924), met verwysing na die Hongaarse agtergrond, die Nederlandse periode en die Suid-Afrikaanse periode (Afrikaans) Church History and Polity 2011-06-07
Paquet, Ulrich Training support vector machines with particle swarms Computer Science 2007-08-06
Pardini, Anne Dale The pathology and pathogenesis of canine cerebral babesiosis Pathology 2010-09-09
Park, Hoon A study of liturgy with special reference to F. Turretin (1923-1687) and its relevance for Korea Church History and Church Polity 2009-01-07
Park, Seong-Su Christology as motivation for ethical exhortation in 1 Peter and Philippians New Testament Studies 2007-10-11
Park, Sung Kyu Spirituality of Kenyan pastors : a practical theological study of Kikuyu PCEA pastors in Nairobi Practical Theology 2008-10-31
Park, Sang-Jeong Investigation of factors influencing the determination of discount rate in the economic evaluation of mineral development projects Mining Engineering 2009-11-29
Park, David Moonseok Filial piety of Confucianism as a challenge for Korean churches : a practical theological study Practical Theology 2013-04-09
Park, Ji-Yeong Role of institutions in nations that have improved their competitiveness Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-02-24
Parr, Catherine Lucy Ant assemblages in a Southern African savanna : local processes and conservation implications Zoology and Entomology 2005-05-19
Parry-Hanson, Angela Araba Bondzewaa Combined boiling and irradiation treatment on the shelf life and safety of Ready-to-eat bovine tripe Food Science 2007-04-04
Parry-Hanson, Angela Araba Resistance of acid-adapted Escherichia coli O157:H7 to lactoperoxidase and heat in goat milk Food Science 2010-06-04
Parsons, Joreta Die identifisering van veerkragtigheid en nie-veerkragtigheid by die middel-adolessent in ‘n voormalige Model C-skool (Afrikaans) Educational Psychology 2005-09-05
Parsons, Isabelle An investigation of a later stone age open-air surface site on Blauwbosch 364, Northern Cape Anthropology and Archaeology 2006-07-21
Pascall, Juliet Carol A narrative analysis of Zimbabwean landowners’ experiences of displacement from their land as a consequence of the land redistribution programme Psychology 2011-03-23
Passos, Ana Filipe Jose A comparative analysis of teacher competence and its effect on pupil performance in upper primary schools in Mozambique and other Sacmeq countries Education Management and Policy Studies 2009-09-24
Patel, Nadia The South African Indian Muslim family : personal narratives Psychology 2003-07-28
Patel, Kamal Understanding the influence of family context on entrepreneurial characteristics Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-25
Paterson, Duncan James Towards establishing a reverse genetics system to recover infectious African horse sickness virus Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2012-08-10 restricted
Patricios, Oresti Web marketing : South African marketers’ perceptions of social media, its impact and future role Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-16
Patrick, Sean Mark Testicular apoptotic activity in two bio-sentinel fish species inhabiting an aquatic ecosystem in an area where continual DDT spraying occurs : utility of immunohistochemical assays Physiology 2009-07-08
Patriquin, Michelle Lyn A comparative analysis of differences in the pelves of South African blacks and whites Anatomy 2005-08-15
Patterson, Edmund Kelly The South African criminal justice : does S v Eadie 2002 (1) SACR 663 (SCA) create a battering ram in rejection of the defence afforded a battered woman or recourse of victims turned accused? Public Law 2012-08-20
Pattinson, John A cut-cell, agglomerated-multigrid accelerated, Cartesian mesh method for compressible and incompressible flow Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering 2007-07-05
Pattinson, Thomas Optimal synthesis of storageless batch plants using the process intermediate storage operational policy Chemical Engineering 2008-08-27
Paul, Yvonne Exercise practices, dietary habits and medication usage among persons with Type-I diabetes Biokinetics, Sport and Leisure Sciences 2005-10-24
Paul, Ida Modelling the distribution of Citrus Black Spot caused by Guignardia citricarpa Kiely Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2006-05-30
Paul, Yvonne Effects of a community-based exercise and lifestyle intervention on health outcomes in persons with Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus Biokinetics, Sport and Leisure Sciences 2011-05-18
Pauw, Christiaan Johannes Die sistematies-teologiese betekenis van menslike behoeftes (Afrikaans) Dogmatics and Christian Ethics 2006-09-29
Pauw, Annalie A qualitative exploration of gendered discourses of South African women in middle management Psychology 2009-10-17
Pauw, Izaan Rykie [re]find - Pretoria West Power Station: reproducing the furniture industry through adaptive re-use Architecture 2010-12-09
Pavlic, Draginja Botryosphaeria species on native South African Syzygium cordatum and their potential threat to Eucalyptus Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2006-02-06
Pavlic, Draginja Taxonomy and population diversity of Botryosphaeriaceae associated with woody hosts in South Africa and Western Australia Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2009-10-22
Pavlov, Dobromir Nikolov Genomic mutations in oral poliovirus vaccine strains : implications for the eradication of poliovirus Medical Virology 2005-11-17
Pavlov, Dobromir Nicolov Determination of cytotoxicity and invasiveness of heterotrophic plate count bacteria isolated from drinking water Medical Virology 2005-10-26
Pazzi, Paolo Haemostatic abnormalities in canine spirocercosis Companion Animal Clinical Studies 2013-06-26
Peacock, Robert Identity development of the incarcerated adolescent : a comparative analysis Social Work and Criminology 2007-08-03 restricted
Peacock, Robert Geskiedenis van die Lydenburgse goudvelde tot 1881 (Afrikaans) History 2008-12-09
Pearce, Amelia An exploration of anorexia Nervosa within a South-African sample using the Rorschach Inkblot method Psychology 2007-05-22 restricted
Pearmain, Deborah Louise A critical analysis of the law on health service delivery in South Africa Public Law 2011-07-21
Pearson, Joyce Immunophenotypic classification of canine malignant lymphoma in formalin-fixed, paraffin wax-embedded specimens using CD3 and CD79a cell markers Veterinary Pathology 2006-11-16
Peche, Marius Spoken language identification in resource-scarce environments Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2010-08-24
Pecku, Suven The use of thermoplastic starch for the modification of hydrophilic breathable membranes Chemical Engineering 2009-06-30
Pedro, Ellenise The relationship between servant leadership and trust in a South African public sector organisation Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-03-16
Peega, Kgakalane Andries Caring for traumatized families of 'crucified' clergy : a challenge to pastorial care Practical Theology 2010-08-26
Peens, Marius Modelling and control of an electrode system for a three-phase Electric Arc Furnace Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2007-04-12
Peens, David Daniel Legitimacy of language policies in South African public schools : a case law perspective Education Management and Policy Studies 2010-05-10
Peer, Edwin S A Serendipitous Software Framework for Facilitating Collaboration in Computational Intelligence Computer Science 2005-06-10
Peet, Michael Andrew The role of the new partnership for Africa’s development (NEPAD) in the creation of sustainable public and private technical infrastructure for trade facilitation Public Management and Administration 2010-09-25
Pelembe, Louis Augosto Mutomene Pearl millet malting : factors affecting product quality Food Science 2007-08-08
Pelle, Sefakwana Yolanda Exploration of the rapid change in feminism versus an incremental change in financial services product offering Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-02-24 restricted
Pellissier, Rene The impact of information technology on business organisations of the future Industrial and Systems Engineering 2006-11-09
Peloagae, Makunye Joseph Learner experiences of transition from the General Education and Training band to the Further Education and Training band in science Science, Mathematics and Technology Education 2010-02-15
Pelser, Abraham Christoffel Die literêre biografie - 'n terreinverkenning (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2002-08-27
Pelser, Maria Magdalena 'n Musikale model van koherensieverhoudings getoets aan die hand van J.S. Bach se Schübler-koraalvoorspele : 'n loodsstudie (Afrikaans) Music 2009-10-17
Pelser, Magdalena Francina Supervisie in maatskaplike werk : riglyne vir die praktyk (Afrikaans) Social Work 2010-02-24
Penberthy, Catharina Johanna The effect of mineralogical variation in the UG2 chromitite on recovery of platinum-group elements Geography, Geo-Informatics and Meteorology 2005-11-28
Pendock, Catherine The willingness of South African emigrants to transfer knowledge to other South Africans Gordon Institute of Business Science 2011-06-18
Penicela, Luisa The influence of seed coat and cotyledon structure on cooking characteristics of cowpeas Food Science 2011-06-29
Penning, Pieter Paulus Experimental and computational investigation into race car mechanics Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering 2006-12-21
Pentz, Janos Relating school codes of conduct to learner behaviour Education Management and Policy Studies 2011-05-10
Penxa, Vuyelwa Toni The implementation of the statutory framework for skills development : a case study of the private security sub-sector Public Management and Administration 2009-09-26
Penzhorn, Cecilia Elizabeth An investigation into the feasibility of using a participatory research approach in determining the information needs of a group of Coloured women in Eersterust Information Science 2006-05-08
Penzhorn, Niels The Impact of the EU free trade agreement on South African agriculture : a general equilibrium analysis Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2007-02-21
Penzhorn, Cecilia Elizabeth The implementation, monitoring and management of an effective legal deposit system for South Africa Information Science 2008-01-25
Pereira, Gregory Cedric The application of the Exodus divine-presence narratives as a biblical socio-ethical paradigm for the contemporary redeemed Old Testament Studies 2011-12-07
Peres, Edna Mindscape - a centre for creative development in Sunnyside Architecture 2005-05-18
Perez-Suarez, Alejandro Guillermo Global genetic diversity of the Eucalyptus leaf pathogen Teratosphaeria nubilosa species complex in native forests and commercial plantations Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2011-09-01 restricted
Perks, Harold Prescott Centre for industrial and product design - Pretoria, South Africa Architecture 2005-05-31
Perold, Jaco Using turbine expanders to recover exothermic reaction heat for the combined production of power and chemicals Chemical Engineering 2005-11-30
Perold, Jan Johannes The psychosocial dynamics of public participation : a systemic analysis Psychology 2008-07-29
Perold, Jacques Ceramic parameters in the financial evaluation of brick clay deposits, with reference to two South African examples Geology 2007-08-21
Perold, Maretha Music2 - extension and conversion of the Department of Music of the University of Pretoria Architecture 2009-12-07
Perold, Sarie Magdalena A taxonomic revision of the Ricciaceae Reichenb (Marchantiales : Hepaticae) in southern Africa Plant Science 2013-04-09
Perry, Heather Marina Implementation of the National Curriculum for physical development in the reception year Educational Psychology 2011-06-09
Peska, Jan Ladislav Tshwane city central : taxi transfer terminal and market Architecture 2008-07-29
Pessane, Nilza Cristina De Frederico Analysis of the impact of HIV/AIDS on civil society and growing economy in Mozambique : "Assessing aspects of democratic consolidation" Political Sciences 2010-02-23
Peter, Linda Yvonne The experiences of transport sector employees after their disclosure of living with HIV in the workplace Social Work and Criminology 2012-11-20
Petje, Kgomoamogodi Felix Determination of fruit yield and fruit quality in marula (Sclerocarya birrea subsp. caffra) selections Plant Production and Soil Science 2009-08-07
Pettey, Ryan Patrick Hartbeespoortdam Butterfly Conservancy : an ecological splurge Architecture 2004-05-28
Petzer, Inge-Marie Efficacy of different dry-cow intramammary antimicrobial products on the prevalence of mastitis in a high-producing dairy herd Production Animal Studies 2005-03-08
Petzer, Konstant Johannes Structural geological controls on the flow and occurrence of groundwater in the basement lithologies of the Limpopo Province, South Africa Geology 2009-11-29
Petzsch, Elzbeth (Yo)urban living room : interaction and identity in Esselen Street, Trevenna Architecture 2012-12-07
Peu, Mmapheko Doriccah Health promotion for families with adolescents orphaned by HIV/AIDS in rural Hammanskraal Nursing Science 2009-01-20 restricted
Pfitzer, Silke Occurrence of tick-borne haemoparasites in nyala (Tragelaphus angasii) in KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape Province, South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2010-03-03
Phago, Setotolwane Johannes Internationalisation constraints : a South African information and communication technologies entrepreneur’s perspective Gordon Institute of Business Science 2011-06-18
Phahladira, McLedwaba Nkgobe Baby Identification of alternative hosts to citrus of “Candidatus Liberibacter africanus” amongst indigenous Rutaceae of South Africa Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2010-08-26
Phahlamohlaka, Letlibe Jacob An analysis of group decision justification and its implications for GSS use and design ideals Informatics 2008-05-29
Phakane, Irvin Monesi Factors influencing consumer decision-making in choosing a channel to remit in South Africa Gordon Institute of Business Science 2012-08-04
Phala, Ragosebo Salome Tirišo ya tekolapejana le tekolanthago dingwalong tša Sepedi African Languages 2006-11-03
Phala, Ragosebo Salome Thellenyane batlabolela : tiragatso ya boitshwaro African Languages 2007-01-03
Phala, Arnold Victor Mamonyane Service delivery at Itsoseng psychology clinic : a programme evaluation Psychology 2009-11-25
Phaladi, Tswaledi John Woordeskataanleer in die onderrig van Afrikaans as addisionele taal (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2008-09-25
Phalane, Francina Lebogang The diversity of root nodule bacteria associated with Lebeckia species in South Africa Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2008-11-19
Phamphe, Avhafarei Ronald Phytosociology of Transkei grasslands Geography, Geo-Informatics and Meteorology 2005-05-19
Phanyane, Victor Mothebe The perceptions and practices of Grade 10 educators in the implementation of the National Curriculum Statement (NCS) Curriculum Studies 2010-08-27 restricted
Phasha, Mmolawa Cynthia Health and Safety Aspects of the operation of urine diversion toilets Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2007-02-26
Phasha, Manteng Ruth A critical analysis of the implications of commissioner South African Revenue Service v Brummeria Renaissance (Pty) Ltd on the taxation of the benefits of interest-free shareholders' loans Taxation 2010-04-09
Phasha, Mmatshepho Malekgale Intron architecture in Fusarium Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2012-12-13 restricted
Phaswana, Modiba Mack The impact of the hidden curriculum on the South African school leaving examination in the Northern Province Education Management and Policy Studies 2007-03-22
Phatlane, Rakgadi Sophy Experiences of diversity in a South African public school Education Management and Policy Studies 2008-06-03
Phatudi, Nkidi Caroline A study of transition from preschool and home contexts to Grade 1 in a developing country Education Management and Policy Studies 2007-09-19
Phibion, Otukile Sindiso Bakalanga music and dance in Botswana and Zimbabwe Music 2005-07-27
Philippou, Alexia A community creativity facility : encouraging a public interface with art Architecture 2011-12-01
Phillpotts, David Nicholas Charles Nonlinear fault detection and diagnosis using Kernel based techniques applied to a pilot distillation colomn Chemical Engineering 2008-01-15
Philpott, David Michael Analysis of the heritage and genetic diversity of influential Afrikaners Genetics 2012-12-13 restricted
Phipps, William Louis Spatial patterns of land-use by immature African white-backed vultures (Gyps africanus) captured in the North-West Province, South Africa Paraclinical Sciences 2012-05-24
Phiri, Francinah Liseko An investigation into the making of subject choices from middle school phase to senior secondary phase Educational Psychology 2005-05-18
Phiri, Loungo Maninki Gonadal development and the relationship to body development of pig genotypes in South Africa Animal and Wildlife Sciences 2006-02-13
Phiri, Rebecca Batsile Lorato le lenyalo mo mabokong a ga S.F. Motlhake (Setswana) African Languages 2008-01-21
Phiri, Lesego Margaret Assessment of the needs of critically ill / injured patients' famalies in an accident and emergency unit Nursing Science 2010-07-22
Phiri, Jason Kelvin African Pentecostal spirituality : a study of the emerging African Pentecostal churches in Zambia Science of Religion and Missiology 2010-10-23
Phiri, Wezi Betha Crime against sexual orientation : a study of 'corrective' rape within the South African context Centre for Human Rights 2012-09-12
Phokane, Maphupha Daniel Educators' and learners' experiences of parental involvement in creating a positive climate for the teaching of Life Orientation Education Management and Policy Studies 2013-06-24
Phosa, Mashilo Alpheus The nutritive value of macadamia oil cake meal and wood ash as alternative feed ingredients for chickens in rural areas Animal and Wildlife Sciences 2010-02-16
Phosa, Lekgolo Lazarus Human resources management : the function of the public sector manager School of Public Management and Administration 2012-08-22
Phosiwa, Maanda Noaxe Molecular characterization of a porcine picobirnavirus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2009-07-15
Phungula, Mlungisi Artwell Goodman Control by minority shareholdings in mergers Mercantile Law 2012-09-04
Phupheli, Milingoni Robert Purifying coal for the production of nuclear graphite Chemistry 2008-04-21
Phuthego, Mothusi An evaluation of the integration of indigenous musical arts in the Creative and Performing Arts syllabus and the implementation thereof in the primary schools curriculum in Botswana Music 2008-08-11
Phuthi, Nduduzo Enhancing quality academic practice through integrated industry-based learning Science, Mathematics and Technology Education 2013-04-24
Picard, Jacqueline Anita Respiratory pathogens in thoroughbred foals up to one year of age on a stud farm in South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2006-02-27
Pickles, Camilla Marion Sperling S v Mshumpa : a time for law reform Public Law 2011-07-13
Pickworth, Glynis Ellen An integration of the theories of JL Holland and DA Kolb : a theoretical and empirical study of vocational personality and learning style types Psychology 2007-03-01
Piek, Stephanie Helena Factors contributing to the low morale of officials in the Department of Correctional Services : an employee assistance programme perspective Social Work and Criminology 2008-11-19 restricted
Pienaar, Heila Die ontwerp van 'n webportaal vir akademici (Afrikaans) Teaching and Training Studies 2003-03-20
Pienaar, Sunette The untold stories of women in historically disadvantaged communities, infected and/or affected by HIV/AIDS, about care and/or the lack of care Practical Theology 2004-06-25
Pienaar, Rousseau City building Architecture 2005-02-21
Pienaar, Pieter Abraham Analysing guided and recorded self-generated visual and expressive personal constructs as adjuncts to the counselling process Educational Psychology 2005-03-07
Pienaar, Marc Dating the stone age at Rose Cottage Cave South Africa - An exercise in optically dating cave sediments Anthropology and Archaeology 2007-06-05
Pienaar, Pieter Abraham Exploring the impact of narrative arts activities on the self-concept of Grade 9 learners in group context Educational Psychology 2008-10-17
Pienaar, Shane Bridget "Die vrugbare tuin van Fallus" 'n Beliggaamde beeld van die manlike psige onder mediese pasiënte (Afrikaans) Psychology 2005-10-03
Pienaar, Jason Evolution of alternative mating tactics and sex ratios in the southern African Otiteselline fig wasps Genetics 2006-02-01 restricted
Pienaar, Hendrik Elmo An explorative study on the interaction between the arts and narrative practise: a pastoral perspective Practical Theology 2006-09-29
Pienaar, Danie Synthetic applications of bicyclic phosphoric triamides Chemistry 2006-11-17
Pienaar, Lyle Eugene International terrorism in Africa 1990-2004 : extent and counter-measures Political Sciences 2008-11-19
Pienaar, Sarah Johanna South African Income Tax implications of income earned in virtual worlds Taxation 2009-06-15
Pienaar, Johannes P Die verhouding tussen die christologie en etiek in die brief aan die Kolossense (Afrikaans) New Testament Studies 2010-07-29
Pienaar, Louisa Leanie An exploration of the experiences of adolescents living with HIV Psychology 2011-08-16
Pienaar, Nicolaas Johannes A retrospective analysis of the epidemiology of Rift Valley fever in South Africa Production Animal Studies 2011-11-09
Pienaar, Catherina Elizabeth An analysis of evidence-based medicine in context of medical negligence litigation Public Law 2011-09-21
Pienaar, Johannes Jacobus Laatvat - 'n roman (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2012-08-10 restricted
Pienaar, Shane Roland An investigation into multi-vendorism in a synchronous digital hierarchy environment Graduate School of Management 2013-01-25 restricted
Pienaar, Yvette The relationship between talent mindset, organisational energy and work wellness of employees Psychology 2013-05-13 restricted
Pierce, Stephen Brian Exchange relationships between leaders and followers in Baptist churches Practical Theology 2007-11-13
Pieters, Anelle Genetic characterization of commercial goat populations in South Africa Animal and Wildlife Sciences 2008-07-29
Pieters, Helene Perceptions regarding the implementation of career management practices in a mining company Human Resource Management 2012-05-15 restricted
Pieterse, Hendrik Lodewyk Telecommunications Technology Transfer/Diffusion Model Into Rural South Africa Engineering and Technology Management 2002-05-10
Pieterse, J Fourie An urban application of the critical review of two planning strategies Architecture 2003-11-26
Pieterse, Eduan The development of an internal technology strategy assessment framework within the services sector utilising total quality management (TQM) principles Engineering and Technology Management 2005-06-08
Pieterse, Zelda Mycogone perniciosa, a pathogen of Agaricus bisporus Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2008-07-29
Pieterse, Niel Development of a dynamic hip joint simulation model Chemical Engineering 2006-03-15
Pieterse, Izabelle The hearing abilities and middle ear functioning of the recreational scuba diver Communication Pathology 2007-09-11
Pieterse, Jimmy Traditionalists, traitors and sell-outs : the roles and motives of ‘amaqaba’, ‘abangcatshi’ and ‘abathengisi’ in the Pondoland Revolt of 1960 to 1961 Historical and Heritage Studies 2008-08-22
Pieterse, George F. Scripted : an urban museum of typography Architecture 2011-11-28
Pieterse, Donovan Old school : the relevance of nostalgia in advertising Gordon Institute of Business Science 2012-06-02
Pieterse, Giel South African large business tax compliance cost survey Taxation 2012-12-11 restricted
Pietersen, Jacobus Johannes Bilevel factor analysis models Statistics 2007-12-20
Pijper, Noelene Carol The phonological awareness, written spelling and oral reading of learners in an inclusive English-medium education setting Communication Pathology 2004-08-18
Pillai, Manusha A comparative analysis of South Africa's mediation in the Burundi and Côte d'Ivoire conflicts Political Sciences 2010-09-10
Pillay, Pravani Overcoming interference from hydrolysable cations during the determination of sulphuric acid by titration Chemistry 2006-03-24
Pillay, Pamisha Structure elucidation of antiplasmodial sesquiterpene lactones from Vernonia staehelinoides and Oncosiphon piluliferum Chemistry 2007-04-16
Pillay, Jeseelan Electrocatalysis of degradation products of V-type nerve agents at single-walled carbon nanotube basal plane pyrolytic graphite modified electrodes Chemistry 2008-04-24
Pillay, Roshini A comparison of Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) and HIV and AIDS workplace programmes in the Gauteng Provincial Government Social Work and Criminology 2008-09-29
Pillay, Dhanashree Geriatric audiology : clients' perspectives of service delivery in an affluent, urban area in South Africa Communication Pathology 2010-08-10
Pillay, Devan Electricity conservation : factors influencing sustainable energy efficient consumer behaviour in the South African household Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-16
Pillay, Jeseelan Electrochemical properties of self-assembled films of single-walled carbon nanotubes, monolayer-protected clusters of gold nanoparticles and iron (II) phthalocyanines at gold electrodes Chemistry 2010-06-04
Pillay, Dechlan Liech Mission attachment as a component of organisational job embeddedness in the trade union sector of South Africa Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-05-07
Pillay, Sabashnee Mandy The characterisation of David in the Samuel narratives Old Testament Studies 2011-05-09 restricted
Pillay, Seelan A critical analysis of the role of stakeholder engagement in establishing the renewable energy sector in South Africa Gordon Institute of Business Science 2011-06-18
Pillay, Magesh The financial performance of listed companies : does CEO tenure have an impact? Gordon Institute of Business Science 2011-06-18
Pillay, Vasanti Evaluation of the impact of the integrated food and nutrition programme in Kungwini Social Work and Criminology 2011-10-24
Pillay, Melonie Nathasa Exploring the teaching sheltered instruction observation protocol from teachers' perspectives Science, Mathematics and Technology Education 2011-12-19
Pillay, Priyen Expression of the VP1 antigen from foot-and-mouth disease virus in a bacterial and plant-based expression system Plant Science 2012-08-30
Pillay, Kerry-Anne Diversity and spatial distribution of fungal endophytes in a Eucalyptus grandis tree Genetics 2012-12-13 restricted
Pillay, Neelesh The effect of workplace spirituality on employees’ perception of stakeholder relationships Gordon Institute of Business Science 2012-08-04
Pillay, Desan Institutional transformation at the University of the Free State Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-04-02 restricted
Pillay, Ashika The organisational requirements for exploring low-income markets Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-02-24
Pillay, Sheradia An investigation into the manner of implementing sustainability in business Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-02-24 restricted
Pilusa, Ngoakoana Emma The impact of mental retardation on family functioning Social Work and Criminology 2008-09-18
Pini, Attilio Strains of African swine fever virus isolated from domestic pigs and from the tick Ornithodoros Moubata in South Africa Companion Animal Clinical Studies 2012-08-08
Pistorius, Pierre Anton Life history parameters and regulation of the southern elephant seal population at Marion Island Zoology and Entomology 2005-11-28
Pistorius, Maria Elizabeth Identifying the needs and assets of the learner with diabetes in the Foundation Phase Curriculum Studies 2006-07-22
Pistorius, Julius Cornelius Christiaan Metaalbewerkers van Phalaborwa (Afrikaans) Anthropology and Archaeology 2013-03-19
Pitse, Cynthia Apile Spousal support in the South African National Defence Force during external military deployment : a model for social support services Social Work and Criminology 2010-05-16
Pitse, Cynthia Apile A needs assessment for a management training programme amongst staff officers and area managers within the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) social work directorate Social Work and Criminology 2012-11-30
Pitso, Sebolelo Quality aspects of feta cheese manufactured from mixtures of cow's milk and goat's milk Food Science 2006-12-13
Pitsoe, Victor Justice A conceptual analysis of constructivist classroom management Education Management and Policy Studies 2008-05-20
Plaatjies-Van Huffel, Mary-Anne Die Doleansiekerkreg en die kerkreg en kerkregering van die Nederduitse Gereformeerde Sendingkerke en die Verenigende Gereformeerde Kerk in Suider-Afrika (Afrikaans) Church History and Church Polity 2009-04-02
Platzek, Bernd Peter The role of intrapreneurship in a globally competitive technology business environment : a design concept and empirical study Engineering and Technology Management 2012-09-26
Pocock, John Willmer Humanity in crisis. HIV/AIDS and its impact on the church and community in South Africa Practical Theology 2004-02-02
Pocock, Gina Phosphorus limitation as a method of cyanobacterial bloom control Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2009-05-30
Pocock, John Willmer Creating a strategic justice ministry in the local church that will enable the church to care for orphans in (Benoni), South Africa Practical Theology 2009-09-25
Podisi, Mpho Keletso The socio-economic aspects involved in compliance to antiretroviral therapy : Princess Marina Hospital, Gaborone Social Work 2006-01-31
Poggiolini, Mario The feature detection rule and its application within the negative selection algorithm Computer Science 2009-06-26
Pohl, Rupert Achieving better efficiency in the transport of hot mix asphalt to site from a fixed plant in Gauteng Construction Economics 2003-08-29
Pohl, Susanna Gertruida Social housing : lessons learnt from the international experience Town and Regional Planning 2006-03-08
Poho, Isaac Setshego Unemployment in an African village : a psychocultural perspective Psychology 2005-10-17
Poisson, Gregory Edward The effect of foreign entrants on the South African television commercials production industry Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-16
Pollard, Anne Francoise Group music therapy in a paediatric oncology ward : working with a wide open group in a wide open space Music 2008-10-07 restricted
Pollard, Zelda Die impak van lewensontwerp-berading met Afrikaanssprekende adolessente (Afrikaans) Educational Psychology 2009-05-27 restricted
Pomuti, Hertha Ndategomwa An analysis of the relationship between cluster-based school management and improving teaching in Namibian schools Education Management and Policy Studies 2009-04-27
Ponelis, Shana Rachel Data marts as management information delivery mechanisms: utilisation in manufacturing organisations with third party distribution Informatics 2003-08-06
Ponelis, Shana Rachel An exploratory study of business intelligence in knowledge-based growth small, medium and micro-enterprises in South Africa Information Science 2012-02-10
Poo, Freda Mmapula The influence of relatioships among, and skill levels of, school governors on the performance of school governing bodies Education Management and Policy Studies 2006-12-18
Pooe, Malebo J Evaluation of a radiometrically-determined regrowth model for the study of anti-tuberculosis drugs Medical Microbiology 2007-01-04
Poonyane, Lebogang The financial implications of firms business model focus within the bottom of the pyramid market segment in South Africa Gordon Institute of Business Science 2011-06-18
Pop, Carver A A national skills development graduate internship programme as a talent retention strategy Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-05-07
Popich, Elsa The development of a tool for parents for the stimulation of communication skills in infants (0-12 months) Communication Pathology 2004-06-04
Porter, Bernice Pathogenicity and competition studies on Fusarium circinatum, a pathogen of pine trees Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2011-09-01 restricted
Posthuma, Anna Barbara The nature of mathematics teachers’ reflective practice Science, Mathematics and Technology 2012-04-25
Postma, D J v R Deepening and broadening the critique of technology : an analysis of an ANT approach Informatics 2010-06-12
Postma, Martin Photogrammetric estimation of mass fluctuation in female southern elephant seals at Marion Island Zoology and Entomology 2013-05-07 restricted
Potgieter, Helia Creating a new urban citizenship : a mixed-use development in Newtown Architecture 2003-11-27
Potgieter, Anna Elizabeth Gezina The engineering of emergence in complex adaptive systems Computer Science 2004-09-22
Potgieter, Paul Stephanus South African unit standards for sight-singing, realised in a multiple-media study package Music 2004-09-29
Potgieter, Gavin Mining continuous classes using evolutionary computing Computer Science 2005-07-22
Potgieter, Christina Johanna Accuracy and skill of the Conformal-Cubic Atmospheric model in short-range weather forecasting over southern Africa Geography, Geo-Informatics and Meteorology 2007-09-19
Potgieter, Janeane An anatomical assessment of brain infarcts : a MRI study Anatomy 2009-02-24
Potgieter, Salomon Theodorus Ekklesiologiese perspektiewe volgens die Evangelie van Johannes : 'n eksegeties-teologiese ondersoek (Afrikaans) New Testament Studies 2006-03-23
Potgieter, Jordaan 'n Nuwe Testamentiese studie in hermeneutiek : die homoseksualiteitsdebat in die Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk (1986-2004) (Afrikaans) New Testament Studies 2007-04-18
Potgieter, Nardus Analysis of beer aroma using purge-and-trap sampling and gas chromatography Chemistry 2007-09-28
Potgieter, N A Terrorism as a threat to national security in South Africa since 1994 Political Sciences 2007-11-06 restricted
Potgieter, Natasha Water storage in rural households : intervention strategies prevent waterborne diseases Medical Virology 2007-12-11
Potgieter, Marnie Cellular effects of Coenzyme Q10 and Triton X on primary chicken embryo heart and muscle cell cultures Anatomy 2008-08-05
Potgieter, Stephan Andries Exploring rock climbing discourses Psychology 2008-09-30
Potgieter, Wilna An investigation of the possible anticancer activity of seven novel bi(amido) gold(I) complexes derived from a purine or azole base Pharmacology 2009-09-11
Potgieter, Johan Hendrik Rangeland condition in the Tembe Traditional Area, Maputaland, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa Animal and Wildlife Sciences 2009-11-30
Potgieter, Marnie Cellular effects of Coenzyme Q10 and resveratrol in the SJL/J dysferlinopathy mouse model Anatomy 2010-04-27
Potgieter, Roelof Daniel Goal orientation, the growth mindset and coping strategies for success and failure in competitive sport Biokinetics, Sport and Leisure Sciences 2011-12-12
Potgieter, Pieter Frederick Classifying low probability of intercept radar using fuzzy artmap Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2012-06-25
Potgieter, Annette A search for wisdom – an intertextual approach to Psalm 26 and Proverbs Ancient Languages 2013-01-03 restricted
Potgieter, Mary-Lee Long-term monitoring of elephant impact on the woody vegetation in the Tembe Elephant Park, South Africa Plant Science 2013-06-21 restricted
Potgieter-Groot, Lucia Christina Strategieë vir opvoeders van leerders met emosionele en gedragsbehoeftes binne insluitende onderwys, ontwikkel deur ʼn aksienavorsingsproses (Afrikaans) Psychology 2010-10-09
Potjo, Moliehi Investigation of the effects of Moxifloxacin on Human Neutrophils and Mononuclear Leucocytes in vitro Medical Immunology 2007-05-11
Potokri, Onoriode Collins The academic performance of married women students in Nigerian higher education Education Management and Policy Studies 2012-05-05
Pottas, Lidia Inclusive education in South Africa : the challenges posed to the teacher of the child with a hearing loss Communication Pathology 2005-09-07
Poulton, Wendy Irene Jacqueline Monitoring and control of biofouling in power utility open recirculating cooling water systems Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2009-01-08
Powell, Nicola Juliette The potential of the therapeutic relationship in dealing with learning disabled children Psychology 2005-06-15
Powell, Ryan Rodney Turning competitors into customers : factors to be satisfied in order to gain industry support from outside of a vertically integrated tourism value chain Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-25
Preller, Arnoldus Mauritius Present and future challenges to the church in Africa - with special refernce to the church in Sudan Science of Religion and Missiology 2007-10-29 restricted
Prem, Monisha The investment opportunity set and policy decisions: the association between leverage; dividend; B-BBEE policies and growth opportunity Gordon Institute of Business Science 2012-08-04
Prestedge, Grant Alexander Legibility between the lines : exploring everyday literacies through economic and creative skills training Architecture 2010-12-01
Preston, Nicholas Ashley A critical analysis of the interplay between operational dismissals and the global recession Mercantile Law 2011-07-15 restricted
Pretorius, S J J Effective supply chain management in the furniture retail industry Graduate School of Management 2003-01-09
Pretorius, Petrus Johannes A generic approach to integrated logistic support for whole-life whole-systems Industrial and Systems Engineering 2003-09-04
Pretorius, Werner Organizational factors influencing the transformational process of a financial institution Human Resource Management 2004-03-16
Pretorius, Martin Johannes Evaluation of stope support using a rockmass stiffness approach Mining Engineering 2005-05-05
Pretorius, Jan Hendrik Christoffel The influence of PFA particle size on the workability of cementitious pastes Civil and Biosystems Engineering 2005-07-08
Pretorius, Johannes Jacobus A network approach for the prediction of flow and flow splits within a gas turbine combustor Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering 2005-07-27
Pretorius, Susan Mathilda Evaluation of the selection and breeding of Friesian horses in Southern Africa Animal and Wildlife Sciences 2005-08-01
Pretorius, Christo Ds. Jac van Belkum (1851-1933) : Nestor van die Nederduitsch Hervormde Kerk van Afrika : 'n teologies-historiese studie (Afrikaans) Church History and Church Polity 2005-10-26
Pretorius, Alri Aspects of the immune response in ruminants to four protective Ehrlichia Ruminantium gene products Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2008-07-28
Pretorius, Deirdre The digitisation of photographic collections Information Science 2006-02-27
Pretorius, Joelien The democratic peace as an approach to world peace in the information era Political Sciences 2006-02-28
Pretorius, Gerhard The influence of effective micro-organisms (EM) on the performance of the growing pig Animal and Wildlife Sciences 2006-07-06
Pretorius, Pieter Corne Disinfection of purified sewage effluent with monochloramine Chemical Engineering 2006-12-18
Pretorius, Willem Jacobus Die Britse owerheid en die burgerlike bevolking van Heidelberg, Transvaal, gedurende die Anglo-Boereoorlog (Afrikaans) Historical and Heritage Studies 2008-07-01
Pretorius, Jana Annelise Investigation of the gammaherpesvirus carrier status of black wildebeest (Connochaetes gnou) Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2008-07-28
Pretorius, Celeste Kafirin and zein as coatings for the controlled release of amino acid supplements Food Science 2008-11-19
Pretorius, Heleen The Hospital Hill : a development proposal for regeneration Architecture 2008-11-24
Pretorius, Mark Understanding reality : exploring the interaction between theology and science, with special reference to a theistic presupposition to certain worldviews Practical Theology 2009-04-29
Pretorius, Wilhelmus Bootstrap financing applied by South African entrepreneur Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-25
Pretorius, Jacques Nicolaas Mobile tolerant hybrid network routing protocol for wireless sensor networks Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2010-08-24
Pretorius, Luzaan A critical analysis of the employees' tax implications of loyalty points awarded to employees in South Africa Taxation 2011-07-21
Pretorius, Beulah Vitamin A content and bio-availability of South African maize meal (as purchased and consumed) Animal and Wildlife Sciences 2011-09-22
Pretorius, Rina-Louise Polylateralism as diplomatic method : the case of the Kimberley Process, 2000-2002 Political Sciences 2011-06-27
Pretorius, Jané Fract[ure]al : platform building at Menlyn Architecture 2011-12-01
Pretorius, Ryno A transient computational fluid dynamic study of a laboratory-sclale fluorine electrolysis cell Chemical Engineering 2011-12-07
Pretorius, Alet A preliminary investigation of the potential anticancer properties of 8-hydroxyquinoline derivatives Pharmacology 2012-05-22
Pretorius, Sulene Deliberate self-harm among adolescents in South African children’s homes Psychology 2012-07-26
Pretorius, Theresa Efficacy of rhizobacteria for growth promotion and biocontrol of Fusarium oxysporum and Rhizoctonia solani on wheat in South Africa Microbiology and Plantpathology 2012-08-31 restricted
Pretorius, Rene Fischer and N-heterocyclic carbene complexes of tungsten(0) Chemistry 2012-12-13 restricted
Pretorius, Louis Jacobus Trauma- en stresbegeleiding by tieners deur 'n ondersteuningsgroep : 'n prakties-teologiese ondersoek (Afrikaans) Practical Theology 2012-12-04 restricted
Pretorius, Jakobus Maree Identification and characterization of genes involved in Bacillus cereus biofilm formation Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2013-02-18
Pretorius, Linda Luise Systematic investigation of factors contributing to music perception by cochlear implant users Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2013-03-11 restricted
Pretorius, Rowan James A critical analysis of South Africa's dividend withholding tax legislation Taxation 2013-08-16 restricted
Price, Tim Steam system optimisation using process integration : a focus on boiler efficiency and pressure drop Chemical Engineering 2010-09-22 restricted
Prins, Anneke The protective role of oryzacystatin-1 under abiotic stress Botany 2005-05-09
Prins, Sara Natalia The AI-Pt-Ru ternary phase diagram Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering 2005-09-19
Prins, Anneke Proteases and protease inhibitors involved in plant stress response and acclimation Botany 2009-01-21
Prinsen, Larisse An analysis of the proposed regulatory framework for the procurement and distribution of stem cells Public Law 2011-07-12
Prinsloo, Meyer Empirical testing of a customer relationship management model in consumer Internet services Marketing and Communication Management 2007-12-05
Prinsloo, Etienne Pieter Willem Fatique equivalent static load: Methodology for the design of vehicle structures Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering 2005-07-01
Prinsloo, Gerhard In vitro production of phytoalexins by Helichrysum kraussii Botany 2005-06-27
Prinsloo, Andrea Susceptibility and synergism profiles of multi-drug resistant pseudomonas aeruginusa in an intensive care environment Medical Microbiology 2005-09-19
Prinsloo, Christiaan M S Kontemporêre tendense in die Nederlandstalige verhaalkuns: ‘n Sosiaal-konstruksionistiese ondersoek (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2005-10-05
Prinsloo, Sophia Elizabeth In vitro modulation of androgen and estrogen receptors in human prostate cells by essential fatty acids Urology 2005-12-19
Prinsloo, Linda Charlotta Raman spectroscopic investigation of radiation damage in carbon implanted diamond Chemistry 2006-02-09
Prinsloo, Claude Pierre A Comparative acoustic analysis of the long vowels and diphthongs of Afrikaans and South African English Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2006-03-03
Prinsloo, T The evaluation of a new haematological cell counter, the CELL-DYN 3500, on canine leukocyte differential counts Companion Animal Medicine 2006-03-23
Prinsloo, Johan Nel Stadskrif (Afrikaans) Architecture 2006-10-12
Prinsloo, Christina Elizabeth Huweliksverryking in die middeljare deur middel van groeigeoriënteerde maatskaplike groepwerk (Afrikaans) Social Work 2007-05-07
Prinsloo, Gerhard Isolation of an anti-HIV compound from Elaeodendron croceum (Thunb.) DC. Botany 2007-06-08
Prinsloo, Linda Charlotta Micro-Raman spectroscopy of nanomaterials : applications in Archaeology Physics 2009-05-24
Prinsloo, Wilma Computational models for conformations of cell wall mycolates from Mycobacterium tuberculosis Biochemistry 2009-06-12
Prinsloo, Alwyn Petrus A critical analysis of the LRAD sub-programme in the Gauteng Province of South Africa Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2009-08-11
Prinsloo, Rani Living with Alzheimer's disease : an exploratory case study Psychology 2010-04-08 restricted
Prinsloo, Johannes J A comparative analysis of economic value created by South African mining companies in a growing platinum industry Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-04-23
Prinsloo, Lionel A critical evaluation of the design of removable cover-plate header boxes for air-cooled heat exchangers Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering 2011-09-22
Prinsloo, Caroline The interactive contribution of resources with regard to the operation and outputs of a clothing production system Consumer Science 2011-11-21
Prinsloo, Lizel Talent management and the psychological contract Human Resource Management 2012-09-28
Prinsloo, Gert Thomas Marthinus 'n Literêr-eksegetiese analise van die boek Habakuk (Afrikaans) Old Testament Studies 2012-10-23
Prinsloo, Simon Lodewyk The feasibility of installing a dedicated stainless steel service centre at Columbus Graduate School of Management 2013-01-25 restricted
Prinsloo, Yolanda Geletterdheidsintervensie en onderwysers se taal van onderrigpraktyke : aksienavorsing in plattelandse skole (Afrikaans) Educational Psychology 2013-05-08
Prior, Stuart Walter The determinants of successful family business succession Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-03-16
Prosser, Debra Olive Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) mutations in patients with suspected myoclonic epilepsy and ragged red muscle fibres (MERRF), Leigh syndrome (LS), and mitochondrial encephalomyopathy, lactic acidosis and stroke-like episodes (MELAS) Human Genetics and Developmental Biology 2005-12-21
Prozesky, Maria Lieselotte Catherine Reading the Englisg epic : changing noetics from Beowulf to the Morte Darthur English 2007-02-28
Prozesky, Elaney Die verkenning en beskrywing van stressors van leerders in ’n graad 1-leeromgewing (Afrikaans) Educational Psychology 2007-07-31
Prozesky, Erwin Antoni Antiplasmodial- and chloroquine resistance reversal properties of a new diterpene from Croton steenkampianus Botany 2008-08-13
Prozesky, Erwin Antoni In vitro antimalarial activity of ethnobotanically selected indigenous plants and characterisation of a bioactive compound Botany 2008-11-04
Prozesky, Leon A study of the pathology and pathogensis of myocardial lesions in gousiekte, a cardiotoxicosis of ruminants Paraclinical Sciences 2009-01-21
Pun, James Chi-Him Gesture recognition with application in music arrangement Computer Science 2007-11-05
Punch, John David Life and ‘The Scriptures’ in John 5:39-40 New Testament Studies 2007-09-18
Punwasi, Kiran An event study : the market reactions to share repurchase announcements on the JSE Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-02-24
Purbrick, Giles The effectiveness of sponsorship in relation to customer-based brand equity : an action sport event application Gordon Institute of Business Science 2011-06-19
Purchase, Cromwell The oral application of the Onderstepoort biological products fowl typhoid vaccine, its safety, efficacy and duration of protection in commercial laying hens Production Animal Studies 2008-08-12
Purdon, Jean Interactions between habitat disturbances and complexity : the effect on ant communities Centre for Wildlife Management 2012-08-07 restricted
Purnell, Darryl William Discriminative and Bayesian techniques for hidden Markov model speech recognition systems Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2005-10-31
Purohit, Rajesh A methodology to price certified emission reduction certificates from clean development mechanism projects Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-31
Putter, Jan Johannes Jacobus Diskoerse oor heling binne ’n narratief-pastorale benadering (Afrikaans) Practical Theology 2005-11-15
Putterill, John Fraser A morphological study of the oral cavity, pharyngeal cavity and oesophagus of the Nile crocodile, Crocodylus Niloticus (Laurenti, 1768) Anatomy and Physiology 2008-08-13
Putuma, Mandisa Nozibele Cost-benefit analysis of electricity supply in a developing township Economics 2013-05-09
Pyle, Graeme An exploration of the accessibility of prime retail space to start-up retailers – the landlord’s perspective Gordon Institute of Business Science 2011-06-19
Pyoos, Howard The impact of organisational culture on safety management in a South African thermal coal mining operation Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-16

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