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Author Name Title Department Date/Time

O'Neil, John Wesley Coping and motivational strategies of non-elite endurance athletes under extreme environmental conditions – a salutogenic perspective Biokinetics, Sport and Leisure Sciences 2007-09-11
O'Neil, Elonah Grace under pressure : investigating a design response in event of disaster Architecture 2009-12-05
O'Neill, Marja Mirjam Functional genetic analysis of the Eucalyptus grandis cellulose synthase 1 (EgCesA1) gene in Arabidopsis thaliana Genetics 2010-10-08
Oates, Graham James An assessment of information flow as an enabler to collaboration in the supply chain within a South African context Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-31
Obagwu, Joseph Developing biopesticides for control of citrus fruit pathogens of importance in global trade Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2005-09-27
Obayopo, Surajudeen Olanrewaju Performance enhancement in proton exchange membrane cell - numerical modeling and optimisation Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering 2013-07-12
Oberholster, Paul Johan Monitoring toxicity in raw water of the Cache la Pourdre River and Sheldon Lake, Colorado, USA using biomarkers and molecular marker technology Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2006-09-01
Oberholster, Abraham Johannes The development of an on-line fan blade damage detection methodology Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering 2007-04-12
Oberholster, Abraham Johannes The application of Eulerian laser Doppler vibrometry to the on-line condition monitoring of axial-flow turbomachinery blades Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering 2010-06-24
Oberholzer, Corne Quality management in forensic accounting Gordon Institute of Business Science 2003-10-07
Oberholzer, Izak Gerhardus The effect of nutrient rich water on the biological control of water hyacinth Zoology and Entomology 2007-10-08
Oberholzer, Helena Susanna Onderwysers se deurleefde ervaring van werksbevrediging in die onderwys (Afrikaans) Education Management and Policy Studies 2008-08-11
Oberholzer, Ruanda Perceptions of taxation : a comparative study of different population groups in South Africa Taxation 2008-05-19
Oberholzer, Christoffel Johannes Van dorpsplein tot kansel : ‘n prakties-teologiese ondersoek na die invloed van huisbesoek op die prediking (Afrikaans) Practical Theology 2008-07-24
Oberholzer, Hester Magdalena Investigating the effect of Withania somnifera on coagulation, blood count and bronchial lavage of Balb/c mice Anatomy 2008-08-12 restricted
Oberholzer, Hester Magdalena Evaluation of the anti-inflammatory properties of a complex homeopathic product Modul8® using the BALB/c murine asthmatic animal model Anatomy 2010-04-29 restricted
Oberholzer, Gerhard J Die ontwikkeling van diensbare leierskap in ‘n post-moderne geloofsgemeenskap : ‘n prakties-teologiese ondersoek van Suid-Afrikaanse immigrante in Brisbane, Australië (Afrikaans) Practical Theology 2011-06-14
Ochse, Angela Dynamics of conflict in lesbian intimate unions : an exploratory study Sociology 2010-02-23
Ochwoh, Victor Akangah The dynamics of phosphorus extractability, adsorption, and desorption rates as influenced by phosphorus applications and incubation times Plant Production and Soil Science 2005-10-12
Odame, Angela The relevance of strategic planning for entrepreneurial businesses in South Africa Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-25
Odendaal, Bernardus Johannes Competitive Intelligence with specific reference to the challenges facing the Competitive Intelligence Professional in South Africa Political Sciences 2005-02-09
Odendaal, Estelle Rhode An exploration of the state of self-publishing in the academic publishing sector of South Africa Information Science 2008-10-27
Odendaal, Elizabeth Margaretha Regulering van die ouditeursprofessie in Suid-Afrika (Afrikaans) Auditing 2006-05-25
Odendaal, Paul Nielen Seasonal changes in the ovarian structure of the cape fur seal (Arctocephalus pusillus pusillus) Zoology and Entomology 2006-12-06
Odendaal, Petrus Johannes Osteo-inductive potential of different doses of recombinant human osteogenic protein-1 Periodontics and Oral Medicine 2007-01-05
Odendaal, Johannes Stefanus Joubert A physiological basis for animal-facilitated psychotherapy Physiology 2008-02-06
Odendaal, Viona Describing an asset-based intervention to equip educators with HIV&AIDS coping and support competencies Educational Psychology 2007-10-02
Odendaal, Johann Wilhelm Smallberger Die skrifbeskouing van die vroeë kerkvaders uit Afrika (veral Tertullianus en Augustinus) en hulle relevansie vir Suidelike-Afrika (Afrikaans) Church History and Church Polity 2007-10-29
Odendaal, Maria Magdalena The estimation and management of cost over the life cycle of metallurgical research projects Financial Management 2009-10-26
Odendaal, Nerine Daphne Investigating indigenous stone play as a projection medium in child psychological assessment Educational Psychology 2010-07-28
Odendaal, Christiaan Jacobus In silico prediction of host-pathogen protein - protein interactions in the malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum Biochemistry 2011-06-23
Odendaal, Maria Elizabeth An interpretive case study into the application of software engineering theory Computer Science 2012-06-22
Odera, Florence Yukabet A study of computer integrated education in secondary schools in Nyanza Province, Kenya Curriculum Studies 2005-07-27
Odoi-Tanga, Fredrick Politics, ethnicity and conflict in post independent Acholiland, Uganda 1962-2006 Historical and Heritage Studies 2010-05-16
Oelofse, Eriaan Core and peripheral cultural values and their relationship to transformational leadership attributes of South African managers Psychology 2007-05-16
Oelofse, Andries Johannes Development of a MIAME-compliant microarray data management system for functional genomics data integration Biochemistry 2007-08-22
Oelofse, Christina Hermiena The learner profile of a teenage cell phone user Curriculum Studies 2009-07-10
Oelofsen, Melanie The use of Gestalt therapy as an alternative assessment technique with primary school girls who have been sexually abused Curriculum Studies 2008-07-23
Oelofsen, Melanie The use of Gestalt therapy as an alternative assessment technique with primary school girls who have been sexually abused Educational Psychology 2007-11-19
Ogina, T A How school principals understand and implement HIV/AIDS policy in schools Education Management 2004-03-30
Ogina, Teresa Auma Redefining the role of educators in managing the needs of orphaned learners Education Management and Policy Studies 2008-05-20
Ogo, Mariam Florence Molecular epidemiology of dog rabies in Nigeria : phylogeny based on N and G gene sequences Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2010-02-17
Ogunniyi, Iyiola Olatunji Investigation into froth flotation for the beneficiation of printed circuit board comminution fines Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering 2010-06-10
Ogunronbi, Oluseun Ifeanyi Maximum heat transfer rate density from a rotating multiscale array of cylinders Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering 2011-07-11
Oguttu, James Wabwire Antimicrobial drug resistance of enteric bacteria from broilers fed antimicrobial growth enhancers and exposed poultry abattoir workers Paraclinical Sciences 2008-07-16
Oh, Hyunchul Henry Preaching as interaction between church and culture: with specific reference to the Korean church Practical Theology 2004-04-08
Oh, Jong Teack A comparison of Wesley's eighteenth century revival and the Korean revival movement - in the view of the revival and social reform Church History and Church Polity 2005-05-11
Oh, Jong Teack The roots of puritanism in the Korean Presbyterian Church Church History and Church Polity 2008-05-22
Oh, Kyung Hwan Korean missionaries in Southern Africa : a discussion and evaluation of Korean missionary activity in Southern Africa, 1980-2006 Science of Religion and Missiology 2008-11-07
Ohlson de Fine, Tammy-Lee Private sector communication of non-financial information : critical insight into investor expectation Gordon Institute of Business Science 2011-06-18
Ojiambo, Colbert EU-ACP economic agreements and WTO/GATT compatibility : options for ACP countries under Cotonou Agreement Centre for Human Rights 2010-10-04
Okagbare, Tuweyire Erherhebue Determinants of self-reported periodontal health in South Africa : results from a national survey Community Dentistry 2010-12-14
Okon, Emmanuel Diplomatic protection of human rights as practised by South Africa and Nigeria Public Law 2011-11-01
Okon, Ekanem Protection of the right to a family within the context of separated and unaccompanied children in natural disasters Private Law 2012-05-25
Okore, Margaret How teachers understand, respond to, and implement values education in Kenyan schools Education Management and Policy Studies 2007-09-19
Okoth, Susan Sande Beekeeping and forest conservation : a case study of Arabuko Sokoke Forest, Kenya Zoology and Entomology 2011-07-13 restricted
Oladokun, Olugbade Samuel Distance education and the role of the library : a case study at the University of Botswana Information Science 2005-10-20
Oladoyinbo, Olarotimi Samuel An evaluation of the difference in the persentation and treatment response of Tuberculosis in HIV and TB sputum positive patients : Haart versus pre-Haart era School of Health Systems and Public Health 2010-05-12
Olakoyejo, Olabode Thomas Geometric optimisation of conjugate heat transfer in cooling channels with different cross-sectional shapes Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering 2013-06-12
Olaokun, Oyinlola Oluwunmi The value of extracts of Ficus lutea (Moraceae) in the management of Type II diabetes in a mouse obesity model Paraclinical Sciences 2013-05-27
Olckers, Chantal A multi-dimensional measure of psychological ownership for South African organisations Human Resource Management 2011-10-15
Olckers, Heinrich Entopia : creating an urban transition space Architecture 2011-11-29
Olckers, Catharina Johanna A training programme in the DSM system for social workers Social Work and Criminology 2013-06-14
Old, Luani Estelle The body as defence in a borderline personality Psychology 2011-08-24 restricted
Olds, Cassandra Leah The isolation and characterisation of a Babesia bovis stock from outbreaks on a farm in the Swartberg region of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2009-02-20
Olekambainei, Arip-Kituyan Emmanuel The influence of moulding moisture content on the engineering properties of aggregate-lime-natural pozzolan mixes Civil and Biosystems Engineering 2005-06-09
Oliever, Lorraine Anneline The medico-legal investigation of unexplained deaths in Pretoria, South Africa : the role of death investigators as a new professional subgroup Forensic Medicine 2012-08-02 restricted
Oliphant, Verna “Insights into export-led growth of SMMES in the coatings and inks market in the Western Cape” Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-04-23
Oliver, Colin Malcolm The role of the ram in the impala (Aepyceros melampus) mating system Veterinary Wildlife Unit 2005-03-29
Oliver, Neil Norman Water used in urban schools in Gauteng North, South Africa Construction Economics 2007-04-11
Olivier, Hermanus Bernardus Die plaaslike missionęre gemeente in transformasie - met besondere verwysing na die kleingroep as voertuig vir die bevordering van koinonia (Afrikaans) Science of Religion and Missiology 2005-05-18
Olivier, Nicholas Abraham Isolation and cahracterization of antibacterial peptides from hemolymph of the soft tick, Ornithodoros savignyi Biochemistry 2005-10-07
Olivier, Andrew John Novel carbene complexes with pyrrole ligands Chemistry 2006-02-24
Olivier, Johanna Maria Die vertaling en ontwikkeling van sinsmateriaal vir die evaluasie van spraakpersepsie by Xhosa-sprekendes (Afrikaans) Communication Pathology 2006-07-17
Olivier, Albert Willem Handi-capable: a psychosocial adjustment centre for people with spinal cord injuries Architecture 2006-07-18
Olivier, Johan-Paul A proposed model for measurement of capital generation by small business as a contribution to economic development Graduate School of Management 2006-12-15
Olivier, Melani Die ontwikkeling en toepassing van ‘n voorlopige meetinstrument vir die bepaling van primęre sorggewers se behoeftes rakende die hantering van die persoon met ‘n traumatiese breinbesering (Afrikaans) Communication Pathology 2007-05-15
Olivier, Brenda Jean Increased osteoclastogenesis and bone resorption by peripheral blood mononuclear cells in chronic liver disease patients with osteopenia Chemical Pathology 2008-08-12
Olivier, Jan Hendrik A profile on alcohol consumption among South African dentists : a dentist’s perspective Social Work and Criminology 2009-05-31
Olivier, Hermina A Fenomenografiese ondersoek na verhoudinge binne die bategebaseerde benadering (Afrikaans) Educational Psychology 2010-05-01
Olivier, Jonathan Albert Single -phase heat transfer and pressure drop of water cooled at a constant wall temperature inside horizontal circular smooth and enhanced tubes with different inlet configuration in the transitional flow regime Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering 2010-01-15
Olivier, Pieter Ignatius An evaluation of southern Africa's elephant sub-populations as a metapopulation Zoology and Entomology 2010-08-13
Olivier, Nicolaas Johannes Jacobus The impact of China’s need for sustained access to oil resources on post-comprehensive peace agreement Sudan and Southern Sudan Political Sciences 2010-09-21
Olivier, Andrew John Modification of rhenium carbonyls with thienyl nucleophiles Chemistry 2010-10-06
Olivier, Gerhard Hercules Educators' perceptions of corporal punishment Education Management and Policy Studies 2011-06-07
Olivier, Klasie Design and implementation of a wideband high fidelity mixed-signal digital signal processing and repeater hardware platform Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2011-10-19 restricted
Olivier, Jeane Development of a silk protein based wound dressing and its effect on wound healing in rats Anatomy 2011-12-15 restricted
Olivier, Laurentz Eugene Peripheral control tools for a run-of-mine ore milling circuit Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2012-07-19
Olokun, Mariane The potential impact of an inclusionary Housing policy on the affordability housing in South Africa Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-25
Olutola, Bukola Ganiyat Socio-environmental factors associated with self-rated oral health : a mixed effects model School of Health Systems and Public Health 2012-05-21
Oluwadare, Boaz Olufemi A critical analysis of the outcomes of different funding streams impact on job creation in small businesses in Gauteng Gordon Institute of Business Science 2012-06-02
Olwoch, Jane Mukarugwiza Climate change and tick-host relationships in Africa Zoology and Entomology 2007-06-08
Omami, Elizabeth Nabwile Responses of Amaranth to salinity stress Plant Production and Soil Science 2006-02-03
Omar, Muhammad Saadiq Stimulating vitality : facilities for the promotion of healthy living in Olievenhoutbosch Architecture 2012-12-07 restricted
Omaruaye, Nomvula Assessing the value add of leadership development programmes, from the line manager’s perspective Gordon Institute of Business Science 2012-07-29
Omidire, Margaret Funke Investigating dynamic assessment as a means of addressing the assessment dilemma of additional language learners Educational Psychology 2010-05-01
Omomowo, Kolawole Emmanuel Subcontracting of work and workers' protection in post-apartheid South Africa : a case study of cleaning services workers Sociology 2010-04-09
Omotoye, Abiodun Marumo Tito An evaluation of the retention and career management policy for senior management in the South African Public Service with specific reference to the Limpopo Province School of Public Management and Administration 2011-10-07
Omran, Mahamed G. H. Particle Swarm Optimization Methods for Pattern Recognition and Image Processing Computer Science 2005-02-17
Onanena, Marie Catherine Isolation and characterization of genome differences in the indigenous grass Monocymbium ceresiiforme Botany 2005-05-23
Ongosi, Anita Nyaboke Nutrient intake and nutrition knowledge of lactating women (0-6) months postpartum) in a low socio-economic area in Nairobi, Kenya Food Science 2011-06-29
Ongwae, Benard Monte Effective scheduling of hybrid batch and continuous processes Chemical Engineering 2009-11-26 restricted
Onkendi, Edward Makori Molecular characterization of root-knot nematodes (Meloidogyne spp.) parasitizing potatoes (Solanum tuberosum) in South Africa Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2013-05-16
Onyeji, Christian The study of Abigbo choral-dance music and its application in the composition of Abigbo for modern symphony orchestra Music 2005-10-24
Onyiuke, Young Sook Childhood music education in Nigeria : a case study Music 2006-10-13
Oosterberg, Dolan Russell Morphological traits as early indicators of male broiler breeder fertility Animal and Wildlife Sciences 2013-06-04 restricted
Oosthuizen, Lizebelle Verkenning van die onderwyser rol van die moeder in tuisskoolonderrig (Afrikaans) Educational Psychology 2005-04-28
Oosthuizen, Maria Kathleen The circadian system of African mole-rats : behavioural activity rhythms and early gene expression ( c-fos ) in the suprachiasmatic nucleus Zoology and Entomology 2005-10-07
Oosthuizen, Maria Kathleen The reproductive biology of the solitary Cape mole-rat, Georychus capensis and the social Natal mole-rat, Cryptomys hottentotus natalensis (Rodentia : Bathyergidae) Zoology and Entomology 2008-07-29
Oosthuizen, Marthinus Phillipus An investigation into facilitating learning via the whole brain model in the Study Unit of Toothmorphology Curriculum Studies 2005-12-19
Oosthuizen, Daniel Jacobus The role of activated sludge extracellular polymers and aerobic biomass in the removal of phosphorus from wastewater Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2006-02-15
Oosthuizen, Daniel Jacobus Economic evaluation and design of an electric arc furnace controller based on economic objectives Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2007-12-07
Oosthuizen, Carel Jakobus Genetic variation within Cape stumpnose, Rhabdosargus holubi Steindachner (Teleostei: Sparidae) Genetics 2008-07-09
Oosthuizen, Helena An educational intervention to improve the quality of care of diabetic patients Clinical Epidemiology 2008-08-04
Oosthuizen, Wessel Christiaan Untagged southern elephant seals at Marion Island : origin and demographic consequences Zoology and Entomology 2010-07-15
Oosthuizen, Cornelia Maria A restrospective study of a Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome outbreak in South Africa in 2004 Production Animal Studies 2011-06-10
Oosthuizen, Rudi Income tax deductions available to taxpayees in respect of payment for intellectual property Taxation 2011-07-25 restricted
Oosthuizen, Willem Johannes A comparative study between South Africa, the United States and Australia of the taxing of income from gambling activities Taxation 2011-07-20 restricted
Oosthuizen, Annelize A critical analysis of alternatives for estate duty from a South African viewpoint Taxation 2011-07-27 restricted
Oosthuizen, Ilze Bilateral processing benefit in sequentially implanted adult cochlear implant users Communication Pathology 2011-12-09
Oosthuizen, Dirk Johannes Jacobus Acoustic cues for vowel identification in noise : modelling and measurement Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2012-08-30 restricted
Oosthuizen, Anna Catharina The hazard of sinkholes formation in the Centurion CBD and surrounding areas : Pretoria, Gauteng Geology 2013-05-15
Oosthuysen, Wessel Marthinus Redefining Maputo downtown : flood management through a sustainable landscape architecture intervention Architecture 2012-01-03
Opper, Bjorn Compromised affect and learning associated with Crouzon Syndrome – a clinical case study Educational Psychology 2007-10-02
Opperman, Johanna Alberta Die emosionele belewenis van 'n beenmurgoorplanting : 'n Maatskaplike Werk perspektief (Afrikaans) Social Work 2005-07-25
Opperman, Tertius Tribological evaluation of joint fluid and the development of a synthetic lubricant for use in hip joint simulators Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering 2005-07-28
Opperman, Rudolph Gesinne wat misdaadgeweld oorleef : 'n narratief-pastorale soeklig [Afrikaans] Practical Theology 2007-08-30
Opperman, Sanette Beatrix The coping responses of the adolescent siblings of children with severe disabilities Centre for Augmentative and Alternative Communication 2006-07-17
Opperman, Tjaart Adriaan Kruger A 5 GHz BiCMOS I/Q VCO with 360° variable phase outputs using the vector sum method Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2009-04-08
Orban, Louise Petra Ondersoek na die persepsie van onderwysers met betrekking tot samewerking met die spelterapeut in die hantering van die kind wat multi-getraumatiseerd is (Afrikaans) Social Work 2004-02-23
Orlandi, Laetitia Annette Basic piano instruction for vocal art students at the Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria, South Africa Music 2010-04-08
Orleow, Lisa The impact of inter-organisational trust dimensions on first time purchase intent in professional services Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-05-07
Orsmond, Michelle Influence of phosphorus supplementation on growth and reproductive characteristics of beef cows in the semi-arid bushveld of South Africa Animal and Wildlife Sciences 2008-08-20
Orsmond, Charles Petrus Marais The effect of filler metal on the corrosion resistance of stainless steel weldments in a hot organic acid environment Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering 2010-08-30
Ortiz, Valeria Gayo Molecular evaluation of transovarial transmission of the Uruguayan vaccine strains of Babesia bovis and Babesia bigemina Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2006-03-30
Orton, Jacques Urban agriculture - a community development project Architecture 2010-02-02
Osae, William Kwabena A value assessment of mergers and acquisition in the South African mining industry Mining Engineering 2011-07-11
Osborn, David Vincent Innovation in distribution models at the base of the pyramid Gordon Institute of Business Science 2012-07-29
Osman, Amira Omer Siddig Space, place and meaning in northern riverain Sudan Architecture 2004-09-21
Osman, Sarah Omer Siddig Surface roughness of InP after N+2 bombardment: Ion areic dose dependence Physics 2005-05-13
Osman, Rafeeq Digital media exchange : a digital media school in Pretoria Architecture 2008-09-17
Osman, Muhammad Suhail Concentration / desalination of industrial effluents with membrane distillation Chemical Engineering 2010-09-02 restricted
Osman, Imraan Idhris The sustainability of corporate social responsibility spend by the South African mining industry Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-02-24
Ossip, Jared Gidon The value relevance of mandatory IFRS adoption in South Africa Accounting 2011-11-07
Ostaszewicz, Anna Julia The Hurst parameter and option pricing with fractional Brownian motion Mathematics and Applied Mathematics 2013-02-01
Osuagwuh, Uchebuchi I Semen quality and the excretion of lumpy skin disease virus in semen following vaccination and experimental challenge of vaccinated bulls Production Animal Studies 2007-03-30
Osuagwuh, Joanne Claire A multi-species study on feed-based environmental enrichment at the National Zoological Gardens, Pretoria Zoology and Entomology 2009-08-12 restricted
Otlogetswe, Thapelo Joseph Corpus design for Setswana lexicography African Languages 2008-07-01
Otomiewo, Ufuoma The provision of basic education in Nigeria - challenges and way forward Centre for Human Rights 2012-09-11
Ott, Theresia Landscape heterogeneity as a determinant of range utilization by African elephants (Loxodonta africana) in mesic savannas Zoology and Entomology 2008-05-22
Ott, Theresia The response of biological communities to spatial and temporal changes in a regenerating coastal dune forest along the north-east coast of South Africa Zoology and Entomology 2013-01-30
Otte, Eddie A structural design procedure for cement-treated layers in pavements Civil and Biosystems Engineering 2013-05-27
Overbeek, Gerhard Ewout Crystallographic and thermal investigation of coordination and ionic compounds of metal halides and 4-aminobenzoic acid and related molecules Chemistry 2011-10-28
Owino, Daniel Phonological nativization of Dholuo loanwords African Languages 2004-02-09
Owusu-Agyemang, Kwame The contribution of the Tsolo red meat cluster to household income and general well-being Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2008-09-22 restricted
Owusu-Sekyere, Emmanuel Foreign inflows of remittances into sub-Saharan Africa Economics 2012-05-08
Ox, Ivan Simplified sizing and selection of HVAC systems Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering 2006-07-03
Oyieke, Yvonne Anyango Investigating the gap between law's promises and rural women's lived reality : a case for narratives Jurisprudence 2012-11-27
Oyugi, Evonne Laura Adhiambo Microbiological quality of shredded Cheddar cheese packaged in modified atmospheres Food Science 2008-03-10

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