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Assane, Yunus Amade Human taenia solium cysticercosis in the district of Angonia, Mozambique : prevalence rates and clinical aspects Neurology 2012-04-27 restricted
Schutte, Clara-Maria Meningitis in South African adults : an evaluation of prognostic indicators, impact of HIV-infection, and diagnostic dilemmas Neurology 2005-10-27
Thobejane, Emmanuel Kgoro The outcome of intracranial subdural empyema at Steve Biko Academic Hospital : retrospective study Neurosurgery 2012-10-04
Beukes, Cornelius Johannes 'n Postmoderne redekritiek vir kerk en teologie (Afrikaans) New Testament Studies 2007-01-18
Bleek, Terry Noel The interrelationship of theology, history and literary artistry in Acts : from a canonical reader’s perspective New Testament Studies 2012-10-02
Boonzaaier, Jacobus God, skepping en verlossing : 'n eksegetiese verkenning van Kolossense 1:13-20 (Afrikaans) New Testament Studies 2003-03-27
Bredenkamp, D S M EGKR´ATEIA in die Pauliniese hoofbriewe (Afrikaans) New Testament Studies 2003-09-30
Cataldo, Chet William “A Spiritual Portrait of a Believer” : a comparison between the emphatic “I” of Romans 7, Wesley and the Mystics New Testament Studies 2007-06-22
Chivington, Ryan D An investigation for possible parallels of the Roman imperial cult (Caesar-Nero) in the New Testament book of Hebrews New Testament Studies 2007-11-19
Cromhout, Markus The Reconstruction of Judean Ethnicity in Q New Testament Studies 2006-09-29
Dannhauser, Estelle Henrietta Jesus The Prophet: Maps and Memories New Testament Studies 2006-09-29
De Wet, Burgert Wynand Koinonia as teologiese raamwerk in Paulus se hantering van die probleemkwessies in 1 Kor 5-6 en 8:1-11:1 (Afrikaans) New Testament Studies 2005-11-02
Dreyer, Yolanda Institutionalization of authority and titles used for Jesus New Testament Studies 2007-01-18
Franken, Christoffel Paulus se hantering van eksterne stressors en die verhouding tussen identiteit, etiek en etos in Filippense New Testament Studies 2011-09-23 restricted
Greeff, Cornelius Wilhelm Die gebruik van Theos in Openbaring 4:1-11 (Afrikaans) New Testament Studies 2010-09-01 restricted
Groenewald, Jonanda Baptism, Eucharist, and the earliest Jesus-groups – from the perspective of alternate states of consciousness New Testament Studies 2006-09-29
Howes, Llewellyn The sayings gospel Q within the contexts of the third and renewed quests for the historical Jesus : wisdom and apocalypticism in the first century New Testament Studies 2013-04-10
Hwang, Won-Ha The theological role of "signs" in the Gospel of John New Testament Studies 2004-03-29
Hwang, Won-Ha The presence of the risen Jesus in and among his followers with special reference to the first farewell discourse in John 13:31-14:31 New Testament Studies 2007-06-22
Janse van Rensburg, Hanre The resurrection revived : a critical examination New Testament Studies 2010-07-12
Jin, Soo Keum Doxa and related concepts in the fourth Gospel : an inquiry into the manifestation of Doxa in Jesus' cross New Testament Studies 2007-07-03
Jones, Robert Johannes 'n Kerugmatiese perspektief op bedieninge in die Nuwe Testament (Afrikaans) New Testament Studies 2007-03-29
Jones, Robert Johannes Die vorming van ’n eietydse ampsbegrip : Jesus se oproep tot dissipelskap (Afrikaans) New Testament Studies 2010-10-23
Joubert, Johann van Dijk A comparative study of the Paraclete statements and references to the Holy Spirit in the Johannine Gospel New Testament Studies 2007-04-19
Khathide, Goodman Agrippa Spirits in the first-century Jewish world, Luke-Acts and in the African context: an analysis New Testament Studies 2005-05-20
Kim, Ju-Won Old Testament quotations within the context of Stephen's speech in Acts New Testament Studies 2007-10-11
Kim, Daewon Perseverance in Hebrews New Testament Studies 2009-06-05
Kim, Jae Soon “The Prophet like Moses” motif of Dt 18:15, 18 in John’s Gospel New Testament Studies 2009-06-19
Kok, Jacobus Siekte en gebrokenheid teenoor genesing en restourasie in Johannes (Afrikaans) New Testament Studies 2008-11-07
Kwon, Hyukjung The reception of Psalm 118 in the New Testament : application of a “New Exodus Motif”? New Testament Studies 2007-10-17
Lee, Sug-Ho Unbelief as a theme in Mark’s Gospel New Testament Studies 2006-09-29
Lee, Paul Byeong Malachi’s eschatological figures’ arrival motif in the Gospel of Luke and its relation to the other Gospels New Testament Studies 2011-06-14
Licona, Michael Ren The historicity of the resurrection of Jesus : historiographical considerations in the light of recent debates New Testament Studies 2009-04-02
Loubser, Gysbert Matthys Hendrik Ethics in the new creation : a celebration of freedom! A perspective from Paul’s Letter to the Galatians New Testament Studies 2006-05-15
Mahlangu, Elijah The family (reality and imagery) as a hermeneutical prodedure for interpreting the Gospels within the socio-cultural context of the ancient Mediterranean world : an African social-descriptive approach New Testament Studies 2006-11-13
Meylahn, Elsie Petronella ‘n Narratief-kritiese benadering as hermeneutiese raamwerk vir ‘n vergelykende studie tussen die boeke Openbaring en The Lord of the Rings (Afrikaans) New Testament Studies 2006-02-28
Mohlaphuli, Tebele William Human Rights from a Biblical perspective New Testament Studies 2005-09-08
Molina, Carlos G An interpretation of Revelation 7:1-3 : in continuum with the historicist approach of interpretation New Testament Studies 2010-10-23 restricted
Moon, Jongyoon Mark as contributive amanuensis of 1 Peter? An inquiry into Mark's involvement in light of first-century letter writing New Testament Studies 2008-11-07
Motloba, Mogorosi John A South African post-colonial interpretation of Paul's cross theology in Romans 3:21-31 New Testament Studies 2008-11-05
Mulder, Frederik Sewerus The resurrection of Jesus : recent major figures in the debate New Testament Studies 2007-10-31
Mvunabandi, Shadrack The communicative power of blood sacrifices : a predominantly South African perspective with special reference to the Epistle to the Hebrews New Testament Studies 2008-11-05
Nagel, Peter The explicit kypioÓ and ÈeoÓ citations by Paul : an attempt at understanding Paul’s deity concepts New Testament Studies 2012-09-15
Ndwandwe, Hummingfield Charles Nkosinathi Reading 1 John in a Zulu context: hermeneutical issues New Testament Studies 2001-10-09
Nebreda, Sergio Rosell ‘Have this mind’ : a socio-scientific reading of Philippians 2:5-11 New Testament Studies 2009-09-25 restricted
Negrov, Alexander Ivanovich Biblical interpretation in the Russian Orthodox Church : a historical and hermeneutical perspective New Testament Studies 2008-05-30
Nel, Gerhardus Cornelius Johannes Die etiese uitsprake van Jesus : apokalipties-eskatologies of eties-eskatologies begrond? (Afrikaans) New Testament Studies 2005-12-05
Nyiawung, Mbengu David Who is the Christ? leadership and conflict in Luke 9:18-22 : a social scientific- and narratological analysis from an African perspective New Testament Studies 2010-10-23
Park, Seong-Su Christology as motivation for ethical exhortation in 1 Peter and Philippians New Testament Studies 2007-10-11
Pienaar, Johannes P Die verhouding tussen die christologie en etiek in die brief aan die Kolossense (Afrikaans) New Testament Studies 2010-07-29
Potgieter, Salomon Theodorus Ekklesiologiese perspektiewe volgens die Evangelie van Johannes : 'n eksegeties-teologiese ondersoek (Afrikaans) New Testament Studies 2006-03-23
Potgieter, Jordaan 'n Nuwe Testamentiese studie in hermeneutiek : die homoseksualiteitsdebat in die Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk (1986-2004) (Afrikaans) New Testament Studies 2007-04-18
Punch, John David Life and ‘The Scriptures’ in John 5:39-40 New Testament Studies 2007-09-18
Reinstorf, Dieter Heinrich Metaphorical stories in Luke's narrative world : a challenge to a conventional worldview New Testament Studies 2006-11-13
Rousseau, Jacques A multidimensional approach towards the communication of an ancient canonized text: towards determining the thrust, perspective and strategy New Testament Studies 2009-02-12
Rudolph, Stefanus Hermanus There will be no death : exegetical evaluation of the concepts of life and death in the Book of Revelation New Testament Studies 2007-04-19
Rukundwa, Lazare Sebitereko Justice and righteousness in Matthean Theology and its relevance to the Banyamulenge community: a post-colonial reading New Testament Studies 2006-09-29
Schutte, Philippus Jacobus Wilhelmus Jesus - a Kerygma to live by - A postmodern understanding of myth, resurrection and canon New Testament Studies 2005-05-26
Shin, In-Cheol Matthew’s inclusive community : a narratological and social scientific reading New Testament Studies 2005-05-26
Shin, Eun-Chul More than conquerors : the conqueror (NIKΑΏ) motif in the Book of Revelation New Testament Studies 2007-10-11
Smit, Guillaume H Marturia in the Gospel of John : towards an emerging, missional ecclesiology within a South African Dutch Reformed context New Testament Studies 2011-06-08
Steenberg, Pierre Francois The reversal of roles as the reasoning for remaining Christian in the face of hardship in the First Epistle of Peter New Testament Studies 2006-03-23
Steyn, Gert Jacobus Septuagint quotations in the context of the Petrine and Pauline speeches of the Acta Apostolorum New Testament Studies 2009-07-28
Van der Merwe, Dirk Gysbert Discipleship in the fourth gospel New Testament Studies 2012-10-01
Van Wyk, Daniel Johannes Cornelius Die relevansie van historiese Jesus-navorsing vir kerk en teologie : 'n hermeneutiese vraagstelling (Afrikaans) New Testament Studies 2007-01-18
Venter, Philippus Arnoldus Nuwe Testamentiese perspektiewe op die doop as herhaalbare verbondsteken : ‘n eksegeties-dogmatologiese ondersoek (Afrikaans) New Testament Studies 2010-10-23 restricted
Vermeulen, Jan Jurie Leiers wat dien en bédien. ‘n Eksegetiese ondersoek na leierskap in die Pauliniese briewe (Afrikaans) New Testament Studies 2005-06-03
Volschenk, Gert Jacobus Eksegeties-metodologiese vooronderstellings van die ondersoek na die ekonomie in die leefwêreld van Matteus: toegepas op land, grondbesit en die jubilee (Afrikaans) New Testament Studies 2001-10-05
Weinmann, Clifford Frank God in Romeine 5-8 : 'n eksegeties-teologiese ondersoek na relevante Ou Testamentiese gedeeltes en Romeine 5-8 (Afrikaans) New Testament Studies 2006-03-08
Wong, Corinne Hong Sling The doxa of Christ and his followers in the fourth Gospel : an inquiry into the meaning and background of doxa in John 17:22 New Testament Studies 2008-04-18
Katua, Agatha Mary Comparison of filtered back projection and Osem in reducing bladder artifacts in pelvic spect imaging Nuclear Medicine 2011-07-08
Chabedi, Moleboge Antonia The mentoring role of unit managers in a clinical psychiatric setting Nursing Science 2011-06-22
Aspeling, Heila Elizabeth Factors associated with adherence to antiretroviral therapy for the treatment of HIV infected women attending an urban private health care facility Nursing Science 2007-10-15
Balfour, Liezl Development of a clinical pathway for non-invasive ventilation in a private hospital in Gauteng Nursing Science 2011-12-14
Dance, Sharmienne The clinical learning needs of students in an emergency nursing programme Nursing Science 2011-12-19 restricted
De Villiers, Anna Elizabeth Die Kalafong Hospitaal model vir verpleegpersoneelverryking (Afrikaans) Nursing Science 2009-10-12
Engelbrecht, Natasjha The magnitude of intra-professional violence that South African undergraduate nursing students are exposed to in the clinical learning environment Nursing Science 2011-12-14
Filmalter, Cecilia Jacoba The identification of components for a structured reflective tool to enhance continuous professional development of accident and emergency practitioners Nursing Science 2009-10-28
Gous, Marianne Exploring the experiences of adult female rape survivors in the emergency care environment Nursing Science 2009-10-26
Govender, Soundalay Lived experiences of haemodiaysis patients with erectile dysfunction : a phenomenological study Nursing Science 2012-05-21
Hennessy, Angie Catharina Facilitation of developmental care for high-risk neonates : an intervention study Nursing Science 2007-01-18
Heyns, Tanya Core competencies of the A&E (accident and emergency) nurse in life-threatening situations in the emergency care environment in South Africa Nursing Science 2005-09-27
Hyde, Elizabeth Maria Charlotta The knowledge of critical care nurses regarding legal liability issues Nursing Science 2007-10-15
Leech, Ronell The management of infant developmental needs by community nurses Nursing Science 2006-09-21 restricted
Mabale, Ngwako Theresa A comparison between four midwife obstretic units in the Pretoria region Nursing Science 2005-06-15
Maree, Catharina Magrieta Model for training of reflective neonatal nurses in a South African context Nursing Science 2009-01-21
Meiring, Annelie The image of nurses as perceived by the South African public Nursing Science 2011-06-22
Moeti, Morongwenyane Roseline Perceptions of the clinical competence of newly registered nurses in the North West Province Nursing Science 2005-10-26
Mokhondo, Kgabiso Rachel The effect of involving the private practioners on the quality of antenatal care of the indigent population of Tembisa Nursing Science 2011-06-22
Molefe, Wilheminah Ntombi The perceptions of pupil enrolled nurses with regard to the integration of theory into practice, in Gauteng Province Nursing Science 2011-11-24
Morake, Vuyelwa Violet Vivian Nursing learner's experiences with regard to caring for mothers after stillbirth deliveries at a public hospital in Gauteng Province Nursing Science 2013-05-09
Morudu, Letennwe Josephine Clinical decision making of neonatal intensive care professional nurses regarding the employment of bedside blood product filters during neonatal blood transfusion Nursing Science 2011-06-22
Ngunyulu, Roinah Nkhensani A model for incorporating “indigenous” postnatal care practices into the midwifery healthcare system in Mopani district, Limpopo Province, South Africa Nursing Science 2013-04-24 restricted
Peu, Mmapheko Doriccah Health promotion for families with adolescents orphaned by HIV/AIDS in rural Hammanskraal Nursing Science 2009-01-20 restricted
Phiri, Lesego Margaret Assessment of the needs of critically ill / injured patients' famalies in an accident and emergency unit Nursing Science 2010-07-22
Schultz, Alma The working environment of occupational health nurses as a determinant for professional development Nursing Science 2012-05-18
Sehume, Gloria Gaogakwe Ethical decision-making : the experience of nurses in selected clinical settings Nursing Science 2009-05-13
Shubane, Nancy Black critical care nurses' perceptions of organ donation and organ transplatation Nursing Science 2009-10-26 restricted
Sithole, Phumzile Cordelia An exploration of teaching strategies utilised in the facilitation of learning for first level students in General Nursing Science Nursing Science 2012-05-18
Swart, Maria Catharina Isabelle An appreciative inquiry of psychiatric nurses' experience of workplace support in a private mental health care setting Nursing Science 2012-11-26
Sypkens, Wanya Douma The role of the nurse in a cardiovascular risk management programme Nursing Science 2008-07-22
Templeton, Lynette The realization of conscientisation during sustainable community development : a participatory research approach Nursing Science 2007-01-04
Tsotetsi, Annajoseph Dulcie Experiences and support of the newly-qualified four-year trained professional nurses placed for remunerated community service in Gauteng province Nursing Science 2012-11-26
Van Eeden, Ilze Emelia Development of a nursing record tool for critically ill or injured patients in an accident and emergency (A&E) unit Nursing Science 2009-11-25
Van Heerden, Marius The perceptions of accident and emergency nurses regarding a structured debriefing programme in a private hospital in Gauteng Nursing Science 2007-10-15
Van Wyk, Sonett (E)valuating the pre-hospital learning environment by students enrolled for an emergency nursing programme Nursing Science 2012-11-26
Van Wyngaarden, Angeline Teaching strategies for theory content in an outcomes- and problem-based nursing education programme Nursing Science 2009-07-13
Visser, Marlize Air ambulance transport in sub-Saharan Africa : challenges experienced by health care professionals Nursing Science 2011-11-24
Windsor, Sonja An educational programme for critical care nurses on the interpretation of ventilator graphics Nursing Science 2007-10-15
Xaba, Anna Nnoi Perceptions of registered nurses on the factors influencing service delivery regarding expansion programmes in a primary health care setting Nursing Science 2009-02-17
Zarrabi, Eleonora Natali Relationship between lactate values and mortality in patients with haemorrhagic shock in an emergency unit Nursing Science 2011-11-23

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