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Author Name Title Department Date/Time

L'Abbe, Ericka N A palaeodemographic, palaeopathologic and morphologic study of the 20th Century Venda Anatomy 2006-03-07
Laage, Annelie A comparative study of environmental taxes in the South African context Taxation 2011-07-26
Laas, Johannes Jurgens Verbeelding as verhaalskeppende aktiwiteit in narratiewe pastorale terapie (Afrikaans) Practical Theology 2004-09-30
Laas, Annelie Combating bullying in schools : a South African legal perspective Private Law 2013-05-28
Laauwen, Hermanean May Explaining "non-reform" in special needs education policy in South Africa Education Management and Policy Studies 2004-09-09
Labeodan, Moremi Morire OreOluwapo Stochastic analysis of AIDS epidemiology Statistics 2009-10-17
Labuschagne, Elizabeth Ellen Factors to consider in the transition from a teacher-centred model to a learner-centred model in a computer-rich learning environment Curriculum Studies 2004-02-25
Labuschagne, Frederick Johannes Willem Jacobus Metal catalysed Intumescence of Polyhydroxyl compounds Chemical Engineering 2004-04-15
Labuschagne, Johannes Christiaan A study of the preparedness for a changing employment environment Human Resource Management 2004-08-02
Labuschagne, Johanna Catharina Die psigo-sosiale behoeftes van die ouers ten opsigte van die kind met enkoprese (Afrikaans) Social Work 2005-01-24
Labuschagne, Jacques Lorraine Interpersonal psychotherapy with a person who stutters Psychology 2005-01-25
Labuschagne, Carin Sustainable project life cycle management : criteria for the South African process industry Industrial and Systems Engineering 2007-10-17
Labuschagne, Carin Sustainable project life cycle management : development of social criteria for decision-making Engineering and Technology Management 2005-10-11
Labuschagne, Gerard Nicholas Serial murder revisited : a psychological exploration of two South African cases Psychology 2006-03-03
Labuschagne, Anneke Finite element analysis of plate and beam models Mathematics and Applied Mathematics 2006-12-08
Labuschagne, Wilhelmus 'n Bio-ekologiese en gedragstudie van die jagluiperd Acinonyx jubatus jubatus (Schreber, 1776) (Afrikaans) Zoology 2007-12-06
Labuschagne, Gerard Nicholas Foreign object insertion in sexual homicide cases : an exploratory study Social Work and Criminology 2008-08-22
Labuschagne, Christiaan De Jager Rapid detection of GES-type extended-spectrum β-lactamases in Pseudomonas aeruginosa with a peptide nucleic acid-based realtime PCR assay Medical Microbiology 2008-06-26
Labuschagne, Petrus Jacobus Automatic clustering with application to time dependent fault detection in chemical processes Chemical Engineering 2009-07-06
Labuschagne, Frederick Johannes Kerkleierskap as bemiddeling van 'n onmoontlike werklikheid : 'n prakties teologiese ondersoek na die rol van leierskap in die transformasie van gemeentes (Afrikaans) Practical Theology 2009-09-25
Labuschagne, Annemarie Haemorrhagic bowel syndrome in grower pigs Production Animal Studies 2010-08-13
Labuschagne, Marlene Helena Testing alternative methods for forecasting maize prices in South Africa Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2011-07-20 restricted
Labuschagne, Antoinette Mechanistic and synergistic actions of the in vitro antimycobacterial and immunomodulatory properties of Knowltonia vesicatoria (L.f.) Sims Plant Science 2011-10-31 restricted
Labuschagne, Hendrik Josephus The relationship between knowledge creation dimensions and the entrepreneurial performance of a local government institution in South Africa Business Management 2012-05-06
Labuschagne, Pieter Hendrik Johannes Die oneindige proses van historiese verstaan (Afrikaans) Old Testament Studies 2012-05-12
Labuschagne, Ilse Bernadette Timbre perception of cochlear implant users Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2012-08-08 restricted
Labuschagne, Alinke Heste Efficacy and crop tolerance of Stamina (pyraclostrobin) and Flite (triticonazole) seed treatment formulations against Fusarium, Pythium and Rhizoctonia soilborne diseases of maize Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2013-06-20
Lacheiner, Karen Tubules composed of non-structural protein NS1 of african horsesickness virus as system for the immune display of foreign peptides Genetics 2008-07-09
Lachenicht, Louise Fransie Die lewe en werk van Florence Zerffi (Afrikaans) Visual Arts 2007-05-07
Lacock, Lynelle Profiling of gene expression in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) line PI 137739 in response to Russian wheat aphid (Diuraphis noxia Mordvilco) feeding Genetics 2005-05-09
Lacock, Lynelle Genotype variation in regeneration and transformation efficiencies of South African wheat cultivars Genetics 2010-08-04
Laher, Ashraf Effectiveness of manual toothbrushes in patients with fixed orthodontic appliances Orthodontics 2007-01-05
Lai, Zhi Cheng Finite element analysis of electrostatic coupled systems using geometrically nonlinear mixed assumed stress finite elements Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering 2008-05-05
Lai, Yajuan The problem of low proficiency in English as a foreign language in urban middle schools in China Afrikaans 2010-03-16
Laka-Mathebula, Mmakgomo Roseline Modelling the relationship between organizational commitment, leadership style, human resources management practices and organizational trust Human Resource Management 2004-07-06
Lalkhen, Yusuf A phenomenological understanding of self-esteem in physically disabled adolescents in a non-disabled environment Psychology 2006-03-20
Lall, Namrita Isolation and identification of Naphthoquinones from Euclea natalensis with activity against Mycobacterium tubercolosis, other pathogenic bacteria and Herpes simplex virus Botany 2006-05-29
Lalla, Vedhna The impact of the merger on the employees of Tshwane Univerty of Technology Social Work and Criminology 2010-04-12
Lamb, Caroline Elizabeth The influence of maternal protein intake on aspects of sex-specific foetal and neonatal development in Mastomys Natalensis Zoology and Entomology 2006-12-06
Lamb, Mandy The components of career capital for knowledge workers in the global economy Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-23
Lamberti, Hayden The drivers of productive organisational energy Gordon Institute of Business Science 2011-04-30
Lambrechts, Johannes Wynand Phase noise reduction of a 0.35 μm BiCMOS SiGe 5 GHz Voltage Controlled Oscillator Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2009-11-11
Lamprecht, Renate Luise Characterization of two plant rhabdoviruses not previously reported in South Africa Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2009-06-08
Lamprecht, Tanandra Kristinet Practical issues for a lonely user of the Consumer Protection Act Mercantile Law 2012-08-24
Landman, Andreas Adriaan Aspects of solid-state chemistry of fly ash and ultramarine pigments Chemistry 2004-06-04
Landman, Liezel Integration of community development and statutory social work services within the developmental approach Social Work 2005-10-04
Landman, Marile Synthesis of metal complexes with thiophene ligands Chemistry 2006-12-04
Landman, Christina Gezina A Phenomenological analysis of a career planning system within an organization with a delayered organizational structure Human Resource Management 2007-01-19
Landman, Edith Phyllis Stearate intercalated layered double hydroxides : methods and applications Chemistry 2008-07-15
Landman, Stephanie A multi-model ensemble system for short-range weather prediction in South Africa Geography, Geoinformatics and Meteorology 2012-02-06
Landsberg, Carel Martin An analysis of Iranian negotiating style as evidenced from the 1979 US hostage crisis and the Iran-EU nuclear negotiations from 2003 to 2006 Political Sciences 2010-08-05
Landu, Landu Environmental LCA of water use in South Africa : the Rosslyn industrial area as a case study Chemical Engineering 2006-04-24
Lane, Liezel Generating a theory from predicting the success level of assurance representatives Psychology 2005-10-13
Lane, James Robert Timothy Using catadioptrics for multidimensional interaction in computer graphics Computer Science 2005-11-23
Langa, Rashwahla Lesiba Sydwell Optimisation of cell growth and shelf life stability of Megasphaera elsdenii NCIMB 41125 Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2010-11-02
Langenegger, Eric Emil Correlation between histological grade and ploidy status in potentially malignant disorders of the oral mucosa Periodontics and Oral Medicine 2010-08-11
Langeveldt, Mareli Music, music therapy and identity : investigating how South African children from socio-economically deprived communities identify with music Music 2007-11-21 restricted
Lanser, Charlene A critical analysis of the New Capital Maintenance rules in terms of the Companies Act 71 of 2008 Mercantile Law 2010-08-03
LaRey, Kim Gail The effect of dietry vitamin E supplementation on semen quality of A.I. dairy bulls Animal and Wildlife Sciences 2005-09-02
Larsen, Pauline N The Changing status of the Sandton Business District, 1969 - 2003 Geography, Geo-Informatics and Meteorology 2005-03-22
Larsen, Donovan Jake After the goldrush : willingness to pay for concert service and product attributes in South Africa Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-03-16
Lassauniere, Maria Magdalena Development of quantitative multiplex real-time RT-PCR assays for detection of 13 conventional and newly discovered viruses associated with lower respiratory tract infections in children in South Africa Medical Virology 2010-10-05
Lategan, Leon Normative isokinetic torque values for rehabilitation in South Africa Human Movement Science 2005-08-18
Laubscher, Franciscus Xavierus A model to predict the effect of the radiator core and ambient conditions on the performance of the cooling system of a rally car Mechanical Engineering 2007-04-17
Laubscher, Jacques An investigation of the National Building Regulations to promote uniformity and sustainability in the South African built environment Architecture 2011-10-12
Lauer, Juanne De Wet Female role portrayal in South African magazine advertisements Marketing and Communication Management 2012-07-16
Laughton, Lance Craig The hermeneutic of the author of Hebrews as manifest in the introductory formulae and its implications for modern hermeneutics Biblical and Religious Studies 2007-05-22
Laurens, Susan Structural and reactivity studies of new organophosphorus amides Physics 2006-02-06
Lauwrens, Jennifer The contested relationship between art history and visual culture studies : a South African perspective Visual Arts 2007-05-22
Law, Philip John Development and application of analysis modules in MADIBA, a Web-based toolkit for the interpretation of microarray data Biochemistry 2009-08-12
Law, Debbie A consideration of the retention ratio and the impact on selected management and investment performance metrics Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-05-05
Law, Eloise A phenomenological inquiry into the experiential world of ‘Second Life’ for individuals aged 60 years and older Psychology 2012-10-30
Lawrence, Desrae Adele Comparative analysis of revenue authorities’ approach to tax auditing and tax criminal investigation and its effect on tax compliance Taxation 2012-03-22 restricted
Lazenby, Karen Technology and educational innovation : a case study of the virtual campus of the University of Pretoria Teaching and Training Studies 2003-03-17
Le Grange, Rene Effective planning and organisation of a student theatre festival Drama 2004-08-11
Le Grange, Leon Ian Maintenance technology transfer in the South African aviation industry Engineering and Technology Management 2006-03-03
Le Grange, Brendan Promoting new venture formation by the unemployed Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-23
Le Grange, Sezanne Marle Factors influencing performance on a computerised neuropsychological test battery Psychology 2010-09-22 restricted
Le Grange, Lorainmari The vegetation ecology of the Seringveld Conservancy, Cullinan, South Africa Plant Science 2010-11-01
Le Roux, Ingrid Economic and management science learning area of Curriculum 2005 and entrepreneurial orientation Business Management 2003-11-24
Le Roux, Johanna Regine Josephe Corporate reputation in the information technology industry : a South African case study Marketing and Communication Management 2004-04-20
Le Roux, Tanya Practitioner’s constraints in advancing to more senior corporate communication roles: An exploratory study in the South African banking industry Marketing and Communication Management 2005-03-02
Le Roux, Emezia The validity of the assessment centre in predicting managerial performance of business development managers Human Resource Management 2005-03-17
Le Roux, Wessel Badenhorst Die estetiese republiek : kuns, reg en post-liberale politiek in Nietzsche, Arendt en Lyotard (Afrikaans) Legal History, Comparative Law and Jurisprudence 2005-07-20
Le Roux, Johannes Jacobus The diversity of root nodule bacteria associated with indigenous Lotononis spp. as determined by sodium dodecyl-sulphate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and 16S rDNA sequencing Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2005-09-05
Le Roux, Susanna Magdalena Die teenwoordigheid van histamien H3-reseptore op limfosiete en neutrofiele (Afrikaans) Pharmacology 2005-09-22
Le Roux, Ingrid Entrepreneurial Cognition and the decision to exploit a New Venture Creation Opportunity Business Management 2005-09-28
Le Roux, Liezel-Joan Die aanpassing van die Suid-Afrikaanse laat-adolessent tydens ‘n werksvakansie in die Verenigde Koninkryk : ‘n maatskaplikewerkondersoek (Afrikaans) Social Work 2005-10-05
Le Roux, Francois Petrus Jacobus An Investigation into the use of OpenGL as a library for the simulation of infrared scenarios Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2005-11-11
Le Roux, Dirk Cornelis Towards understanding dissatisfaction with explanations of IT value Informatics 2006-03-10
Le Roux, Jacobus Johannes Soil erosion prediction under changing land use on Mauritius Geography, Geo-Informatics and Meteorology 2006-06-12
Le Roux, Johannes Theodorus Ferreira Fluidised-bed chlorination of titania slag Industrial and Systems Engineering 2006-07-19
Le Roux, Emmerentia Elizabeth Loneliness in the therapeutic dialogue : an interpretation according to the concepts of Winnicott and Heidegger Psychology 2007-01-11
Le Roux, Wouter Jacobus Polulation dynamics of Vibrio cholerae in the Vaal Barrage catchment Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2007-02-16
Le Roux, Alta S Exploring branding as part of the corporate communication strategy of the Girl Guides Association Of South Africa (GGASA) Information Science 2007-05-22
Le Roux, Sophia School-community libraries : some guidelines for a possible model for South Africa Information Science 2008-04-14
Le Roux, Elizabeth Henriette Transforming a publishing division into a scholarly press : a feasibility study of the Africa Institute of South Africa Information Science (Publishing Studies) 2007-08-06
Le Roux, Felix The recognition of costs in different phases of completion of a construction contract Construction Economics 2008-04-21
Le Roux, Elritia ’n Johannese perspektief op die huwelik, geslagsrolle en seksualiteit met die oog op ’n nuwe etiese paradigma in ’n postmoderne konteks (Afrikaans) Biblical and Religious Studies 2008-11-13
Le Roux, Johannes Calvyn Transforming public space : re-generating Rissik station Architecture 2008-11-24
Le Roux, Cornelius Johannes Brink Umkhonto we Sizwe, its role in the ANC’s onslaught against white domination in South Africa, 1961-1988 Historical and Heritage Studies 2009-06-23
Le Roux, Samuel Jacques Measuring counterparty credit risk : an overview of the theory and practice Mathematics and Applied Mathematics 2009-10-07
Le Roux, Noelien Seasonal maize yield simulations for South Africa using a multi-model ensemble system Geography, Geo-Informatics and Meteorology 2009-11-30
Le Roux, Albertha Elizabeth Expanding music teachers’ perceptions of learning strategies in the 21st century Music 2010-10-09
Le Roux, Chantel Anne Real-time loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay for rapid detection of Rift Valley fever virus Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2010-10-22
Le Roux, Ilouise The development of a pre-implantation tool for rating the individualised information and support needs of parents of young cochlear implant candidates Communication Pathology 2011-07-04
Le Roux, Karlien Selective cytotoxicity of Crotalaria agatiflora subspecies agatiflora Schweinf Plant Science 2011-09-23 restricted
Le Roux, Willem Gabriel Maximum net power output from an integrated design of a small-scale open and direct solar thermal Brayton cycle Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering 2011-09-22
Le Roux, Neoline Homeowners' experience of the reality of homeownership in upmarket security estates in Tshwane, South Africa Consumer Science 2011-11-21
Le Roux, Jacobus Johannes Water erosion risk assessment in South Africa : towards a methodological framework Geography, Geoinformatics and Meteorology 2012-09-25
Le Roux, Catherine Anne Strategising for sustainability : a measurement tool Business Management 2013-05-10
Le Roux, Johan Derik Simplified grinding mill circuit models for use in process control Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2013-06-10
Le Roux, Elizabeth Henriette Between complicity and resistance : a social history of the university presses in apartheid South Africa Information Science 2013-06-10
Leaf, Caroline Mary The mind-mapping approach : a model and framework for geodesic learning Communication Pathology 2010-05-04
Leao, Antonio Jose Polymer film heat transfer elements for multi-effect and vapour compression desalination Physics 2008-08-19
Leask, Rhoda The effect of application of the FAMACHA© system on selected production parameters in sheep Production Animal Studies 2010-12-22
Lebaka, Kgeledi Johanna Kanegelorato Ya Sepedi African Languages 2006-12-13
Lebaka, Morakeng Edward Kenneth The ritual use of music in indigenous African religion : a Pedi perspective Biblical and Religious Studies 2006-02-27
Lebaka, Morakeng Edward Kenneth Psalm-like texts in African culture : a Pedi perspective Biblical and Religious Studies 2009-05-30
Lebaka, Kgeledi Johanna Megokgo ya lethabo : kanegelorato ya sepedi (Sepedi) African Languages 2013-03-07
Lebani, K An evaluation of consumers’ adoption and use of store cards and related facilities in Botswana Consumer Science 2008-04-24
Lebesa, Lefulesele Nteletsana Visual and olfactory cues used in host location by the blister beetle Hycleus apicicornis (Coleoptera: Meloidae), a pest of Desmodium (Fabaceae) species Zoology and Entomology 2013-05-21 restricted
Lebitso, Mokobori Tom Moses Assessment of nutritional value of single cell protein from waste activated sludge Chemical Engineering 2010-09-20
Lebopa, Cornelia Kedidimetse Feeding behaviour, plant species selection and in sacco ruminal digestion in Tswana and Boer goats Anatomy and Physiology 2011-01-06 restricted
Ledoka, Mpho Victoria Molecular characterization of trypanosomes commonly found in cattle, wild animals and Tsetse flies in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, 2005-2007 Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2009-07-29
Ledwaba, Neria Hunadi Identification of employees needs to be addressed in the HIV/AIDS programme at Aventis Pharmaceutical Company Social Work 2003-11-18
Ledwaba, Moroamaraba Shashi Johannes The development of indigenous leadership in the church of the province of Southern Africa, with special reference to the diocese of St. Mark the evangelist Science of Religion and Missiology 2005-08-01
Ledwaba, Hloni Factors affecting subsidiary level capability transfer in acquisitions Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-02-23
Lee, Sang-Heung Preaching for the upbuilding of the church in transition Practical Theology 2004-10-05
Lee, Wha-Suck Ideal perturbation of elements in C*-algebras Mathematics and Applied Mathematics 2005-01-18
Lee, Mikyung Chris Public dialogue between Church and Others through a communicative mode of madanggŭk : A practical theological perspective Practical Theology 2005-11-14
Lee, Sug-Ho Unbelief as a theme in Mark’s Gospel New Testament Studies 2006-09-29
Lee, Karen Reproductive management of semi-intensive Döhne Merino ewes fed with different protein supplements management of semi-intensive Animal and Wildlife Sciences 2009-08-07
Lee, Paul Byeong Malachi’s eschatological figures’ arrival motif in the Gospel of Luke and its relation to the other Gospels New Testament Studies 2011-06-14
Lee, Tamara Ann Determinants of protected area boundary crossings by savannah elephants, Loxodonta africana Zoology and Entomology 2013-02-14
Lee Son, Matthew Robert Predicting returns with the Put-Call Ratio Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-02-23
Leech, Ronell The management of infant developmental needs by community nurses Nursing Science 2006-09-21 restricted
Leeflang, Arne Karl An intra-textual study of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics Book VI and the role of the five states of the rational soul Ancient Languages 2011-07-20
Leepile, Gosetsemang Assessing home economics coursework in senior secondary schools in Botswana Science, Mathematics and Technology Education 2011-06-07
Leeuwner, Danie Verster Genotype x environment interaction for Sunflower Hybrids in South Africa Genetics 2006-03-10
Lefoka, Pulane Julia Sources and application of professional knowledge amongst teacher educators Humanities Education 2011-10-10
Lefyedi, Mathoto Lydia Control of microbial proliferation on sorghum during malting Food Science 2007-06-08
Legesse, Wubetu Bihon Understanding the global population genetics of Diplodia pinea and its life cycle in plantation pines Genetics 2011-05-24
Legodi, Malebogo Andries Raman spectroscopy applied to iron oxide pigments from waste materials and earthenware archaeological objects Chemistry 2008-06-06
Legodi, Malebogo Andries Quantitative and kinetic studies of solid CACO3, Ca(OH)2 and CaO utilizing vibrational spectroscopy Chemistry 2010-09-15
Legwaila, Thabo The suitability of the South African corporate tax regime for the use of South African resident intermediary holding companies Mercantile Law 2010-05-22
Leighton, Christina Stephanie Nutrient and sensory quality of orange-fleshed sweet potato Consumer Science 2008-09-22
Leitch, Cedric The forces of a character: does an entrepreneur's personality affect organizational culture Gordon Institute of Business Science 2011-04-30
Leketa, Khabane Milk goat feeding systems using Leucaena leucocephala in total mixed rations Animal and Wildlife Sciences 2011-11-18
Lekganyane, Enniah Matamane Tlhaloso ya semelo sa moanegwa dingwalong tsa Sepedi African Languages 2005-10-20
Lekganyane, Diapo Nelson Lexicographic perspectives on the use of Sepedi as a high function language African Languages 2005-11-18
Lekganyane, Enniah Matemane Noto-ya-masogana : padi va boitshwaro Philosophy 2012-10-23
Lekhanya, Lebohang Lieketseng Bacterial diversity of soil irrigated with Gypsiferous mine water as determined by culture-dependent and -independent techniques Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2010-11-12
Lekola, Kgomotso Debt as a value creation tool in the short-term insurance industry Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-12
Lekome, Botsang Patricia Professional development of primary school educators through the developmental appraisal system Curriculum Studies 2008-09-12
Leleki, Msokoli William The Methodist Church and society in Transvaal (1948-1976) Church History and Church Polity 2005-05-11
Lemmens, Juan-Claude Metakognisie, intrinsieke prestasiemotivering en kritiese denke as korrelate van akademiese sukses onder eerstejaar-sielkundestudente (Afrikaans) Psychology 2007-05-22
Lemmens, Juan-Claude Students’ readiness for university education Psychology 2011-02-03
Lemmer, Hermann Richard The tuberculosis control programme in the industry in Swaziland : a critical evaluation Community Health 2005-10-03
Lemmer, Catherine Victorian respectability : the gendering of domestic space Architecture 2008-08-01
Lemmer, Yolandi Effect of enzymes and emulsifiers on the shelf life of modified atmosphere packaged par-baked pizza Food Science 2010-11-10
Lemmer, Yolandy Assessment of mycolic acids as ligand for nanoencapsulated anti-tuberculosis drug targeting Biochemistry 2011-06-15
Lemmer, Hermanus Hofmeyr Verdelingsvrye toetsingsmetodes vir die probleem van twee of meer steekproewe (Afrikaans) Mathematics and Applied Mathematics 2013-07-15
Lenhard, Nadine A comparative study of forest tourism in selected areas of Finland and South Africa Tourism Management 2010-08-11
Lentsoane, Peter Mpipi Morwaswi Evaluation of erosion models and field assessment methods as tools for monitoring and evaluation of soil erosion in landcare Plant Production and Soil Science 2005-04-28
Lentsoane, Robert Antimicrobial activity of Melianthus villosus Botany 2005-05-23
Lentsoe, Mamogani Magdeline A needs assessment for an employee assistance programme at Sterkfontein Psychiatric hospital Social Work 2003-11-18
Lenz, Renate Choice and change in relation to identity and meaning in selected plays by Athol Fugard : an existentialist perspective English 2007-02-16
Leonard, Pierre A strategic engineering philosophy Industrial and Systems Engineering 2005-04-25
Leonard, Anne Communicating affirmative action during transformational change : a South African case study perspective Marketing and Communication Management 2005-09-28
Leonard, Pierre An engineering approach to the diversification and refocusing of organisations Industrial and Systems Engineering 2006-11-09
Leonard, Franciska Modulation of the intestinal vitamin D receptor and calcium ATPase activity by essential fatty acid supplementation Physiology 2007-01-04
Lephoko, Daniel Simon Billy The mission of Nicholas B H Bhengu in a divided and polarised society : an analysis of the life, work and contribuion to mission in southern Africa of an important 20th century pioneer Science of Religion and Missiology 2008-05-26
Lephoko, Daniel Simon Billy Nicholas Bhekinkosi Hepworth Bhengu's lasting legacy : a study of the life and work of one of Africa's greatest pioneers Science of Religion and Missiology 2010-08-24
Lerefolo, Sampisi Lawrence Exploring the factors that prevent home based to grow in South Africa Gordon Institute of Business Science 2012-07-14
Lerm, Henry A critical analysis of exclusionary clauses in medical contracts Public Law 2009-05-25
Leseigneur, Carolina Del Carmen The feeding response of white-bellied sunbirds (Cinnyris [Nectarinia] talatala) to sugar concentration and viscosity of artificial nectar Zoology and Entomology 2008-11-19
Lesejane, Moremi Daniel Conservation manager's perceptions regarding biodiversity in the North-West Parks and Tourism Board Zoology and Entomology 2007-12-19
Leshilo, W M The feelings of people with physical disabilities regarding discrimination in Tembisa Social Work 2004-11-09
Leske, Anthony Activated sludge treatment of paper machine effluent for mill re-use Chemical Engineering 2010-08-19
Leslie, David From strategic planning to strategy implementation in the hotel industry in South Africa Tourism Management 2009-05-04
Lester, Andrew James Advertising agency diversity and multiculturalism in television commercials Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-02-23
Letebele-Hartell, Keneilwe Elsa The extent of cervical cancer screening in Mamelodi Provincial Clinics School of Health Systems and Public Health 2010-05-12
Lethoko, Mankolo Xaverine Teacher professionalism and motivation in a culture of teaching and learning Education Management and Policy Studies 2008-05-06
Letsie, Lekhooe Elias A study of the role of community colleges in the provision of vocational-technical education with specific reference to the Eastern Free State Teaching and Training Studies 2004-03-18
Letsie, Lebohang An explorative investigation into the communication media used by the government departments of Health, Social Welfare and Labour in Lesotho when communicating with local communities. Information Science 2006-12-13 restricted
Letsoalo, Malose Anthony Modelling the impacts of macro-economic policies on the South African agricultural sector Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2006-02-01 restricted
Letsoalo, Maupi Eric Analysis of cluster randomised trials with discrete outcomes Statistics 2006-03-29 restricted
Leujes, Ingrid Hendrika A comparative case study of the Maropeng Visitor Centre and the Origins Centre from the perspective of new media interactivity Visual Arts 2013-05-06
Leuner, Julia Bouie A change in focus to stakeholder engagement and reputation management aligned to King III recommendations Gordon Institute of Business Science 2011-04-30
Leuschner, Charl Jaco The design of a simple energy efficient routing protocol to improve wireless sensor network lifetime Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2006-01-24
Leuta, Tsepang Cecillia Evaluating the rate of rock art deterioration in the uKhahlamba-Drakensberg Park, KwaZulu-Natal Geography, Geo-Informatics and Meteorology 2010-02-23
Levin, Madia Martie A strategic organizational behaviour framework to sustain the effective management of world heritage sites Human Resource Management 2009-04-01
Levy, Justin Personality and demographic correlates of effective retail sales managers Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-02-23
Lewis, Erika An investigation into the factors impacting people in transition from institutional to virtual employment Human Resource Management 2004-04-07
Lewis, Maximillian Causal factors that influence turnover intent in a manufacturing organisation Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-12
Lewis, Andrew Christopher The integration of interactive whiteboards into classrooms at a well-resourced high school in South Africa Science, Mathematics and Technology Education 2010-07-26
Lewis, Clifford Pierre A race and gender group analysis of participant experiences in a leadership development programme in a South African retail environment Human Resource Management 2011-11-06
Leyds, Jaqueline Sue-Anne Acquila The effect of black economic empowerment on employees Social Work and Criminology 2010-03-09
Leyland, Robert Clive Vulnerability mapping in karst terrains, exemplified in the wider Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site Geology 2009-02-11
Lezar, Sabine Assessment and development of microarray-based DNA fingerprinting in Eucalyptus grandis and related species Genetics 2006-02-06
Li, Yun Lillian An approach towards standardising vulnerability categories Computer Science 2008-07-15
Li, Ying The development of Chinese tourism to South Africa : a historical perspective Historical and Heritage Studies 2007-07-25 restricted
Liang, Xiyin Security and robustness of a modified parameter modulation communication scheme Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2009-04-07
Liang, Hsuan Lorraine Spell checkers and correctors : a unified treatment Computer Science 2009-06-25
Licona, Michael Ren The historicity of the resurrection of Jesus : historiographical considerations in the light of recent debates New Testament Studies 2009-04-02
Lidovho, Mordacai Nanga Leadership and governance issues at the University of Venda : the case of a historically disadvantaged tertiary institution in South Africa School of Public Management and Administration 2006-11-15 restricted
Liebenberg, Isabel Elsje Determining economic value added for agricultural co-operatives in South Africa Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2005-01-18
Liebenberg, Jacobus Johannes ‘n Kwalitatiewe evaluering van leierskapmodelle vir preadolessente (Afrikaans) Psychology 2005-09-19
Liebenberg, Pieter Francois A critical analysis of section 20a : ring-fencing of assessed losses of certain trades Taxation 2006-03-29 restricted
Liebenberg, Louis Christian Cronje Studies on the seed-setting and on the germination of the seed of indigenous grasses, with particular reference to methods for overcoming delayed germination Agricultural Botany 2007-06-04
Liebenberg, Johannes Jacobus Erasmus A structural design procedure for emulsion treated pavement layers Civil and Biosystems Engineering 2008-06-30
Liebenberg, Junita Ehrlichia ruminantium : genome assembly and analysis with the identification and testing of vaccine candidate genes Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2011-01-06
Liebenberg, Christiaan Game on : a youth centre in Pretoria Architecture 2011-01-26
Liebenberg, Cherrildine Elizabeth Thromboelastographic evaluation of haemostatic abnormalities in uncomplicated canine babesiosis Companion Animal Clinical Studies 2012-05-21
Liebenberg, Irma Die resepsie van Anna Rudolph se Afrikaanse kinderliedere deur Afrikaanssprekers (Afrikaans) Music 2012-07-27
Liebenberg, Andre The relationship between economic freedom, political freedom and economic growth Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-02-23
Liebenberg, George Frederik South African agricultural production, productivity and research performance in the 20th century Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2013-05-06
Lilienfeld, Margaret Sandra The social interaction of an adolescent who uses augmentative and alternative communication : the evaluation of a peer training programme Centre for Augmentative and Alternative Communication 2005-07-21
Lilienfeld, Margaret Sandra The attitudes of children toward unfamiliar peers who use augmentative and alternative communication devices Centre for Augmentative and Alternative Communication 2006-08-02
Lim, Sung Jin A study of text-guided preaching in the Korean Church context Practical Theology 2008-05-26
Lim, Hye-Young Legally recognising child-headed households through a rights-based approach : the case of South Africa Centre for Human Rights 2011-06-18
Lin, Song-Huann The relations between the Republic of China and the Republic of South Africa, 1948-1998 History and Cultural History 2006-03-02
Lin, Pei Yu The correlation between management and employee motivation in SASOL polypropylene business, South Africa Business Management 2008-08-04
Lindani, Sibusiso Lordwell An abuse of power by certain senior ministers in the congregations : a challenge to pastoral care Practical Theology 2009-01-08
Lindeire, Christopher IMVELO (a place for skills development). Construction Centre : Mamelodi : professionals in construction industry in partnership with local community in job creation, upliftment and sustainable environment Architecture 2008-08-07
Lindeque, Gert Cornelis Die boek Josua gelees teen 'n na-eksiliese agtergrond (Afrikaans) Old Testament Studies 2005-12-05
Lindeque, Michelle Irene Diversity of rhizobia nodulating Phaseolus vulgaris and Phaseolus coccineus in South Africa Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2007-03-15
Lindeque, Barend Turnover tax : is it too good to be true for micro-business in South Africa? an exploratory study Taxation 2012-03-07 restricted
Linder, Nicholas Richard The method of payment as a market signal in merger and acquisition transactions for South African firms Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-02-23
Lindsay, Nicolette The comparison of bolus tracking and test bolus techniques for computed tomography thoracic angiography in healthy beagles Companion Animal Clinical Studies 2012-05-23
Lindsey, Peter Andrew Conserving wild dogs ( Lycaon pictus ) outside state protected areas in South Africa: ecological, sociological and economic determinants of success Zoology and Entomology 2005-09-01
Lindsey, Peter Andrew The feeding ecology and habitat use of the aardvark (Orycteropus afer) Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2006-11-16
Linstrom, Leslie A portfolio approach to capital project management Industrial and Systems Engineering 2005-06-09
Lippi, Nadia Wildelife Research and Rehabilitation Facility Architecture 2004-05-28
Liptak, Roman Coming to terms with intertextuality: methodology behind Biblical criticism past and present Ancient Languages 2005-02-17
Liston, Ross How is green seen? Exploring the impact of visual elements in ‘green’ advertising Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-05-05
Little, Grant Stephen Accelerating the implementation of the Clean Development Mechanism in South African industry Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-30
Liu, Guangling Forecasting with DSGE models : the case of South Africa Economics 2008-06-10
Livhuwani, Ngwekhulu Fiber growth of goats as influenced by the doe’s genotype, plane of nutrition and physiological stage (gestation and lactation) Animal and Wildlife Sciences 2010-09-21
Lloyd, Morthimer James Motief, doel en bedoeling in die Suid-Afrikaanse belastingreg (Afrikaans) Accounting and Auditing 2012-08-30
Lo, Johnny Li-Chang A framework for cryptography algorithms on mobile devices Computer Science 2007-10-19
Loate, Sebataolo Edla Elijah The traumatic experience of HIV/AIDS stigma within the South African army Practical Theology 2012-09-04 restricted
Lobetti, Remo Giuseppe The pathophysiology of renal and cardiac changes in canine babesiosis Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2008-08-19
Lochner, George Philip The voltage-current characteristic of the human skin Civil and Biosystems Engineering 2005-09-21
Lodama, Kafua Emlo Fumonisin production by and biological control of Fusarium species associated with cowpea seed Plant Science 2011-11-16
Lodder, Cornelia Magdalena Investigation of the neutrophil-directed anti-inflammatory properties of the cysteinyl leukotriene receptor antagonist, montelukast Immunology 2012-04-26 restricted
Lodewyckx, Daniel Petrus Gerhardus An Iteractive qualitative analysis of educational psychology students' self-efficacy beliefs in career counselling Educational Psychology 2006-12-20
Logan, Murray Glen Investigation of MC4 receptor polymorphisms and the effect of bariatric surgery on a selected group of South African obese patients Immunology 2009-11-26
Logie, Monica Learning potential and academic literacy tests as predictors of academic performance for engineering students Human Resource Management 2012-02-16
Logie, Monica Learning potential and academic literacy tests as predictors of academic performance for engineering students Human Resources Management 2012-12-19 restricted
Logun, Anna Alexandrovna Narcoterrorism as an international security threat : selected comparative case studies Political Sciences 2010-09-15 restricted
Loliwe, Thando Voluntary employee reporting by the wholesale and retail companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange Accounting 2011-11-07
Lombaard, Christoffel Johannes Stephanus South African perspectives on the communication of the Bible in Church and society Telematic Education 2004-01-29
Lombaard, Christoffel Johannes Stephanus Isaac in the Old Testament : a new interpretation from Genesis 22, based on hermeneutical-methodological and exegetical investigations Old Testament Studies 2009-09-25
Lombard, Lorenzo Fungal diseases in Eucalyptus and Acacia nurseries in South Africa Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2005-05-09
Lombard, Denise Carol The effect of mycobacterial mycolic acids on the cytokine profile of the immune response in murine tuberculosis Biochemistry 2005-09-07
Lombard, Sulette Directors’ duties to creditors Mercantile Law 2007-06-22
Lombard, Francina D An investigation of the Auditory P300 Event Related Potential across gender Communication Pathology 2006-01-31
Lombard, Adele The impact of the brand identity strategy of a consumer product on consumer perceptions Marketing and Communication Management 2008-10-08
Lombard, Francois Pierre Managing the quality of engineering on large construction projects in the South African context Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-31
Lombard, Lorenzo Phylogeny and taxonomy of Calonectria and its Cylindrocladium anamorphs Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2010-10-23
Lombard, Christoffel Further refinements and a new efficient solution of a novel model for predicting indoor climate Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering 2013-06-13
Long, Craig Stephen Optimal structural design for a planar parallel platform for machining Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering 2005-11-30
Long, Craig Stephen Finite element developments and applications in structural topology optimization Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering 2008-05-06
Loock, Margaretha Elizabeth Die herkenning van koronêre hartsiektes in stedelike swart mense (Afrikaans) Internal Medicine 2006-04-05
Loock, Marianne CBAC – a model for conflict-based access control Computer Science 2013-06-10
Loots, Riaan Susceptibility of service exposed creep resistant materials to reheat cracking during repair welding Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering 2005-05-04
Loots, Shilo Isolation and characterization of Diuraphis noxia induced sequences from wheat line PI 294994 Genetics 2005-06-23
Loots, Mathilda Christina 'n Verkenning van opvoeders se mobilisering van bates ter ondersteuning van gemeenskapshantering van MIV/VIGS (Afrikaans) Educational Psychology 2005-09-05
Loots, Maureen A multi-variate approach to posture Human Movement Science 2007-01-03
Loots, Lizle Jani South African women as peacekeepers : experiences in the Democratic Republic of Congo Sociology 2010-04-12 restricted
Loots, Corne Organisational culture affecting the success of mergers and acquisitions at subsidiary level in multinational pharmaceuticals Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-12
Loots, Mathilda Christina Teachers’ implementation of an asset-based intervention for school-based psychosocial support Educational Psychology 2011-06-02
Loots, Mattheus Theodor The development of the quaternion normal distribution Statistics 2011-06-27
Loots, Henriette An integrated communication approach to client retention in the short-term insurance industry Marketing and Communication Management 2012-11-20
Lopes, Maria Albertina South African educators’ experiences of learners who may have ADHD in their classrooms Educational Psychology 2009-04-22
Lotter, Carol Barbara Circles of Courage : music therapy with adolescents in conflict with the law at a community based setting Music 2005-02-23
Lotter, Nadia Cyanide volatilisation from gold leaching operations and tailing facilities Metallurgical Engineering 2007-04-16
Lotter, Theresa E An investigation into the sustainability of community radio. Campus radio as case-study Psychology 2007-11-19
Lotter, Hendrik Petrus Pienaar Christians and poverty Systematic Theology and Christian Ethics 2008-06-04
Lotter, Elsie Catharina 'n Ondersoek na die ontwikkeling van artikulasie by die Afrikaanssprekende kind met die oog op die opstel van 'n geskikte artikulasietoets (Afrikaans) Communication Pathology 2009-11-11
Lotter, Hester Catharina Characterization and expression of an endopolygalacturonase gene from a lupin anthracnose fungus identified as Colletotrichum lupine VAR. setosum Plant Science 2010-03-12
Lotter, Riandie Significant others’ experiences of the coming out process of a lesbian individual Educational Psychology 2011-12-19
Lottering, Jo-Mari Identification and characterisation of molecular markers linked to leaf rust resistance gene Lr41 Genetics 2006-03-29
Lottering, Natasia A comparison of tax legislation of trusts between South Africa and the United States of America on emigration Taxation 2012-03-06 restricted
Lottering, Francois Barnardus Integrating knowledge seeking into knowledge management models, frameworks, and strategies Information Science 2012-06-26
Lotz, Martina Maria Die benutting van sandspel tydens spelterapie met die kleuterslagoffer van gesinsgeweld (Afrikaans) Social Work 2004-02-24
Lotz, Frans Jacobus Technological Entrepreneurship in an emerging economic region : a model developed from a multi-cultural provincial study Engineering and Technology Management 2006-12-14
Lotz, Werner Communication Research Centre Architecture 2007-02-20
Lotz, Pedri Stefanus Sensory circulation : a centre for visual arts Architecture 2008-11-24
Lotz, Marco Exploring stages/phases and gates as a project management approach for South African clean development mechanism projects Engineering and Technology Management 2011-10-17
Loubser, Gysbert Matthys Hendrik Ethics in the new creation : a celebration of freedom! A perspective from Paul’s Letter to the Galatians New Testament Studies 2006-05-15
Loubser, Magdeleen Chemical and physical aspects of Lithium borate fusion Chemistry 2010-10-29
Loubser, Michael John Weathering potential of wetting and drying of sandstone and basalt : a laboratory isolation study Geography, Geo-Informatics and Meteorology 2010-11-05
Loubser, Juanita The spiritual and psychosocial gender specific stories of adolescent orphans affected by HIV and Aids in the absence of a father figure : a postfoundational practical theological approach Practical Theology 2011-10-04 restricted
Loubser, Helge-Mari The international response to state failure : the case of Somalia Political Sciences 2013-06-18
Loudon, Dylan The effect of Prewetting on the Pressure Drop, Liquid Holdup and Gas-Liquid Mass Transfer in Trickle-Bed Reactors Chemical Engineering 2006-05-02
Louis, Anita Lily Unsupervised discovery of relations for analysis of textual data in digital forensics Computer Science 2010-08-23
Lourens, Jan Francois Change centered leadership and various correlates Human Resource Management 2007-05-24
Lourens, Leon Reduction of iron ore fines in the Ifcon furnace Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering 2008-08-19
Louria, Sharon Academic achievement on the National Higher Diploma in Emergency Medical Care : the role of personality and study attitudes Psychology 2006-03-24
Louw, Cecilia Jacomina Die impak van tutoriale op die wiskundeprestasie van studente in eerstejaarswiskunde (Afrikaans) Curriculum Studies 2004-05-06
Louw, Charl The presentation of self-concept and emotional profile in a cardiological population Psychology 2005-02-09
Louw, Catharina Aletta Magdalena Antimicrobial activity of indigenous bulbous plant extracts to control selected pathogens Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2005-10-10
Louw, Mariska Die kwaliteit van diensherstel van 'n lojaliteitsprogram binne die landbou-bedryf in Suid-Afrika (Afrikaans) Marketing and Communication Management 2005-11-18
Louw, Elizabeth Magrietha Fitting of survival functions for grouped data on insurance policies Mathematics and Applied Mathematics 2005-11-28
Louw, William Die toepassing van die kultuurstrategiemodel van C.A. van Peursen in die historiese opvoedkunde (Afrikaans) Teaching and Training Studies 2005-12-09
Louw, Elsabe Gestaltspeltegnieke in die assessering van die pleegkind se eiewaarde in sy middelkinderjare (Afrikaans) Social Work and Criminology 2007-04-17
Louw, Lynette The experiences of adolescents orphaned by HIV/AIDS related conditions Social Work and Criminology 2007-05-15
Louw, Cecilia Jacomina Die aard, doel en effektiwiteit van assessering in tersiêre wiskunde (Afrikaans) Curriculum Studies 2007-06-19
Louw, Hendrik Johannes Integrating management and employee expectations in determining organisation-specific performance appraisal systems' design Human Resource Management 2009-04-29
Louw, Elita Vehicle for an aerial transport system Architecture 2008-11-26
Louw, Anna Sophia Acquisition of parental responsibilities and rights Private Law 2009-09-10
Louw, Lirette An analysis of state compliance with the recommendations of the African commission on human and peoples’ rights Centre for Human Rights 2009-11-25
Louw, Reinier Willem Die bydrae van dr J D [Koot] Vorster tot die kerkregtelike ontwikkeling van die Ned Geref Kerk - met besondere verwysing na die kerkverband en sy aandeel in die totstandkoming van die Algemene Sinode in 1962 (Afrikaans) Church History and Church Polity 2009-09-25
Louw, Andre Redefining BOP : in pursuit of sustainable opportunity at the base of the economic pyramid Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-12
Louw, Daniel Johannes Non-binary LDPC coded STF-MIMO-OFDM with an iterative joint receiver structure Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2010-09-20
Louw, Elbie Return-based style analysis of Domestic Targeted Absolute and Real Return unit trust funds in South Africa Financial Management 2011-06-01
Louw, Cornelia Dorothea Die invloed van televisie op die geslagsopvoeding van die vroeë adolessent (Afrikaans) Orthopedagogics 2011-10-03
Louw, Willem Petrus Turning resources into assets : improving the service delivery and relevance of a psychology training clinic through action research Psychology 2012-01-30
Louw, Kobus Enabling and inhibiting factors of productive organisational energy Gordon Institute of Business Science 2012-07-15
Louw, Andre Groeistrategie vir boerdery-ondernemings (Afrikaans) Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2013-02-07
Louw, Larisa Alet The individual factors related to unsafe behaviour of construction workers Human Resource Management 2013-02-13 restricted
Louw, Elizabeth Tissue factor pathway inhibitor-like proteins in the tick, Rhipicephalus microplus as possible vaccine candidates Biochemistry 2013-06-21 restricted
Louwrens, Morne Johan The suicide of a client : an intern psychologist’s experience Psychology 2004-08-11
Lubambo, Pascalina Thandiwe An appraisal of post-transfer production trends of selected land reform projects in the North West Province, South Africa Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2012-08-29
Lubango, Louis Mitondo Industry specific know-how, inventiveness, and research performance of universities’ entrepreneurs : a cross-national patent portfolio analysis Informatics 2010-06-12
Lubbe, Jacomina Jacoba Die invloed van gestaltgroepspelterapie op die selfbeeld van laerskooldogters in 'n kinderhuis (Afrikaans) Social Work 2004-08-16
Lubbe, Stephina Johanna Die rol van estetika in die beoordeling van kledingprodukkwaliteit (Afrikaans) Consumer Science 2005-05-18
Lubbe, Carien The experiences of children growing up in same-gendered families Educational Psychology 2005-08-02
Lubbe, Annelize The phenomenon of Apis mellifera capensis laying workers in Apis mellifera scutellata colonies in the summer rainfall region of South Africa Zoology and Entomology 2006-10-19
Lubbe, Stephina Johanna ’n Kwalitatiewe studie na die rol van massa-toename in die vroeë-adolessente dogter se belewenis van die self (Afrikaans) Consumer Science 2009-11-12
Lubbe, Melissa An exploratory study on taxpayers' preference for type of advice from tax practitioners with regard to small businesses Taxation 2010-05-06
Lubbe, Natalie Rae Soil characteristics and pedogenesis on sub-Antarctic Marion Island Geography, Geo-Informatics and Meteorology 2010-11-04
Lubisi, Baratang Alison Molecular epidemiology of African swine fever in East Africa Zoology and Entomology 2006-02-09
Lucas, Ulinda One perception doesn’t fit all : are you prepared to meet all your online learners’ needs? Curriculum Studies 2004-12-02
Lucas, Judite Dos Anjos Return-to-work experiences of female employees following maternity leave : a qualitative study Human Resource Management 2012-10-02
Lucen, Anusha Tracing the implementation trajectory of an education policy : the case of whole school evaluation Education Management and Policy Studies 2005-09-30
Lucht, Heike Luise First parity productivity of selected commercial sows Animal and Wildlife Sciences 2011-08-29 restricted
Ludere, Margaret Tshimangadzo The effect of diabietic acid on the coking of oxidised solvent-extracted coal Chemistry 2008-04-17
Ludike, Johann Lodewyk Die opbou van die Afrika Onafhanklike Kerke deur die opleiding van leraars en profete (Afrikaans) Science of Religion and Missiology 2006-03-23
Lugisani, Pascal The impact of divestitures on companies share price and operating performance for companies listed on the JSE Gordon Institute of Business Science 2011-04-30
Lugube, Annie Evaluation of Greenfield strategies of retailers in Sub Saharan Africa : a two case study approach Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-02-23
Luhunga, Philbert Modest Atmospheric boundary layer characterizations over Highveld Region South Africa Geography, Geoinformatics and Meteorology 2013-05-16
Luitingh, Willem Scholtz Die Suid-Afrikaanse komponis Hendrik (“Henk”) Temmingh : ’n biografie en ’n katalogus van sy orrelwerke (Afrikaans) Music 2011-08-12
Lujiza, Babalwa The role of social media in enhancing investor relations in South Africa Gordon Institute of Business Science 2012-07-15
Lukanda, Kapwadi Renegotiating a long term investment contract : the case of mining contracts in DRC Centre for Human Rights 2012-12-03
Lukhele, Mandla Sylvester The chemical composition and nutritive value of leaves of indigenous fodder trees Animal and Wildlife Sciences 2005-08-15
Lukhwareni, Matodzi Henry Total quality management as a response to educational changes in school management Education Management and Policy Studies 2007-04-11
Lumby, Michael Craig Fragments floating in trees : reclaiming the urban surface Architecture 2007-03-12
Lumby, Gail Teaching towards outcomes and its effect on assessment practices in a GE, Literacy and communications classroom Curriculum Studies 2007-02-07
Lume, Natasha Caldeira A critical analysis of the tax implications of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa Taxation 2010-05-05 restricted
Luna, Gonzalo Endocrine changes associated with the effect of nutrition on the timing of reconception and puberty in dairy cattle Animal and Wildlife Sciences 2007-02-26
Lund, Raymond John Contribution of respiratory heat loss to heat balance in thoroughbred horses performing near maximal exercise under thermoneutral and hot-humid conditions Equine Research Centre 2010-10-06
Luneburg, Nathani 'n Ondersoek na uitbeeldings van skisofrenie-verwante elemente in geselekteerde kontemporêre videokunswerke (Afrikaans) Visual Arts 2011-12-09
Luphondo, Matric Analysis of prosecutorial discretion Public Law 2011-06-08
Luseba, Dibungi The effect of Selenium and Chromium on stress level, growth performance, selected carcass characteristics and mineral status of feedlot cattle Production Animal Studies 2005-03-23
Lusenga, Richard Mishack School leaders' moral understanding and moral reasoning Education Management and Policy Studies 2011-06-07
Luthuli, Tholumuzi Bruno Performance measurement as a public policy implementation tool in the South African public service School of Public Management and Administration 2007-05-02
Lutiniko Landu, Miguel Pedro The ministry of reconciliation : a comparative study of the role of the churches in promoting reconciliation in South Africa and Angola Science of Religion and Missiology 2008-05-26
Lutu, Patricia Elizabeth Nalwoga Dataset selection for aggregate model implementation in predictive data mining Computer Science 2010-11-15
Luus, Francois Pierre Sarel Joint source-channel-network coding in wireless mesh networks with temporal reuse Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2011-10-21
Luvhimbi, Ndivhuho Bernard The role of control at border posts in the Northwest Province in the prevention of transboundry animal disease spread in South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2012-12-03 restricted
Luyt, Karen Mindsets required for implementing a virtual workplace Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-23
Luyt, Karen A managerial framework for the enablement of the performance of virtual knowledge workers Human Resource Management 2013-04-29
Lwabukuna, Olivia Kokushubila Reflections on the possibility of a comprehensive framework for the protection of IDPS in Africa’s great lakes region Jurisprudence 2012-10-02
Lwadya, Mujanay The drying characteristics of mango fruit strips Civil and Biosystems Engineering 2008-07-09 restricted
Lwamba-Si-Bomve, Elie Optimisation of the grain size distribution of the raw material mixture in the production of iron sinter Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering 2008-09-04
Lynch, Ingrid Constructions of masculinity among black South African men living with HIV : a discourse analysis Psychology 2008-11-25
Lynch, Pierre-Victor Optimal spares and preventive maintenance frequencies for constrained industrial systems Industrial and Systems Engineering 2011-03-31 restricted
Lynch, Ingrid South African bisexual women’s accounts of their gendered and sexualised identities : a feminist poststructuralist analysis Psychology 2012-08-21
Lynch, Ingrid South African bisexual women’s accounts of their gendered and sexualized identities : a feminist poststructuralist analysis Psychology 2013-06-18

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