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Author Name Title Department Date/Time

Jabaar, Riedwaan Corporate social responsibility in an inequitable society : the role of the private sector in bridging the South African health care divide Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-04-08
Jackson, Craig Ryan The ecology and conservation of Juliana’s golden mole (Neamblysomus julianae) Zoology and Entomology 2008-07-28
Jackson, Casparus Johannes Die funksionering van die charismata in die opbou van die gemeente (Afrikaans) Practical Theology 2009-08-24
Jackson, Carlo Stephan Significance of photosynthesis and the photosynthesis related genes TMP14, FBPase and P700 in Russian wheat aphid resistant wheat Genetics 2010-10-25
Jacobs, Isabella Fredrika 'n Maatskaplikewerkondersoek na die behoeftes van beraders van kinders wat deur vigs geraak word (Afrikaans) Social Work 2004-02-19
Jacobs, Liza The impact of the changing practitioner requirements on management accounting education at South African universities Financial Management 2005-04-13
Jacobs, Bertha Margaretha Professional South African women's adoption of the internet for apparel purchasing Consumer Science 2005-04-29
Jacobs, Amanda The influence of effective microorganisms (EM) on the growth, production and egg quality of the commercial laying hen Animal and Wildlife Sciences 2006-07-06
Jacobs, Diederick Cornelius The application of informal feedback intervention as a communication management tool in learning organisations Marketing and Communication Management 2005-10-05
Jacobs, Rene Characterisation of Botryosphaeria species from mango in South Africa Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2005-10-05
Jacobs, Jeanette Antonio Specific RNA- and protein-binding characteristics of the nucleoprotein of a South African rabies virus isolate Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2005-11-11
Jacobs, Jeanette Antonio Genetic analysis of rabies and rabies-related viruses in southern Africa, with emphasis on virus isolates associated with atypical infection patterns Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2005-11-11
Jacobs, Davina Frederika Alternatiewe begrotingstekorte as maatstaf van die stand van fiskale beleid in Suid Afrika (Afrikaans) Economics 2006-03-29
Jacobs, Olga Sanet An autecological study of the Marula (Sclerocarya birrea) in the Kruger National Park with specific reference to the relative impact from elephants and fire Animal and Wildlife Sciences 2006-04-03
Jacobs, Adriaana The genus Phialocephala : a taxonomic study Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2006-04-03
Jacobs, Dawid Hermanus Cytotaxonomy, classification and phylogeny of African Carventinae (Heteroptera: aradidae) Zoology and Entomology 2006-05-29
Jacobs, Jan Pieter Mutual admittance between CPW-FED slots on conductor-backed two-layer substrates Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2008-07-29
Jacobs, Karin The genus Leptographium : a critical taxonomic analysis Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2006-12-18
Jacobs, Salmon Stephanus Kwalitatiewe en kwantitatiewe inname van staandehooi van twee Cenchrus ciliaris kultivars (Afrikaans) Animal and Wildlife Sciences 2007-04-04
Jacobs, Frederick Julius The effect of innovative screw angled mini-plates on biomechanical stability of mono-cortical fixation : an in vitro model Maxillo-Facial and Oral Surgery 2009-10-01
Jacobs, Christopher Antony Value creation in mining : an analysis of South Africa’s platinum industry Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-25
Jacobs, Philippus Christoffel Intelligence and intelligence cooperation in combating international crime : selected case studies Political Sciences 2011-05-16
Jacobs, Benjamin The effect of manufacturing and assembling tolerances on the performance of 1-18 GHz Double Ridged Guide Horn antennas Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2011-05-20 restricted
Jacobs, Adriaana Taxonomy of species within the Gibberella fujikuroi complex Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2011-05-25 restricted
Jacobs, Helena Sorghum hot water extract : influence of grain physico-chemical characteristics Food Science 2011-11-18
Jacobs, Rianne The product method for finding bivariate Kummer beta distributions Statistics 2011-11-28 restricted
Jacobs, Ockert Botha Quad-ridge horn antenna with elliptically shaped sidewalls for use as a reflector feed for radio astronomy Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2012-08-10 restricted
Jacobs, Jan Pieter Piano technique as a manifestation of motor control and learning : an investigation from the perspectives of the motor and action systems theories Music 2012-10-18
Jacobs, Jeanne Frances Die karikatuur in die romankuns van Etienne Leroux (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2012-11-27
Jacobsen, Niels Henning Guenther The ecology of the reptiles and amphibians in the Burkea africana - Eragrostis pallens savanna of the Nylsvley Nature Reserve Zoology 2008-11-03
Jacoby, Karen Lee Pragmatic language ability in a group of adolescents with traumatic brain injury Communication Pathology 2010-08-30 restricted
Jaftha, Julian Bernard Polyphasic taxonomy of rhizobia associated with legumes occuring in South Africa Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2005-10-12
Jagwe, John Nkalubo The impact of transaction costs on the participation of smallholder farmers and intermediaries in the banana markets of Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2011-06-16
Jainarain, Raven Attributes that influence generation-Y consumers in their choice of Smartphone Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-02-23
Jamal, Suzana Augusta José The susceptibility of Trypanosoma congolense isolated in Zambézia Province (Mozambique) to isometamidium chloride, homidium chloride and diminazene aceturate Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2006-03-02
Jambalang, Alexander Ray The development and validation of a bacteriological screening test for antimicrobial residues in eggs Production Animal Studies 2012-05-21
James, Heidi Nicole The rock engravings of several portions of the farm Doornkloof 393 JQ along the Magaliesberg Range Anthropology and Archaeology 2005-05-05
James, Angela Antoinette How student teachers construct and use phronesis to enhance their professional development Curriculum Studies 2009-05-02
James, Ann Juli Figures in fine print and Hindustani hopes and fears : identity and expectations in the poetry of Kamala Das English 2011-02-06
Jamison, Johanna Catharina Aletta The role PTEN mutations in hyperplasia and carcinoma of the endometrium Genetics 2005-05-30
Jankielsohn, Astrid The effect of habitat change on the structure of dung beetle assemblages in the north-eastern Free State : a comparison of conserved and farmed land Zoology and Entomology 2006-12-18
Jankowitz, Louise Die Laerskoolkind se verwerking van egskeiding deur 'n spelterapeutiese tegniek (Afrikaans) Social Work 2007-04-26 restricted
Janse van Rensburg, Mia Towards a more complete profile of a client in music therapy practice: A case study Music 2005-02-23 restricted
Janse van Rensburg, Ina Building Quality into Formative Assessment: Using Action Research as a tool for improvement Curriculum Studies 2005-03-15
Janse Van Rensburg, Berndt Avian diversity in Southern Africa : patterns, processes and conservation Zoology and Entomology 2005-06-30
Janse van Rensburg, Hanre The attack on Judah in Sennacherib’s Third Campaign : an ideological study of the various texts Ancient Languages 2005-10-04
Janse Van Rensburg, Lindie The reproductive biology of Cryptomys hottentotus pretoriae (Rodentia: Bathyergidae) Zoology and Entomology 2006-03-29
Janse van Rensburg, Neil Time delay in a semi-active damper Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering 2006-07-03
Janse van Rensburg, Lindie A morphological analysis of weevils from sub-Antarctic Prince Edward Islands: an assessment of ecological influences Zoology and Entomology 2006-08-24
Janse van Rensburg, Henriette Magaretha Toepassingsmoontlikhede van rekenaargesteunde onderwys met milieubenadeelde leerders in wiskunde in die senior primęre fase (Afrikaans) Didactics 2007-06-21
Janse van Rensburg, Mellisa Analysis of trace amounts of oxygen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in nitrogen using gas chromatography Chemistry 2008-04-22
Janse van Rensburg, Ariena The effect of different protein supplements on the production economics and nematode resilience of merino ewes Production Animal Studies 2008-05-27
Janse van Rensburg, Aletha Huma Human resource management as a profession in South Africa Human Resource Management 2009-10-26
Janse van Rensburg, Evert Profitability aspects of biofuel manufacturers in the Republic of South Africa, 2006 Business Management 2010-02-09
Janse van Rensburg, Hanre The resurrection revived : a critical examination New Testament Studies 2010-07-12
Janse van Rensburg, Winia A critical evaluation of section 15A of the Income Tax Act Taxation 2011-07-25 restricted
Janse van Rensburg, Christo A SiGe BiCMOS LNA for mm-wave applications Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2012-02-01
Janse van Rensburg, Zendi An explorative study : place of supply rules for Value-Added Tax in South Africa Taxation 2012-03-19
Janse van Rensburg, Gerhard ‘The halfway house’ - temporary housing and production facility for parolees in Pretoria West Architecture 2011-11-22
Janse van Rensburg, Dina Christina The effect of exercise training on the autonomic function, disease activity and functional capacity in females suffering from rheumatoid arthritis Internal Medicine 2012-10-03
Janse van Rensburg, Corne Marthinus Learning from failure in the context of business rescue Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-02-23 restricted
Janse van Rensburg, Ulrich Do local firms have a competitive advantage over multinational enterprises? Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-02-23
Janse van Vuuren, Francois Jacobus Technology licensing practices of South African manufacturing companies : a profile and the influence of some organisational, transactional and contextual factors Engineering and Technology Management 2005-01-12
Jansen, Zirkie Bernardus Maatskappybesparing in Suid-Afrika met spesifieke verwysing na die negentigerjare - 'n koste van kaptiaal en winsgewendheidsperspektief (Afrikaans) Economics 2004-12-02
Jansen, Ilze Reading between the lines : an ecosystemic description of a therapeutic relationship around dyslexia Psychology 2005-12-02
Jansen, Marjolein Maria Tailoring the model of creative ability to patients with diabetic foot problems Occupational Therapy 2009-05-05
Jansen van Rensburg, Petrus Frederik Barend Covert action as an option in national security policy : a comparison between the United States of America and South Africa (1961 – 2003) Political Sciences 2007-06-05
Jansen van Rensburg, Christine Die effek van organiese en anorganiese selenium op die immuunsisteem van skape (Afrikaans) Animal and Wildlife Sciences 2006-12-07 restricted
Jansen van Rensburg, Marie Psigososiale aspekte van persone met gesiggestremdheid binne die werkplek : 'n Maatskaplikewerkperspektief (Afrikaans) Social Work and Criminology 2007-04-05 restricted
Jansen van Rensburg, Hester Getruida Soil chemical and nutrient uptake dynamics of maize (Zea mays L.) as affected by neutralization and re-acidification after liming Plant Production and Soil Science 2010-06-06
Jansen van Rensburg, Gerhardus Jacobus Selective feature preserved elastic surface registration in complex geometric morphology Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering 2011-09-22
Jansen van Rensburg, Alexandra Resolving the fine-scale population structure of Nesospiza buntings using a genetic multi-marker system Genetics 2012-08-07 restricted
Jansen van Rensburg, Susanna Sydney Kumalo en ander Bantoekunstenaars van Transvaal (Afrikaans) History of Arts 2013-02-08
Jansen van Rensburg, Leon Tax risk management : a framework for implementation Taxation 2013-08-15
Jansen van Vuuren, Petronella Environmental scanning - a South African corporate communication perspective with special emphasis on the tertiary sector Marketing and Communication Management 2003-08-22
Jansen van Vuuren, Bettine Molecular phylogeny of duiker antelope (Mammalia : Cephalophini) Zoology and Entomology 2007-04-20
Jansen van Vuuren, Gert Johannes Development and use of microsatellites to quantify the mating system of the pollinating fig wasp, Platyscapa awekei Genetics 2008-07-28
Jansen van Vuuren, Eurika Naomi Subject Music in rural South African schools : challenges and solutions within a comparative context Music 2011-10-24
Jansen Van Vuuren, Stephanus Johannes Risk management for microfinance institutions in South Africa Financial Management 2011-12-21
Jantjie, Keitumetse Gladys Challenges of HIV and AIDS experienced by working women : the role and response of employee assistance programme Social Work and Criminology 2009-10-17
Januario, Francisco Maria Investigating and improving assessment practices in Physics in secondary schools in Mozambique Curriculum Studies 2008-09-25
January, Hilel Conrad The impact of financial performance on the best company to work for ratings Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-04-08
Jaques, Tim The type of urban property investment that offers the greatest potential of wealth creation for the private investor in South Africa Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-23
Jarapov, Kolbay Demystifying the resource nationalism : how South Africa can increase FDIs into mining industry Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-04-02
Jardine, Varushka The Truth and Reconciliation Commission : success or failure? Historical and Heritage Studies 2010-03-11
Jarman, Duncan James Comparison of rock density determination methods used in South African platinum mines for resource planning purposes Geology 2012-06-26
Jarman, Annamart Financial evaluation of the UG2 and Merensky Reef on Twickenham, North Eastern Bushveld Complex, South Africa Geology 2012-08-08 restricted
Jason, Desiree Dawn Needs and problems of fuller figure South African working women with regard to branded apparel Consumer Science 2012-07-13
Jeffery, Michael John Effects of the MBA programme on psychological contracts and turnover Business Management 2010-05-26
Jeffrey, Annah Mandu A control theoretic approach to HIV/AIdS drug dosage design and timing the initiation of therapy Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2006-12-15
Jefwa, Joyce Mnyazi The Taxonomy and ecology of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) in agroforestry systems in Malawi Botany 2008-08-11
Jenkins, Akinbowale Olajide Identification and genotyping of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex infections at the human/domestic animals/wildlife interface in Nigeria and South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2009-05-13
Jensen, Danielle Maria Toldo Little Eden Society for the Care of Persons with Mental Handicap : a new home in Prinshof, Pretoria Architecture 2007-11-19
Jeong, Eun Ok Empowerment of Korean women from a feminist perspective : a postmodern hermeneutical study Practical Theology 2007-12-10
Jessop, Marguerite Anne Clients of the Pretoria Cochlear Implant Programme : characteristics and perceived outcomes of children and their families Communication Pathology 2005-10-04
Jewell, Oliver Joseph David Foraging ecology of white sharks Carcharodon carcharias at Dyer Island, South Africa Zoology and Entomology 2013-06-20 restricted
Jiang, Dongdong Engineering project management in the international context : a Chinese culture-based exploratory and comparative evaluation Engineering and Technology Management 2011-08-03
Jibba, Kedir Bati The nature and influence of management on the performance of the Ethiopian public agricultural extension service, with special reference to Oromia Region Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2010-06-04
Jin, Soo Keum Doxa and related concepts in the fourth Gospel : an inquiry into the manifestation of Doxa in Jesus' cross New Testament Studies 2007-07-03
Jinjika, Tafadzwa Juliet Precious The development of a policy regarding homestead protection in South African law within the ambit of a comparative study on the US, England and Wales and South African law Mercantile Law 2012-02-07
Joffe-Kahn, Arlene Ora A psychoanalytic investigation of three types of container pathology as manifesting in the transference-countertransference Psychology 2008-08-06 restricted
Jogo, Wellington Managing the trade-off between conservation and exploitation of wetland services for economic well-being : the case of the Limpopo wetland in southern Africa Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2011-06-20
Johanne, Annah A critical analysis of some of the legal issues raised by the indictment of president al-Bashir of Sudan by the ICC Public Law 2013-07-25
Johannes, Hermien In search of the latent structure of an e-learning practitioner construct Curriculum Studies 2007-06-19
Johannsmeier, Anne Elisabeth Seed bank strategies in a Kalahari ecosystem in relation to grazing and habitats Plant Science 2009-10-21
John, Juanette Lead exposure of children attending pre-school facilities in certain geographical areas of Pretoria, in relation to their activity patterns : a cross-sectional study School of Health Systems and Public Health 2005-09-19
John, Sally Ann The use of Masekitlana as a therapeutic technique for children affected by HIV/AIDS Educational Psychology 2013-05-16
Johnson, Ryan Lloyd The behavioural ecology of the white shark (Carcharodon carharias) at Dyer Island Zoology and Entomology 2005-05-05
Johnson, Shelley Anne Physiological and microbiological studies of nectar xylose metabolism in the Namaqua rock mouse, Aethomys namaquensis (A. Smith, 1834) Zoology and Entomology 2006-08-24
Johnson, Yolandé A pet-friendly workplace policy to enhance the outcomes of an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) Social Work 2005-10-17
Johnson, Ensa Parents' perceptions of their children's participation in home reading activities Centre for Augmentative and Alternative Communication 2008-01-14
Johnson, Alexander F Thunderbird : 'n bespreking (Afrikaans) Music 2007-01-10
Johnson, David Lloyd Performance analysis of mesh networks in indoor and outdoor wireless testbeds Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2009-01-23
Johnson, Richard Factors affecting intent to use consumer generic tests : a revised technology acceptance model Gordon Institute of Business Science 2011-04-17
Johnson, Alice Elizabeth Population analyses of humpback dolphin (Sousa plumbea) in Richards Bay, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa Zoology and Entomology 2012-02-09 restricted
Johnston, Keith Stanley The impact of technical specifications on the life cycle costs of process columns in petrochemical facilities Engineering and Technology Management 2008-07-29
Johnston, Candice Leigh Identification of Penicillium species in the South African litchi export chain Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2009-04-30
Johnston, Gregory James South African Value Added Tax implications of transactions occurring in virtual worlds Taxation 2012-03-06 restricted
Jolayemi, Olutola O The silicate mineralogy of the MG4 chromitite package in the eastern part of the Bushveld complex, South Africa Geology 2011-10-26
Jollye, Katherine Alexandra Integrated Wellness - A healing centre for victims of trauma and abuse Architecture 2005-05-18
Jona, Cecilie Ndeshipanda The effect of personal and socio economic variables on the knowledge, attitude and belief of farm workers about HIV/AIDS before and after a HIV/AIDS intervention programme Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2007-02-19
Jonah, Richard Kojo An exploratory study of regional growth strategies of local Ghananian companies Gordon Institute of Business Science 2012-07-14
Jonas, Nozimanga Minah The impact of trauma debriefing on debriefers in the context of the South African Police Service (SAPS) Helping Professions, Limpopo Province Social Work 2004-02-16
Jonas, Ruth Narratives of pastoral care, healing and transformation in a community of laity a practical theological narrative study Practical Theology 2010-10-23
Jones, Robert Johannes 'n Kerugmatiese perspektief op bedieninge in die Nuwe Testament (Afrikaans) New Testament Studies 2007-03-29
Jones, Jennifer Lee Dynamics of conservation and society: the case of Maputaland, South Africa Geography,Geo-Informatics and Meteorology 2007-01-19
Jones, Melvin Closed loop performance monitoring Chemical Engineering 2007-04-12
Jones, Melvin Replication as a strategy in capital intensive industries Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-12
Jones, Garth The performance of ownermanaged compared to non-owner managed companies listed on the JSE Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-23
Jones, Robert Johannes Die vorming van ’n eietydse ampsbegrip : Jesus se oproep tot dissipelskap (Afrikaans) New Testament Studies 2010-10-23
Jonker, Jacobus Albertus The strategic identification and integration of critical success factors to achieve international competitiveness for South Africa as a tourism destination Tourism Management 2004-07-02
Jonker, Ingrid A study of how a sangoma makes sense of her ‘sangomahood’ through narrative Psychology 2008-07-21
Jonker, Annelize Antimicrobial susceptibility in thermophilic Campylobacter species isolated from pigs and chickens in South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2010-08-10
Jonker, Leana Tax incentives to stimulate economic growth in South Africa Taxation 2010-09-02 restricted
Jonker, Carine-Mari The experiences of students participating in an HIV/AIDS teacher education pilot programme Educational Psychology 2011-12-19
Jonker, Janien "Place of effective management" - a South Africa perspective Mercantile Law 2013-07-25
Jonsson, Robert Field interactions in the peripheral auditory neural system with reference to cochlear implants Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2011-03-31 restricted
Jooma, Zubaida The National Register for Sexual Offenders : the solution to protecting children in South Africa? Private Law 2011-06-03
Joone, Gisela Käthe Die immuunmodulerende eienskappe van oksihumaat : 'n in vivo en in vitro ondersoek (Afrikaans) Pharmacology 2005-07-28
Jooste, Leonie An evaluation of the usefulness of the cash flow statement within South African companies by means of cash flow ratios Financial Management 2005-04-18
Jooste, Marius Visser A framework for the implementation of e-procurement Industrial and Systems Engineering 2005-08-22
Jooste, Sebastian Hendrik Johannes Risk as a tool in water resource management Civil and Biosystems Engineering 2005-12-01
Jooste, Cecilia Petronella Machadodorp tot en met dorpstigting in 1904 (Afrikaans) Historical and Heritage Studies 2008-11-13
Jooste, Frans The association between foot-and-mouth disease virus and bovine oocytes and embryos during in vitro embryo production Production Animal Studies 2006-03-02
Jooste, Madaleinn Heleen Die ekologie van die swartwitpens in die Sandveld Natuurreservaat, Vrystaat Provinsie (Afrikaans) Animal and Wildlife Sciences 2006-04-03
Jooste, Marc Charles Can you see the music? MTV base music television production centre Architecture 2007-11-19
Jooste, Yvonne Contemplating a post-apartheid feminist jurisprudence Legal History, Comparative Law and Jurisprudence 2011-09-21
Jooste, Hester Helena An exploration of the perceived effect of an expatriate assignment on the career development of skilled South Africans Human Resource Management 2012-03-15
Jooste, Anna Margarietha Effects of diets differing in rumen soluble nitrogen on poor quality roughage utilization by sheep Animal and Wildlife Sciences 2012-11-08
Jooste, Esmarie Aspects of the feeding ecology and behaviour of female leopards (Panthera pardus) in the Waterberg Mountains, South Africa Centre for Wildlife Management 2012-11-29 restricted
Jooste, Julius The relationship between mental skills and level of cricket participation Biokinetics, Sport and Leisure Sciences 2012-08-27
Jooste, David Christiaan Motivation of managers to engage multi-culturally Human Resource Management 2013-04-16 restricted
Jooste, Aletta Sophia Zeros of Jacobi, Meixner and Krawtchouk Polynomials Mathematics and Applied Mathematics 2013-05-01 restricted
Joosub, Noorjehaan Neuropsychological outcomes, clinical characteristics and depression in a group with traumatic brain injury : a retrospective review Psychology 2010-09-06
Joosub, Asif A comparison of the tax efficiency of direct versus indirect investment into South Africa Taxation 2013-08-14
Jordaan, Annette Marie Mites rondom Afrikaans (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2004-10-07
Jordaan, Yolandi Maria Die assessering van die probleme wat onderwysers binne klasverband ervaar en hul behoefe aan die benutting van 'n spelterapeut (Afrikaans) Social Work 2004-10-25
Jordaan, Johannes Cornelius Foreign direct investment and neighbouring influences Economics 2005-04-18
Jordaan, Willem Jacobus The variation of sinter strength in the sinter bed due to the mineral phase distribution Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering 2005-07-01
Jordaan, Pieter Francois A rationale for the effective management of outdoor information transfer Town and Regional Planning 2005-07-21
Jordaan, Anton Transformation of Nicotiana tabacum cv. Samsun with melanin and indigo genes Genetics 2005-09-01
Jordaan, Andre Cillie Urban economic development : a conceptual framework Economics 2006-03-27
Jordaan, Yolanda South African consumers' information privacy concerns : an investigation in a commercial environment Marketing and Communication Management 2007-08-20
Jordaan, Beatrice The protection of indigenous medical knowledge : a critical analysis Information Science 2006-07-13
Jordaan, Leonore Leatishia Truter Internal communication media selection in the University of Pretoria with emphasis on computer-mediated communication media Economic and Management Sciences 2006-07-21
Jordaan, June Astronomical Centre at the National Zoological Gardens Architecture 2007-11-08
Jordaan, Dirk Pieter Traumeel S : the sportsman's answer to enhanched exercise performance and the overtraining syndrome? Biokinetics, Sport and Leisure Sciences 2007-04-20
Jordaan, Rene Attitute and perceptions about community service learning among students in a teacher training programme Curriculum Studies 2007-10-10
Jordaan, Daniel du Plessis Scheepers A critical analysis of the South African mohair marketing system in the evolving global agribusiness environment Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2007-10-16
Jordaan, Elsje Die ontwerp en toepassingswaarde van posisie spesifieke evalueringskriteria en norme in netbal vir senior netbalspelers (Afrikaans) Biokinetics, Sport and Leisure Sciences 2007-12-13
Jordaan, Abri Petrus Jacobus Ontwikkelings in kitaarnotasie : ‘n historiese perspektief met toepassings vir hedendaagse gebruik (Afrikaans) Music 2008-05-28 restricted
Jordaan, Maraliese Diagnosis of helicobacter pylori infection with the 13C-urea breath test : analysis by means of gas chromatography with mass selective detection Chemical Pathology 2008-08-05
Jordaan, Johannes Cornelius Faktore wat die effektiewe bestuur en kontrole van skoolfinansies in openbare skole beďnvloed (Afrikaans) Education Management and Policy Studies 2009-06-27
Jordaan, Ruan Trade facilitation under the WTO multilateral system : the key to ensuring sustainable development in Southern Africa through intra-regional trade Centre for Human Rights 2010-10-05
Jordaan, PieterJohannes `n Literęr-eksegetiese analise van die Jefta-Verhaal : Rigters 10:6-12:7 (Afrikaans) Ancient Languages 2012-01-19 restricted
Jordaan, Johannes Cornelius Skoolbegrotings as finansiële bestuursinstrument om effektiewe onderrig en leer in openbare skole te bevorder (Afrikaans) Education Management and Policy Studies 2012-04-23
Jordaan, Gabriel Jacobus History of the Dutch Reformed Church mission in Sekhukhuneland and church development 1875-1994 Science of Religion and Missiology 2012-05-09
Jordaan, Vasti Visualisering as tegniek vir die verbetering van leesbegrip in die intermedięre fase by leerders wat leergestrem en milieubenadeeld is (Afrikaans) Educational Psychology 2012-09-26
Jordaan, Carl David The impact of leader member exchange on shop-floor worker innovation in South African manufacturing firms Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-02-23
Jordaan, Marie A monograph of Gymnosporia (Celastraceae) Plant Science 2013-04-30 restricted
Jordaan, Johan Public financial performance management in South Africa : a conceptual approach School of Public Management and Administration 2013-05-18
Joseph, George Design and implementation of high-speed algorithms for public-key cryptosystems Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2005-06-09
Joseph, Lavanithum The impact of using graphic representations of signs in teaching signs to hearing mothers of deaf children Centre for Augmentative and Alternative Communication 2009-06-04
Joshi, Divyesh Jagadischandra Transfer pricing : a comparative study of analogous legislation in developing and developed countries Taxation 2011-07-20 restricted
Joshi, Smita Indian couples' narratives of the empty nest experience Psychology 2012-01-20 restricted
Joubert, Wessel Defining the critical success factors for the implementation and maintenance of a total quality management system in South African construction companies involved in building Construction Economics 2003-08-27
Joubert, Johan Tertius The production performance of two pig genotypes on varying levels of dietary protein Animal and Wildlife Sciences 2005-05-20
Joubert, Jacomina Christina The life experiences and understanding of children as citizens in a democratic South Africa Early Childhood Education 2008-05-20
Joubert, Carinne Rhizobia associated with Australian Acacia species ( Acacia mearnsii, Acacia dealbata and Acacia decurrens ) in South Africa as determined by sodium dodecyl-sulphate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2005-10-05
Joubert, Jacquorethe-Mari 'n Teoretiese model vir die toepassing van self-gereguleerde leer met metakognitiewe betrokkenheid as 'n tweede-orde proses (Afrikaans) Psychology 2007-05-30
Joubert, Francois Jacobus Mass customization and the introduction of a quality management system in a sales and marketing environment Engineering and Technology Management 2005-10-31
Joubert, Janetta Debora A profile of informal carers in South Africa Sociology 2005-12-02
Joubert, Hilda Wilhelmina Expression of the botulinum neurotoxin serotype D binding domain in Brevibacillus brevis and its evaluation as a candidate vaccine antigen in mice Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2008-07-28
Joubert, Kenneth Edward Sedative and analgesic effects of detomidine or detomidine and butorphanol in the donkey Companion Animal Clinical Studies 2007-01-05
Joubert, Johannes Wilhelm An initial solution heuristic for the vehicle routing and scheduling problem. Industrial and Systems Engineering 2007-08-27
Joubert, Paul Prediking in 'n postmoderne konteks (Afrikaans) Practical Theology 2007-03-30
Joubert, Johann van Dijk A comparative study of the Paraclete statements and references to the Holy Spirit in the Johannine Gospel New Testament Studies 2007-04-19
Joubert, Johannes Wilhelm An integrated and intelligent metaheuristic for constrained vehicle routing Industrial and Systems Engineering 2007-07-20
Joubert, Fourie Structural modelling of therapeutic targets and inhibitors of the malaria parasite Biochemistry 2007-12-20 restricted
Joubert, Christiaan Gerhardus Tracing the impact of self-directed team learning in an air traffic control environment Curriculum Studies 2008-07-09
Joubert, Angelique Investigation on selected biotic and abiotic factors in the maintenance of the "fairy circles" (barren patches) of southern Africa Plant Science 2008-01-17
Joubert, Yolandi Automated structural annotation of the malaria proteome and identification of candidate proteins for modelling and crystallization studies Biochemistry 2008-07-29
Joubert, Pieter Using a socio-technical maturity model to assist in the sustainability of ICT4D projects Informatics 2008-08-08
Joubert, Michelle A finite element model for the investigation of surface EMG signals during dynamic contraction Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2008-09-04
Joubert, Eugene George Adkins Stefans Grove : Images from Africa - 'n analise (Afrikaans) Music 2007-11-19
Joubert, Pieter Hendrik Numerical simulation of the thermal performance of naturally ventilated buildings Mechanical Engineering 2008-08-19 restricted
Joubert, Paul Die belydenis van Jesus Christus in die prediking om eietydse hoorders tot geloof te begelei (Afrikaans) Practical Theology 2009-04-02 restricted
Joubert, Rita Solid-liquid mass transfer in trickle bed reactors Chemical Engineering 2009-06-24
Joubert, Karin Speech intelligibility and marital communication in Motor Neuron Disease Centre for Augmentative and Alternative Communication 2010-03-01
Joubert, Danie [ex] CHANGE : an architecture of experience : a train station and intermodal freight warehouse in Pretoria West Architecture 2010-12-09
Joubert, Melanie Dissemination research : teachers as facilitators Educational Psychology 2011-06-13
Joubert, Daniel Francois Tend and befriend : a bio-behavioural construction of women's responses to stress Psychology 2011-07-27
Joubert, Cornelius Johannes Die soutpan van Soutpansberg (Afrikaans) Geology 2011-09-29
Joubert, Yvonne Trijntje Organisation team sport interventions to minimise diversity constraints in the workplace Human Resource Management 2012-02-22
Joubert, Lydelle Amelia Maritime terrorism, piracy and acts of armed robbery of ships : South East Asia and Africa, 2000 - 2008 Political Sciences 2012-07-31
Joubert, Cornelius Johannes Die ontwikkeling van 'n keuringsprogram met die oog op die identifisering van kandidate vir opleiding as voormanne (Afrikaans) Psychology 2012-12-10
Joubert, Daniel De Wet The association of psychological contract alignment to workplace outcomes Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-02-23
Joubert, Morne Nonparametric logistic regression using smoothing splines Statistics 2013-06-03 restricted
Joubert, Lizelle Elizabeth Evaluation of thermally regulated promoter systems for use in Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2013-06-20 restricted
Jourdan, Neil Russell An investigation into the socio-musical identity of at risk adolescents involved in music therapy Music 2007-11-20 restricted
Joynt, Shaun Exodus of clergy : a practical theological grounded theory exploration Practical Theology 2013-08-27
Juana, James Sharka Efficiency and equity considerations in modeling inter-sectoral water demand in South Africa Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2008-06-06
Judels, Cornel Kastelings in vaevuur : 'n versameling gedigte 'n ondersoek na die Nuwe stemme-reeks as forum vir ontluikende digters (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2012-08-17 restricted
Julsing, Martha Maria Trace element analysis in precious metals using time resolved emission spectroscopy Chemistry 2005-09-05
Jumah, Anne Mukeli The nature and extent of palliative care in the Nairobi hospice Social Work and Criminology 2008-11-20 restricted
Junker, Jessica An analysis of numerical trends in African elephant populations Zoology and Entomology 2009-09-04

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