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Barmania, Fatima Analysis of CCR5 diversity in the South African population Immunology 2012-08-07 restricted
Cockeran, Riana Effects of sub-lethal concentrations of pneumolysin on the proinflammatory activities of human neutrophils in vitro Immunology 2005-09-19
Du Plessis, Johannie Bacterial translocation : cause of activated intestinal macrophages in decompensated liver disease Immunology 2012-08-08 restricted
Du Preez, Monique Implementation of a blood conservation program in the private hospital setting in South Africa Immunology 2012-05-22
Durandt, Chrisna Immuunregulerende, anti-mikrobiese en anti-tumor aktiwiteit van nuwe riminofenasiene (Afrikaans) Immunology 2005-08-18
Durandt, Chrisna P-glikoproteien neutraliseringspotensiaal en weefsel verspreiding van tetrametiel-piperidien derivate van klofasimien (Afrikaans) Immunology 2010-08-30
Eggers, Rudolf Richard Measles elimination in South Africa : policy and implementation Immunology 2012-11-24
Fickl, Heidi Investigation of the pro-oxidative and pro-inflammatory interactions of cobalt, palladium, platinum and vanadium with human neutrophils in vitro Immunology 2008-05-15
Futre, Edith Margret Vitamin C and exercise-induced oxidative and inflammatory stress in ultramarathon athletes Immunology 2005-10-26
Kwofie, Luyanda Laura llicia Circulating markers of inflammation and infection as adjuncts to a clinical scoring system in predicting outcome in cancer patients with febrile neutropenia Immunology 2011-07-07 restricted
Lodder, Cornelia Magdalena Investigation of the neutrophil-directed anti-inflammatory properties of the cysteinyl leukotriene receptor antagonist, montelukast Immunology 2012-04-26 restricted
Logan, Murray Glen Investigation of MC4 receptor polymorphisms and the effect of bariatric surgery on a selected group of South African obese patients Immunology 2009-11-26
Makgatho, Marema Ephraim The antiplasmodial activities of the tetramethylpiperidyl-substituted phenazines, B4119 and B4158 Immunology 2007-01-05
Matlola, Nthane Martha The in vitro anti-mycobacterial activities of the novel tetramethylpiperidyl-substituted phenazines, B4121 and B4128 Immunology 2007-01-04
Meissner-Roloff, Madelein Prerequisites for establishing a public human UCB SCB; assessment of public acceptance and resistance of UCB to HIV Immunology 2013-04-26
Meyer, Pieter Willem Adriaan Circulating autoantibodies, acute phase reactants, and cytokines in relation to HLA genotype and disease activity in rheumatoid arthritis Immunology 2011-10-20 restricted
Motheo, Mamofalali Portia Evaluation of the intracellular anti-mycobacterial activity of a clofazimine nanoparticle formulation in macrophages Immunology 2012-12-04 restricted
Mutepe, Ndiafhi Daphney Effects of cigarette smoke condensate on the growth of and production of biofilm by Streptococcus pneumoniae and on the bioactivity of pneumolysin Immunology 2012-08-02 restricted
Ramafi, Grace Josephine The effects of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa-derived pigment, 1-hydroxyphenazine, on calcium metabolism and release of primary granule enzymes from activated human neutrophils in vitro Immunology 2007-01-04
Stivaktas, Paraskevi Irene Comparison of Cyclosporin A with Mitomycin C and gamma irradiation as inactivators of stimulator cells in the one-way mixed lymphocyte reaction Immunology 2009-05-20
Thaver, Veneesha Isolation and characterization of the cytotoxicity, intracellular bioactivity and mechanism of antimycobacterial action of Euclea natalensis-derived naphthoquinones Immunology 2011-09-28 restricted
Thompson, Doretha Flow cytometric analysis of stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood Immunology 2010-08-03
Tintinger, Gregory Ronald Membrane potential and intracellular cyclic AMP as regulators of calcium homeostasis in formyl peptide-activated human neutrophils : lessons from chronic granulomatous disease Immunology 2005-11-04
Visser, Susanna Salomina Effects of adenosine receptor agonists of the A1, A2A and A3 subtypes on the proinflammatory activity of human neutrophils in vitro Immunology 2005-10-27
Zwane, Hloniphile Investigation of the role of the TRK potassium transporter of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis in intra cellular survival Immunology 2012-12-13 restricted
Adendorff, Susanna Aletta A decision support model for the cash replenishment process in South African retail banking Industrial and Systems Engineering 2006-11-09
Adetunji, Olufemi Inventory management in supply chain with stochastic inputs Industrial and Systems Engineering 2010-09-25
Albertyn, Martin Generic simulation modelling of stochastic continuous systems Industrial and Systems Engineering 2005-05-24
Bean, Willemiena Lodewika Inventory management under uncertainty : a military application Industrial and Systems Engineering 2011-10-21
Bosman, Stephen A framework for managing risk in a changing business Industrial and Systems Engineering 2008-03-25
Botha, Gesina Jozina Translating customer service expectations into supporting business processes Industrial and Systems Engineering 2010-11-18
Breedt, Marlize A framework for knowledge management Industrial and Systems Engineering 2008-07-02
Coetzee, Jasper Lodewikus An Optimised instrument for designing a maintenance plan - A sequel to reliability centred maintenance Industrial and Systems Engineering 2005-12-01
Conradie, Pieter Jacobus An industrial engineering perspective of business intelligence Industrial and Systems Engineering 2005-05-17
Conradie, David Gideon Scheduling coal handling processes using metaheuristics Industrial and Systems Engineering 2008-04-21
Fletterman, Manuel Designing multimodal public transport networks using metaheuristics Industrial and Systems Engineering 2009-01-16
Fourie, Pieter Jacobus An initial implementation of a multi-agent transport simulator for South Africa Industrial and Systems Engineering 2009-06-24
Grobler, Jacomine Particle swarm optimization and differential evolution for multi-objective multiple machine scheduling Industrial and Systems Engineering 2009-06-24
Jooste, Marius Visser A framework for the implementation of e-procurement Industrial and Systems Engineering 2005-08-22
Joubert, Johannes Wilhelm An initial solution heuristic for the vehicle routing and scheduling problem. Industrial and Systems Engineering 2007-08-27
Joubert, Johannes Wilhelm An integrated and intelligent metaheuristic for constrained vehicle routing Industrial and Systems Engineering 2007-07-20
Koorts, Casper-Cobus Management elements of organisational re-engineering Industrial and Systems Engineering 2007-01-12
Labuschagne, Carin Sustainable project life cycle management : criteria for the South African process industry Industrial and Systems Engineering 2007-10-17
Le Roux, Johannes Theodorus Ferreira Fluidised-bed chlorination of titania slag Industrial and Systems Engineering 2006-07-19
Leonard, Pierre A strategic engineering philosophy Industrial and Systems Engineering 2005-04-25
Leonard, Pierre An engineering approach to the diversification and refocusing of organisations Industrial and Systems Engineering 2006-11-09
Linstrom, Leslie A portfolio approach to capital project management Industrial and Systems Engineering 2005-06-09
Lynch, Pierre-Victor Optimal spares and preventive maintenance frequencies for constrained industrial systems Industrial and Systems Engineering 2011-03-31 restricted
Malada, Awelani Stochastic reliability modelling for complex systems Industrial and Systems Engineering 2006-10-18
Mare, Susara Elizabeth Improvement of the materials management function in a shared service centre Industrial and Systems Engineering 2007-12-19
Moolman, Alwyn Jakobus Design and implementation of an integrated algorithm for the vehicle routing problem with multiple constraints Industrial and Systems Engineering 2005-05-27
Moolman, Alwyn Jakobus Design of a selective parallel heuristic algorithm for the vehicle routing problem on an adaptive object model Industrial and Systems Engineering 2010-11-19
Mouton, Daniel Marais Benchmarking in the South African corporate environment Industrial and Systems Engineering 2005-11-30
Muller, Maria Anna Elizabeth Probalistic analysis of repairable redundant systems Industrial and Systems Engineering 2006-10-18
Mwanga, Alifas Yeko Reliability modelling of complex systems Industrial and Systems Engineering 2006-12-14
Nienaber, Petrus Millar The system dynamics approach as a modelling tool for health care Industrial and Systems Engineering 2013-06-06
Pellissier, Rene The impact of information technology on business organisations of the future Industrial and Systems Engineering 2006-11-09
Pretorius, Petrus Johannes A generic approach to integrated logistic support for whole-life whole-systems Industrial and Systems Engineering 2003-09-04
Rottier, Johannes Conceptual design of an organisational capability Industrial and Systems Engineering 2006-11-09
Stark, Vanessa Ann Development of a supply planning methodology in the automotive industry Industrial and Systems Engineering 2005-06-20
Steenkamp, Henrietta Business process analysis of a South African state-funded health care facility Industrial and Systems Engineering 2005-08-22
Swart, Marinda A scheduling model for a coal handling facility Industrial and Systems Engineering 2005-06-10
Van der Merwe, Janet Agent-based transport demand modelling for the South African commuter environment Industrial and Systems Engineering 2011-03-15
Van Dyk, Petrus Jakobus Schoeman Integrated automotive manufacturing supply Industrial and Systems Engineering 2005-06-10
Van Dyk, Liezl Manufacturing execution systems Industrial and Systems Engineering 2006-11-09
Van Schoor, Christiaan de Wet Building blocks for supply chain management - a study of inventory modelling Industrial and Systems Engineering 2006-10-19
Van Wyk, Estelle Modelling of inventory management in humanitarian logistics Industrial and Systems Engineering 2013-06-06
Visser, Rene An operational management model for a coal mining production unit Industrial and Systems Engineering 2005-04-25
Vlok, Pieter-Jan Dynamic residual life estimation of industrial equipment based on failure intensity proportions Industrial and Systems Engineering 2005-12-07
Von Raubenheimer, Albert Ludwich Strategic supply chain management using simulation Industrial and Systems Engineering 2005-12-01
Watkins, Johannes Andria A structured systems approach to model conceptualisation : an executive management perspective Industrial and Systems Engineering 2006-07-21
Wentzel, John Peter Modelling financial services adoption through an intermediary in South Africa : TAM and SEM approach Industrial and Systems Engineering 2013-06-28
De Vries, Marne A new process improvement approach for management consultancy organisations Industrial Engineering 2007-04-04
Erasmus, Gert Botha Stochastic models of steady state and dynamic operation of systems of congestion Industrial Engineering 2006-10-18
Sampson, Elsjebe Development and testing of a screening tool for mine workers with possible hand arm vibration syndrome Industrial Engineering 2006-02-13
Da Costa Mendes, Vasco Manuel The isolation and importance of Simbu group viruses in South Africa Infectious Diseases 2013-03-19
Abrahamse, Jacques Towards a framework, through action research, for mobile computing diffusion and adoption within a small-to-medium South African construction company Informatics 2008-09-01
Alexander, Patricia Margaret Towards reconstructing meaning when text is communicated electronically Informatics 2002-08-19
Arndt, Heidi The use of a multi-agent learning system to analyse embedded context in qualitative data for decision-making Informatics 2007-09-03
Asmelash, Dawit Exploring IT benefits evaluation effectiveness at ex-ante project justification stage Informatics 2012-09-25
Clavier, Pamela Rose A service-dominant logic approach to business intelligence Informatics 2013-04-30
Cooke, Pamela The impact of the internet on organisational culture within the IT industry Informatics 2004-11-22
De Tolly, Katherine Marianne Digital stories as tools for change : a study of the dynamics of technology use in social change and activism Informatics 2008-10-28
Du Plessis, Johannes Jacobus Organisational change management in the IT department Informatics 2008-08-22 restricted
Du Preez, Jacobus Andries Novell’s Open Source Evolution: a case study in adapting open source business strategies Informatics 2006-03-10
Du Toit, Mattheus Johannes The establishment, through action research, of an appropriate strategic ICT planning process for the South African Department of Defence as a diversified organisation Informatics 2008-08-08
Els, Lynette Using the Unified Modeling Language (UML) to represent artefacts in the Zachman Frameword Informatics 2006-10-25
Gebregziabher, Sosina Abraha The “bi-directional” influence between technology and society: how M-PESA is shaping and being shaped by society in Kenya Informatics 2012-02-17
Geldenhuys, Ilse The management of people, processes and places in the virtual workplace Informatics 2011-06-06
Giesing, Ilse User perceptions related to identification through biometrics within electronic business Informatics 2004-01-09
Goede, Roelien A framework for the explicit use of specific systems thinking methodologies in data-driven decision support system development Informatics 2005-05-13
Gxulwana, Buzwe Clifford Towards understanding the difficulties and concerns of deep rural communities in South Africa and the effect they have on community engagement in ICT4D Informatics 2011-02-07
Joubert, Pieter Using a socio-technical maturity model to assist in the sustainability of ICT4D projects Informatics 2008-08-08
Koekemoer, Johannes Frederik A grounded theory analysis of networking capabilities in virtual organizing Informatics 2008-11-10
Kruger, Cornelius Johannes Knowledge management maturity from a strategic/managerial perspective Informatics 2008-11-11
Le Roux, Dirk Cornelis Towards understanding dissatisfaction with explanations of IT value Informatics 2006-03-10
Lubango, Louis Mitondo Industry specific know-how, inventiveness, and research performance of universities’ entrepreneurs : a cross-national patent portfolio analysis Informatics 2010-06-12
Macome, Esselina The dynamics of the adoption and use of ICT-based initiatives for development: results of a field study in Mozambique Informatics 2003-02-19
Mavetera, Nehemiah Towards an ontology-driven software development approach : an unended quest Informatics 2012-05-15
Mayayise, Thembekile Olivia The social impact of the internet on Gauteng high school learners Informatics 2009-02-26
Meyer, Natalie E-commerce interface design parameters and their relation to website popularity Informatics 2008-06-02
Modimogale, Lloyd ICT and SMEs’ competitiveness in South Africa : how SMEs could use ICT to become competitive in South Africa Informatics 2008-08-27
Mulder, Susan An action research study on the use of Scrum to provide agility in data warehouse development Informatics 2011-05-11
Naidoo, Thavandren Ramsamy Towards a conceptual framework for understanding the implementation of Internet-based self-service technology Informatics 2009-04-24
Nel, David Ferguson Information technology as an agent of post-modernism Informatics 2008-07-03
Phahlamohlaka, Letlibe Jacob An analysis of group decision justification and its implications for GSS use and design ideals Informatics 2008-05-29
Ponelis, Shana Rachel Data marts as management information delivery mechanisms: utilisation in manufacturing organisations with third party distribution Informatics 2003-08-06
Postma, D J v R Deepening and broadening the critique of technology : an analysis of an ANT approach Informatics 2010-06-12
Rivera Green, Igor Felipe The emancipatory potential of a new information system and its effect on technology acceptance Informatics 2007-02-13
Selaolo, Tjongabangwe The incorporation of activity-based learning and reflection into a new information systems development practice framework for Botswana Informatics 2012-07-06
Smith, Stanley Adrian INF 895 Madness in their method Informatics 2009-04-29 restricted
Steyn, Adriana Aletta A conceptual framework for guiding SMEs in the application of IT from a South African point of view Informatics 2010-09-17
Theron, Annatjie Websites are capable of reflecting a particular human temperament : fact or fad? Informatics 2008-09-01
Thomas, Theda Ann A teaching environment for learning soft skills applicable to information systems development Informatics 2006-07-19
Thring, Kevin Conrad Banking Swaziland's unbanked Informatics 2008-08-15
Turpin, Sibella Margaretha Assessing the contribution of information technology to development : a social systems framework based on structuration theory and autopoiesis Informatics 2012-09-26
Turpin, Sibella Margaretha The role of information systems in decision-making biases Informatics 2013-06-21
Twinomurinzi, Hossana Facilitating policy implementation using ICT in a development context : a South African ubuntu approach Informatics 2010-07-07
Van der Merwe, Adele Development and implementation of an institutional repository within a Science, Engineering and Technology Environment Informatics 2008-08-28
Van Loggerenberg, Johannes Josephus A conceptual framework for information management Informatics 2012-11-26
Van Rensburg, Liezl Business to business process intergration : technical and social implementation considerations Informatics 2008-01-23
Van Schalkwyk, Pieter Geldenhuys Using collaborative web 2.0 tools in enterprise system implementation to assist with change management as a critical success factor Informatics 2008-08-26
Van Zyl, Dawid Hermanus A grounded theory research investigation into the importance of social relationships and networks within corporate Information Systems projects Informatics 2009-02-25
Venter, Isabella Margarethe Group constitution for small group learning in the field of information technology Informatics 2007-10-22
Visagie, Sonja Using a social network environment for information systems group work Informatics 2011-05-12
Wessels, Eugene Towards a framework for business continuity management : an IT governance perspective Informatics 2007-04-06
Wessels, Janelle Towards a mutually sustainable environmentally friendly information technology policy framework for South African small, medium and micro enterprises Informatics 2011-07-05
Whittaker, Louise Information systems evaluation : a post-dualist interpretation Informatics 2002-06-14
Windell, Anna Catharina The impact of disruptive technologies on designated organisations within the IT industry in South Africa Informatics 2008-08-11
Wooding, Alethea The impact of language and communication of meaning on ICT Development Projects Informatics 2005-08-02
Ackerman, Marius Processes for unlocking actionable business intelligence in SA banking institutions Information Science 2005-04-21
Ackermann, Pieter Cornelius The suitability of a multimedia resource for teaching undergraduate histology in a developing country Information Science 2005-05-12
Addo, Gbagidi Hillar Komla Utilization of information and communication technology (ICT) for education in South Africa : An examination of the world links for development (WorLD) programme Information Science 2005-09-19
Bester, Ben Coetzee A proposed multi-disciplinary and integrated model for managing the flow of information in development projects in Africa Information Science 2008-04-21
Bitso, Constance Majomane Likonelo The information needs and information-seeking patterns of secondary level geography teachers in Lesotho : implications for information service Information Science 2012-05-13
Boersma, Anne-Marie Die gebruik van ontwikkelingskommunikasietegnieke om benadeelde voorskoolse leerders in 'n XiTsonga-gemeenskap te bemagtig (Afrikaans) Information Science 2005-10-13
Boot, Frans Hendrik An evaluation of a communication process between the Gauteng Provincial Government and development forums in the mid-1990s Information Science 2008-05-16
Bornman, Magda Digital media as communication tools for health promotion in managed health care Information Science 2006-07-13
Botha, Hanneri The information audit : principles and guidelines Information Science 2008-04-14
Botha, Deonie Francesca The strategic continuing training needs of executives and managers on a selection of large South African companies Information Science 2008-07-28
Bothma, Paul Design implications of an online collaborative workspace developed using open source software Information Science 2008-07-03
Britz, Johannes Jacobus A critical analysis of information poverty from a social justice perspective Information Science 2007-07-21
Burger, Dirk Developing an instrument to measure the strategically innovative environment of life insurance organisations in Southern Africa Information Science 2010-09-25
Carr, Benjamin Alan Information, knowledge and learning : is the Web effective as a medium for Mathematics teaching? Information Science 2003-04-08
Chaka, Mpho Phillip The usability and effectiveness of a printed information booklet : a survey amongst small-scale rural farmers Information Science 2004-11-09
Chiware, Elisha Rufaro Tembo Business information needs, seeking patterns and information services in the small medium and micro enterprises sector (SMME) in Namibia Information Science 2008-02-05
Chizwina, Sabelo Ransome An exploratory investigation into the status of reading promotion projects in South Africa Information Science 2012-03-01
Claasen-Veldsman, Maria Margaretha Evaluating recorded audio media for health communication in South Africa Information Science 2007-11-19
Claasen-Veldsman, Maria Margaretha Evaluating recorded audio media for health communication in South Africa Information Science 2008-04-30
Cloete, Linda Maria The education and training of cataloguers : a training resource programme Information Science 2006-09-14
Coetzee, Helene The development of a World Wide Web information resource for farmers with specific reference to yogurt production Information Science 2007-05-28
Cosijn, Erica Relevance judgements in information retrieval Information Science 2005-09-19
Croeser, Hendrik Hypermedia in support of the software engineering process Information Science 2006-03-06
Cronje, Johannes High school eLearning : an investigation into the desirable and workable features of an Internet eLearning resource to sustain high school learning communities Information Science 2008-07-29
De Villiers, Gabrielle Joy Asynchronous web-based technologies to support learning Information Science 2002-03-12
Diko, Thandisizwe Decoding LoveLife’s billboards in a socio-culturally pluralistic South Africa Information Science 2008-05-28
Dlamini, Ncamsile Nombulelo Testing the effectiveness and/or appropriateness of the information material in The Alliance Programme used for Tshwana speaking patients suffering from schizophrenia in the South African context Information Science 2009-06-23
Du Plessis, Marina The role of knowledge management in eBusiness and customer relationship management Information Science 2005-08-18
Du Plessis, Andries Stephanus Travel information exchanges in a computer-mediated environment : a social network analysis of the Africa category on the Departure Lounge branch of the Thorn Tree Information Science 2006-10-18
Du Preez, Hendrihette Janette Issues to consider during the development and promotion of a primary school web site Information Science 2005-12-22
Exner, Frank Kepler The Impact of naming practices among North American Indians on name authority control Information Science 2005-05-13
Fombad, Madeleine C Knowledge management in law firms in Botswana Information Science 2010-06-10
Greyvenstein, Mariaan Issues to consider during the content development and construction of a primary school web site Information Science 2005-12-21
Henrici, Ingrid Theoretical foundation for the formulation of a National Information policy for South Africa Information Science 2005-12-21
Heyns, Danielle Providing a web-based information resource for Afrikaans first language teachers Information Science 2003-04-03
Holmner, Marlene Amanda A critical analysis of information and knowledge societies with specific reference to the interaction between local and global knowledge systems Information Science 2008-11-10
Hulbert, David Thomas An approach for the sustainability of ICT centres implemented by Technikon SA in Southern Africa Information Science 2008-07-16
Ingutia-Oyieke, Lilian Information and communication technologies in teaching and learning : a comparative evaluation of two university libraries in Kenya Information Science 2008-09-22
Jordaan, Beatrice The protection of indigenous medical knowledge : a critical analysis Information Science 2006-07-13
Korsten, Hilda An evaluation of and a model for South African government websites Information Science 2006-10-25
Kroeze, Jan Hendrik Developing an XML-based, exploitable linguistic database of the Hebrew text of Gen. 1:1-2:3 Information Science 2008-07-28
Kruger, Jennifer Applying audience research to public dialogue about science : an evaluation of commissioned research for the public understanding of biotechnology programme Information Science 2012-10-08
Kuiters, Brenda Geographical information systems (GIS) as a tool to provide information to disadvantaged communities Information Science 2006-07-13
Le Roux, Alta S Exploring branding as part of the corporate communication strategy of the Girl Guides Association Of South Africa (GGASA) Information Science 2007-05-22
Le Roux, Sophia School-community libraries : some guidelines for a possible model for South Africa Information Science 2008-04-14
Le Roux, Elizabeth Henriette Between complicity and resistance : a social history of the university presses in apartheid South Africa Information Science 2013-06-10
Letsie, Lebohang An explorative investigation into the communication media used by the government departments of Health, Social Welfare and Labour in Lesotho when communicating with local communities. Information Science 2006-12-13 restricted
Lottering, Francois Barnardus Integrating knowledge seeking into knowledge management models, frameworks, and strategies Information Science 2012-06-26
Makunyane, M E An investigation of the communication practices of the Kodumela Peanut-Butter Development Project Information Science 2007-07-17
Maphopha, Khomotso Amanda The training of cataloguers in university libraries in South Africa Information Science 2006-07-13
Marx, Estelle Maria Magdalena 'n Ondersoek na die problematiek van inligtinggeletterdheid by die gehoorgestremde persoon in Suid-Afrika (Afrikaans) Information Science 2006-07-13
Mbambo, Buhle The Internet as an information conduit in developing countries : an investigation of World Wide Web usability among small and medium textile enterprises in Botswana Information Science 2007-03-14
Meter, Maryke An Internet based information resource for marketing purposes with specific reference to interior design Information Science 2005-12-21
Meyer, Hester Wilhelmina Jacoba The transfer of agricultural information to rural communities Information Science 2006-07-19
Mogotsi, Isaac Carter An empirical investigation into the relationships among knowledge sharing behaviour,organizational citizenship behaviour, job satisfaction and organizational commitment Information Science 2010-06-10
Mokwatlo, Annah Mmannana A usability study of printed pamphlets of the Agricultural Research Council (ARC) in the rural community of Ga-Matlala Information Science 2008-05-16
Mostert, Aleta Corporate publishing in South African banks : focus on formal, external publications Information Science 2004-12-06
Nel, Johannes Gerhardus Zulu-English cross-language information retrieval : an analysis of errors Information Science 2006-09-04
Nkosi, Thobeka An information audit of micro enterprises in the selected rural areas of Umkhanyakude District Municipal of KwaZulu Natal Information Science 2010-03-11
Odendaal, Estelle Rhode An exploration of the state of self-publishing in the academic publishing sector of South Africa Information Science 2008-10-27
Oladokun, Olugbade Samuel Distance education and the role of the library : a case study at the University of Botswana Information Science 2005-10-20
Penzhorn, Cecilia Elizabeth An investigation into the feasibility of using a participatory research approach in determining the information needs of a group of Coloured women in Eersterust Information Science 2006-05-08
Penzhorn, Cecilia Elizabeth The implementation, monitoring and management of an effective legal deposit system for South Africa Information Science 2008-01-25
Ponelis, Shana Rachel An exploratory study of business intelligence in knowledge-based growth small, medium and micro-enterprises in South Africa Information Science 2012-02-10
Pretorius, Deirdre The digitisation of photographic collections Information Science 2006-02-27
Roos, Izak Francois Jakobus An activity-based model for managing unstructured content Information Science 2009-03-25
Sewdass, Nisha The implementation of competitive intelligence tools and techniques in public service departments in South Africa to improve service delivery : a case study of the Department of Home Affairs Information Science 2009-09-27
Skosana, Delphia Sibongile A usability study of two printed pamphlets designed to inform small scale farmers about best agricultural practices Information Science 2006-02-21 restricted
Sonderling, Nelly Elizabeth Scoping and developing the potential for SAPS online service delivery Information Science 2005-04-21
Squier, Martie Maria The principles and practice of knowledge management Information Science 2005-06-01
Steyn, Leonie Using Internet resources and e-learning modalities for training learners in Nutrition for people living with HIV and AIDS in South Africa Information Science 2005-05-12
Steyn, Adolf Bosman Creating a learning organisation, using information technology Information Science 2005-10-17
Strydom, Maria Sophia Government communication and dissemination of government information - the use of research to enhance effectiveness. Information Science 2002-07-05
Taole, Nthabiseng Evaluation of the Innopac Library system in selected consortia and libraries in the southern African region : implications for the Lesotho Library consortium Information Science 2009-04-08
Tlhapi, William Rasebabele A critical analysis of the use of IP as a form of information warfare against the developing world Information Science 2005-05-27
Tobin, Peter Kevin Joseph The use of stories and storytelling as knowledge sharing practices : a case study in the South African mining industry Information Science 2006-07-30
Van der Merwe, Daisy Margaret A pilot project for the development of guidelines towards the establishment of a telecentre in a rural agricultural community in South Africa Information Science 2006-02-28
Van der Spuy, Marilla A virtual field hospital for military nurses Information Science 2007-04-23
Van Deventer, Martha Johanna Introducing intellectual capital management in an information support services environment Information Science 2003-08-01
Van Eeden, Tertia Sophia The use of Internet-based communication in support of long-term customer relationships in a period of corporate change Information Science 2005-10-17
Van Wyk, Barend Johannes Communities of practice : an essential element in the knowledge management practices of an academic library as learning organisation Information Science 2005-08-11
Van Zyl, Friedel Developing an internet-based information resource for communication and education purposes : a case study Information Science 2005-12-21
Van Zyl, Anthea Drivers of knowledge transfer between universities and industry R&D partners in South Africa Information Science 2008-04-10
Venter, Marthinus Rudolph Die materiële produksie van Afrikaanse fiksie (1990-2005) : ‘n empiriese ondersoek na die produksieprofiel en uitgeweryprofiel binne die uitgeesisteem (Afrikaans) Information Science 2008-08-04
Wessels, Ester Marie The challenge and the crisis facing the educational publishing industry in the dissemination of information in South Africa Information Science 2012-10-29
Le Roux, Elizabeth Henriette Transforming a publishing division into a scholarly press : a feasibility study of the Africa Institute of South Africa Information Science (Publishing Studies) 2007-08-06
Boekhorst, Albert Klazes Informatievaardig worden in het onderwijs, een informatiewetenschappelijk perspectief : een vergelijkende gevallenstudie in Nederland en Zuid-Afrika (Nederlands) Information Technology 2004-11-08
Messerschmidt, Reinhardt Hattendorff’s theorem and Thiele’s differential equation generalized Insurance and Actuarial Science 2006-02-20
Van den Heever, Rudolf Johannes Risk evaluation techniques in a general insurance environment Insurance and Actuarial Science 2005-10-31
Van der Walt, Phillipus Jacobus Die wanbetaling van lewensversekering : ‘n analise van die redes, die gevolge vir die versekeraar, kliënt, bemarker en remediërende optrede (Afrikaans) Insurance and Actuarial Science 2011-04-07
Buchel, Elwin Herbert Autoimmune hepatitis : a clinical study Internal Medicine 2011-01-10
Ellemdin, Sirajudeen The effects of providing pre-test ordering cost information on laboratory test costs in an Internal Medicine ward of a tertiary care hospital Internal Medicine 2011-07-08
Janse van Rensburg, Dina Christina The effect of exercise training on the autonomic function, disease activity and functional capacity in females suffering from rheumatoid arthritis Internal Medicine 2012-10-03
Loock, Margaretha Elizabeth Die herkenning van koronêre hartsiektes in stedelike swart mense (Afrikaans) Internal Medicine 2006-04-05
Van Zyl, Daniel Gerhardus Inpatient diabetes care : evaluation and intervention Internal Medicine 2012-04-28

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