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Author Name Title Department Date/Time

Shedden, Jason Patrick A qualitative approach to financial risk Financial Accounting 2007-05-09
Buitendag, Johan Adjusting the DuPont analysis tool within a sustainability context Financial Management 2013-07-18 restricted
Chipeta, Chimwemwe Financial liberalisation and the capital structure of firms listed on the Johannesburg stock exchange Financial Management 2012-04-13
Cronje, Christo Johannes Corporate annual reports (CARS) : accounting practices in transition Financial Management 2007-11-26
De Swardt, Loraine Ontleding van die beleggingsportefeuljes van selfgeadministreerde aftreefondse in Suid-Afrika (Afrikaans) Financial Management 2006-03-16
De Wet, Johannes Hendrik van Heerden A strategic approach in managing shareholders' wealth for companies listed on the JSE securities exchange South Africa Financial Management 2004-08-19
Dowelani, Musimuni Comparing share valuation models in boom and recession conditions : a South African study Financial Management 2012-12-05
Du Toit, Elda Using financial analysis and interpretation as a foundation to comprehend financial health Financial Management 2013-01-23
Geyser, Judith Mariette Decision support system to manage investment risk of grain farmers in South Africa Financial Management 2006-07-24
Jacobs, Liza The impact of the changing practitioner requirements on management accounting education at South African universities Financial Management 2005-04-13
Jansen Van Vuuren, Stephanus Johannes Risk management for microfinance institutions in South Africa Financial Management 2011-12-21
Jooste, Leonie An evaluation of the usefulness of the cash flow statement within South African companies by means of cash flow ratios Financial Management 2005-04-18
Khomba, James Kamwachale Redesigning the balanced scorecard model : an African perspective Financial Management 2011-10-14
Louw, Elbie Return-based style analysis of Domestic Targeted Absolute and Real Return unit trust funds in South Africa Financial Management 2011-06-01
Meintjies, Adele The incorporation of alternative budgeting methods relative to the use of the traditional budgeting method Financial Management 2013-04-23
Mpinda, Mvita Freddy The impact of dividend policy on shareholders' wealth : evidence from the Vector Error Correction Model Financial Management 2013-07-18 restricted
Musvoto, Saratiel Wedzerai Applying the representational theory of measurement to accounting Financial Management 2009-03-28
Mutshutshu, Tendani Capital budgeting techniques employed by selected South African state-owned companies Financial Management 2013-04-23
Naidu, Wesley The implications of capital structure theory and regulation for South African banking institutions Financial Management 2012-01-27
Nkomani, Sibusiso Corporate Social Responsibility and financial performance : the Johannesburg Stock Exchange top 100 Financial Management 2013-07-16
Odendaal, Maria Magdalena The estimation and management of cost over the life cycle of metallurgical research projects Financial Management 2009-10-26
Reyers, Michelle Corporate sustainability consciousness : a climate change perspective Financial Management 2009-07-22
Russell, Cheryl Anne Photo images in corporate annual reports Financial Management 2013-07-16 restricted
Shotter, Magdalena The influence of Marshallian neo-classical economics on management accounting in South Africa Financial Management 2006-08-11
Shuttleworth, Christina Cornelia Towards a financial literacy model as a coordinating interface between financial information and decision makers Financial Management 2009-09-26
Van Aswegen, Anina The hidden constituents of cost of capital Financial Management 2012-01-09
Van der Colff, Francois Company financial failure and distress : a perspective Financial Management 2012-12-03
Van der Poll, Huibrecht Margaretha Integrity issues of information created by book entries Financial Management 2004-03-03
Van der Poll, Huibrecht Margaretha Towards a classification framework for accounting information Financial Management 2008-07-21
Abu, Joseph Oneh Functional and physicochemical properties of gamma-irradiated cowpea flours and pastes Food Science 2006-02-17 restricted
Adetunji, Adeoluwa Iyiade Development of a database of sorghum cultivars in southern Africa, with emphasis on end-use quality, particularly brewing quality Food Science 2012-12-11 restricted
Amonsou, Eric Oscar Characterisation of marama bean protein Food Science 2011-09-27 restricted
Anyango, Joseph Ochieng Improvement in the protein quality of African sorghum foods through compositing with cowpea Food Science 2010-08-16
Anyango, Joseph Ochieng Physico-chemical modification of kafirin microstructures for application as biomaterials Food Science 2012-11-22
Bajner, Robert Ernö Stearic acid addition to maize starch and its influence on pasting viscosity behaviour Food Science 2005-08-10
Barrion, Stephen Carmelo Pearl millet milling : comparison between traditional Namibian fermentation - semi-wet milling and dry milling Food Science 2009-01-28
Beta, Trust Processing of polyphenol-rich sorghums for food Food Science 2007-08-03
Beukes, Elisabeth Maria Lactic acid bacteria in South African indigenous fermented milks and the evaluation of selected strains for application in the manufacturing of cultured milk Food Science 2006-12-07
Bille, Peter George Science and technological development of Omashikwa; Namibian traditional fermented butter milk Food Science 2010-06-04
Boikhutso, Jane Motladi Microbiological, physico-chemical and sensory quality aspects of dairy desserts manufactured from cottage cheese Food Science 2011-07-04
Buchner, Sonya Coating of pears (Var. ‘Packhams Triumph’) with kafirin protein and its effect on postharvest physiology and shelf-life Food Science 2012-02-24
Bultosa Beri, Geremew Physico-chemical and functional properties of grain tef [ Eragrostis tef (Zucc.) Trotter] starch Food Science 2006-08-31
Burger, Jean-Mari Stearic acid addition to tef and maize starches and its influence on their functional properties Food Science 2010-10-19 restricted
Byaruhanga, Yusuf Byenkya Modification of kafirin film properties by microwave heating Food Science 2006-10-16 restricted
Chiremba, Constance Phenolic content and antioxidant activity of South African sorghums and of flours and cookies made from them Food Science 2009-11-30
Chiremba, Constance Sorghum and maize grain hardness : their measurement and factors influencing hardness Food Science 2012-09-01
Cole, Charles George Bernard Occurrence, measurement and origins of gelatine colour as determined by fluorescence and electrophoresis Food Science 2011-07-18
Craig, Andrew Cheddar enzyme modified cheese : influence of protease and lipase on flavour Food Science 2008-05-06
Crous, Mignon Effect of irrigation intervals and processing on the survival of Listeria monocytogenes on spray irrigated broccoli Food Science 2012-07-24
D'Silva, Tanya Veronica Modification of the paste properties of maize and teff starches using stearic acid Food Science 2009-10-21
Da Silva, Laura Suzanne Kafirin biofilm quality : effect of sorghum variety and milling fractions Food Science 2005-09-02
Da Silva, Laura Suzanne Transgenic sorghum : effects of altered kafirin synthesis on kafirin polymerisation, protein quality, protein body structure and endosperm texture Food Science 2012-09-06
De Kock, Henrietta Laetitia Sensory perception of boar odour Food Science 2006-07-12
De Kock, Suretha Physical and chemical effects of bran on brown bread Food Science 2006-12-18
Defabachew, Eyassu Seifu Application of the lactoperoxidase system to improve the quality and safety of goat milk and goat cheese Food Science 2005-05-27
Dersley, Nandi Nicolene Physico-chemical and sensory properties of polyphosphate-treated, irradicated pre-cooked beef Food Science 2005-04-28
Dlamini, Bhekisisa Chushuta Acid adaptation of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in fermented goat milk Food Science 2009-02-10
Du Preez, Theon Montaque The effect of MAP on the growth and survival of Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Staphylococcus aureus in chilled minced beef Food Science 2012-07-20
Duhain, Geraldine Louise Marie Cecile Occurrence of Cryptosporidium spp. in South African irrigation waters and survival of Cryptosporidium parvum during vegetable processing Food Science 2012-07-18
Duodu, Kwaku Gyebi Role of grain organisational structure in sorghum protein digestibility Food Science 2006-07-11
Emmambux, Mohammad Naushad Tannin binding of kafirin and its effects on karirin films Food Science 2005-05-26
Emmambux, Mohammad Naushad Polymeric packaging and edible coatings for minimally processed carrots Food Science 2006-05-29
Erasmus, Corinda Maize kernel translucency measurement by image analysis and its relationship to vitreousness and dry performance Food Science 2005-04-30
Fakude, Moelo Patience Eradication of storage insect pests in maize using microwave energy and the effects of the latter on grain quality Food Science 2009-01-29
Fombang, Edith Nig Protein digestibility of sorghum and maize flours and porridges as affected by gamma-irradiation Food Science 2005-12-14
Geel, Lorraine Relating consumer preferences to sensory attributes of instant coffee Food Science 2005-08-12
Gibson, Nicolette Development of a rapid assessment method for the glycaemic index Food Science 2011-06-24
Gous, Andries Gustav Stefanus Enzymatic debittering of grapefruit peel juice Food Science 2012-12-12 restricted
Gurira, Obert Zvikomborero Characterisation and antimicrobial activity of Pediococci spp. isolated from South African cheese Food Science 2005-04-29
Hugo, Leda Florinda Malted and fermented sorghum as ingredients in composite bread Food Science 2005-10-10
Ijabadeniyi, Oluwatosin Ademola Effect of irrigation water quality on the microbiological safety of fresh vegetables Food Science 2011-06-15
Jacobs, Helena Sorghum hot water extract : influence of grain physico-chemical characteristics Food Science 2011-11-18
Kau, Reginah Nki Pediococci in South African Cheddar and Gouda cheese Food Science 2005-08-02
Kayitesi, Eugenie Sensory and nutritional quality of marama-sorghum composite flours and porridges Food Science 2010-10-08
Kebakile, Martin Mosinyi Sorghum dry-milling processes and their influence on meal and porridge quality Food Science 2009-01-15
Kinnear, Marise Sensory perception of different acidulants in flavoured sports drinks Food Science 2009-01-29
Kobue-Lekalake, Rosemary Ikalafeng Sensory perception of bitterness and astringency in sorghum Food Science 2009-01-15
Kundi, Salvatory Theobald Starch digestibility of porridges from unrefined and refined maize, pearl millet and sorghum Food Science 2005-10-05
Lefyedi, Mathoto Lydia Control of microbial proliferation on sorghum during malting Food Science 2007-06-08
Lemmer, Yolandi Effect of enzymes and emulsifiers on the shelf life of modified atmosphere packaged par-baked pizza Food Science 2010-11-10
Mariba, Onneile Jacqueline The impact of the combined lactoperoxidase and pasteurisation treatment on the safety of goat milk and cottage cheese Food Science 2007-09-19
Maruatona, Gaamangwe Nehemiah Physico-chemical, nutritional and functional properties of defatted marama bean flour Food Science 2009-06-11
Mkanda, Alice Veronica Relating consumer preferences to sensory and physicochemical properties of dry beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) Food Science 2008-07-30
Mokgope, Lethabo B Cowpea seed coats and their extracts : phenolic composition and use as antioxidants in sunflower oil Food Science 2007-07-03
Mokoena, Paballo Gloria Stress relaxation test as a predictor of bread flour quality Food Science 2005-11-09
Mokwena, Moshadiwa Germina The effect of pale, soft and exudative (PSE) pork on the sensory quality characteristics of low fat bacon Food Science 2005-08-01
Mostert, Mathilda Elizabeth Characterization of micro-components of avocado oil extracted with supercritical carbon dioxide and their effect on its oxidative stability Food Science 2008-06-06
Mudau, Muvhulawa Sylvia Functional properties of microwave pasteurised and oil coated whole shell eggs Food Science 2008-07-30
Mugocha, Petronella Tapiwa Fermentation of a finger millet-dairy composite gruel Food Science 2006-02-22
Mugode, Luke Free amino nitrogen improvement in sorghum malt brewing Food Science 2010-08-16
Musarurwa, Margeret Low alcohol opaque beer quality : influence of malt, mashing conditions and wort dilution Food Science 2006-07-12
Muyonga, John Herbert Nile perch collagen and gelatin extraction and physico-chemical characterisation Food Science 2005-04-30
Mwangwela, Agnes Mbachi Physicochemical characteristics of conditioned and micronised cowpeas and functional properties of the resultant flours Food Science 2008-07-30
Nantanga, Komeine Kotokeni Mekondjo Lipid stabilisation and partial pre-cooking of pearl millet by thermal treatments Food Science 2007-07-26
Ndungu, Eric Kimondo Sensory quality of deep fat fried potato chips manufactured from potatoes with different physico-chemical characteristics Food Science 2008-07-29
Ng'andwe, Chisala Charles Free amino nitrogen improvement in sorghum grain brewing Food Science 2009-01-29
Nleya, Kathleen Mutsa Relating physico-chemical properties of frozen green peas (Pisum sativum L.) with sensory quality Food Science 2012-07-25
Nzamwita, Madjaliwa Orange-fleshed sweet potato-wheat composite breads : physico-chemical, sensory and nutritional quality Food Science 2013-06-04 restricted
Ongosi, Anita Nyaboke Nutrient intake and nutrition knowledge of lactating women (0-6) months postpartum) in a low socio-economic area in Nairobi, Kenya Food Science 2011-06-29
Oyugi, Evonne Laura Adhiambo Microbiological quality of shredded Cheddar cheese packaged in modified atmospheres Food Science 2008-03-10
Padayachi, Rajendran Arunaghary Nutritional and functional quality of South African dry-based soya protein foods Food Science 2006-12-11
Parry-Hanson, Angela Araba Bondzewaa Combined boiling and irradiation treatment on the shelf life and safety of Ready-to-eat bovine tripe Food Science 2007-04-04
Parry-Hanson, Angela Araba Resistance of acid-adapted Escherichia coli O157:H7 to lactoperoxidase and heat in goat milk Food Science 2010-06-04
Pelembe, Louis Augosto Mutomene Pearl millet malting : factors affecting product quality Food Science 2007-08-08
Penicela, Luisa The influence of seed coat and cotyledon structure on cooking characteristics of cowpeas Food Science 2011-06-29
Pitso, Sebolelo Quality aspects of feta cheese manufactured from mixtures of cow's milk and goat's milk Food Science 2006-12-13
Pretorius, Celeste Kafirin and zein as coatings for the controlled release of amino acid supplements Food Science 2008-11-19
Ramorola, Johanna Galebalwe Edible coatings for minimally processed avocados Food Science 2006-07-12
Rombo, George Omolo Physico-chemical effects of irradiation on starch and protein of maize and bean flours Food Science 2005-10-12
Rukure, Grace Tapiwa Survival and Growth of Bacillus cereus during Gouda cheese manufacturing Food Science 2006-12-13
Ruteri, Juma Makweba Efficiency of two cation exchange methods for isolating lactoperoxidase and lactoferrin from Gouda and Cheddar cheese whey Food Science 2005-11-28
Sainsbury, Jeanine Nutrient content and carcass composition of South African mutton with a focus on bioavailability of selected nutrients Food Science 2009-11-30
Salvador, Brasilino Das Virtudes Improvement in the cooking and physico-chemical characteristics of hard-to-cook cowpeas by pre-conditioning and micronization Food Science 2008-08-04
Seevathean, Claude Clarel Jean-Felix Loth Microparticulated whey protein as a fat substitute in frozen yoghurt Food Science 2006-05-29
Serrem, Charlotte Atsango Development of soy fortified sorghum and bread wheat biscuits as a supplementary food to combat protein energy malnutrition in young children Food Science 2011-06-16
Shelembe, Jeremiah Sijubo Phenolic compounds in aqueous extracts of marama bean [Tylosema esculentum (Burchell) A. Schreiber] seed coat, sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench) bran and their bioactive properties Food Science 2012-09-03
Shilangale, Renatus Peter Machimu Nitrite and irradation preservation of a ready-to-eat spinach relish and sorghum porridge meal Food Science 2007-02-26
Sikwese, Fred Edington Sorghum phenolic extracts : their storage stability and antioxidant activity in sunflower oil Food Science 2008-07-21
Siwela, Muthulisi Enzymic decortation of sorghum grain Food Science 2006-12-07
Siwela, Muthulisi Finger millet grain phenolics and their impact on malt and cookie quality Food Science 2009-10-17
Tabit, Frederick Tawi Incidence and characterisation of Bacillus sporothermodurans isolated from UHT milk Food Science 2011-06-16
Takalani, Thakani Kennedy Title Preservation of Tshidzimba, a cereal-legume composite porridge, through fermentation, canning and drying Food Science 2006-07-12
Taylor, Janet Preparation, characterisation and functionality of kafirin microparticles Food Science 2008-11-18
Teklehaimanot, Welday Hailu Rheology and microscopy of low calorie mayonnaise-type emulsions made with stearic acid- modified maize and teff starches Food Science 2011-09-27 restricted
Tshabalala, Papiso Meat quality of South African indigenous goat and sheep breeds Food Science 2007-12-19
Tshabalala, Papiso Ariette Effect of food safety systems on the microbiological quality of beef Food Science 2011-10-19
Van der Merwe, Gretel Henriette Quality parameters for the prediction of mono- and polyunsaturated oil shelf-life Food Science 2005-09-02
Van der Merwe, Belinda Maize porridge starch digestibility Food Science 2008-03-17
Van Eck, Hilda-Mart Plasticization of kafirin films Food Science 2008-08-13
Verachia, Wasseela Application of Pediococcus spp. as adjunct cultures in Gouda cheese Food Science 2006-02-09
Vilakati, Nokuthula Food consumption in selected rural communities in western Kenya with special reference to sorghum Food Science 2011-06-27
Viljoen, Hilda Florence Meat quality of dark-cutting cattle Food Science 2006-07-06
Wagude, Bethsheba Emily Akinyi Hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) in a red meat abattoir Food Science 2007-10-11
Wong, Hiu Yu The effect of pale, soft and exudative (PSE) pork and fat grading on physico-chemical characteristics of low fat bacon Food Science 2005-08-01
Yetneberk, Senayit Sorghum injera quality improvement through processing and development of cultivar selection criteria Food Science 2005-05-27
Yiu, Hiu Kwan Agatha The effect of fresh, frozen and dehydrated eggs on sponge cake quality Food Science 2008-04-09
Zabbia, Alex The effect of protein loaded paper-board on milk flavour compounds Food Science 2010-10-08 restricted
Khadambi, Tshiwela Norah Antimicrobial properties of phenolic compounds from sorghum Food Science and Technology 2007-03-02
Barit, Shimon The medico-legal investigation of death in custody - a review of cases admitted to the Pretoria Medico-Legal Laboratory, 2007-2011 Forensic Medicine 2013-03-19 restricted
Evert, Lucinda Unidentified bodies in forensic pathology practice in South Africa : demographic and medico-legal perspectives Forensic Medicine 2012-05-23
Morris, Neil Kenneth HIV in South African forensic medical practice Forensic Medicine 2012-08-08 restricted
Oliever, Lorraine Anneline The medico-legal investigation of unexplained deaths in Pretoria, South Africa : the role of death investigators as a new professional subgroup Forensic Medicine 2012-08-02 restricted
Visser, Jo-Mari Detection and significance of blood in firearms used in contact gunshot wounds Forensic Medicine 2005-05-09
Botha, Johanna Petronella 'n Ondersoek na die betekenis van die Protestantse nagmaalsformulier by die wek van lewe in enkele pedagogiese doelstrukture (Afrikaans) Fundamental Pedagogics 2013-05-03

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