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Author Name Title Department Date/Time

Nkau, Dikeledi Johanna Cross-border migration to South Africa in the 1990s : the case of Zimbabwean women Demography 2004-03-02
Varnfield, Marlien Effect of Cyclosporin and Amlodipine on growth and collagen production of human gingival fibroblasts Dental Diagnostics and Rontgenology 2006-03-29
Carneiro, Lorna Celia Surface characteristics and in vitro bio-acceptability of machined and cast pure titanium and titanium alloy Dentistry 2005-09-30
Raubenheimer, Erich Johann Mineralized tissues and the orofacial region: Morphology, composition and disease Dentistry 2005-10-05
Van Heerden, Willem Francois Petrus Pathology of the head and neck: A retrospective appraisal Dentistry 2005-10-05
Blom, Natanja The narrative of a sanctuary : a didactic design approach for the cultural and biophysical heritage of Wonderboom fort and Nature Reserve, Pretoria, South Africa Department of Architecture 2011-11-19
Davey, Calayde Aenis Proximity vertical agriculture at the Pretoria West Power Station Department of Architecture 2010-12-09
Wilke, Daniel Nicolas Approaches to accommodate remeshing in shape optimization Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering 2011-01-20
Greyling, Paulus Johannes Eksemplariese onderrig (Afrikaans) Didactic-Pedagogics 2011-07-22
Cilliers, Willem Johannes An experiential learning process for the advancement of previously disadvantaged employees in an industrial context Didactics 2006-11-06
Engelbrecht, Gawie Stoltz Riglyne vir 'n akademiese ontwikkelingsprogram vir die fakulteit ekonomiese wetenskappe aan die Technikon Pretoria (Afrikaans) Didactics 2007-01-24
Fresen, Jill Winifred Random variables : a CAI tutorial in statistics for distance education Didactics 2001-10-19
Janse van Rensburg, Henriette Magaretha Toepassingsmoontlikhede van rekenaargesteunde onderwys met milieubenadeelde leerders in wiskunde in die senior primêre fase (Afrikaans) Didactics 2007-06-21
Miller, Pamela Ann The integration of computers at Pinelands High School : a case study Didactics 2003-08-06
Mostert, Markus Information communication technologies to enhance teaching and learning in higher education : a survey of teaching staff at Rhodes University Didactics 2009-11-24
Bentley, Wessel The Kingdom of God in Moltmann’s eschatology : a South African perspective Dogmatics and Christian Ethics 2003-10-13
Bentley, Wessel The notion of mission in Karl Barth's ecclesiology Dogmatics and Christian Ethics 2007-10-16
Bosch, Pieter Barendse Die opstanding van Jesus Christus : ʼn Histories-sistematiese ondersoek (Afrikaans) Dogmatics and Christian Ethics 2010-08-30
Brand, S J P Die logika van die geloof: Gebed as die raakpunt tussen rasionaliteit en ervaring by Rahner en Calvyn (Afrikaans) Dogmatics and Christian Ethics 2006-09-29
Bwalya, Musonda A theological-ethical framework for economic development : the case of Zambia Dogmatics and Christian Ethics 2005-09-26
Chikanya, Tichaona Nigel The relevance of Moltmann’s concept of hope for the discourse on hope in Zimbabwe Dogmatics and Christian Ethics 2013-05-02
Delotavo, Alan J Contemporary evangelicalism, ecclesiology and ecclesial regeneration Dogmatics and Christian Ethics 2006-10-03
Groenewald, Andre Johannes Nietzsche’s impulse towards the development of a concept of God that transcends modern atheism and theism: a philosophical theological study Dogmatics and Christian Ethics 2004-10-05
Hartwig, Paul Bruce The obedience of the church as a prelude to the parousia : ecclesial and temporal factors in New Testament eschatology Dogmatics and Christian Ethics 2007-06-22
Hoffman, Stefanus ‘n Eko-teologiese perspektief op die christelik-etiese implikasies van stamselnavorsing en –terapie (Afrikaans) Dogmatics and Christian Ethics 2010-07-30
Kim, Yong Jun A reformed assessment of the revitalization of the doctrine of the Trinity by four leading twentienth century protestant theologians Dogmatics and Christian Ethics 2008-11-05
Kim, Junseop A critical evaluation from an evangelical perspective of the theological viewpoint of the Yale School Dogmatics and Christian Ethics 2011-07-19 restricted
Kriel, Petrus Johannes Van Calvyn na Zwingli : die vraagstuk van die kindernagmaal in die Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk (Afrikaans) Dogmatics and Christian Ethics 2007-02-19
Kritzinger, Johan A Triniteit en Vryheid - 'n Hermeneuties-Dogmatiese analise en evaluasie van die Godsleer van Walter Kasper (Afrikaans) Dogmatics and Christian Ethics 2004-09-20
Manganyi, Jele Samuel Church and society : the value of Perichoresis in understanding Ubuntu with special reference to John Zizioulas Dogmatics and Christian Ethics 2013-04-09
Marais, Sarel Johannes Lodewikus Die koninkryk van God as sistematies-teologiese kategorie in die werk van JA Heyns (Afrikaans) Dogmatics and Christian Ethics 2011-06-08
Mataboge, Mofenyi Letlhogonolo Organisational spirituality : towards a construct for organisational ethics Dogmatics and Christian Ethics 2013-05-07
McDurmon, Joel Edward Rejections of mosaic civil law by the magisterial reformers, 1520–1536 Dogmatics and Christian Ethics 2012-10-03
Mpindu, Francis Mpilo Munangi James Barr and Biblical Inspiration: A Critique of Barr's view of Biblical inspiration in the light of recent exegetical and theological developments in Evangelical Theology Dogmatics and Christian Ethics 2003-11-06
Murray, Montagu Troos vir bedelaar en sondaar. 'n Teologies-kritiese ondersoek na die verband tussen lewenspeil en verlossing van sonde in die Gereformeerde tradisie en die betekenis daarvan vir 'n Christelike lewenstyl in Suider-Afrika (Afrikaans) Dogmatics and Christian Ethics 2004-04-26
Muwowo, Simon A critical assessment of Anton Szandor Lavey's philosophy of indulgence as a dogma based assault on Scripture Dogmatics and Christian Ethics 2010-10-15
Myburgh, Stephanus Jacobus Undoing closure : responsible use of the Bible in Christian ethical decision making Dogmatics and Christian Ethics 2010-02-24
Nyarenchi, Matwetwe K N A theological ethical assessment of homosexuality in the east African context : a Seventh-Day Adventist perspective Dogmatics and Christian Ethics 2011-04-07
Pauw, Christiaan Johannes Die sistematies-teologiese betekenis van menslike behoeftes (Afrikaans) Dogmatics and Christian Ethics 2006-09-29
Resane, Kelebogile Thomas A critical analysis of the ecclesiology of the emerging apostolic churches with special reference to the notion of the fivefold ministry Dogmatics and Christian Ethics 2008-11-04
Shayi, Frank Sexual practices in South African prisons from the perspective of Christian Ethics Dogmatics and Christian Ethics 2008-11-04
Shim, Myung Suk The doctrine of repentance in reformed perspective Dogmatics and Christian Ethics 2007-06-22
Van Rooyen, Gert Heldegaard Gerhard Die rol van die Kerk ten aansien van herstellende geregtigheid in die Suid-Afrikaanse strafregstelsel : 'n teologies-etiese perspektief (Afrikaans) Dogmatics and Christian Ethics 2012-03-14
Van Rooyen, Johannes Albertus “Spiritualiteit : ’n toelogiese paradigma” (’n Sistematiese teologiese verantwoording) Die teologiese paradigma - spiritualiteit - as geloofsintese in religieuse dogmatiese en filosofiese konteks Dogmatics and Christian Ethics 2011-07-19
Van Schalkwyk, Anton Gemeentelike aanbidding as reaksie op God (Afrikaans) Dogmatics and Christian Ethics 2005-12-07
Van Wyngaard, George Jacobus The public theology of David J. Bosch : The public role of the christian community Dogmatics and Christian Ethics 2010-08-03
Van Zyl, Christiaan Frederik Die invloed van religieuse en kulturele diversiteit op morele orientasie in die huidige Suid-Afrikaanse samelewing : ‘n uitdaging vir die Kerk (Afrikaans) Dogmatics and Christian Ethics 2011-05-18
Vellem, Vuyani Shadrack The symbol of liberation in South African public life : a black theological perspective Dogmatics and Christian Ethics 2007-10-23
Wilson, Donald Neil Postmodern Epistemology and the Christian Apologetics of C S Lewis Dogmatics and Christian Ethics 2006-10-04
Yoo, Chang Hyung A reformed doctrine of sanctification for the Korean context Dogmatics and Christian Ethics 2007-10-11
Bezuidenhout, Tamara Louise Kenny Lost in translation : a postcolonial reading of Janice Honeyman’s Peter Pan Drama 2012-10-06
Broodryk, Chris Willem The moving image: contemporary film analysis and analytical psychology Drama 2007-08-21
Le Grange, Rene Effective planning and organisation of a student theatre festival Drama 2004-08-11
Maritz, Gerrit Ulrich An appreciative inquiry approach to community theatre on HIV and AIDS education for young people Drama 2011-02-01
McCaul-Dommisse, Hermien Die dramaturg en sy gemeenskap (Afrikaans) Drama 2010-04-14
Scott, Georgina Framing and symbolic modes in public service announcements Drama 2005-10-13
Smuts, Jacqui Die destabilisering van binêre geslagsopposisies by wyse van magiese realisme in Reza de Wet se drama Breathing In (Afrikaans) Drama 2009-10-16 restricted
Stemmet, Carl Trust no truth : an analysis of the visual translation styles in the conspiracy film Drama 2012-01-18
Zeeman, Estelle The development of a community radio station for a national game park Drama 2006-12-15

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