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Author Name Title Department Date/Time

D'Silva, Tanya Veronica Modification of the paste properties of maize and teff starches using stearic acid Food Science 2009-10-21
Da Costa Mendes, Vasco Manuel The isolation and importance of Simbu group viruses in South Africa Infectious Diseases 2013-03-19
Da Conceicao, Ana Maria Romao Wamir Government environmental education programmes and campaigns (EEPCs) in Mozambique : the role of indigenous knowledge and practices Curriculum Studies 2007-10-02
Da Costa, Mary-Anne Surfaces & services : a public space for information, communication and discussion Architecture 2007-11-21
Da Silva, Laura Suzanne Kafirin biofilm quality : effect of sorghum variety and milling fractions Food Science 2005-09-02
Da Silva, Laura Suzanne Transgenic sorghum : effects of altered kafirin synthesis on kafirin polymerisation, protein quality, protein body structure and endosperm texture Food Science 2012-09-06
Da Silveira, Marthinus Willem Analysis of spatially distributed adaptive antenna array systems in cellular networks Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2005-06-03
Da Veiga, Adele Cultivating and assessing information security culture Computer Science 2009-04-24
Dabrowski, Jacqueline Water quality, metal bioaccumulation and parasite communities of Oreochromis mossambicus in Loskop Dam, Mpumalanga, South Africa Paraclinical Sciences 2012-11-21
Dada, Shakila The impact of aided language stimulation on the receptive language abilities of children with little or no functional speech Centre for Augmentative and Alternative Communication 2004-09-23
Dada, Shakila Teachers' attitudes towards children with LNFS using two AAC devices Centre for Augmentative and Alternative Communication 2006-08-02
Dahir, Mustafe Mohamed H Non-recognition of Somaliland in international law and its legal implications for foreign investment Centre for Human Rights 2012-12-05
Dahman, Tariq Yahya Mohamad Communication strategies in times of crisis : a case study analysis in the airline industry Economic and Management Sciences 2008-06-23
Daka, Angel Elias Development of a technological package for sustainable use of Dambos by small-scale farmers Plant Production and Soil Science 2001-09-06
Daling, Roelofje Tryntje 'n Gesinsterapeutiese studie van 'n dowe kind (Afrikaans) Psychology 2009-04-24
Damaske, Michael Andreas Christian Water relations in mango (Mangifera indica L.) trees Plant Production and Soil Science 2010-10-20
Dames, Machiel Christoffel Emanuel Die aanvangsjare van die Nederduitse Gereformeerde Gemeente van Utrecht en kerklike verskeurheid (Afrikaans) Church History and Church Polity 2011-06-29
Damoense-Azevedo, Maylene Yvette Economic analysis of intra-industry trade : the case of South Africa’s automotive industry Economics 2011-10-13
Damonse, Beverley Ann Leadership through the lens of research productivity Education Management and Policy Studies 2012-05-04
Dance, Sharmienne The clinical learning needs of students in an emergency nursing programme Nursing Science 2011-12-19 restricted
Daniels, Colin Peter People matters : attracting knowledge workers to technology start-ups (TSUs) in South Africa Gordon Institute of Business Science 2012-05-19
Danielson, Joi Changing detriment into benefit : emerging market risk as competitive advantage Gordon Institute of Business Science 2011-04-04
Dannhauser, Estelle Henrietta Jesus The Prophet: Maps and Memories New Testament Studies 2006-09-29
Danzfuss, Theodor Louis Ferdinand Resource sharing in distributed peer-to-peer internet applications Computer Science 2005-04-25
Danzfuss, Theodor Werner The technology of casually connected collaboration Computer Science 2009-11-26
Danzfuss, Theodor Werner The impact of organisational structure on the performance of virtual teams Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-02-16
Darsot, Fatima Cassim The departure from the strategy of the parent company from a developed economy by the business unit of a subsidiary in an emerging market in the professional services industry due to a change in the competitive environment caused by a downturn in the global economy Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-02-16
Darwent, Lee The application of a PCR based species identification method to African wildlife Production Animal Studies 2012-05-18
Daseman, Anrich Understanding migrant remittances Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-02-16 restricted
Dastile, Nontyatyambo Pearl Victimisation of female students at the University of Venda with specific reference to sexual harassment and rape Criminology 2005-01-12
Davel, Marelie Hattingh Pronunciation modelling and bootstrapping Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2005-10-11
Davel, Carin Gratia Parents' experiences of their marital relationships after their children have been diagnosed as having autistic disorder Psychology 2010-09-15 restricted
Davel, Nadia Jannet Emotional labour in the South African postgraduate supervisory process : a student perspective Human Resource Management 2013-04-19
Davey, Calayde Aenis Proximity vertical agriculture at the Pretoria West Power Station Department of Architecture 2010-12-09
Davey, Janice The Dynamite Press : a publishing house and book village in a historical and industrial precinct (Modderfontein) in northeast Johannesburg Architecture 2012-12-03 restricted
David, Mmaserame Hannah Pego ya patlisiso ya leboko la Tautona Ngaka Quett Masire [Setswana] African Languages 2006-03-17
Davidi, Matayo Tick control in Tswana, Simmental and Brahman cattle by means of Neem seed extracts (Azadirachta indica) Animal and Wildlife Sciences 2006-02-17
Davie, George Kolmogorov complexity and recursive events Mathematics and Applied Mathematics 2007-12-20
Davies, Robert A G Black eagle Aquila Verreauxii predation on rock hyrax Procavia Capensis and other prey in the Karoo Zoology and Entomology 2007-06-11
Davies, Catherine Elizabeth A play technique programme for autistic children in middle childhood Social Work and Criminology 2008-08-06
Davies, Andrew Byron Termite responses to long term burning regimes in southern African savannas : patterns, processes and conservation Zoology and Entomology 2010-06-21
Davis, Linda 'n Kriminologiese ondersoek na motorvoertuigkaping met spesifieke verwysing na slagoffervatbaarheid, slagofferaandadigheid en die modus operandi van die oortreder (Afrikaans) Criminology 2004-03-24
Dawlal, Pranitha Resistance of maize cultivars against the infestation of mycotoxigenic fungi Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2010-11-12
Daws, Loray Exploring the internal configuration of the cycloid personality : a Rorschach comprehensive system Psychology 2012-06-16
Day, Charles R An investigation of the Beatitudes of Matthew : between oral tradition and Greek text Ancient Languages 2005-09-02
De Beer, Patrick James Environmental accounting : a management tool for enhancing corporate environmental and economic performance Chemical Engineering 2005-06-03
De Beer, Stephan Joseph An SRAM system based on a reduced-area four-transistor CMOS SRAM cell Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2005-10-27
De Beer, Tjaart Andries Petrus In silico structural characterisation of Plasmodium falciparum dihydro-6-hydroxymethylpterin pyrophosphokinase dihydropteroate synthase (PPPK-DHPS) Biochemistry 2006-03-02
De Beer, Sarina Die rol van musiek in die uitbreiding van emotiewe konstrukte (Afrikaans) Psychology 2006-03-20
De Beer, Maria Magdalena Die bydrae van die Drakensberg Seunskoor tot die musieklewe in Suid-Afrika : 'n historiese oorsig (Afrikaans) Music 2008-05-13
De Beer, Estelle The perception of top communicators of senior management's expectations of excellent communication in South African companies Economic and Management Sciences 2006-07-21
De Beer, Christina Elizabeth Die ontwikkeling van 'n riglyn vir opvoerders vir die bewusmaking van simptome van temporale-en frontalelob-epilepsie by die laerskoolleerder (Afrikaans) Social Work 2006-10-23
De Beer, Ilse Egosterkte en lokus van kontrole : 'n sisteemteoretiese studie vir die ontwikkeling van 'n opvoedkundige sensitiseringshulpmiddel (Afrikaans) Psychology 2007-01-03
De Beer, Nelene 'n Intervensieprogram met die laerskoolkind van die alkoholis : 'n maatskaplikewerkperspektief (Afrikaans) Social Work 2007-01-11
De Beer, Paul Jacobus Die Fenomeen opelugmuseum in kultuurhistoriese perspektief (Afrikaans) Historical and Heritage Studies 2007-04-23
De Beer, Petrus Gerhardus Continuous cast width prediction using a data mining approach Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering 2007-11-02
De Beer, Morris Aspects of the design and behaviour of road structures incorporating lightly cementitious layers Civil Engineering 2008-07-28
De Beer, Sarina Refleksies van ’n ervaringsleermodel vir gemeenskapsintervensies (Afrikaans) Psychology 2008-05-28
De Beer, Yolandi-Mari Determinants and consequences of elephant spatial use in Southern Africa’s arid savannas Zoology and Entomology 2008-08-12
De Beer, Annemarie Interpersonal and inter-group trust levels of a group of students at a tertiary institution Human Resource Management 2009-01-09
De Beer, Jan Mathys Die missionêre waarde van die Belhar Belydenis vir die NG Kerk : instrument tot inheemswording (Afrikaans) Science of Religion and Missiology 2009-04-01
De Beer, Tjaart Andries Petrus Development of a generic, structural bioinformatics information management system and its application to variation in foot-and-mouth disease virus proteins Biochemistry 2009-05-30
De Beer, Morris Behaviour of cementitious subbase layers in bitumen base road structures Civil and Biosystems Engineering 2009-08-04
De Beer, Chantel Janet Assessment of blackfly (Diptera : Simuliidae) problem status and potential biological control agents along the Vaal and Orange Rivers in South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2009-07-30
De Beer, Jeanette A partial equilibrium model for the South African broiler industry Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2010-02-22
De Beer, Petrus Johannes Perold Church planning in the South African Indian Community, with reference to the Reformed Church in Africa Practical Theology 2010-11-24
De Beer, Maria Magdalena Communication profiles of a group of young children (0–5 years) with foetal alcohol spectrum disorders Communication Pathology 2011-02-21
De Beer, Andre Die lewe en werk van die skilder W.H. Coetzer en sy kultuurhistoriese betekenis (Afrikaans) History of Art 2011-12-07
De Beer, Este The influence of introversion/extraversion bias on leadership assessment with behaviour observation Human Resource Management 2012-03-30
De Beer, Zacharias Louw Ervarings van departementshoofde as onderrigleiers in parallelmedium-laerskole (Afrikaans) Education Management and Policy Studies 2011-11-30
De Beer, Marianne Interpersonal communication factors in the supervisory relationship that play a role in enhancing occupational therapy students’ clinical reasoning during physical fieldwork education Occupational Therapy 2012-05-17
De Beer, Cornelia Elizabeth The award or non-award of government tenders : what is my remedy in law? Public Law 2012-08-20 restricted
De Beer, Z Wilhelm Taxonomy and phylogeny of Ophiostoma spp. with Sporothrix anamorphs and their generic relationships in the Ophiostomatales Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2012-09-03 restricted
De Beer, Aniel Caro Networking skills of government-funded incubator managers as perceived by incubatees Gordon Institute of Business Science 2012-06-24
De Beer, Johannes Adriaan Towards guidelines for effective diversity management in South African organisations Human Resource Management 2012-09-28
De Boer, Rogier African dwarf-crocodile scale-counts evaluated as supporters of Osteolaemus tetraspis osborni (Reptilia, Crocodylia, Crocodylidae) Animal and Wildlife Sciences 2011-06-24
De Bruin, Gerhardus Stefanus Die antieke ruimtevaarder-teorie : 'n godsdienswetenskaplike studie (Afrikaans) Science of Religion and Missiology 2006-03-20
De Bruin, Dieter Relevante en kreatiewe prediking met behulp van die Revised Common Lectionary : 'n prakties teologiese ondersoek (Afrikaans) Practical Theology 2007-03-30
De Bruin, Lauren Michele Cigarette smokers' perceptions of fear-appeal advertising Psychology 2007-04-05
De Bruin, Jurgens Jacobus Discovery and characterization of polyamine analogues as inhibitors of the Plasmodium falciparum polyamine pathway using cheminformatics Biochemistry 2009-08-11
De Bruin, IIse Exploring how objects used in a Picture Vocabulary Test influence validity Science, Mathematics and Technology Education 2011-06-03
De Bruin, David Wegeling Child participation and representation in legal matters Private Law 2011-08-20
De Bruyn, Joseph Jacobus Die Christologie van die eerste testament met spesifieke verwysing na die Psalms : ‘n praktiese toespitsing op Psalm 110 (Afrikaans) Old Testament Studies 2008-05-26
De Bruyn, Joseph Jacobus Die Christologie van die Psalter binne die konteks van die koningspsalms? : ‘n praktiese toespitsing op Psalms 45 en 110 (Afrikaans) Old Testament Studies 2009-09-25
De Bruyn, Petrus Jacobus Nicholas Life history studies of the southern elephant seal population at Marion Island Zoology and Entomology 2009-10-22
De Caires, Sharon Garcao An investigation of the emmunomodulatory properties of Sutherlandia Frutescens and Hypoxis Hermerocallidea Pharmacology 2011-07-08
De Canha, Nicholas Diversification and risk reduction : risk and returns for related diversifiers Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-20
De Carcenac, Genevieve Weight versus voice : how foreign subsidiaries gain attention from corporate headquarters in emerging markets Gordon Institute of Business Science 2011-06-09
De Castro, Minique Hilda Allelic diversity in the CAD2 and LIM1 lignin biosynthetic genes of Eucalyptus grandis Hill ex Maiden and E. smithii R.T. Baker Genetics 2008-07-10
De Castro, Therese C. Analysis of Arabidopsis plants transformed with AtPRX34 for defence against bacterial wilt Genetics 2011-08-24
De Clercq, Hendrika The instructional design of a training program for audiometricians Communication Pathology 2012-07-25
De Clerk, Niel Flash dryer unit optimization through advanced process control Chemical Engineering 2011-04-04
De Franca, Melinda Maria Nobrega Structural validity of the emotional quotient inventory (EQi) within an insurance company Human Resource Management 2012-11-12 restricted
De Frey, Willem Hendrik Phytosociology of the Mpumalanga high altitude grasslands Plant Science 2013-04-05
De Gouveia, Claudia Maureen Gois The role of brands in the formation and manifestation of adolescent identity Gordon Institute of Business Science 2012-06-24
De Graaf, Johan Development, phonotaxis and management of Gryllotalpa africana Palisot de Beauvois (Orthoptera: Gryllotalpidae) on turfgrass Zoology and Entomology 2005-09-08
De Graaf, Johan Integrated pest management of the banana weevil, Cosmopolites sordidus (Germar), in South Africa Zoology and Entomology 2008-07-10
De Graaff, Gerrit A systematic revision of the Bathyergidae (Rodentia) of Southern Africa Zoology and Entomology 2008-01-17
De Haaij, David Martin The design of feed networks for enhanced bandwidth operation of microstrip patch antennas Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2005-09-22
De Haaij, Yolanda Modulation of oxidative stress parameters in healthy volunteers by strenuous exercise Biochemistry 2007-07-31
De Jager, Johannes L W Aspects of growth empirics in South Africa Economics 2004-03-15
De Jager, Claire Helen The expression of frustration by the child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder within the classroom setting : a social work study Social Work 2005-02-09
De Jager, Annette An integrated and holistic approach to assessment in outcome-based learning in South Africa Teaching and Training Studies 2005-09-28
De Jager, Jakobus Johannes Die dekonstruksie van tradisionele probleem-realiteite in 'n plattelandse gemeenskap : 'n narratief-pastorale perspektief (Afrikaans) Practical Theology 2005-12-05
De Jager, Lionel Louis Permanent modifiers for electrothermal atomization atomic absorption spectometry Chemistry 2006-11-16
De Jager, Pieter Christiaan A phosphate sorption and desorption study on an acid sandy clay soil Plant Production and Soil Science 2007-10-25
De Jager, Daniel Theodorus Disclosure of deferred tax : a descriptive study into the appropriateness of different classification methods Taxation 2008-11-12
De Jager, Pieter Christiaan The medium-long term impact of cross-border investments into Sub- Saharan Africa by listed South African companies Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-10
De Jager, Nicola Louise Voice and accountability in one party dominant systems : a comparative case study of Mexico and South Africa Political Sciences 2010-05-16
De Jager, Liesl Mari Die moontlike uitwerking van groepgebaseerde dramaterapie op die selfagting van die kind met leerhindernisse (Afrikaans) Educational Psychology 2010-07-26
De Jager, Petrus Lafras A legal comparison between section 38, 226, 90 and 85 of the Companies Act, 1973, and section 44, 45, 46, and 48 of the Companies Act, 2008 Mercantile Law 2010-10-04
De Jager, Christina Johanna Die ontwikkeling van ‘n MIV & VIGS-skoolplan vir onderwysers (Afrikaans) Educational Psychology 2011-01-27
De Jager, Daniel Christiaan ERP value determination in South African companies Gordon Institute of Business Science 2011-04-04
De Jager, Tanya Professional development of beginner teachers : an action research approach to mentoring Curriculum Studies 2012-08-13
De Jager, Lizette Misunderstanding in second language instructional communication Humanities Education 2012-09-19
De Jongh, Derick Indicators of corporate social performance in South Africa Marketing and Communication Management 2006-08-24
De Jongh, Annie Jeanetta The design of diagnostic reading materials for South African learners in the foundation phase using English as the language of learning Orthopedagogics 2007-01-22
De Jongh, Iwan Optimal production rates in opencast coal mining : a value driven approach Geology 2012-06-26
De Kiewit, Charles The transforming power of gospel preaching to an audience influenced by post modernism Practical Theology 2005-06-17
De Kiewit, Charles Proclaiming the Glory of God. A Homiletical approach Practical Theology 2007-06-22
De Klerk, Annemie The Waterberg Biosphere Reserve : a land use model for ecotourism development Botany 2003-09-02
De Klerk, Jeremias Jesaja Motivation to work, work commitment and man's will to meaning Human Resource Management 2005-02-21
De Klerk, Schalk Willem Validating the core problem of project portfolio management in a multi-project environment Engineering and Technology Management 2006-01-02
De Klerk, Arno Fischer-Tropsch refining Chemical Engineering 2008-07-28
De Klerk, Frits Joernalistieke privilegie: ‘n Kritiese analise van ‘n joernalis se regsplig om vertroulike bronne van bekend te maak met besondere verwysing na die reg op vryheid van uitdrukking (Afrikaans) Public Law 2007-02-07
De Klerk, Antoinette Elements with penalized equilibrium and rotational degrees of freedom in fracture mechanics problems Mechanical Engineering 2007-04-17
De Klerk, Elsa Closed-loop identification of plants under model predictive control Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2007-11-19
De Klerk, Antonie Machiel Simulasie van ongestadigde eendimensionele gasvloei met massatoevoeging (Afrikaans) Mechanical Engineering 2008-08-19 restricted
De Klerk, Josephine Therese Geslagsopvoeding van die Kleurlingkind (Afrikaans) Educational Psychology 2010-06-22
De Klerk, J J Investigating the drivers of growth in an automotive components industry – explaining the high growth of the South African catalytic converter industry Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-04-07
De Klerk, Hester Magdalena Young South African children’s recognition of emotions as depicted by Picture Communication Symbols Augmentative and Alternative Communication 2011-10-21
De Klerk, Margaretha Design and evaluation of the 2009 national survey for disease freedom in the domestic pig population of South Africa Production Animal Studies 2012-11-21
De Klerk, Kate Lynn The role of the victim in the criminal justice system : a specific focus on victim offender mediation and victim impact statements Mercantile Law 2013-07-24
De Klerk-Lorist, Lin-Mari The evaluation of a BCG vaccine against bovine tuberculosis in African Buffaloes (Syncerus caffer) Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2005-03-08
De Kock, Erika Decentralising the codification of rules in a decision support expert knowledge base Computer Science 2004-03-04
De Kock, Karen Experiencing time and repetition : finding common ground between traditional and modern music therapy practises Music 2005-02-23
De Kock, Daniel Johannes Optimal Tundish design methodology in a continuous casting process Mechanical Engineering 2005-10-07
De Kock, Henrietta Laetitia Sensory perception of boar odour Food Science 2006-07-12
De Kock, Suretha Physical and chemical effects of bran on brown bread Food Science 2006-12-18
De Kock, Servaas Willem Lourens Music Performance Lab : architecture as a sensory conductor Architecture 2008-11-25
De Kock, Jani A psychological enquiry into the processes that culminate in positive viewing experiences and subsequent audience loyalty to a soap opera Psychology 2010-08-05
De Kock, Heidi Collette Adapting to the work environment by the recently visually impaired Human Resource Management 2012-02-15
De Koker, Elizabeth The clinical value of auditory steady state responses in the audiological assessment of pseudohypacusic workers with noise-induced hearing loss in the South African mining industry Communication Pathology 2004-10-15
De Koster, Felicia Henriette The bootstrap approach to autoregressive time series analysis Statistics 2006-11-20
De Kramer, Kurt Guido Mireille Luteal and follicular count in bitches : assessment by means of magnetic resonance imaging Production Animal Studies 2006-03-13
De la Port, Dian The cover story effect : investors’ reactions to cover stories and the impact on share price Gordon Institute of Business Science 2011-04-04
De la Rey, Jan Hendrik The fact-finding process and burden of proof during litigation Procedural Law 2008-07-16
De la Rey, Ella Stefani Attachment styles of children in an inpatient ward of a psychiatric hospital Psychology 2007-04-10
De la Rosa, Sean P Risk and the South African private healthcare - an internal audit perspective Auditing 2004-01-28
De la Rosa, Sean Paul Internal control risks within the data warehouse environment School of Accountancy 2008-01-21
De Lange, Jacqueline Feeding of infants with paediatric HIV/AIDS at care centres in Gauteng Communication Pathology 2004-10-22
De Lange, Erica Die klimaatbehaaglikheidsone in die Suid-Afrikaanse huis (Afrikaans) Architecture 2006-03-08
De Lange, Maria A hearing profile of persons infected with acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) Communication Pathology 2008-08-08
De Lange, Ezzard The impact of increased electricity prices on consumer demand Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-10
De Lange, Erica Françoise The fortigenic exploration of psychotherapists’ experiences in full-time private practice Psychology 2010-10-09
De Lange, Albe Carina Ultrastructural analysis of platelets and fibrin networks in stroke patients Anatomy 2011-04-18 restricted
De Maayer, Pieter Genome comparisons to identify selected pathogenicity factors of a plant-associated Pantoea ananatis strain Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2011-05-24 restricted
De Man, Jan Abraham Gewone mense, stories en Jahweh : 'n teologie van die verhalende literatuur in Genesis 1-11 (Afrikaans) Old Testament Studies 2006-03-20
De Matos, Carlos Antonio Species composition and geographic distribution of ticks infesting cattle, goats and dogs in Maputo Province, Mozambique Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2009-02-20
De Meyer, Marizette The feasibility of using an automatic, demarcation process on satellite imagery to identify settlement change for census purposes Geography, Geo-Informatics and Meteorology 2005-02-18
De Meyer, Elsie Magrietha Fungi from utility poles in South Africa : taxonomy, phylogeny and effect on wood Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2008-04-24 restricted
De Nagy Koves Hrabar, Helena Indirect interactions between elephants (Loxodonta africana) and mopane caterpillars (Imbrasia belina) through their shared food resource – mopane trees (Colophospermum mopane) Zoology and Entomology 2006-11-07
De Nys, Helene Marie Control of testosterone secretion, musth and aggressive behaviour in African elephant (Loxodonta Africana) bulls using a GnRH vaccine Production Animal Studies 2006-03-02 restricted
De Ponte Bouwer, Paula Genetic evaluation of the South African Dairy Swiss breed for production and udder health traits Animal and Wildlife Sciences 2012-12-12 restricted
De Reuck, Karen Postharvest quality retention and decay control of South African litchi in modified atmosphere packaging Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2010-11-11
De Ridder, Jaco In Silico analysis of malaria parasite databanks for specific genes and motifs associated with immune evasion Biochemistry 2006-02-09
De Ridder, Corne Flexible finite automata-based algorithms for detecting microsatellites in DNA Computer Science 2010-08-17
De Scally, Martin Patrick A Preliminary Study to Investigate the Serum Urea: Creatinine Ratio in Canine Babesiosis in South Africa Companion Animal Clinical Studies 2005-07-26
De Smidt, Marc Ryan Internal vibration monitoring of a planetary gearbox Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering 2010-08-24
De Sousa, Jose Vincento Post-aquisition integration process of two diverse acquisitions by a company Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-30
De Sousa, Vanessa Alexandre Guerra Ferreira Family-work conflict, job satisfaction and burnout of working women with children Human Resource Management 2013-05-03
De Souza Drummond, Elizabeth Lucy The effectiveness of the South African double taxation relief provisions for South African companies investing in other African estates Taxation 2013-07-29
De Swardt, Loraine Ontleding van die beleggingsportefeuljes van selfgeadministreerde aftreefondse in Suid-Afrika (Afrikaans) Financial Management 2006-03-16
de Swardt, Junita Leisure functioning of learners with learning and physical disabilities : a case study at an ELSEN school in the Tshwane area Biokinetics, Sport and Leisure Sciences 2008-08-20
De Swardt, Maray Annelise Factors influencing the choice to shop online : a psychological study in a South African context Psychology 2008-11-25
De Swardt, Marieta Cross-cultural transfer of learning materials for a journalism course at a higher education institution Science, Mathematics and Technology Education 2010-04-28
De Swardt, Christiaan Alexander The effects of paying with equity or cash on intercorporate asset sales Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-04-02
De Tolly, Katherine Marianne Digital stories as tools for change : a study of the dynamics of technology use in social change and activism Informatics 2008-10-28
De Vaal, Amelia Vrouetydskrifte as sosiokulturele joernale : prominente diskoerse oor vroue en die beroepswêreld in agt vrouetydskrifte uit 2006 (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2007-11-20
De Villiers, Gabrielle Joy Asynchronous web-based technologies to support learning Information Science 2002-03-12
De Villiers, Gideon Hugo The pHauxostat Chemical Engineering 2002-04-30
De Villiers, Mary Ruth The dynamics of theory and practice in instructional systems design Teaching and Training Studies 2003-02-21
De Villiers, Anton Identifying the generic competencies of Rugby Union referees Human Resource Management 2004-09-13
De Villiers, Dawid Willem Die verband tussen werknemersdiefstal en etiese werksklimaat in 'n versorgingsoord (Afrikaans) Human Resource Management 2004-08-02
De Villiers, Gerda Understanding Gilgamesh: his world and his story Ancient Languages 2005-03-07
De Villiers, Johan Pieter Blind multi-user cancellation using the constant modulus algorithm Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2005-09-21
De Villiers, Brian Lindsay The influence of salts in carrier water and adjuvants on glyphosate activity Plant Production and Soil Science 2005-10-10
De Villiers, Rouxelle Sources of sustainable competitive advantage for businesses operating in a global marketplace Marketing and Communication Management 2005-11-18
De Villiers, Adriaan Jacobus Seasonal growth patterns and water relations in response to reduced irrigation regimes in mango (Mangifera indica L.) Plant Production and Soil Science 2006-02-17
De Villiers, Willem Petrus Problematic aspects of the right to bail under South African law : a comparison with Canadian law and proposals for reform Legal History, Comparative Law and Jurisprudence 2006-03-20
De Villiers, Gezina Gertruida Gilgamesh sien die diepte : van skande tot eer Ancient Languages 2006-07-21
De Villiers, Emil E Tempo van direkte reduksie van komposiet korrels (Afrikaans) Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering 2006-12-21
De Villiers, Stephanie The development of a spatial database for research into cryogenic processes and Landforms in southern Africa Geography, Geo-Informatics and Meteorology 2007-01-10
De Villiers, Charl Johannes The awareness level of different stakeholder groups and their willingness to support corporate environmental reporting in South Africa Accounting 2007-01-29
De Villiers, Dirkie A ‘n Ericksoniaanse benadering tot sandspelterapie vir ‘n deelnemer wat aggressie as ontwikkelingsteurnis ervaar (Afrikaans) Educational Psychology 2007-07-24
De Villiers, William Murray Aspects of the South African music industry : an analytical perspective Music 2007-08-17
De Villiers, Adriaan Jakobus Seed bank dynamics of the Strandveld succulent Karoo Botany 2007-12-20
De Villiers, Jan Adriaan Grondbeginsels vir die ontwerp van opvoedkundige rekenaarspeletjies vir die klaskamer (Afrikaans) Science, Mathematics and Technology Education 2008-07-21
De Villiers, Jason Peter Correction of radially asymmetric lens distortion with a closed form solution and inverse function Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2009-01-23
De Villiers, Katerina Lucya Th JH Pierneef collection of the City Council of Pretoria housed in the Pretoria Art Museum Historical and Heritage Studies 2009-08-25
De Villiers, Isolde South African legal culture in a transformative context Legal History, Comparative Law and Legal Philosophy 2009-09-27
De Villiers, Anna Elizabeth Die Kalafong Hospitaal model vir verpleegpersoneelverryking (Afrikaans) Nursing Science 2009-10-12
De Villiers, Magdaline Existence theory for linear vibration models of elastic bodies Mathematics and Applied Mathematics 2009-10-07 restricted
De Villiers, Michael Pierre Predicting the development of weather phenomena that influence aviation at Abu Dhabi International Airport Geography, Geo-Informatics and Meteorology 2010-02-08
De Villiers, Louise An architecture of meaning : the design of the headquarters for the National Department of Home Affairs Architecture 2011-01-27
De Villiers, Olga-Marie The object of experience : a phenomenological approach to exhibition space in the Ditsong : National Museum of Natural History Architecture 2010-12-04
De Villiers, Dawid Willem A workable debt review process for South Africa : at last? Private Law 2011-05-26
De Villiers, Albert Rick ‘The concitation of the backward devils’ : a revaluation of the quatrain poems in T.S. Eliot’s poems (1920) English 2011-10-25 restricted
De Villiers, Dirkie Aletta ’n Ericksoniaanse benadering tot sandspelterapie vir deelnemers wat depressie as ontwikkelingsteurnis ervaar (Afrikaans) Educational Psychology 2012-05-05
De Villiers, Jan-Harm Thinking outside the cage : sacrifice, equality and the plight of the animal Jurisprudence 2013-05-27
De Vos, Betty-Jane Gas chromatography coupled with ion trap mass spectrometry (GC-MS and GC-MS-MS) - for arson debris analysis Chemistry 2006-02-08
De Vos, Wouter Phillip The effect of particle shape on solid entrainment in gas-solid fluidisation Chemical Engineering 2008-08-28
De Vos, Gerhard Johannes Generally recognised accounting practice : a critical evaluation of the impact of grap 23 on administrative tax legislation and recommendations Taxation 2010-04-09
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Du Plessis, Johan ACODV : Ant Colony Optimisation Distance Vector routing in ad hoc networks Computer Science 2007-04-11
Du Plessis, John Control of diffusible weld metal hydrogen through arc chemistry modifications Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering 2007-05-15
Du Plessis, Paulina Carolina The effects of an outreach programme on the public understanding of science, engineering and technology Curriculum Studies 2007-11-12
Du Plessis, Cornelius Johannes Serial plasma glucose changes in dogs suffering from dog bite wounds. Companion Animal Clinical Studies 2007-11-01
Du Plessis, Daniel Jacobus Comparative characteristics of elite New Zealand and South African u/16 rugby-players with reference to game-specific skills, physical abilities and anthropometric data Biokinetics, Sport and Leisure Sciences 2008-04-30
Du Plessis, David Johannes Francois Regulation of rhamnolipid biosynthesis in the Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAOI biofilm population Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2008-08-18
Du Plessis, Linet The ideological construction of new urbanism in Melrose Arch : a critical analysis Visual Arts 2008-08-20
Du Plessis, Johannes Jacobus Organisational change management in the IT department Informatics 2008-08-22 restricted
Du Plessis, Erika Margarete Development and evaluation of a reporter system for prokaryotic cells based on a secreted acid phosphatase from Staphylococcus aureus strain 154 Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2008-11-18
Du Plessis, Maira A comparative study of the pterygopalatine fossa and its ganglion in a South African skeletal and cadaver population Anatomy 2009-03-24
Du Plessis, Alfred Haupt Exploring secondary school educator experiences of school violence Educational Psychology 2009-06-01
Du Plessis, Charl Petrus Stilistiese interpretasie van Christopher Norton (1953- ) se Microstyles vir klavier as vertrekpunt vir improvisasie (Afrikaans) Music 2009-10-21
Du Plessis, Gideon Johannes Jacobus In search of the roots of terrorism : the role of the Afghan and Bosnian conflicts in the emergence of contemporary international terrorism Political Sciences 2010-03-10 restricted
Du Plessis, Germien An exploration of the determinants of South Africa’s personal savings rate - Why do South African households save so little? Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-12
Du Plessis, Warren Paul A comprehensive investigation of retrodirective cross-eye jamming Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2010-06-12
Du Plessis, Colin Replacement of earthoving equipment at surface coal mining operations in South Africa Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-23
Du Plessis, Marthinus Christoffel Non-stationary signal classification for radar transmitter identification Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2010-09-09
Du Plessis, Riana Exercise compliance and health outcome in a chronic disease management programme Biokinetics, Sport and Leisure Sciences 2010-10-07
Du Plessis, Dewald APPOLO - Towards integrated urban education in Pretoria : a multi-functional vertical primary school Architecture 2010-11-30
Du Plessis, Jeanne Catherine Poetry portfolio : Things I’ll never say and Mini-dissertation : The fragmented self : female identity in personal poetry, with particular reference to selected poems by Anne Sexton, Antjie Krog and Finuala Dowling English 2011-12-13
Du Plessis, Jaco J Advances in behavioural finance Graduate School of Management 2012-04-20
Du Plessis, Melissa A qualitative investigation into the relationship between self-concept and the propensity for role uptake in a small group Human Resource Management 2011-12-06
Du Plessis, Marique Marthine Tax incentives - effective stimulation for growth and investment in South Africa? Taxation 2012-03-19 restricted
Du Plessis, Henrietta Johanna Food traceability in the context of Karoo lamb : supply chain and consumer perspectives Consumer Science 2012-07-19
Du Plessis, Johannie Bacterial translocation : cause of activated intestinal macrophages in decompensated liver disease Immunology 2012-08-08 restricted
Du Plessis, Chantal Hester Does the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 have the effect of reviving the abolished exceptio doli generalis? Private Law 2012-08-08 restricted
Du Plessis, Hanri Magdalena The unilateral determination of price in contracts of sale governed by the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 Mercantile Law 2012-07-20
Du Plessis, Mathys Cornelius Adaptive multi-population differential evolution for dynamic environments Computer Science 2012-09-26
Du Plessis, Tamarisk Comparing target volumes used in radiotherapy planning based on CT and PET/CT lung scans with and without respiratory gating applied Radiation Oncology 2012-11-23
Du Plessis, Louwrens Marthinus Business plan to raise venture capital for the development and exploitation of mineral resources for Norwesco Mining Business Management 2013-01-25 restricted
Du Plessis, Rolyn Factors influencing the creative participation of people living in an inner city Occupational Therapy 2013-02-12
Du Plessis, Charl Johann The relevance of denominationalism in the postmodern era with specific reference to the Baptist Union of Southern Africa Science of Religion and Missiology 2013-04-23
Du Plessis, Liesl The relationship between perceived talent management practices, perceived organizational support (POS), perceived supervisor support (PSS) and intention to quit amongst Generation Y employees in the recruitment sector Human Resource Management 2013-04-22
Du Plessis, Jan-Adriaan The BRICS countries as potential destinations for multinational manufacturing enterprises (MMEs) Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-02-16
Du Plessis, Raymond Edrich Efficacy of exogenous enzyme supplementation in releasing metabolisable energy in broiler feeds Animal and Wildlife Sciences 2013-05-23
Du Plessis, Lizette The morphology and development of normal and abnormal spermatozoa in the emu, Dromaiusnovaehollandiae Anatomy and Physiology 2013-05-24 restricted
Du Plessis, Michelle Loraine A literacy intervention with teachers : exploring reading culture in a rural secondary school Educational Psychology 2013-06-24
Du Plessis, Jacobus Johannes Serial murder : psychological themes Psychology 2013-07-22
Du Plooy, Frederik Simon Perceptions of HIV/AIDS prevention workers in Soshanguve of the role of traditional African beliefs in HIV/AIDS prevention Psychology 2005-02-17
Du Plooy, Nicolaas Francois The development of amplified vibration-absorbing isolators for tonal time-varying excitation Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering 2005-06-01
Du Plooy, Amelia The impact of visual sequencing of pictures on the picture-based sentence construction of English-speaking Grade 2 learners Centre for Augmentative and Alternative Communication 2005-09-12
Du Plooy, Corne Wilhelmus A premarital pastoral conversation – a wedding of stories : a narrative approach Practical Theology 2006-03-06
Du Plooy, Nicolaas Francois The development of a vibration absorber for vibrating screens Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering 2006-12-20
Du Plooy, Gertina Wilhelmina Aspects of mango magnifera indica L. fruit rind morpgology and chemistry and their implication for postharvest quality Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2007-01-18
Du Plooy, Gertina Wilhelmina Pests, pathogens, competitors and weed fungi of cultivated oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus spp) in South Africa Botany 2007-08-14
Du Plooy, Amarentia Therese A framework for the planning and integration of out-of-home advertising media in South Africa Marketing and Communication Management 2013-04-29
Du Preez, Anna Elizabeth Format and long-term effect of a technique mastering programme in first year Calculus Mathematics and Applied Mathematics 2005-01-18
Du Preez, Elizabeth The social construction of counsellor identity in a South African context Psychology 2005-08-18
Du Preez, Mirike Constructing safety in scuba diving : a discursive psychology study Psychology 2005-09-12
Du Preez, Martella Development of novel seminested polymerase chain reaction assays for detecting toxigenic Vibrio cholerae and Shigella spp. in water Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2008-07-31
Du Preez, Hendrihette Janette Issues to consider during the development and promotion of a primary school web site Information Science 2005-12-22
Du Preez, Chrisna Barbara A mesoscale investigation of the sea breeze in the Stellenbosch winegrowing district Geography, Geo-Informatics and Meteorology 2007-02-09
Du Preez, Sonika 'n Maatskaplikewerkperspektief op swart getroude studente in die akkulturasieproses aan die Universiteit van Pretoria (Afrikaans) Social Work 2006-07-31
Du Preez, Dirk Jonathan Nelson Mandela Forum Architecture 2005-11-30
Du Preez, Jacobus Andries Novell’s Open Source Evolution: a case study in adapting open source business strategies Informatics 2006-03-10
Du Preez, Lezel ’n Regsvergelykende ondersoek oor aanneming met besondere verwysing na die regte van die natuurlike vader en die kind se reg op die afkomskennis (Afrikaans) Private Law 2010-11-15
Du Preez, Anna Elizabeth The translucency values of Blissymbols as rated by typically developing Setswana learners Centre for Augmentative and Alternative Communication 2007-10-23
Du Preez, Petrus Move forward, into the city, my celebration : a meeting place between the rural immigrant and the urban context Architecture 2007-11-10
Du Preez, Mathilda Renewable sources of energy for domestic use : attitudes and perceived implications for quality of life Psychology 2008-07-21
Du Preez, Franco Bauer Tracking nucleotide-binding-site-leucine-rich-repeat resistance gene analogues in the wheat genome complex Genetics 2008-08-19
Du Preez, Almarie A ‘foreign’ journey of negotiating music therapy on home ground Music 2008-09-30 restricted
Du Preez, Hannelie In die teenwoordigheid van outisme : 'n moeder se verkenning van emosionele intelligensie in haar lewensverhaal (Afrikaans) Educational Psychology 2010-08-27 restricted
Du Preez, Hanneke Open-book assessment in the qualifying examination of South African chartered accountants Taxation 2011-09-21
Du Preez, Hannelie The impact of a Corporate Wellness Programme on employee wellness, motivation and absenteeism Human Resource Management 2012-02-22
Du Preez, Monique Implementation of a blood conservation program in the private hospital setting in South Africa Immunology 2012-05-22
Du Preez, Paul Fourie An investigation into popular methods for constructing yield curves Mathematics and Applied Mathematics 2012-06-26
Du Preez, Theon Montaque The effect of MAP on the growth and survival of Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Staphylococcus aureus in chilled minced beef Food Science 2012-07-20
Du Preez, Christiaan Cronje Considerations in the practical implementation of a travelling wave cochlear implant processor Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2012-08-10 restricted
Du Preez, Willie Renier The medical treatment of children and the Children's Act 38 of 2005 Private Law 2012-09-10
Du Preez, Pieter Francois Marketing strategy for Intaba Chemicals Graduate School of Management 2013-01-25 restricted
Du Preez, Louis Jacobus Take en funksies van die Krygkor programbestuurder in die aanskaffingsproses (Afrikaans) Graduate School of Management 2013-02-04 restricted
Du Preez, Karen Kay Towards a values-based model to manage joint academic appointments in the health sector in South Africa Human Resource Management 2012-09-29
Du Preez, Wanya The status of post-commencement finance for business rescue in South Africa Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-02-16
Du Rand, Maria Susanna Finansiering van plaaslike owerhede (Afrikaans) Taxation 2006-07-26
Du Rand, Gerrie Elizabeth The role of local food in destination marketing : a South African situational analysis Tourism Management 2006-11-09
Du Rand, Esther Elizabeth Identification of digallated and methylated catechins using UPLC/MS/MS and development of a rapid analysis method for theanine in tea (Camellia sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze) utilizing evaporative light scattering detection Biochemistry 2009-10-22
Du Rand, Amelia Elizabeth From war economies to peace economies : the challenge of post-conflict reconstruction in Sierra Leone Political Sciences 2010-09-21
Du Sautoy, Neil The characterization of the components of the energy and water balance within hedgerow orchards for the verification of a two-dimensional water balance and energy interception model for fruit trees Plant Production and Soil Science 2006-02-15
Du Toit, Madeleine The behaviour of nitrogen during the autogenous ARC welding of stainless steel Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering 2002-09-13
Du Toit, Elizabeth Louisa The rate inhibiting effect of water as a product on reactions catalysed by cation exchange resins : formation of mesityl oxide from acetone as a case study Chemical Engineering 2004-02-27
Du Toit, P J Sprachspiele : Grundlagen und Stellenwert im Fremdsprachenunterricht (German) Modern European Languages 2004-10-22
Du Toit, Cecilia Magdalena Transition, text and turbulence: factors influencing children’s voluntary reading in their progress from primary to secondary school Educational Psychology 2005-03-16
Du Toit, Madeleine Catherine Kepler Henri-Pierre Roché : Á la recherche de I' unité perdue Modern European Languages 2009-04-14
Du Toit, Gysbert Petrus Cognitive complexity’s influence on information needs in change Human Resource Management 2005-06-21
Du Toit, Michelle Predatory interactions between Cape fur seals and seabirds at Ichaboe Island, Namiba Zoology and Entomology 2005-11-21
Du Toit, Eben Francois Modelling the co-infection dynamics of HIV-1 and M. tuberculosis Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2008-08-17
Du Toit, Kirsten 'n Spelterapeutiese intervensieprogram vir die versterking van die ouer-kind binding met die aggressiewe kind (Afrikaans) Social Work 2005-12-01
Du Toit, Retha Martjie Bemagtiging van ouers en opvoeders in selfbesturende skole in Suid-Afrika (Afrikaans) Education Management and Policy Studies 2005-12-09
Du Toit, Marietjie A study of 1 Peter 3:18- 4:6 : an investigation into the historical background of the doctrine of Christ’s descent into Hades Ancient Languages 2008-08-11
Du Toit, Cecilia Magdalena The recreational reading habits of adolescent readers : a case study Modern European Languages 2005-12-19
Du Toit, Elsie Sophia Temperature effects on bulb growth and inflorescence development of Lachenalia cv. Ronina Plant Production and Soil Science 2006-02-22
Du Toit, Hendrik Cornelius Benjamin Immanuel : geloof in die vernuwende krag van God - 'n poeties-intertekstuele studie (Afrikaans) Ancient Languages 2006-07-31
Du Toit, Ruan Minnaar Development of a Regulatory Performance Monitoring Structure Chemical Engineering 2006-08-25
Du Toit, Lorraine Doreen Die organisasie-vaardighede van die leerder met spesifieke leergestremdheid in die sekondêre skoolfase (Afrikaans) Educational Psychology 2006-11-09
Du Toit, Charlotte Barbara A supply-side model of the South African economy: critical policy implications Economics 2007-01-04
Du Toit, Adriaan Pieter The pollination ecology of commercial sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) in South Africa with special reference to the honeybee (Apis mellifera L.) Zoology and Entomology 2008-02-04
Du Toit, Anize Becoming a peer supporter : a narrative exploration Psychology 2007-04-05
Du Toit, C J L The effect of type and level of carbohydrate supplementation on intake and digestibility of Atriplex Nummularia cv. De Kock fed to sheep Animal and Wildlife Sciences 2007-07-03
Du Toit, Hendrina Glaudina Die doeltreffendheid van die skoolondersteuningspan binne die inklusiewe onderwysstelsel (Afrikaans) Educational Psychology 2008-05-19
Du Toit, Mattheus Johannes The establishment, through action research, of an appropriate strategic ICT planning process for the South African Department of Defence as a diversified organisation Informatics 2008-08-08
Du Toit, Rene-Marie The identification of prevalent bacterial isolates and characterisation of microbial communities in paper-mill water systems Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2008-06-27
Du Toit, Andries Stephanus Die disharmoniese onderwyssituasie : riglyne vir die ortodidaktiese praktyk (Afrikaans) Orthopedagogics 2008-10-09
Du Toit, Petronella Cornelia Narratiewe van die self in die Boeregemeenskap tydens die Suid-Afrikaanse grondhervormingsproses na 1994 (Afrikaans) Psychology 2008-12-15
Du Toit, Philip Abandoned spaces, abandoned design Architecture 2010-02-02
Du Toit, Louis The sharing of tacit knowledge within Glenrand MIB - a case study Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-04-01
Du Toit, Johannes Bartholomeus Characterisation and phase compensation of a coplanar waveguide to coplanar strip line balun Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2010-08-20
Du Toit, Natasha Dietary inclusion of probiotics and a prebiotic improved the health and performance of broilers challenged with Salmonella Typhimurium Animal and Wildlife Sciences 2011-06-28
Du Toit, Marisa A narrative inquiry into the experience of a male survivor of domestic violence Psychology 2011-08-12
Du Toit, Jacolene Effect of bromine and iodine in drinking water on the physiological parameters of broilers Animal and Wildlife Sciences 2011-08-26
Du Toit, Yolande Incorporating a system approach to the decision making process Graduate School of Technology Management 2011-10-07
Du Toit, Emile Francois Energy efficiency savings allowance in South Africa : an international comparison Taxation 2012-03-06
Du Toit, Willem Adriaan A comparative study of international models of the regulations in respect of tax practitioners with the emphasis on South Africa Taxation 2012-03-08 restricted
Du Toit, Elsabe Effects of production systems on the muscle energy status post mortem and meat quality of beef cattle Animal and Wildlife Sciences 2012-07-20
Du Toit, Christiaan De Wet An assessment of the economic need for SMEs playing a supportive role in the mining sector Gordon Institute of Business Science 2012-06-24
Du Toit, Erica Marie Die lewe en werk van W de S Hendrikz (Afrikaans) Visual Arts 2012-10-24
Du Toit, Elmi Single motherhood, parenting and mental health : the lived experience of a single mother from a Coloured community in South Africa Psychology 2013-08-26
Du Toit, Elda Using financial analysis and interpretation as a foundation to comprehend financial health Financial Management 2013-01-23
Du Toit, Lindie Some applications of Sturm's comparison theorem Mathematics and Applied Mathematics 2013-05-03 restricted
Du Toit, Leo Tax implications for business rescues in South African Law Procedural Law 2013-07-24
Dube, Renias Admore Appropriate positioning of modelling as a decision support tool for surface water resources planning in South Africa Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2006-08-24
Dube, Memory The WTO Non-Agricultural Market Access (NAMA) negotiations and developing countries: In pursuit of the ‘development agenda’ Centre for Human Rights 2010-10-05
Dube, Siziwe The impact of education on an entrepreneur’s environmental scanning activities in growing their business Gordon Institute of Business Science 2011-04-05
Dube, Andile Laureth Maletsatsi Pathways of out-of-school youth and their re-entrance into the education training and development system or the labour market Education Management and Policy Studies 2011-06-06
Dube, Muzi Mzwandile Molecular characterization of bovine tuberculosis strains in Swaziland Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2012-08-08 restricted
Dube, Patricia Restoration and ant diversity to post-plantation forestry grasslands Zoology and Entomology 2012-08-31 restricted
Dube, Nomusa Zethu The contribution of tourism to growth and development in KwaZulu-Natal Economics 2012-11-26
Duby, Marc Soundpainting as a system for the collaborative creation of music in performance Music 2007-08-03
Duckitt, Louisa M Kennis van die aand : 'n intertekstuele studie (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2005-12-07
Duffy, Bernadette The values formation of children growing up in an informal settlement Education Management and Policy Studies 2011-05-05
Duhain, Julien Georges Omer Louis Particle swarm optimisation in dynamically changing environments - an empirical study Computer Science 2012-06-26
Duhain, Geraldine Louise Marie Cecile Occurrence of Cryptosporidium spp. in South African irrigation waters and survival of Cryptosporidium parvum during vegetable processing Food Science 2012-07-18
Duim-Beytell, Martha Catharina Comparison of vascular and neurological parameters between diabetic subjects without diabetic foot ulceration or amputation and those with either foot ulceration or a lower extremity amputation : a pilot study Clinical Epidemiology 2007-07-24
Dukhi, Avisthi The enablers and inhibitors of performance management at Multichoice (Pty) Ltd Gordon Institute of Business Science 2012-06-24
Dumalisile, Lihle Effects of Chromolaena odorata on mammalian biodiversity in Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park, South Africa Animal and Wildlife Sciences 2008-07-10
Dumas, Candice Exploring ego impairment in borderline personality disorder using the ego impairment index Psychology 2010-04-06 restricted
Duminy, Willem Harklaas A learning framework for zero-knowledge game playing agents Computer Science 2007-10-17
Duncan, Shawn Adrian UP hotelier school : a school of hospitality management Architecture 2008-11-24
Duncan, Graham Alexander Partnership in mission : a critical historical evaluation of the relationship between ‘older’ and ‘younger’ churches with special reference to the World Mission Council policy of the Church of Scotland Church History and Church Polity 2007-10-17
Duncker, Louisa Christina The empowerment of women in water supply and sanitation projects in the rural Eastern Cape Province Anthropology and Archaeology 2005-06-17
Dungu, Baptiste Kimbenga Assessment of vaccine delivery systems and their impact on the enhancement of immunogenicity, potency and safety of specific livestock vaccines used in South Africa Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2012-09-06 restricted
Dungu-Kimbenga, Baptiste Study on the effects of a natural Maedi visna virus infection on sheep productivity Veterinary Production and Ethology 2007-01-05
Dunjwa, Viwe Bulelwa Non-performance by HIV and AIDS peer educators within the Department of Agriculture, Eastern Cape Province Social Work and Criminology 2012-10-29
Duodu, Kwaku Gyebi Role of grain organisational structure in sorghum protein digestibility Food Science 2006-07-11
Duran Sandoval, Alvaro Jorge Determination and characterization of the causal agent of Pinus radiata needle blight in Chile Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2010-11-11 restricted
Durandt, Chrisna Immuunregulerende, anti-mikrobiese en anti-tumor aktiwiteit van nuwe riminofenasiene (Afrikaans) Immunology 2005-08-18
Durandt, Chrisna P-glikoproteien neutraliseringspotensiaal en weefsel verspreiding van tetrametiel-piperidien derivate van klofasimien (Afrikaans) Immunology 2010-08-30
Durant, Spencer The practical applications of solid waste management for base camps during peacekeeping operations in Africa Geography, Geoinformatics and Meteorology 2013-06-18
Durant, Valerie A Sustainable urban agriculture and forestation : the edible connected city Town and Regional Planning 2013-07-12
Durieux, Johan Hendrik Development of a practical methodology for the analysis of gravity dams using the non-linear finite element method Civil and Biosystems Engineering 2009-06-23
Dutiro, Gloria The benefits of collaboration in the entrepreneurship incubation environment in South Africa Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-04-07
DuToit, Cornelius Andries Dynamics of the association between dung beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) and the dog parasite Spirocerca lupi (Nematoda: Spiruromorpha: Spirocercidae) Zoology and Entomology 2012-05-23
Duursma, Gail Rene Crushing and screening models for simulation Chemical Engineering 2006-01-11
Duvenage, Sarel The feasibility of diamond-alumina as a wear resistant material Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering 2007-01-12
Duvenage, Sara Susanna Development of a food product concept formulation framework for low-income consumers in urbanised informal settlements in Gauteng South Africa Consumer Science 2010-06-04
Duvenage, Petrus Carolus Open-source environmental scanning and risk assessment in the statutory counterespionage milieu Political Sciences 2011-05-23 restricted
Duvenage, Andrew Jonathan Determinants of premiums in acquisitions of JSE listed companies Gordon Institute of Business Science 2012-06-24
Duvenage, Stacey Risk assessment of Escherichia coli O157:h7, Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella enterica subsp. Enterica serovar typhimurium and Staphylococcus aureus within a stone fruit production environment Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2013-05-03 restricted
Duvenhage, Rocco De Villiers The general structure and ergodic properties of quantum and classical mechanics: A unified C*-algebraic approach Mathematics and Applied Mathematics 2005-10-10
Duvenhage, Rocco de Villiers Quantum statistical mechanics, KMS states and Tomita-takesaki theory Mathematics and Applied Mathematics 2006-11-20
Duvenhage, Bernardt Migrating to a real-time distributed parallel simulator architecture Computer Science 2009-01-23
Duvenhage, Maryke Exploring the experiences of volunteer care workers facilitating an intervention programme with vulnerable pre-school children Educational Psychology 2010-07-27
Duvenhage, Jacques Clarence The impact of anti-dumping and anti-dumping regulations between South Africa, the European Union and China : a comparative study Mercantile Law 2011-06-06
Duvenhage, Arno A software framework to support distributed command and control applications Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2011-08-09
Dvir, Eran Cardiac histopathology and electrocardiographic changes in Canine Babesiosis Companion Animal Clinical Studies 2005-03-29
Dvir, Eran Biomarkers of neoplastic transformation in canine spirocercosis Companion Animal Clinical Studies 2012-09-17
Dykman, William George Harwood Entrepreneurship’s contribution to the success of deregulated electricity utilities Business Management 2005-10-05
Dymond, Antoine Smith Dryden Multiple objective optimization of an airfoil shape Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering 2011-03-02
Dyolisi, Zukile Understanding and predicting the cold flow behaviour of neat diesel fuels and blends with analytical information on their chemical class composition Chemistry 2012-12-12 restricted
Dyson, Liesl Letitia A dynamical forecasting perspective on synoptic scale weather systems over southern Africa Geography, Geo-Informatics and Meteorology 2006-03-27
Dzansi, Dennis Yao Social responsibility of SMMEs in rural communities Business Management 2005-03-30
Dzikiti, Loveness Nyaradzo Applying mixed models to assess gene significance with microarray data Mathematical Statistics 2007-02-21 restricted
Dzikiti, Tarisai Brighton Towards total intravenous anaesthesia (TIVA) in goats Companion Animal Clinical Studies 2011-05-31 restricted
Dzumba, Joel An analysis of educator development in praxis : with specific reference to the Department of Economic and Management Sciences of secondary schools in Mamelodi Public Administration 2007-04-10 restricted

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