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Author Name Title Department Date/Time

Cahl, Gregory Elkan Kierkegaard's concept of anxiety : a philosophical-psychological investigation Philosophy 2006-07-21
Cai, Qingbo Finite element modelling of cracking in concrete gravity dams Civil and Biosystems Engineering 2008-01-30
Cajee, Zaheeda The impact of public policy on entrepreneurial activity in emerging markets Gordon Institute of Business Science 2012-06-24
Calaca, Daniel Francisco The use of polygraph tests and related evidentiary aspects in labour disputes Mercantile Law 2010-10-01
Calcaterra, Michela Chiara Econometric analysis of the structure of the regional maize sector in Southern Africa Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2006-09-06
Calitz, Maria-Lina Lusitano A social work training programme for caregivers of infants in San Bernardino County, California Social Work 2005-09-22
Calitz, Coenraad Josepheus 'n Prakties teologiese ondersoek na... die vrye lied as ‘n wesenlike deel van die Gereformeerde Kerklied in die Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk (Afrikaans) Practical Theology 2006-03-09
Calitz, Gerhard Johann Deneys Reitz (1882 – 1944) : krygsman, avonturier en politikus (Afrikaans) Historical and Heritage Studies 2009-05-31
Calitz, Margaretha The effect of an aerobic exercise program on the health-related quality of life of HIV-positive employees Biokinetics, Sport and Leisure Sciences 2009-10-19
Calitz, Juanitta Christelle A reformatory approach to state regulation of insolvency law in South Africa Mercantile Law 2010-05-22 restricted
Calitz, Coenraad Josepheus The free song (hymn) as a means of expression of the spirituality of the local congregation with specific focus on the situation of the Dutch Reformed Church in South-Africa Practical Theology 2011-10-06
Calmeyer, James Edward The management of electricity cost within an Academic Institution Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2007-07-09
Camacho, Michael Creating an indicator for effective sales people on new entry level vehicle sales Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-04-23
Cambaza dos Muchangos, Ana Bela M.V. Prerequisites for HACCP in small-scale poultry production Paraclinical Sciences 2013-06-21 restricted
Cameron, Christopher Philip An investigation into ownership concentration and financial performance of listed South African industrial companies Gordon Institute of Business Science 2012-06-24
Cameron-Ellis, Jean A Church and homosexuality : the relationship between individual religious beliefs, attitudes and the quality of contact Psychology 2013-01-07
Camisani-Calzolari, Ferdinando Roux Quality prediction and control of continuously cast slabs Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2008-01-24
Campbell, Nicole Githa The central auditory processing and continuous performance of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)in the medicated and non-medicated state Communication Pathology 2005-09-30
Campbell, Louisa Jacoba Evaluation of two indigenous South African sheep breeds as pelt producers Animal and Wildlife Sciences 2007-07-19
Campbell, Andrew Alan Optimizing the adaptation rate of feedlot steers dosed with Megasphaera elsdenii NCIMB 41125 and fed high starch diets Animal and Wildlife Sciences 2010-10-25
Campbell, William Robert A critical evaluation of the congruence between brand image and brand identity within the green marketing space Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-03-16
Campher, Laetitia An investigation into existing measures aimed at restricting the use of the internet as an avenue to initiate sexual activities with adolescents Social Work and Criminology 2007-08-21
Campher, Jolene The role of visual skills and its impact on skills performance of cricket players Biokinetics, Sport and Leisure Sciences 2009-10-20
Campher, Andre Herman A systematic approach to model predictive controller constraint handling : rigorous geometric methods Chemical Engineering 2011-10-03
Campos, Elizabeth Da Silva Experiences of immigrants living in South Africa Psychology 2010-09-15 restricted
Canbulat, Ismet Evaluation and design of optimum support systems in South African collieries using the probabilistic design approach Mining Engineering 2008-07-28
Candiotes, George A study of the liaison mechanism between architects in the private sector and the TPA in relation to the design of and additions to primary schools Architecture 2012-12-10
Candiotes, Alexander George A comparative study of the primary tax rebate system in South Africa in relation to Brazil and Australia Taxation 2013-07-26
Carelse, Roslind Mary The experiences of volunteers regarding the implementation of the training programme on HIV and AIDS community based care Social Work and Criminology 2008-12-08
Carmichael, Thomas A A Christian meeting with other world religions through a dialogue within freemasonry Church History and Church Polity 2004-11-10
Carneiro, Lorna Celia Surface characteristics and in vitro bio-acceptability of machined and cast pure titanium and titanium alloy Dentistry 2005-09-30
Carney, Terrence Robert Die skryf van `n skoolgids vir die bestudering van ouer letterkunde in die graad 12-Afrikaanshuistaalklaskamer (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2007-09-27
Carolus, Adam The influence of animation on physical science learning in a grade 10 rural classroom Science, Mathematics and Technology Education 2009-09-11
Caromba, Laurence Joseph The origins of liberal conservatism : Edmund Burke, Adam Smith, and the art of coping with a complex society Political Sciences 2013-06-19
Caron, Alexandre Describing and understanding host-pathogen community interaction at the wildlife/domestic interface Zoology and Entomology 2012-05-08
Carr, Benjamin Alan Information, knowledge and learning : is the Web effective as a medium for Mathematics teaching? Information Science 2003-04-08
Carrim, Nasima The relationship amongst locus of control, self-determination and job satisfaction in call centres Human Resource Management 2012-02-13
Carrim, Nasima Mohamed Hoosen “Who am I?” - South African Indian women managers’ struggle for identity : escaping the ubiquitous cage Human Resource Management 2012-09-15
Carrim, Zaheerah Razack A comparison of the tax effects for South African, French and Japanese employees working abroad Taxation 2012-12-14 restricted
Carrington, Christopher Antony Paul The role of mycoplasma species in bovine respiratory disease in feedlot cattle in South Africa Production Animal Studies 2007-10-31
Carroll, Sandy The viability of the Kalplats Platinum Group Element deposit Geology 2008-07-10
Carstens, Louise 'n Model vir die ontwerp, implementering en evaluering van programme vir landelike, mikro inkomstegenereringsprojekte (Afrikaans) Consumer Science 2005-11-11
Carstens, Marthinus Jacobus Administrative reform : guidelines for South Africa School of Public Management and Administration 2007-06-06
Carstens, Ann Radiological tracheal dimensions of the normal thoroughbred horse Companion Animal Clinical Studies 2009-02-18
Carstens, Cornelius Abraham Capital rules in the Companies Act 71 of 2008 (with specific reference to Sections 44 and 48) Mercantile Law 2010-08-02
Carstens, Beatrice Hendrina Jacoba Hertzogprystoekennings vir drama : 1915 tot 1971 (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2010-05-09
Carstens, Adelia The effectiveness of genre-based approaches in teaching academic writing : subject-specific versus cross-disciplinary emphases Unit for Academic Literacy 2010-05-15
Carstensen, Gabrielle Dioneé Bacterial endophytes in the leaves of Pavetta spp. with a specific focus on those causing leaf nodules Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2012-12-11 restricted
Carter, Liam Leslie Investigating the relationship between corporate brand personality and employee brand commitment Gordon Institute of Business Science 2012-06-24
Carver, Amanda Margaret Unit standards for African musics in South Africa Music 2005-10-24
Carvolho, Ricardo Paulo The role of branding SME start ups Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-20
Casey, Maureen Anne A comparison of a non-spoken response mode and a spoken response mode in a test of phonological awareness Centre for Augmentative and Alternative Communication 2005-05-30
Cason, Janine An evaluation of the preparations made for the successful implementation of dividends tax Taxation 2013-07-29
Cass, Lionel John Maize marketing strategies : the trade-off between risk and profit for a Mpumalanga maize farm Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2009-08-12
Cass, Nicolize Monitoring longitudinal behaviour of impedance and Neural Response Telemetry measurements in a group of young cochlear implant users Communication Pathology 2011-07-06
Cassam, Yasmin The effect of falciparum malaria prevalence on the effectiveness of intermittent preventive treatment with Sulfadoxine-Pyrimethamine during pregnancy in reducing low birth weight in southern Mozambique Clinical Epidemiology 2012-11-23
Cassimjee, Nafisa Neuropsychological symptoms and premorbid temperament traits in Alzheimer's dementia Psychology 2004-06-18
Cassimjee, Nafisa A review of mood and anxiety disturbances in Alzheimer's disease : implications for treatment outcomes Psychology 2008-08-14 restricted
Casson, Jacqueline Jean Revitalisation of Baixa’s historic core through the contextual re-invention of Rua De Bagamoyo as a night-life precinct Architecture 2013-01-16
Castanheira, Amandio G Mortalities Immortality Architecture 2003-11-27
Casteleijn, Jacoba Magdalena Francina Development of an outcome measure for occupational therapists in mental health care settings Occupational Therapy 2011-02-10
Castelo Branco, Jose Soares Complexing ability and activity of N-containing bisphosphonates in bone cancer treatment Chemistry 2008-06-11
Cataldo, Chet William “A Spiritual Portrait of a Believer” : a comparison between the emphatic “I” of Romans 7, Wesley and the Mystics New Testament Studies 2007-06-22
Cater, Charl R Advances in dynamic response reconstruction using non-linear time domain system identification Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering 2007-06-28
Catrakilis-Wagner, Elpiniky Share price deviations from fundamentals Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-20
Cavanagh, Daniele Developing soft tissue thickness values for South African black females and testing its accuracy Anatomy 2011-06-21
Celliers, Mariana An Academic development model for university and technikon students : meeting the demands of the 21st century Teaching and Training Studies 2007-01-22
Celliers, Liani Communication-related outcomes of cochlear implant use by late-implanted prelingually deafened adults Communication Pathology 2010-02-22
Celliers, Jean-Pierre Mekemeke : a study of the Archaeological sequence and interaction between two Swazi villages of the late 19th and early 20th century Anthropology and Archaeology 2010-10-08
Cerone-Biagioni, Angilique Die impak van narratiewe beroepsfasilitering op die persoonlike groei van ‘n tradisioneel benadeelde, begaafde student (Afrikaans) Educational Psychology 2007-07-31 restricted
Ceronio, Foord Presentation precinct : modification of consciousness Architecture 2008-10-03
Cha, Myoung-Woon The Crusades, their influence and their relevance for today Church History and Church Polity 2008-09-16
Chaba, Kutlwano Solomon Nkhulu A life-story approach to authentic leadership development among South African black leaders Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-02-16 restricted
Chabalala, Tinyiko Godfrey The experiences and perceptions of police members regarding the effectiveness of trauma debriefing within the South African Police Service Social Work 2005-10-18
Chabalala, William Lucky What do women teachers identify as barriers to promotion? Education Management and Policy Studies 2006-12-18
Chabalala, Simphiwe Reduction of uranium-(VI) under microaerobic conditions using an indigenous mine consortium Chemical Engineering 2011-09-22
Chabedi, Moleboge Antonia The mentoring role of unit managers in a clinical psychiatric setting Nursing Science 2011-06-22
Chabeli, Teboho Nicolaas Perceptions of employees regarding the utilization of the in-house employee assistance programme model in the North West department of education Social Work and Criminology 2007-10-16
Chabilall, Jyothi Arjun A socio-educational study of the impact of HIV/AIDS on the adolescent in child-headed households Curriculum Studies 2004-12-06
Chabilall, Jyothi Arjun The influence of Muslim family and school culture on adolescents’ knowledge of and attitudes to HIV and AIDS Early Childhood Education 2010-09-25
Chadehumbe, Cordelia Tensile properties of thermoplastic starch and its blends with polyvinyl butyral and polyamides Chemical Engineering 2008-07-28
Chadha, Virat The impact of earnout structure on bidder firm share price in mergers and acquisitions on the JSE Gordon Institute of Business Science 2011-04-04
Chaing, Chia-Tsung Five-level inverter employing WRPWM switching scheme Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2008-07-10
Chaisi, Mamohale Mareitumetse Eugenia Diversity of Theileria parasites in African buffalo (Syncerus Caffer) and the challenge of differential diagnosis Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2012-09-01 restricted
Chaka, Mpho Phillip The usability and effectiveness of a printed information booklet : a survey amongst small-scale rural farmers Information Science 2004-11-09
Chaka, Christopher Tshepo Factors that promote corporate entrepreneurship within the First Rand Bank Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-30
Chale-Matsau, Jacobeth Raesibe Bettina Persistence of Human Pathogens in a Crop Grown from Sewage Sludge Treated Soil Chemical Engineering 2005-09-29
Chalera, Clement Stanley An Impact analysis of South Africa's national strategy for the development and promotion of SMMEs Marketing and Communication Management 2007-05-02
Chalufu, John Sibusiso KwaZulu-Natal school principals’ perceptions of the practical relevance of formal education management development programmes Education Management and Policy Studies 2011-06-01
Chambers, David Biofuels in South Africa : factors influencing production and consumption Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-04-01
Chan, Ka Sim May Self-healing Web service composition with HTN planners Computer Science 2009-01-22
Chan, Man Ki A comparative study of Jewish commentaries and patristic literature on the book of Ruth Old Testament Studies 2010-07-29
Chan, Kai-Ying Alice Interorganisational knowledge flows between and innovative performance of science park firms : an exploratory study of South African new technology-based firms Engineering and Technology Management 2010-08-25
Chan, John Cedric Economic value of sport Gordon Institute of Business Science 2011-04-03
Chan, Wai Yin Genome assembly and metabolic pathway reconstruction of Pantoea ananatis LMG 20103 Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2012-10-13
Chan, Ching Yee Active fund management and crosssectional variance of returns Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-02-16
Chandhla, Justice Optimisation of dry bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) seed production under greenhouse conditions Plant Production and Soil Science 2005-11-07
Chandler, Michelle Determining return on human capital using financial capital management principles Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-04-07 restricted
Chandran, Sangeet Thaivalappil Liquidity levels and the long-run performance of initial public offerings in South Africa Gordon Institute of Business Science 2012-06-24
Chang, Hsin-Pei Nicol The relationship between void ratio and shear wave velocity of gold tailings Civil and Biosystems Engineering 2005-06-07
Chang, Hsin-Pei Nicol The effect of fabric on the behaviour of gold tailings Civil and Biosystems Engineering 2009-04-07
Changuion, Louis Annis Die lewe in die Suid-Afrikaanse Boerekrygsgevangekampe tydens die Anglo-Boereoorlog, 1899-1902 (Afrikaans) Historical and Heritage Studies 2007-03-01
Chantson, Janine Teresa Platinum (II) complexes of heteroaromatic derivatives Chemistry 2005-08-01
Chanunkha, Robert Amos Music education in Malawi : the crisis and the way forward Music 2005-09-26
Charema, John Explaining the ways in which parents of children with hearing impairments access counseling services in Zimbabwe Educational Psychology 2004-09-10
Charles, Ken Ani Criteria for outsourcing by the United Nations Construction Economics 2010-06-11
Chasenski, Azaria Factors influencing emigration out of South Africa Human Resource Management 2012-02-22
Chauke, Margaret The management of inclusive education in the classroom Education Management and Policy Studies 2008-05-22 restricted
Chauke, Lucas Floid Genetic variation and population structure of southern elephant seals Mirounga leonina from Marion Island Zoology and Entomology 2009-06-11
Chauke, Hlayiseka Morgan The determinants of household saving : the South African Black middle class perspective Gordon Institute of Business Science 2012-06-24
Chauke, Lesego Mmabatho Microfinance models for microenterprises at the base of the pyramid Gordon Institute of Business Science 2012-06-24
Chauke, Levy Reactivity of carbon cathode materials with electrolyte based on plant and laboratory data Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering 2012-11-27
Chausse, Roman A comparative and critical discussion of the redress available to consumers by consumer courts in terms of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 Mercantile Law 2013-07-23
Chawanda, Albert Electrical and structural characterization of metal germanides Physics 2011-02-10
Chawira, Elijah Washington Taxation of illegal schemes : – should the term ‘received by’ in the definition of gross income be interpreted with reference to the taxpayers subjective intention? Mercantile Law 2011-11-22
Chelechele, Thabo Ishmael A critical analysis of the implementation of the Social Assistance Grant Policies in the North West Province of South Africa School of Public Management and Administration 2010-09-16
Chelin, Monique Josette Water in the coal mining industry : an assessment of water management issues facing the coal mining industry of the Witbank and Middelburg Dam catchments Geography, Geo-Informatics and Meteorology 2006-05-29
Chemvumi, Tinashe Can the church use pastoral care as a method to address victims of political violence in Zimbabwe? Practical Theology 2011-10-19
Chen, Yi-Ju An integrated CMOS optical receiver with clock and data recovery Circuit Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2006-01-24
Chen, Mingzhou Optical vortex detection and strongly scintillated beam correction using Vortex Dipole Annihilation Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2009-05-06
Chen, ShuaiFei Fungal diseases of eucalypts in China Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2011-05-25 restricted
Chende, Hassen Chaka Epidemiology of Newcastle disease in village chickens in Ethiopia : risk factors, molecular characterization and role of poultry markets Production Animal Studies 2013-05-24 restricted
Cheng, Po-Hsun Biochemical characterization of the thrombin inhibitor of the tick, Ornithodoros savignyi, and investigation into the expression of its recombinant forms Biochemistry 2006-02-08
Cheng, Po Hsun Biochemical and molecular characterization of putative immunoprotective molecules of the soft tick, Ornithodoros savignyi Audouin (1827) Biochemistry 2011-06-21
Chenwi, Lilian Manka Towards the abolition of the death penalty in Africa: A Human Rights perspective Centre for Human Rights 2005-10-06
Chernis, Richard Eddison The past in service of the present : a study of South African school history syllabuses and textbooks 1839-1990 Historical and Heritage Studies 2010-10-06
Cherrington, Avivit Miriam Learners experiences of school violence in a rural school Educational Psychology 2011-06-13
Chertkow, Darren Ian An early assessment of the market readiness for pay-per view video on demand to the home in South Africa Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-24
Chetty, Saroja A study of the provision of physical education for senior primary girls in schools in KwaZulu-Natal Teaching and Training Studies 2005-11-03
Chetty, Thershen The drivers and inhibitors of strategy execution Gordon Institute of Business Science 2011-04-04
Chetty, Daniel Optimisation of the alignment of business and credit functions in the private bank segment in a South African bank Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-04-06
Chetty, Thamaraveni Factors influencing the success of ethanol production for use in liquid transport fuels in South Africa Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-04-06
Chetty, Tamara An analysis of the career of a top female chief executive : the implications of female leadership Gordon Institute of Business Science 2011-04-04
Chetty, Mahendhree Cause of relapse post treatment for substance dependency within the South African Police Services Social Work and Criminology 2012-10-29
Chetty, Trevlyn Albert Leadership sacrifice for organisational change Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-02-16
Chetty, Darren The transition of engineers from technical positions to general management Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-04-02
Chetty, Avashnee Shamparkesh Thermoresponsive 3D scaffolds for non-invasive cell culture Chemical Engineering 2013-06-11
Chi, Chia-Lin Le Teng-Hui's political cross-straits policy and mainland China's reaction Political Sciences 2004-10-08
Chiang, Paul Rong Yee A spiritual strategy for cross-cultural mission in Africa : a Chinese missionary's practical proposal Science of Religion and Missiology 2005-12-05
Chiba, Manoj Dayal Are national and organisational cultures isomorphic? HQ-subsidiary relations Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-02-16
Chibwe, Terence Kunda An institutional and political analysis of the establishment process of the Inkomati Catchment Management Agency Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2013-06-03 restricted
Chiche, Yeshi Comparative analysis of gender related farm households in the Arsi-Negele farming zone in Ethiopia Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2005-08-15
Chidembo, Alfred Tawirirana Nickel (II) phthalocyanine-multi-walled carbon nanotube hybrids as supercapacitors Chemistry 2010-08-13
Chikafalimani, Samuel Herald Peter A critical assessment of postgraduate real estate education in the Republic of South Africa Construction Economics 2010-08-28
Chikanya, Tichaona Nigel The relevance of Moltmann’s concept of hope for the discourse on hope in Zimbabwe Dogmatics and Christian Ethics 2013-05-02
Chikaonda, Jacobeth Private equity in emerging markets : a comparison between South Africa's and Brazil's private equity industries Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-02-16
Chikarara, Splagchna Ngoni Professionals ‘gleaning’ at the margins : the workplace integration of Zimbabwean engineers in the public sector of the construction industry in Pretoria and Johannesburg Sociology 2013-06-18
Chikwamba, Rachel Kerina The role of the discretionary grant in the dynamics of capability creation and exploitation in a public research organization : a case study of the CSIR Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-02-16
Chiliza, Thamsanqa Emmanuel Antibody phage-displayed libraries derived from chicken immunoglobulin genes : a source of highly specific diagnostic antibodies Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2008-07-01
Chiloane, Shadrack An analysis of the rationale for domestic civilian intelligence services : selected case study Political Sciences 2012-12-10 restricted
Chiloane, Thikanang Silence Effect of nutrient concentration and growing seasons on growth, yield and quality of leafy lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) in a hydroponic system Plant Production and Soil Science 2013-06-25
Chimfwembe, Richard The Roman Catholic Church and the United Church of Zambia challenged by HIV and AIDS, which results in creating poverty among Zambian people Practical Theology 2007-09-18
Chimhandamba, Donovan Antony Black economic empowerment and firm competitiveness Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-20
Chimhandamba, Nancy Reconciling the benefits of formal and informal remittance channels : a Zimbabwean migrant’s perspective Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-04-07
Chimwamurombe, Percy Maruwa Molecular plant-pathogen interactions with special reference to Eucalyptus Grandis polygalacturonase-inhibiting proteins and fungal polygalacturonases Genetics 2005-11-28
Chin, Pius Wiysanyuy Molo Contribution to qualitative and constructive treatment of the heat equation with domain singularities Mathematics and Applied Mathematics 2012-02-13
Chinembiri, Petsmaster The relationship between strategic management practices (SMPs) and the financial performance of multinational corporations (MNCs) in emerging markets Gordon Institute of Business Science 2011-04-04
Chinembiri, Evans Wally Kudzai An analysis of maize trade in the Southern African Development Community Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2013-05-23
Chinoko, Mike Vickson Mitigation of legal risks in project finance : lessons for Malawi Centre for Human Rights 2012-12-05
Chipendo, Ray Wako An analysis of value creation in Private Equity portfolios Gordon Institute of Business Science 2012-03-19
Chipeta, Chimwemwe Financial liberalisation and the capital structure of firms listed on the Johannesburg stock exchange Financial Management 2012-04-13
Chipungahelo-Nkwera, Jennifer Missionary letters as a source for cultural history : American representations of the Zulu and Ndebele communities in the early nineteenth century Historical and Heritage Studies 2007-07-17 restricted
Chiremba, Constance Phenolic content and antioxidant activity of South African sorghums and of flours and cookies made from them Food Science 2009-11-30
Chiremba, Constance Sorghum and maize grain hardness : their measurement and factors influencing hardness Food Science 2012-09-01
Chirinda, Felicidade Naume Male clergy violence against their spouses in the Presbyterian Church of Mozambique - a new theory of Praxis Practical Theology 2009-01-07
Chirinda, Felicidade Naúme Autonomy of the Igreja Presbiteriana de Moçambique (IPM) pastoral concern for liberation Practical Theology 2012-10-05
Chisama, Peter Thanthwe A critical analysis of the legal framework for the protection and enforcement of geographical indications rights in Malawi Centre for Human Rights 2012-12-05
Chisanga, Brian Efficiency and integration in the Zambian sugar market : analysing price transmission, price formation and policy Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2012-11-12
Chisi, Songelwayo Lufu The evaluation of serological tests in the diagnosis of bovine brucellosis in naturally infected cattle in Kwazulu-Natal Province, South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2013-06-21 restricted
Chita, Meera Reinventing Theatrical Education : flexible education spaces for experimentation and freedom of expression in the Dramatic Arts Architecture 2008-11-24
Chitambala, Geoffrey Status of IT governance in South Africa : a comparative view Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-04-01
Chitray, Melanie Investigating potential factors affecting foot-and-mouth disease virus internalisation Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2009-02-19
Chittenden, Albert-Bruce Extending OWns to include protection functionality Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2007-04-05
Chivington, Ryan D An investigation for possible parallels of the Roman imperial cult (Caesar-Nero) in the New Testament book of Hebrews New Testament Studies 2007-11-19
Chiware, Elisha Rufaro Tembo Business information needs, seeking patterns and information services in the small medium and micro enterprises sector (SMME) in Namibia Information Science 2008-02-05
Chiwete, Chinwe An examination of insolvency alternatives for corporate and non corporate entities in South Africa Mercantile Law 2012-09-13
Chiwewe, Tapiwa Moses A distributed topology control technique for low interference and energy efficiency in wireless sensor networks Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2011-02-24
Chizwina, Sabelo Ransome An exploratory investigation into the status of reading promotion projects in South Africa Information Science 2012-03-01
Cho, Mee-Ok A comparison of the effectiveness of science education in Korea and South Africa : a multilevel analysis of TIMSS 2003 data Science, Mathematics and Technology Education 2011-10-10
Chogo, Hezron Anaya The impact of deregulation on competitiveness and market integration : the case of South Africa’s potato exports Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2010-08-17
Choi, Min Soo Pastoral care for the Korean-American pastor in the United States of America : a narrative approach Practical Theology 2007-11-29
Chonco, Muziwandile Assessing the adoption of the equator principles by financial institutions in South Africa Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-04-07
Chothia, Nazly Architecture as dialogue : the Law annexe : an extension to the Law Faculty precinct at the University of Pretoria Architecture 2010-02-17
Chou, Ming-Shan Optimal cruise control of heavy-haul trains equipped with electronic controlled pneumatic brake systems Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2006-01-24
Chown, Davin Loudon A review of the social, economic and environmental impacts of the forestry industry in South Africa Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2005-06-30
Christians, Marcel Flow-pattern-based heat transfer and pressure drop correlations for condensing refrigerants in smooth tubes Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering 2008-07-04
Christie, Gina Landscape of meaning and memory in Marabastad Architecture 2009-12-09
Christie, Jevan Craig The sensitivity of direct faecal examination, faecal flotation and centrifugal sedimentation / flotation in the diagnosis of canine spirocercosis Companion Animal Clinical Studies 2012-05-25
Christie, Lorna The significance of townhouse interiors to support home-owners' extended selves : the case of home-owners in Tshwane Consumer Science 2012-07-19
Christie, John Barry Determining the phenotypic resistance mechanisms in avocado against Phytophthora cinnamomi Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2012-12-11 restricted
Christodoulou, Antonios Factors of success for the effective implementation of lean manufacturing projects within the banking sector in South Africa Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-04-23
Christofides, Peter The rediscovery of the role of the laity in the mission of the church – with reference to the Baptist Union of southern Africa (BUSA) Science of Religion and Missiology 2009-11-03
Chun, Ken The role of cultural values in evaluating brand extensions : individualism versus collectivism Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-02-16
Chung, Kahp-Chin The missionary strategy of Korean churches in South Africa Science of Religion and Missiology 2007-09-11
Chung, Kahp-Chin A theological framework for the sustainable development of energy and mineral resources in Korea Science of Religion and Missiology 2010-10-23
Chungu, Donald Pathogens associated with plantation tree diseases in Zambia Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2010-10-08 restricted
Chuo, Joseph H A conceptual framework for the marketing of tourism Tourism Management 2012-11-26
Chuquela, Luis Xavier Intervention in international law : the case under the Constitutive Act of the African Union Public Law 2012-09-04
Ciaba, Cibawu Matthieu Challenges towards socio-economic integration of the victims of rape in the Democratic Republic of Congo : case of South Kivu Province Centre for Human Rights 2013-07-24
Cicero, Albertus Benjamin Value-Added Tax : input tax apportionment from a South African perspective Taxation 2012-03-08 restricted
Cilliers, Berdine The internet as a medium in the achievement of corporate communication and marketing goals - A descriptive study Communication Management 2004-03-09
Cilliers, Jacques Etienne Multi-dimensional lattice equaliser for Q2 PSK Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2005-11-10
Cilliers, Willem Johannes An experiential learning process for the advancement of previously disadvantaged employees in an industrial context Didactics 2006-11-06
Cilliers, Gabriel le Roux A framework for improving the quality of management information Accounting 2009-11-24
Cilliers, Ingrid Catastrophic musculoskeletal injuries associated with four racetracks in Gauteng, South Africa during 1998-2004 Companion Animal Clinical Studies 2010-08-12
Cilliers, Elnette The use of psychological career resources and graduateness in a self-development program of student leaders Human Resource Management 2012-07-09 restricted
Cilliers, Carole Asserting rights : HIV-positive mothers accessing primary healthcare in Tshwane Metro Sociology 2012-12-04 restricted
Civin, Damon Jay Riesz bases and the series representation of solutions of linear partial differential equations Mathematics and Applied Mathematics 2011-07-07 restricted
Claasen, Petrus Jacobus Assessing the quality of decision-making of expert rugby players Psychology 2010-04-08
Claasen-Veldsman, Maria Margaretha Evaluating recorded audio media for health communication in South Africa Information Science 2007-11-19
Claasen-Veldsman, Maria Margaretha Evaluating recorded audio media for health communication in South Africa Information Science 2008-04-30
Claassen, Johann Ockert Characterisation and optimisation of the Zincor iron removal process Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering 2005-11-30
Claassen, Johanna Wilma Gemeenskapgebaseerde bejaardeversorging : 'n maatskaplikewerkperspektief (Afrikaans) Social Work 2005-12-01
Claassen, Marleen Exploring the contribution of prenatal stress to the pathogenesis of autism as a neurobiological developmental disorder : a dizygotic twin study Educational Psychology 2006-03-15
Claassen, Johann Ockert Product quality parameters in the reaction crystallization of metastable iron phases from zinc-rich solutions Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering 2006-10-18
Claassen, Gustav Fredrich Die kanoniese benadering van B S Childs (Afrikaans) Old Testament Studies 2009-01-29
Claassens, Hester Wilhelmina Die geskiedenis van Boerekos 1652-1806 (Afrikaans) Historical and Heritage Studies 2004-06-14
Claassens, Elmien Management of volunteers in faith-based organisations Social Work 2005-01-12
Claassens, Hermias Jacobus Production beyond product : Pretoria West bio-diesel plant : Buitekant Street, Pretoria West Industrial area, City of Tshwane Architecture 2011-03-23
Clark, Marina Die ontwikkeling van 'n model vir die samestelling van 'n effektiewe bestuurspan binne 'n finansiële instansie (Afrikaans) Psychology 2004-03-11
Clark, Adele Laura Otoacoustic emission testing in the early identification of noise-induced hearing loss in South African mineworkers Communication Pathology 2005-10-18
Clark, Desray The separation spiral : modelling voluntary turnover of women executives Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-30
Clark, Tracy Leigh [preserve - integrate - intervene] : progression at the Pretoria West Power Plant Architecture 2010-12-09
Clark, John Graham The modification of Waxy Oil for preparing a potential feedstock for needle coke production Chemical Engineering 2012-02-01
Clark, Katherine Transcriptome- and proteome-wide responses to putrescine depletion in the human malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum Biochemistry 2013-05-03 restricted
Clark-Halkett, Chantelle Estelle An investigation into the formation of the lower Main Zone in the eastern limb of the Bushveld complex, South Africa Geology 2012-06-26
Clark-Mostert, Vannessa Geotechnical and risk analyses for the positioning of shafts at the Wesizwe Platinum project Geology 2012-12-12 restricted
Clasquin-Johnson, Mary Gertrude Responses of early childhood teachers to curriculum change in South Africa Education Management and Policy Studies 2011-05-23
Claussen, Norbert The prediction of the overpressures at the outlet of a gas tube Mechanical Engineering 2008-08-19
Clavier, Pamela Rose A service-dominant logic approach to business intelligence Informatics 2013-04-30
Clift, Sarah Jane Standardization and validation of an immunoperoxidase test for African horsesickness virus using formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues Paraclinical Sciences 2009-05-13
Cloete, D J ‘n Ondersoek na die fasilitering van verskillende leerstyle en meervoudige intelligensies tydens koöperatiewe leer en groepaktiwiteite in hoër onderwys (Afrikaans) Curriculum Studies 2005-02-04
Cloete, Renier A simplified finite element model for time-dependent deflections of flat slabs Civil Engineering 2005-05-30
Cloete, Linda Maria The education and training of cataloguers : a training resource programme Information Science 2006-09-14
Cloete, William Edward Photoinitiated cyanoacrylates for fast underwater bonding Chemical Engineering 2009-10-21
Cloete, Lizelle The 4th wall : breaking the boundaries of an existing public space in Pretoria Architecture 2009-12-08
Cloete, Martie The influence of taxation on mining activities in developing countries - an African perspective Taxation 2010-05-06 restricted
Cloete, Andrea Exploring the uses and gratifications of Facebook : a psychological study Psychology 2011-08-26
Cloete, Michele Olivia Distribution, phenology and seed production of Pappea capensis Eckl. & Zeyh. (Jacket plum) Plant Production and Soil Science 2011-08-24 restricted
Coady, Allison Marie Examining the role of preventive diplomacy in South Africa’s foreign policy towards Zimbabwe, 2000-2009 Political Sciences 2013-06-19
Cochrane, Wolf In silico synthesis of analogous lead libraries for drug design by molecular enumeration Biochemistry 2008-04-21
Cockeran, Riana Effects of sub-lethal concentrations of pneumolysin on the proinflammatory activities of human neutrophils in vitro Immunology 2005-09-19
Coertse, Jessica Development of PCR-based methods for detection of African lyssaviruses Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2010-10-08
Coertze, Stephen Victor Challenges facing the African church : South African theologians speak out Science of Religion and Missiology 2007-09-18
Coertze, Sara Louise An investigation into the perceptions of youths in early adolescence concerning the role a child’s body shape plays in bullying Social Work and Criminology 2013-06-18
Coertzen, Andre Benjamin Self-esteem and its influence on the achievements of the entrepreneur Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-03-16 restricted
Coetsee, Theresa High temperature phase relations in the TiOx-FeOy-VOz System Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering 2006-11-06
Coetsee, Theresa Non-isothermal reaction of iron ore-coal mixtures Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering 2008-07-09
Coetsee, Martha Johanna The psychological health implications of social support for the Alzheimer caregiver Psychology 2008-08-25
Coetser, Susanna Elizabeth Microbial sulphate reduction using defined carbon sources and artificial acid mine drainage Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2008-06-05
Coetser, Rayner Johannes Lodewikus Finite state automaton construction through regular expression hashing Computer Science 2010-08-25
Coetzee, J C The psychosocial themes in adolescents diagnosed with a co-morbid disruptive behavior and mood disorder Psychology 2004-01-30
Coetzee, G P The effect of HIV/AIDS on the control environment: an internal audit perspective Auditing 2004-05-31
Coetzee, Liesel Beyond the horizon : an enquiry into the production and reception of the writing of Enid Blyton English 2004-10-27
Coetzee, Mariette The fairness of affirmative action: an organisational justice perspective Human Resource Management 2005-04-13
Coetzee, Linda Plasmodium falciparum dihydrofolate synthase (DHFS-FPGS) : gene synthesis and recombinant expression Biochemistry 2005-05-05
Coetzee, Martin Petrus Albertus Molecular phylogenetic studies on Armillaria with specific reference to Southern Hemisphere species Genetics 2005-05-09
Coetzee, Petrus Johannes van Vuuren A reading of power relations in the transformation of urban planning in the municipalities of the Greater Pretoria region (now Tshwane) : 1992-2002 Town and Regional Planning 2005-10-07
Coetzee, Elsie Margaretha Strategic communication in alliances : perceptions of alliances partners on relationship outcomes Marketing and Communication Management 2008-11-25
Coetzee, Jasper Lodewikus An Optimised instrument for designing a maintenance plan - A sequel to reliability centred maintenance Industrial and Systems Engineering 2005-12-01
Coetzee, Helene The development of a World Wide Web information resource for farmers with specific reference to yogurt production Information Science 2007-05-28
Coetzee, Magdalena Differential effects of arachidonic acid and docosahexaenoic acid on cell biology and osteoprotegerin synthesis in osteoblast-like cells Physiology 2006-03-09
Coetzee, Sonja Investigating the application of the asset-based approach in career facilitation Educational Psychology 2006-12-20
Coetzee, Cobus Emelius Development of an index for preventive and interceptive orthodontic needs (IPION) Orthodontics 2007-01-05
Coetzee, Christel Blanche The development of water quality guidelines for poultry production in southern Africa Animal and Wildlife Sciences 2008-07-16
Coetzee, Peter Molecular epidemiology of rabies in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2007-02-27
Coetzee, Colette Solidification behaviour of titania slags Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering 2007-02-28
Coetzee, Lodewicus Charl Robust model predictive control of an electric arc furnace refining process Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2007-08-21
Coetzee, Lodewicus Charl Robust model predictive control of an electric arc furnace refining process Electronic Engineering 2007-08-21
Coetzee, Melinda Investigating the impact of “the gap year” on career decision-making Educational Psychology 2007-10-02
Coetzee, Vinet Genetic and phenotypic cues associated with facial attractiveness and health Genetics 2008-07-01
Coetzee, Johannes Cornelius Contributions towards a new classification of Calvatia Fr. (Lycoperdaceae) in southern Africa Botany 2008-07-01 restricted
Coetzee, Marijke WSACT : a model for Web Services access control incorporating trust Computer Science 2008-07-10
Coetzee, Willem Andries Sternberg Steam system network synthesis using process integration Chemical Engineering 2008-08-25
Coetzee, Bernard Walter Thomas Implications of global change for important bird areas in South Africa Zoology and Entomology 2008-11-19
Coetzee, Izak Johannes The monster : liminality, threshold and spatial experience Architecture 2008-11-24
Coetzee, Lodewicus Charl Robust nonlinear model predictive control of a closed run-of-mine ore milling circuit Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2009-09-27
Coetzee, Serena Martha An analysis of a data grid approach for spatial data infrastructures Computer Science 2009-09-27
Coetzee, Hermie The impact of the National Credit Act on civil procedural aspects relating to debt enforcement Procedural Law 2010-07-30
Coetzee, Liesel Detecting dominant discourses in selected detective fiction by Enid Blyton and Agatha Christie English 2011-05-17
Coetzee, Berdine Composition of wood pectins and the enzymatic control of pectic polysaccharides in mechanical paper pulps Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2011-09-23 restricted
Coetzee, Carmen Effect of live yeast supplementation on performance parameters of Jersey cows grazing ryegrass/kikuyu pasture Animal and Wildlife Sciences 2011-11-17
Coetzee, Elizabeth Susanna Maria Evaluation of the completeness of the 2010 list of qualifying disability expenditure : an exploratory study Taxation 2012-03-07 restricted
Coetzee, Charleen The effect of vegetation on the behaviour and movements of Burchell’s Zebra, Equus burchelli (Gray 1824) in the Telperion Nature Reserve, Mpumalanga, South Africa Plant Science 2012-11-07
Coetzee, Stefan Coordination and lonic compounds of benzamide and related molecules and metal halides Chemistry 2012-11-06
Coetzee, Andries Stephanus Die bestuursopgaaf van skoolgebaseerde onderwyseropleiding in openbare skole (Afrikaans) Education Management and Policy Studies 2012-11-22
Coetzee, Shaun Business and affairs : the widening of the board of director's powers Mercantile Law 2013-07-24
Coetzer, C B The development of a new compact model for prediction of forced flow behaviour in longitudinal fin heat sinks with tip bypass Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering 2006-07-12
Coetzer, Catherina Elizabeth The impact of the emerging management development programme on the knowledge of learners Business Management 2007-02-12
Coetzer, Izak Stefanus Die invloed van meerdere avontuur-gerigte ervaringsleerprogramme (AEL) op die retensie van indiwiduele gedragsveranderings : ‘n gevallestudie (Afrikaans) Biokinetics, Sport and Leisure Sciences 2007-10-23
Coetzer, Briet Louise A business model for the digital distribution of music in the South African context Music 2010-09-03
Coetzer, Nanette SSHscreen and SSHdb : software for microarray-based screening and sequence management of cDNA libraries Biochemistry 2010-10-08
Coetzer, Reinier Casper Development of a robust active infrared-based eye tracking system Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2012-07-18
Cohen, Douglas James Assessing the business value of software process improvement using CMMI® in South Africa Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-10
Cole, Janine Determining the best apparent resistivity versus frequency definition for a magnetotelluric sounding : a comparison between two statistical techniques Geography, Geo-Informatics and Meteorology 2005-11-21
Cole, Charles George Bernard Occurrence, measurement and origins of gelatine colour as determined by fluorescence and electrophoresis Food Science 2011-07-18
Coleman, Craig Douglas Resolving intrastate conflicts : a case study of Sierra Leone Political Sciences 2010-09-23
Collett, Stephen Richard Monitoring Broiler Breeder Flocks for Mycoplasma gallisepticum Infection after Vaccination with ts-11 Production Animal Studies 2006-02-27
Collett, Anneliza The determination, protection and management of high potential agricultural land in South Africa with special reference to Gauteng Plant Science 2009-08-04
Collins, Sonia Fransiena Johanna Huishoudingskuld in Suid-Afrika en die invloed op private verbruiksbesteding (Afrikaans) Economics 2005-09-08
Collins, Gary Wayne Information communication technology as a cognitive tool to facilitate higher-order thinking Science, Mathematics and Technology Education 2013-04-22
Combrinck, Hendrik Petrus A cost, complexity and performance comparison of two automatic language identification architectures Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2006-12-21
Combrinck, Celeste-Marie The psychological implications of creative activities : an investigation into how painting affects stress levels Psychology 2010-04-07
Combrink, Magdalena Development of an automated analysis of TDEM data for the delineation of a finite conductor in a conductive half space. Geology 2007-06-08
Combrink, Michiel Johannes Nuclear energy security : a critical analysis of the North-South diplomatic discourse on the nuclear fuel cycle, 2004-2011 Political Sciences 2012-12-01 restricted
Comline, Gregory Ian An investigation into the effects that internet user experience, payment reliability and delivery reliability have on e-Commerce use in South Africa Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-10
Compion, Sara Ruth Tuberculosis discourse in South Africa : a case study Sociology 2008-08-22
Conco, Zamumuzi Paulos "How effective is in-service training for teachers in rural school contexts?" Education Management and Policy Studies 2005-03-15
Cone, Cornelia An analysis of the economic dimension of the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo with recommendations for track one diplomacy Political Sciences 2008-04-29
Conning, Mariette Acoustic modelling of cochlear implants Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2008-08-18
Conradie, Dirk Cornelis Uys The use of software systems to implement Case-Based Reasoning enabled intelligent components for architectural briefing and design Architecture 2001-09-21
Conradie, Jessica Kate Modelling population dynamics of Leysera gnaphalodes in Namaqualand, South Africa Botany 2004-02-18
Conradie, Pieter Jacobus An industrial engineering perspective of business intelligence Industrial and Systems Engineering 2005-05-17
Conradie, David Gideon Scheduling coal handling processes using metaheuristics Industrial and Systems Engineering 2008-04-21
Conradie, Elizabeth Stephanie The role of key role players in science communication at South African higher education institutions : an exploratory study Marketing and Communication Management 2006-08-23
Conradie, Johannes Hendrik Tenebrism in the paiting of Odd Nerdrum from 1983 to 2004 Visual Arts 2007-11-19
Conradie, Ilana The prevalence of helminths in warthogs, bushpigs and some antelope species in Limpopo Province, South Africa Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2009-02-17
Conradie, Renee Elsie ’n Ontleding van die die konsep ‘liminaliteit’ soos dit vergestalt word met betrekking tot hoofkarakters in: ’n Ander land deur Karel Schoeman ; Die son kom aan die seekant op deur Jeanette Ferreira ; Lang skaduwees in Afrika deur Connie Luyt en Paul Roux (ongepubliseerd) deur Renée Rautenbach (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2011-07-13
Conradie, Francois Jacobus Batch separation of tetrafluoroethylene, hexafluoropropylene and octafluorocyclobutane Chemical Engineering 2012-10-10
Conradie van Wyk, Ilana Anaemia in East African short-horn Zebu calves : field diagnosis, infectious causes and pathogen interactions Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2012-09-18
Conry, Jennifer Robyn Mothers. experiences of accessing services following the death of a baby through stillbirth or Neonatal death Social Work and Criminology 2007-04-17
Constantinou, Demetrakis Ant colony optimisation algorithms for solving multi-objective power-aware metrics for mobile ad hoc networks Computer Sciences 2011-07-01
Cook, Susan Joan An epistemological journey in search of reflexivity and the authentic self : family therapy theory and intervention Social Work 2007-09-11
Cook, Antoinette Vieira The experiences of adult learners in distance education of SMS technology as a learning support tool Educational Psychology 2007-10-02
Cooke, Pamela The impact of the internet on organisational culture within the IT industry Informatics 2004-11-22
Cooke, Frank Terence Die gebruik van die pastor pastorum in die pastorale versorging van die predikante van die Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk (Afrikaans) Practical Theology 2008-06-06
Coombes, Michael James The socio-economic impact of the Pax Romana and Augustus' policy reforms on the Roman provinces Ancient Languages 2008-11-24
Cooper, Jean Henry A training programme based on the principles of social constructivism and focused on developing people for the future world of work : an evaluation Human Resource Management 2005-03-16
Cooper, Christopher James An altered Physiological state of pseudomonas aeruginosa in the Biofilm Environment : effect on the algD promoter and a new attachment-inducible regulatory element Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2005-05-06
Cooper, Jean Henry The forces involved in being a member of a small group Human Resource Management 2012-09-14
Cooper, Antony Kyle Standards for exchanging digital geo-referenced information Computer Science 2011-03-12
Cooper, David John Stuart Tata in Africa : where to next? Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-02-16
Coopmans, Joris Stress related causes of presenteeism amongst South African managers Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-20
Coovadia, Mohamed Yusuf Identification and evaluation of patient satisfaction determinants in medical service delivery systems within the South African private healthcare industry Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-10
Cordel, Claudia Pharmacokinetics and in vitro effects of imipramine hydrochloride on the vas deferens in cattle Production Animal Studies 2006-03-13
Corder, Clive Kingsmill The identification of a multi-ethnic South African typology Psychology 2002-07-22
Cordier, Werner Effects of polyphenolic-rich bark extracts of Burkea africana and Syzygium cordatum on oxidative stress Pharmacology 2012-11-23
Cortinas Irazabal, Maria Noel Taxonomy and population genetics of Teratosphaeria causing stem cankers on Eucalyptus trees Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2011-05-25
Cory Toussaint, Dawn Thermoregulation in three southern African bat species inhabiting a hot, semi-arid environment Zoology and Entomology 2013-05-13
Cosijn, Erica Relevance judgements in information retrieval Information Science 2005-09-19
Costanzo, Marna S Aspects of memory in the Damaraland mole-rat, Cryptomys damarensis : spatial learning and kin recognition Zoology and Entomology 2007-07-03
Cotterell, Paul Jonathan Mark The impact of rights issues announcements on share price performance in South Africa Gordon Institute of Business Science 2012-06-24
Cottle, Louis E Urban regeneration: Urban renewal through eco-systemic design Architecture 2003-12-03
Courtenay, Reginald Morgan The conundrum of causality and the criminal law (sexual offences and related matters) Amendment Act 32 of 2007 : a critical analysis Public Law 2012-12-05
Covary, Theo Renewable energy : benefits of converting urban households to solar water heating Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-03-30
Coventry, Michelle Anne A critical analysis of the VAT implications of over-allowances in the South African motor retail industry Taxation 2012-03-09
Cowley, Magdalena Johanna Petronella Bestuur van verandering in die lerende organisasie : vestiging van psigologiese vaardighede (Afrikaans) Psychology 2008-01-25
Craemer, Charnie A systematic appraisal of the Eriophyoidea (Acari Prostigmata) Zoology and Entomology 2011-10-18
Craffert, Leonora Understanding employees' experience of organisational transformation in an academic institution Psychology 2005-11-18
Crafford, Johannes Daniel Die groei van hoop na mastektomie : 'n Narratiewe, pastoraal-gesinsterapeutiese studie (Afrikaans) Practical Theology 2004-06-24
Crafford, Jan Ernst Development and validation of enzyme linked immunosorbent assays for detection of equine encephalosis virus antibody and antigen Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2005-04-19
Crafford, Jacobus Gert Assessing the costs and benefits of water use for production and the potential of water demand management in the Crocodile Catchment of South Africa Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development 2007-07-23
Crafford, Gretel Statistical analysis of grouped data Statistics 2008-07-01
Craig, Elmari The knowledge of social workers in private practice regarding human sexuality and sex therapy Social Work 2005-07-25
Craig, Andrew Cheddar enzyme modified cheese : influence of protease and lipase on flavour Food Science 2008-05-06
Craig, Jeanette The psychoneurological profile of Fibromyalgia Physiology 2006-03-24
Cramer, Tamlyn Jill Monitoring the African horsesickness virus life cycle by real-time RT-PCR of viral dsRNA Genetics 2010-10-25
Cramer, Matthew Howard Trust development and the influence of the individualist/collectivist paradigm Gordon Institute of Business Science 2011-04-04
Crampton, Bridget Genevieve Elucidation of defence response mechanisms in pearl millet Botany 2008-10-13
Crankshaw, Hugh Personal financial planning : strategies for successful practice management Gordon Institute of Business Science 2010-04-01
Crause, Chantelle Synthesis and application of carbene complexes with heteroaromatic substituents Chemistry 2005-05-25 restricted
Crause, Rehan ’n Satanis se oorskakeling na die Christelike godsdiens – ’n fenomenologiese ondersoek na die snellerinsidente en gepaardgaande subjektiewe ervarings (Afrikaans) Psychology 2005-12-08 restricted
Crawford, Steven Mark Multi-Nodal interchange hub Architecture 2009-12-09
Creux, Nicky Isolation and characterization of the cellulose synthase promoters of Eucalyptus trees Genetics 2008-07-01
Crewe-Brown, Samantha Jayne Communication after mild traumatic brain injury: a spouse’s perspective Communication Pathology 2007-08-21
Croeser, Hendrik Hypermedia in support of the software engineering process Information Science 2006-03-06
Croeser, Sophia Louw Interfacing Marabastad Architecture 2005-05-18
Croft, Neil John The Interoperation of Wireless Technologies Computer Science 2004-12-07
Croft, Neil John On privacy in mobile voice communication networks Computer Science 2011-10-03
Crole, Martina Rachel A gross anatomical and histological study of the oropharynx and proximal oesophagus of the Emu (Dromaius Novaehollandiae) Anatomy and Physiology 2009-05-13
Cromarty, Allan Duncan The identification of bio-available and active components in oxihumate Pharmacology 2005-06-13
Cromhout, Markus The Reconstruction of Judean Ethnicity in Q New Testament Studies 2006-09-29
Cromhout, Marzanne The ecology of the African buffalo in the eastern Kalahari region, South Africa Animal and Wildlife Sciences 2007-07-03
Cronje, Maria Catharina Die waarde van spoorelementaanvulling aan skape op ’n subonderhoudsrantsoen (Afrikaans) Animal and Wildlife Sciences 2005-02-04
Cronje, Johan Marthinus Development of a tunable vibration isolator utilising a smart actuater Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering 2005-09-21
Cronje, Stephanus Ignatius Jesaja net een boek? : die pendulum swaai terug (Afrikaans) Old Testament Studies 2005-10-24
Cronje, Johannes Isak Influence of mulch and green manure from multi-purpose trees on soil conditions Plant Production and Soil Science 2006-02-16
Cronje, Johannes High school eLearning : an investigation into the desirable and workable features of an Internet eLearning resource to sustain high school learning communities Information Science 2008-07-29
Cronje, Frans Johannes A study of the application of reduction gas analysis in determining the relationship between carboxyhaemoglobin and tissue co levels in brain, heart and skeletal muscle after extreme exposure to co poisoning in rats Aeronautics and Space Medicine 2007-03-29
Cronje, Christo Johannes Corporate annual reports (CARS) : accounting practices in transition Financial Management 2007-11-26
Cronje, Paul Hendrik Improving off-road vehicle handling using an active anti-roll bar Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering 2009-11-26
Cronje, Izak Johannes Fischer Capital and capital maintenance rules under the Companies Act, Act 61 of 1973 and the Companies Act, Act 71 of 2008 Mercantile Law 2010-08-02
Cronje, Johannes Christoffel Die grens as meerduidige gegewe in die kontemporêre Afrikaanse prosa (Afrikaans) Afrikaans 2011-07-21
Cronje, Danie Risk management in the application of the systems development life cycle Graduate School of Management 2011-09-28
Cronwright-Snoeren, Angelique The prevalence of canine distemper virus antibodies in wild carnivores in the Kruger National Park and Marakele Park Veterinary Tropical Diseases 2010-08-06
Crous, Petrus Arnoldus 'n Prakties-teologiese ondersoek na gesinsdienste (Afrikaans) Practical Theology 2007-03-30
Crous, Theodorus Semantos : a semantically smart information query language Computer Science 2009-11-29
Crous, Pieter Willem Taxonomy and phylogeny of the genus Mycosphaerella and its anamorphs Microbiology and Plant Pathology 2010-08-28
Crous, Duncan Biorefineries : a method to compare process alternatives using different economic scenarios Chemical Engineering 2011-05-10
Crous, Sandra Possibility and limits of life design counselling with an abandoned adolescent Educational Psychology 2011-12-20
Crous, Mignon Effect of irrigation intervals and processing on the survival of Listeria monocytogenes on spray irrigated broccoli Food Science 2012-07-24
Crous, Mareli Service delivery in the South African public service : implementation of the Batho Pele principles by Statistics South Africa School of Public Management and Administration 2013-04-04
Crous, Stefanus Francois Marais Die problematiek van te vroeë skoolverlating en die moontlikheid van pedoterapeutiese hulpverlening (Afrikaans) Educational Psychology 2013-06-10
Crowie, Clinton Craig Executive perceptions on performance management in South Africa Gordon Institute of Business Science 2013-02-16 restricted
Cucu, Marcel The influence of orthodontic bracket base diameter and mesh size on bond strength Orthodontics 2007-01-05
Cuff, Rowenna Erin Exploring the validity of two measures of organisational energy in the South African context Human Resource Management 2012-09-28 restricted
Cullen, Catherine The reporting responsibilities of accountants in terms of South African anti-money laundering legislation Accounting 2012-05-03
Cumming, Marie-Victoire How vital is the voice? The use of vocal activities in group music therapy with institutionalised individuals with Cerebral Palsy in providing opportunities for self-expression and social interaction Music 2012-10-29
Cunha, Sonia D Hovercape Interpretive Centre and Hovercraft Terminal Architecture 2003-12-10
Curle, Ulyate Andries Near-threshold fatigue crack growth behaviour of mild steel in steam during rotating bending Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering 2007-12-19
Curlewis, Llewelyn Gray Die reg op regsverteenwoordiging tydens verrigtinge voor die Kommissie vir Versoening Bemiddeling en Arbitrasie (Afrikaans) Mercantile Law 2012-09-11
Cutten, Theo E G The history and growth of the South African Press from the time of the arrival of the first Press until the present day; a survey of the Bantu Press, of legislation affecting the Press, of the relationship between the Press and certain institutions and a prophecy as to the probable lines of development in the future Political Sciences 2012-11-16

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